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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The customer talks about their love for coffee and describes their experience with it, mentioning a store where people buy a flat piece of coffee and a coffee machine. They also talk about their past experience with decoration and how it causes people to get sick. The customer thanks the agent for their help.
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So I've just come here with my friend with the fit

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to have some coffee, mashallah

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I've just come here to have some coffee, and wow, it's a lovely place. It's called high coffee here at the DCC Mall. And it's late at night. It's about 1130 Very few people so it's nice. Took a quick walk across the road, came back came here, we're sitting, I've ordered a flat white. I'm not a coffee person. I'm a tea person, but because my friend whom I'm with loves coffee, so I will just have a coffee with him. And I'll have a flat white, very light latte, as they call it. And let's see what happens he will the strongest of the strongest coffee mashallah, I'm not a coffee person. It actually gives me a bit of heartburn. It's not a it's not such a grand thing, but Alhamdulillah

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people die for coffee. Look at all the machines at the backend. This is like crazy. Just check it out. Man is a sophisticated 3000 real machine that's 1000 US dollars. And whoa, these machines are like crazy, crazy stuff. And imagine coming into here and buying some of these machines. I think whoa, I'm thinking to myself, I'd rather I'd rather just use my stove and

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you know, the hot water and the coffee and so on, but people don't want it to be brewed and underlap, it's not haram as long as you think Allah but is it healthy guys? Is very strong coffee really healthy for me? I get to heartburn with coffee I'm not to coffee May

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Allah make it easy. I'm still a tea man. I love it. I really appreciate Oh, there's a heart here. How do you decide what should go where? Like this one or this one? Which you just random? Just random. Last time I came here they wrote my name you know? Oh yeah, they wrote my name this time they forgot my name. No, no, no.

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No, no, it's mine. I don't even I don't even need this. It's just to make the people happy. It's decoration you know nowadays because of Instagram and so people love decoration this i coffee mashallah they do a good coffee. Thank you so much. Oh, thank you so much happy

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