Importance of Face to Face learning

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Shake, we were wondering if you emphasize the little bit of importance of going to a Mac, stop sending their kids to a laptop, and also adult.

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And children equally, how important is to go to a doctor to learn the theme of Islam, if you're finally,

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coming to a place of learning, not motherson zone is important, because it's the foundation of everything that we will ever learn and get to know what to do. Without that you don't know what to do in a religion, you don't actually know what to do.

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You can see people out there praying and you're copying them. You're following them, you're copying them. But that is not really our own form of knowledge. Real real impetus inside is something that drives us forward is my own knowledge. And that's why we come to the market. And most importantly, please, your children, don't miss out on sending your children to this place, place of learning. Because when children go through, you know, beyond a certain age, you can't do anything to control them to make to learn is only at a young age, you have to instill it at that young age, when they're younger, so cute. And the like so innocent, and this kid is no no, this kid is gonna who's gonna

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listen to me? No, he's not. No, he's not. He's going to mutate to something else. You know, the kids, when they get to 12 1314 they become something else. They'll get their own mind, they get their own, you know, own way of thinking, for the future, and it's no longer you're no longer person who they think they should listen to. But if those important information coming from Allah and His Messenger, if they are instilled in the young person at a young age, it gives them that drive to listen to you because of Allah, because of the messenger, because of the algebra, they're not listened to you because, you know, you're the just the source. No, they will they could, they will

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listen to you because of their connection with Allah, the connection with Rasulullah sallallahu and that's a very important part because every behavior that we've got every educate that we've got everything that gives us you know, the thing that what makes us a Muslim, come from that education and that education is not there without the connection to the Quran and the Sunnah. So do send them for you and yourself as adults come and learn from from what they sent us have these modalities and the centers of learning have sent the golden don't just leave it to you learning the learning your religion from other sources you cannot learn Islam from the from from the internet, you can't

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you cannot learn from it from the internet. Why? Because first is you don't know what's genuine on the internet. Even if you go to a genuine place on the internet, you're only getting one thing you are only getting information but you're not getting human

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you're not getting human change human change happens with another human in front of you in real time. So Allah Allah has sent he says boys to Malema I was sent as a teacher so the teaching you might get you may get online but also loss Allah has also said Boris to Tommy Rama macadam, Allah Philip, I have been sent as one who is who's that to perfect human character. That part you won't get. You won't get the market information but you won't be able to mold yourself. The molding of oneself according to Dean happens face to face in real time in front of one another in front of a teacher when a real teacher so take benefits of this inshallah