Reviving Ramadan #18 The Closest You Can Get to Allah in Ramadan

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The speaker discusses the topic of Ace Desperation and the use of the word "opportunities" in the media. They explain that the topic is related to a series of rulings and encourage viewers to practice worship and not try to be humble. The speaker also mentions the importance of showing one's behavior and not trying to be too busy.

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What is the link between Ramadan and dua?

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five consecutive verses from Chapter two have been dedicated to the topic of Ramadan. Take a look at their summaries. And I will list the number and topic and something will become apparent first 183 rulings about fasting, first 184 rulings about fasting, verse 185, rulings about fasting, verse 186 Dua, verse 187, rulings about fasting, sticks out doesn't take the flow of the Ramadan related verses are suddenly interrupted with the topic of dua, before then returning to the topic of Ramadan. Allah wants us to spill our hearts out in requests this month. This year is Ramadan, do something different. Remove the roof of your DUA and ask for the unimaginable. Think about the

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prophets do before us they were bold enough to ask Allah Almighty for what many people would have described as an utter impossibility. Consider the dua of Sulaiman when he let his ambitions free. And he said our bill Philippe might not give me what I believe we can now you really had embody in that candle Wahab grant me a kingdom that will not belong to anyone after me. Surely, Oh Allah, you are the Bestower.

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So as you just heard, his request wasn't for an average kingdom. But one that will be crammed with impossibilities. His confidence in his Allah Almighty was enormous. His expectation of Allah Almighty was beautiful. So Allah did not let him down. So what happened today man was gifted with prophethood. Knowledge, sound judgment, control of the wind, animals, mankind, humankind, and a kingdom that shall never be replicated on planet Earth ever again. So righteousness is not about being humble in your requests into it, it's about removing the ceiling.

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So raise your hands, it's Ramadan. And as you do so, raise the ceiling of your ambitions to a brand new height. And don't ask for just ease on the Day of Judgment. Beg Allah for entry into gender without any prior accountability, be bold enough to ask. And if you if you feel that you don't deserve it, still ask. Don't limit your requests for Paradise beg Allah for the very highest of it. And so those, even if you feel that you don't qualify, don't limit your DUA to the guidance of friends and relatives beg Allah to turn them into revivalists. Even if you really can't see it happening at present.

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So when you are making dua for yourself, go all out and beg for the torrents of Eman to be released upon you torrents that will change your appearance in public and social media, finances and mode of hijab and ambitions of your life forever. This month, every one of us is bowing and prostrating and fasting and reciting this Ramadan. We want to exercise another act of worship that Allah Almighty loves so much, but he's missed all too often. And that is to display the best of expectations from Allah Almighty, particularly when you are making dua. So Allah Almighty has not kept you. So call upon Allah whilst you are certain of the response