Alaa Elsayed – To My Daughter #02

Alaa Elsayed
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various stories of beautiful smile and loss, including a woman who lost her life and eventually lost her mother one day. They also mention a woman who lost her life and eventually became a role model for her mother. The speaker emphasizes the importance of having a clear mindset and being responsible for one's own life, particularly in regards to the shadow that reminds them of the importance of having a clear mindset.
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smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam. Welcome back to another episode of a gift of life. These series are done to the love of my life to my daughter.

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Now it's time. These are the beautiful words I heard from your mother. I couldn't believe in myself will like, I thought she was joking. Maybe she's trying to pull a fast one. But it was the best gift. You know why? Because you were born on the same day I was born in, I couldn't have asked for any better gift.

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When she said, it's time, I didn't know what to do. I ran all over the place. I didn't know what to wear. I just wanted to take your mother to the hospital as soon as possible. Just because I was selfish, I wanted to see your beautiful face.

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Your mom had seen difficulties though. So I will remind you a little bit later about that. Because he said that you have to repay.

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So I do wonder what he will sound like I always did. I thought about how beautiful you look. With sound you'll make

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what kind of person you'll be. So we waited for you for a long time. But I'm sure you'll be worth the wait.

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You know, I told your mother, something that I'll never forget.

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I was there. And I've seen something I will also never forget. And I don't ever want you to forget this. Your mother has seen death to give you life.

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She'll be losing sleep

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to make sure that you do.

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She's going to go hungry to feed you.

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And she's gonna go thirsty to quench your thirst. She's gonna devote her whole life to make sure you're raised to be a righteous style. But you are.

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I promise you will be there for you.

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I promise I'll spend the time with you. Because I know if I'm not there for you in the beginning, you'll not be there for me in the end. And it's a debt I have to repay.

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So please remember, if your mother has made the noise when she got up and got down, she couldn't hardly move. Difficulty sleep.

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Please honor that. And remember, you will be a mother one day yourself.

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I do remember However, having the honor to cut the cord. But I'll never cut you off will always be attached to my heart. I held a lot of things in my hand.

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But again,

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nothing like always remember the first time I held you in my hand. I held you like a football. I was so proud. I was showing you to everyone so panela What a beautiful miracle that Allah gave us.

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And I remember now it's true. I'm a father all of a sudden, this young kid that used to walk around, walk around playing around. I now have full responsibility. I am responsible over a human being Do you believe it? I couldn't believe in myself.

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yet. Yep, that changed my life. Indeed. I do remember rushing back from work, just to hold you just to hug you. I forgot all my misery Subhanallah when I looked at your beautiful face, smile

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that was good enough for me. When I held you in my arms as if I hold the whole world in my arms will lie. I was so happy. Words cannot explain.

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So I remember the sooner is about the drought when someone is born is Bora Kala liquid from Rahul Bhatia carta.

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Bella Dawa as Rahul but hold on a button has. This is May Allah subhanaw taala give you the blessing, many clear for greater ways of givers of Allah subhanaw taala give you a righteous child, grow them to be a healthy and strong and good role model for you and others.

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I remember also going through the path on the seventh day.

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I want to share a story with you because I know you love stories. I know you love to read books.

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The first story is I'm going to do with you as the other than you know the first thing you heard

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in your right ear is a long one one long.

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You know what that means my child

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it means a lot

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greater than what? than everything?

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That is stories to emphasize that fact. Exactly.

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It was one of the companions, may Allah be pleased with all of them. He had a hammer an axe in his arm. And as he was striking down on the wood to chop it, he heard Allahu Akbar. You know what he did? Exactly what I said, Allah Who? God is greater, so he let go the axe from his hand, and he was asked how come is his lab Rudy Kavita Patel no de la sala. This strike is not bless it. If you hear a caller saying Allah who I can borrow from the seventh heaven.

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God is greater and you actually keep looking at that movie. You're actually saying Allah is not greater. Allah is not what this movie is about this matches artwork. This whatever it is that I'm doing is I'm surfing I'm talking. No, not my child. Lau Allah He, I know who you are.

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I know how I'm gonna be raise you. So I will teach you. As soon as you hear Allahu Akbar, you're going to do the same thing. As that's a hobby, he let go. So whatever it is that you have in your hand, whether it's an on a pen, a phone, a remote, you need to let go. Because you hear it. And the story of the man is amazing. I want you to make sure that you understand what it means so you'll never forget it. You see the scholar say the word Allahu Akbar is repeated so many times to remind us. And if he doesn't get to us, we know what he says, as shadow Allah ilaha illa Allah, you know what that means? I believe there's only one deity deserving to be worshiped. So why we were shipping

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the dollar and the cents? Why are we worried about that professors are now once we're in control of our lives, not hereafter.

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And we forget that the one that isn't role of us in the Hereafter is Allah Subhana, Allah Viola. So we're not going to let go the one that has the controls for heaven and *, and he's the one who's going to be asking us in the grave, so we have to have our priorities straight. So when you hear a shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah mean it. My dear daughter, there is only one deity deserving to be worshiped. So I'm not gonna enslave to myself to anyone except Allah subhana wa Jalla viola, so I'm going to be free from my own whims and desires. So if we don't go into that, we say ash had to Anna Mohammed Rasulullah. Are we really the oma of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam the one that we have to

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follow suit, the one that allows Subhana Allah said the Quran Allah comfy Rasul Allah has gotten Hazara call in contempt, a boon Allah said Toby Rooney, Allah, He is your role model follow him if you want me to love you follow him.

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So he's reminding us India then a shadow Allah ilaha illa wa shadow under Mohammed Rasulullah. This is the oma of Rasulullah that prayed in JAMA five times in the masjid.

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I know you're not

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to be in the masjid five times a day. It is upon boys, but it is permissible for their daughters. One day I want to take you with me. I want you to remember the earth God. I want to teach you the remembrance of Allah during the day and remembrance of Allah during the night to protect yourself. And after that Allahu Akbar and after a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa after a shadow under Mohammed Rasul Allah, if you didn't get it so far, he will tell you straight up, hey Allah sorta come to prayer. And if you still oblivious to the fact of what the caller is calling about, you're worried about your success. He says, Hi, Yalla fella, come to success because our success is our in our

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relationship to Allah Subhana Allah Viola and we're leaving the one that has control of us and our success to one that doesn't. So you have to have your priorities straight, my dear. And then, after this, he repeats it again. Allahu Akbar, Allah Akbar, la isla de la.

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And then I remember when prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also the technique. When you take a theory of a date, place in the ceiling of the mouth of the child. It's a beautiful thing. You know what it is?

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It is a beautiful start

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with the date that how Allah subhanaw taala put Baraka and blessings and protection to start with that beautiful day on your seventh day.

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And I also remember calling you because in Islam, we're supposed to call our child on the seventh day and the scholar say there are three conditions to give them beautiful name and that resembles the righteous

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and it cannot be so difficult and nobody will make a mockery or fun of that name, depending where you live. So we call you

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A beautiful name indeed. So Pamela, you know what it means.

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It means a big pearl.

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And the big pearl you grew up to be, indeed, your mother gave you that name. I actually wanted to call you something else. I had no choice. After I've seen what your mother has gone through. I gave her her choice. It's only fair.

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We did shave your hair. Reluctantly, it was a beautiful hair. And we're supposed to give it in gold because you're worth your weight in gold.

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We did give Africa there was one for you. And two for your brother, according to the Hadith. You know why? Because we spread that joy with everybody, bring everybody and to make do so they will be joyous with us. And take away the enmity and jealousy and malice from the hearts and they almost have the heart from everyone. So we'll be happy for us. not jealous of us. And you know why? Because you came through Hillel sources. So we declare you to everyone, we're happy to celebrate a new life and we're happy that you came to us safe and sound. And that's why the scholars say it is Africa. We thank Allah and free you from being enslaved. That you came from the jinn from meaning from the

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Janine or the unseen to the real ins where we can see you from safe and sound. Yes.

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Your mom has done an amazing job. Allah bless her. Yup, I mean

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you know when Allah subhana wa tada says, what why Ludo Donna Donna how Laney camelina lemon

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those who want to fulfill the two years of suckling for their children, and the parents, for them for desire, they want to complete the term of suckling and for the father, that shall be bearing the cost of the mother and the food for clothing on a reasonable basis. So I knew I had to pay my dues. I knew I was responsible. Not just to put the food on the table clothes on your back and roof over your head. I was responsible for you because I remembered again when Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam

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that they will come and you will responsible for them.

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And that's why I'm gonna leave you. I am responsible for you. So I promise you again.

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I won't let you down.

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