Allah Will Test You – Allah Sends Punishment

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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either Allahu

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dunya were either he shocked one answer can be then he had you were fear in the human piano. He said unto you, so that was Sudan that if Allah wants the best for a human being,

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he will hasten his punishment in the dunya.

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And if he wants the worst for a human being, he would hold punishment for his sins until he will arrive on the day of judgments with his sins in full.

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So understand here because that Heidi answers your question, when something bad happens to you personally, or something happens to Muslims and you say how can Muslims or non muslims or muslims here but non Muslims there?

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Are ye Neva? Not somebody else.

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Am I so displeasing to Allah azza wa jal that I'm being punished for so and so has been blessed. And you're simply looking at favours of the dunya or calamities of the dunya these things don't matter much the eyes of Allah, Allah could give you money or take it away from you. It's not a sign that you're failing.

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But in that hurry, he tells you something important

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that if Allah azza wa jal wants the best for you and no one should ever ask for punishment. But if Allah wants the best for you, and you have sins, and your your your ally, have failed to repent and ask for forgiveness, so you're carrying this toxic load with you, then what is going to happen with it? If Allah were to give you the option, I'll punish you for it on the Day of Judgment, or take your punishment here.

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And the punishment on the Day of Judgment is much, much severe.

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which would you choose?

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So Allah if he wants the best for you, the punishment will be here.

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And you will arrive with Allah azza wa jal, you sinless, or a lot of that toxicity removed a lot of syndrome.

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But if Allah azza wa jal does not want the best for someone, he doesn't punish them. They have sense. They have a lot of them, but you don't see them being punished or tested.

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They have and they have even more.

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And you can't compute that in your head. But if you know the sooner you understand, that does not afield from Allah azza wa jal. So when they arrive on the Day of Judgment, they will have so many sins that we would wish that they were punished in the dunya.

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And another Hadith the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said in our own Madiha, the Kuma laser, the other one

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who has the dunya and Phaeton who will lose it as

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it says, this old man of mind is an organ that has received at the mercy of Allah azza wa jal, it will not be punished in the hereafter. Its punishment is in the dunya, earthquakes and killings and fitna.

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So if you see the Ummah, Muhammad Ali Salatu was Salam tested in particular.

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And we should do whatever we can to stop such calamities, if that is within our knees. But if you're seeing the Muhammad Ali Salatu was Salam tested in particular, remember the lady, that this is not always a sign of anger? Yes, the sins have called this into being.

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But it's not that Allah azza wa jal

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is so angry that he wants to obliterate everybody.

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Know, Allah azza wa jal will send that a punishment.

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And for some people, it will be a punishment because of their sins. And for some people, it will be martyrdom, shahada,

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and for some people, it will be expiation and forgiveness of their sins, one household next to the other, one person next to their neighbor next to the other, and their outcome under fate is different based on their intention and based on their life.

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So yes, when it descends,

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the punishment descends collectively, and it kills a lot of people.