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The devastating impact of addiction to drugs and alcohol on individuals and their bodies is discussed, including the potential negative consequences of addiction to drugs and negative consequences. The importance of education and finding one's purpose in life is emphasized, as addiction is a "theological crisis" that will eventually lead to aeline. The responsibility of the Family is emphasized, and individuals should use resources around them to stay committed to their goals and avoid harming themselves.

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In Alhamdulillah Hina Ahmed who want to stay you know who want to still feel why not? Oh, do we let him in surely and fusina was a Dr. Marina Mejia the healer who fell on medulla woma youth little fella her de ella was shadow Allah ilaha illallah Hua Hua la sharika one no Mohammed Abdullah who are a Zulu sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam about to do for in Hyrule Hadith he terrible la heeta Allah wa Hyrule Hedy had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shorewall Ohmori the third to her. Baku llamada 13 vida Wakulla Vida teen Bala Wakulla Lord Allah Allah T infinity, a My bad.

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Drug addiction is a global pandemic.

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it does not only have devastating worldly effects, but it's also devastating when it comes to Iman and the hereafter.

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That is when we talk about drugs and addictions and what they lead to. We concentrate on how it ruins a person's life here in the dunya. And it does that completely when a person surrenders to it.

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loss of life, loss of family loss of wealth, loss of dignity and honor all of this because of those types of addictions. But we don't also realize what it does to Iman itself.

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And Allah azza wa jal in fighting that monster Allah had given us in the Quran and the Sunnah principles of halal and haram tell allow us to think beyond what an unbeliever may have at their disposal.

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So when you know

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that as the Muslim scholars have said that drugs are worse than alcohol

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and we'll have the right to Sharon mineral hammer because of how addictive and destructive they are anything that you see in the Quran and the Sunnah about alcohol applies to drugs and more.

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Anything that intoxicates Rasul Allah has sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, Could Loomis Kiran haram? Every intoxicant is haram every

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so when you see anything in the Quran talking about alcohol or in the Sunnah, it applies to drugs and even more while you're so dark romantic thriller he was on his Salah alcohol is described. If you take it as a barrier between the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal and Salah meaning the shaytaan

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as Allah describes alcohol,

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the shaytaan calls to it.

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And this is a good reminder as well for those who drink or think about drinking. That the shaytaan This is Richard min Amelie shaytaan defilement from the handiwork of shaytaan meaning this is his work, this is what he loves. What is the intention?

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One main one is it's a block between you and Allah zoodle It stops you from remembering Allah and from salah. The same thing applies to drugs and even more

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Eman goes away.

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And Subhan Allah, the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam when he's describing addiction to alchemy to alcohol. He said McMinnville, somebody can be deal with them. The one who is addicted to alcohol is like one who's worshipping idols

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because both of them are enslaved.

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Both of them are enslaved and they cannot let go of that addiction.

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And when he also sallallahu alayhi wasallam talked about some who do not enter agenda. He said movimiento Hummer liath Hello, janitor movimiento camera one who is addicted to alcohol. He said he does not enter Jannah

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and that could mean one of two things. One is that alcohol is a major sin. So if a person dies with that sin it delays his entry into Jannah. He may have to go to hellfire first and then be purified. And then he goes to Jana.

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or it may mean that this person will lose their Iman

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that they if they are addicted and they continue to be addicted they will lose their Iman and Earth man I'm not a fan Radi Allahu Anhu he said why in the hula is Tammy Oh, it man who hammerin was a man on Fiscal Bureau Jul when who you should call a new The Bahamas Sahiba. And it's authentic to orthogonal I found all the Allahu Anhu what he said. He says addiction to alcohol and Eman cannot coexist in the heart of a man one of them is about to expel the other. That is either your Eman will cause you to stop drinking

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or either drinking or drug use and addiction to them they will chase away your iman whatever is left of it will chase it away. So there is the real possibility and that's the devastation that we're talking about. The real possibility that the person who drinks alcohol or who takes drugs, could endanger their own Eman and eventually lose all of it. All of it. Until they disbelieve in Allah subhanho wa taala. So tell me what a great what is a greater devastation than that? There's a greater than any wordly devastation.

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And he said Alia Salatu was Salam about alcohol and drugs are exactly the same. He said omocha if

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the mother of all evil,

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and another Hadith miftah Hokulea sharp, the key to all evil.

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What do you do when you have to key to something, it opens doors. So when you start drinking,

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but now let's concentrate on drugs when you take drugs, even for the first time, understand that you've opened a door of evil that also leads to other doors of evil, it does not stop there.

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But it leads to other sins, leaving the salah

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leaving what Allah loves

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taking or moving from gateway drugs or soft drugs into hard drugs into dealing drugs into theft into killing people into even killing your own self.

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And it is absolutely prohibited that a person can take something to kill himself or to harm himself. Allah azza wa jal says Wallah talk to and Fusa calm he says do not kill yourselves. And another is Allah azza wa jal says what will be a de comida Toluca, do not throw away with your own hands, do not throw yourself into destruction. So when you're buying it, when you're offering it when you're taking it,

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when you're marketing that understand that it leads to so many other evils that only Allah Azza knows about, and you cannot stop it. Because when you take it, and when you're addicted, again, you become a slave to that addiction. And that's why it's designed to do for you to keep buying and for you to keep drowning.

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And he said sallallahu alayhi, WA early he was seldom in this is, by the way, all in way of awareness. Because you may grab a little bit of it and say, I'm curious, I just want to try and see. You don't realize what comes after.

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The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said about those who take or drink alcohol that Allah azza wa jal had promised and the Ischia home means cleaner to Cavell

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that Allah who will make them drink from Tina's Ilhabela. They said, Oh prophet of Allah, what is this? He says, What oozes out of the people of hellfire when they are being punished? What comes out of the people of hellfire, imagine yourself just seeing that all the pus that comes out all the blood that comes out of them turns into a liquid die. The person who drinks alcohol has to drink this inhale fire on the Day of Judgment. Imagine such a scene. Imagine such a taste now I'm telling yourself is it worth it? Do you say to yourself, I'm experimenting and I'm curious just to see how it feels and how it tastes. I'm going to stop after one.

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But realize that when you break that barrier, when you break that taboo, it is easier to break it later. And understand that when people take it once for some people, it's enough to enslave them and it's not to change their brain chemistry. One time for some people. That's all that it takes. And it can have serious psychological damages when it comes to them. You don't understand how but the younger you are, the more lasting This is.

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Even if it's legal it doesn't matter if they legalize it or not.

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Do we have Allah azza wa jal who tells us what is right and what is wrong?

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So we know that it is haram and not only haram, it's a major sin.

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And a person who engages in this in whatever fashion deserves the curse of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam.

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He said Allah is Salatu was Salam ALA and Allah who will chlamydia Ashura. Allah cursed 10 in relation to alcohol. The unhappy irony here that it's alcohol itself is cursed. While Sunni? How long? Does it have the one who makes it and the one who asks people to make it and the one who buys it, and the one who sells it,

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and the one who carries it and the one who this is carried to,

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and the one who buys it, and the one who offers it, and the one who drinks it, meaning anything in relation to alcohol brings you the curse of Muhammad Ali is Salatu was Salam. Even if you're saying what I'm only selling it, not really drinking it, I'm selling it to non Muslims. I'm not really selling it to Muslims, if you're handling this, and you are eating that money, that is haram, a major sin and may the curse of the prophets, Allah, Allah Allah was ALLAH will fall on you. Now tell me Is it worth it?

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To sell your dunya to sell your deen for the sake of your dunya just was sick a few dollars. And if that's true about alcohol, it's true about drugs. So if you're taking it if you're marketing, if you are selling if you're peddling, if you're inviting people to it, you will deserve a curse from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam more than the curse of alcohol because of its devastation. Now, it's important to understand why people take it.

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First of them is ignorance, possibly.

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So if you're ignorant, then educate yourself and understand that none of it is halal.

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And all of it leads to the anger of Allah azza wa jal, just like a chain, you take one and it will lead you to the other. And ask yourself what is easier to say no, when you haven't formed the habit now, or to try to kick that habit later on when it has overwhelmed your entire life. When you really can't think about anything else except that dose so that you could feel better, which one is easier to give up? To say no now or later, after your life had been ruined? So ignorance, yes. But it's not just only ignorance. Some are curious and bored.

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I just want to see.

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And if you want new experiences, seek new experiences, but understand some experiences are poisonous.

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Don't think that everything that you can eat or replace that you can go to will leave a positive print on your life, have positive experiences, but understand that you could end your life with one of these experiences if you're not careful.

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And Allah had given you this mind and this body and this health as an Amana?

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Why are you wasting them? And some people don't have much of what you have.

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If you say yes to you are bored. And yes, boredom is a killer. It's a killer, nothing to do. So he said, let me try this. And let me try that.

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Let's find better things to fill our times with. Yes, you are bored. But you do want to take something that will kill you. That will destroy your life that will introduce so much misery to you and to your family that they can another bear that will make you lose hope.

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And make you lose your future.

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And if you're married, destroy your family and your kids, and if not married, probably

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erase the possibility of marriage in your future. Do you want to take something that will wreck you completely just because you are born?

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Exercise, go out with friends.

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Have healthy habits, hobbies, fill your time with something that is useful come to the masjid just do something different. But don't say boredom is an excuse.

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Do something

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constructive with your life?

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And that takes us into the purpose of our lives.

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That we live, drifting one thing to the other. I have no purpose I have no value.

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So that's fine then to destroy something that you don't think is a value. I'm going nowhere.

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But Allah azza wa jal did not put you on this earth and understand that Allah put you for a reason Allah did not put you here.

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for nothing, Allah put you here because there is a something that you can do that you yourself are valuable to your family, to your kids, to your neighbors that there is a message that you can do. You can save other people.

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You can educate you can elevate. If you see yourself a worthy recipient of Allah's gift, so don't demean yourself by saying I don't have a purpose.

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No embrace the gifts of Allah azza wa jal and engage in do and find your purpose.

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And if nothing else, but to please Allah azza wa jal and enter Jannah isn't that a purpose? That is supposed to be the major purpose of all of us. So what if there is no major success in this life? Successful wait with you when you meet Allah azza wa jal. So let that be the motivation, let that be your purpose. And here we see also the importance of the family and friends, and introducing

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benefits and harms.

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So if the family is broken,

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if the parents are fighting all the time, and the kids find no love and no attention, if the father fails to be a role model, a father figure is always absent.

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If it's only a single parent household,

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if the mother is distant,

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so the the son and the daughter, and especially the sons, they don't find that role model. They don't find that education, they don't find that love, they will step outside to find it. And when they step outside, to find validation to find acceptance, if they find people who will embrace them, but in order to embrace them, they will have to do certain bad things to be accepted, they will do these bad things. Because they feel here, finally I belong.

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Because at home, I didn't see that. I didn't get that love. I didn't get that embrace, but I'm getting it here, unconditionally, they think, but no, there are severe conditions attached to it. So they will adapt this habit because of the these friends, because of these social networks, if you step outside the home, and those are the people that you see, then you're likely, if you're not immunized from inside the house, you're likely to embrace that habit. So it's important to select your friends and select your social networks. And as a parent, it's important that you'd be present and be a role model, that you will be the first person who will teach your son and your daughter

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that this is haram. And the reason why that you should be strong enough to say no, that you can come to me with all of your concerns, that the home would be a welcoming and nurturing environment, not ones where the Son has to flee from because some will take drugs to escape.

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Because it's an easy escape. I don't want to hear about all the fighting in the house. I'm so stressed out that I just want to feel better.

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Some people are suffering with depression and anxiety

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wordly pressure, academic, economic,

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family problems. And they think that this is a quick escape, I just want to stop thinking about these things. That's why a lot of people drink. And that's why a lot of people start taking drugs.

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But then ask yourself sincerely before even contemplating that as an idea. I you know, it's a burden. But just say to yourself after now that you've escaped, and now that you've sobered up, and you gained your consciousness,

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did you solve anything?

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Or did you just add another problem to your problems, the fighting is still there, the pressure is still there.

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And you really did not manage to escape.

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So be wiser than this, understand that these are not solutions, they just numb the pain but the pain is still there.

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And there is a solution. So either you could numb your pain and die slowly kill yourself or rather say to yourself, let me try to fix this and fix that. And whatever you are going through mental or physical. There is a way out and you can feel better by the will of Allah azza wa jal you just had did not find out how. But there is a way to feel better be Nilla as well. But these things solve no problem. They're just going to make things much much worse for all of us.

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Again, if you're curious, because it's just available, and everybody has it, and you just simply want to try it, ask yourself again, am I willing to go down that path

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and risk losing all the things that Allah has has given to me?

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Say no to it, say that it's haram. And understand that Allah did not make it haram except because it is the most rotten of things on Earth, even if people glamorize it, and one of the reasons why people take it or they want to try it, is because it's not a taboo anymore.

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Especially in the media, mainstream media, entertainers, athletes,

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singers, and what have you. They openly talk about taking it.

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It's in the lyrics. It's in the plots. It's visually there. So when you see this all the time when you hear this all the time, it's no longer a taboo. And it's as short distance between seeing these things getting so used to it, that it's absolutely normal. Actually, it's not simply a taboo, it's comedic. It's funny, actually, when you see somebody taking drugs,

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it's not reprehensible. It's a It's material for comedy and jokes. So it's easy to move from this into taking it because you want to be part of the fun.

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So till you say to yourself, Allah cares about me more than these people do. And Allah knows about this more than these people do. And it is the most rotten thing on the earth and that's why Allah not only made it haram, but a major sin.

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So if you believe in Allah and His Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam trust them when they tell you that this is wrong. According to Holyhead, our structure Allah you will have confessed.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Hamdan cathedra until even Mubarak and fie who also li wa salam, ala Rasulillah, hey, Mohammed Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam and my bad

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people also go into that,

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because they feel

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of economic

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that they are economically deprived,

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that there are no prospects for them.

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So if I want to be rich, if I want to make money, that's the easiest and the quickest and most assured way for me to make money because all the other paths are closed. And if I don't do this, I'm going to be stuck where I am. So there is no place for advancement unless I sell.

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And you understand that this is absolutely haram money that you are feeding yourself and your parents and your children. How Allah is going to bless you, and anyone who's around you when you're using that money.

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So you have to account for this.

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And it's better to be poor in the dunya than being punished in the akhira. Because of all that harm that you're causing, because you have to answer whether the person who's taken it as Muslim or not, you have have to answer for each person who takes this for each life that you destroy, and by extension, other lives that get destroyed because of that single life. And you think you're going to meet Allah azza wa jal and you're going to be forgiven like this, you're gonna have hordes of people, multitudes of people standing too weak to take the right from you.

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And if you believe that there are no possibilities to earn and to advance, ask Allah azza wa jal for it, put an effort, and maybe Allah will open doors for all of us. Some people, you know, enter into that or take that, because they feel trapped or alienated. They're trapped between cultures. So their parents don't fully understand them and their society doesn't fully understand them. So they are lost in between. And when you're lost you there's no space to accept you or to understand you. And also they don't see any validity or meaning to their own existence. So it's easy to give up on their life and just take whatever so that they would forget and drift away. But again, understand

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and this is here comes the the the responsibility of the family, to understand its own society to understand how it can integrate its own children into that society understand the pressure that they are facing. So we shouldn't be living in two separate islands. Yes, avoid the Haram

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Mainstream public's in the mainstream society, but at the same time, understand what your children are going through. Because these are the things that they may not be able to communicate back to you.

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If you feel that you have no identity lost in the middle, understand that your biggest and most important identity is that of a Muslim. Everything else comes after that. And if you really entrench that in your heart and in your soul, all the other things will slowly start making sense.

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If you're struggling with this, reach out

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and ask people and if you're actually had become addicted to it, understand that this is an affliction from Allah azza wa jal.

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If you want to get out, you can get out. But what is important is for you to realize that you want to get out that this is not normal, that you could live a better life.

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Now how to do this is first of all is with do

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to make asking Allah azza wa jal every single day, and all the superfoods that you make on Fridays, the last hour on Friday between us and Mercury, the last third of the night to keep asking Allah Allah, I'm addicted to X, Y and Z helped me Yeah, Allah find a way out for me. Yeah, Allah bring people who could assist me and keep making this dua and never give up on yourself and never give up that Allah zodat is listening. So keep making dua for yourself. And if you have people around you who are addicted, keep making dua for them. Because there is a way out. The second thing that you can do is that populate your time with more a bad as much as it as you can. Because the more that

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you pray, the more that you fast the more that you give sadaqa the more that you read the Quran, the influence of the shaytaan will diminish.

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I'm not telling you that that on its own might be sufficient. It may be for some people, but I'm telling you that it's an instrumental key for healing. Make your time filled with a batter so that you could have the resolve and the continuity to stay away from the haram. And the third, use the resources around you reach out understand what is available, and let those who are willing to help let them help you. And understand that if you're struggling with this, even if you fail at times, that this is your jihad. And as long as you're committed to that you have Allah azza wa jal is on your side and Allah zodion will grant you victory Bismillah isodiol against the shaytaan. So never

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surrender to it. And believe

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and be hopeful that Allah azza wa jal always has the key. So ask Allah rasool Allah mean or hamara Jaime despair us and those whom we love, and the rest of Muslims, from the pain of addiction to drugs and alcohol and addiction to anything that displeases Him. Subhana what to Allah, Allah make us of those who feel your punishment, and make us of those who hope in your favors, make us of those horrible Alameen who avoid all major sins protect the CRO Bill aluminium or hamara Hamina and our loved ones, our children, our neighbors and Omar Muhammad Ali salatu salam from alcohol from drugs from pornography from anything that displeases you, Yara BL al Amin, we asked you that you give us

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substitutes, halal substitutes for the things that had enslaved us in this dunya Yeah, Allah Who asked you that we would love you more than we love what you hate. Whether we would love you more than we love ourselves. We were asked you out of Allah mean that we would love you more than we would love this dunya and that we would work for the era more intensely than we work for the dunya era will Allah mean you Allah would ask you for all the good in this life and in the Hereafter? And we ask your protection from all evil in this life and in the hereafter. We ask You for Jana and everything that will bring us close to it. And we seek Your protection from hellfire and everything

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that will bring us close to it. Allah Medina for dunya Hassan and Warfield Irati has an earthen Joaquina either but not Aloha my yarmulke liberal Cordoba bit Kaluga Anna Anna Deen Mohammed Yamazaki softly felt colobus Ruben alotta it Allahumma in the Chiricahua Osho Allahu Allah decree koa Shoukry co Hosni riba dirty Aloha Minister local gender tow Makarova, either you haven't called in what I meant when oh the becoming a nerdy or Makabe li Herman Colleen yml worthley masala