Fighting Your Desires Is Hard Work

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This clip examines the notion that everyone can abandon prohibited acts. The speaker mentions that refraining from your desires requires hard work, and then discusses some of the things that may help you be a better servant of Allah. The clip is taken from the explanation of Hadith 09 entitled, “Obligations are According to Ability…”


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of avoiding prohibitions and not drinking accidentally. They also touch on the difficulties of graduating from the fall and the importance of staying healthy to avoid falls. The conversation also touches on the history of Islam and the importance of staying healthy to avoid falls.
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misty, dim Naboo Sharif, in English in English in English.

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And this is why even Roger

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himolla Tada when he talks about this issue of avoiding the Mohamed, you know, because many of the scholars who have explained this Heidi, they say anybody can avoid whatever the issue is that there is difficulty in doing some of the ways you met some of the things that we are commanded to do.

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And that's why even for example, all of you have come you've making hij allies in the Quran explicitly says Will you lay Allah and as he hit your bait, menace, Fatah, la subida. For a law there's the need, it is a duty on mankind to make the hedge of the bait.

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It is a duty to Allah, a duty owed to a law by mankind to make Hydra debate, men is to file a subpoena He who has the ability to do so. So there's that conscious,

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Vicar or mentioned of ability.

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So some of the scholars who have explained this Have you they say, as it relates to prohibitions, then prohibition means something that you don't do.

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And anybody cannot do something. Danny, we're not supposed to drink intoxicants, for example. You don't have to drink intoxicants to actually to go out and disobey a law requires that you do something, you have to go, you have to purchase it, or you have to make it and then you have to grab it with your hand, you have to lift it to your visit their action, but if you don't do it, then you don't have to do anything.

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And so they say that this is why we have to leave off all of the prohibitions, if unless you've said no, no, no, there's an issue here. And that is that sometimes the knifes desire something so much, that it is like you don't have the ability to refrain from doing it.

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Because of how strong you desire, something,

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that shower, that desire that you have to do something and so it requires, it requires an active intention from the Muslim to leave of the Heron and everybody has different things that they desire.

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Some of those things you may have trained yourself to desire

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that which is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala like the prophets of light or send them some kind of law when it was time for salon What would you say to Bella

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Bella, Yanni comfort us with the salon. Yeah, be like Annie call them then call the comma, so that we can pray it and find this comfort.

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And the believer that the victory lap settlement is not what the remembrance of Allah that the person finds tranquility. So some people, but the reality is, is that for many Muslims, and this was the reality of all of the companions, just about is that they accepted Islam except for the children of the campaign's and those who were born after the problem was sent all of them except to this man. And before Islam, many of them did things that were impermissible in Islam. So they used to drink and toxic is and intoxicants are what

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they're addictive.

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So it doesn't just because somebody take Shahada and they become a Muslim, it doesn't mean that the next day they're not addicted anymore.

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And so it's a struggle.

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But it is a struggle that we have to go through.

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Because the prophet SAW the line he was talking about he said this howdy man I hate to come annual vegetable whatever I prohibited you from then distance yourself from it. So if for example, if for example, you used to do something or you did something or you do something that is haram

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then avoid the things that lead to the harassment Why are we talking about this because this is

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this is real.

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In terms of how you worship Allah subhanaw taala because you have to learn how to leave the Haram

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it's not just something some of the Muslim youth for example, especially those who may not be married.

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They get addicted to looking at things that they shouldn't look at. Without explicitly mentioning

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how does that happen?

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It happens because

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they allow themselves

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to be in predicaments which make that possible.

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So they go into a room

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And they lock the door

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with unfettered access to the internet.

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And then one thing leads to another.

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And then alarm, Stan.

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But if they never went into the room by themselves, would that have happened?

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Absolutely not.

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Let takanobu Xena don't go close to Xena.

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When you go into the classroom, for those of you, for example, who live in the West, and the classrooms are mixed, boys and girls

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Taiyaki nobody told you how to sit next to Jane and Mary,

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go somewhere else sit in a different part of the class.

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Because when you sit next to her

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as like you feel like impolite because you're not saying anything. So how are you doing today?

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And then the slam leads to collapse, as they say.

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So it starts with a hello and then it becomes a little bit more than that.

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And then she needs help with the homework.

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Can't really meet we meet at the Starbucks at mafia Monte Conway and we're not alone.

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Everybody's around Starbucks a little crowded tonight. It's finals week.

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And we can go back to my house

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and it's no problem parents are home

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next time invited over the parents aren't what do you see the

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how it goes one thing to another. It's never just somebody just commit Zina. Like, you know, I just woke up that day and it just happened.

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There is a, a process involved. And that is why the process I sort of didn't just command us to leave it. He said it's Jenny boo.

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distanced yourself from it. That means that you leave it and you leave off every single thing that would cause you to fall into whatever that harm may be.

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And that is why and that is where the believer has to constantly check himself to make sure that he is avoiding those things with the loss of health data has made it permissible for him to do and those things that will cause him or lead him to falling into that which is impermissible to do