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The segment discusses the challenges faced by couples in their relationships and how to overcome them. They discuss the importance of anchor and understanding one's values. The segment also mentions a video about a woman who has been married for 10 years and is proud of her success.

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Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah TO MY DEMONS Islam and welcome back to the better half and as I said, again, we all know what the better half is. I was talking to couples earlier on and he said you know what, they don't know what the heck is going on and they said, you know, we're just going to follow orders. I said, Dude, you're talking to Ron guys mastermind is over there and I said the same thing we will go home we tell the brothers that I'm the man with a man you demand Yeah, you know that why and thinking we go home we go. No, sir. Yeah, it's slightly different than I'm sure these guys are married and they'll know exactly what we're talking about. Speaking of those guys, let me introduce

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you on the right corner wearing beautiful hot weather lovely. The is the Superman on top, the man from Egypt.

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Egyptian His name is M Godot Ramjet. Depending on how you do it, we have brother and we have sister Minnie May Allah bless him inshallah. And behind the scenes they have sister has yet the fruits of their love Mashallah. And I was told I performed there Weddington 10 years ago so we'll come back I'd like to welcome you again my co host, my dear brother Shahab Allah bless him in sha Allah from Morocco. Yes, and the on the left hand side, not 10 years but 10 months we have a mixed couple not confused I was confused.

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We have our dear sister Esma with an E not an A have Bosnian have login. You know what I mean? I said we're not talking politics here. It's a UN. We have also India coming in and Hamdulillah. And we have brother, Abdul Rahman. From one of the best my favorite places, I've been to Trinidad TND I love Tobago more than Trinidad. I love you guys. Well, we met at a workplace. It was right after university, we started working in a little call center.

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And everywhere he saw each other it was actually very quick. Everything happened so spontaneously, we didn't have to think we just like met couple times. And we knew like this is gonna go on for too long, even though I was resistant. That you know, I'm not interested from different background. He's from different background, there is no way I'm sick. So that kind of, you know, explains, but he was persistent. And here we are.

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So we met volunteering at a food bank together. I'm just kidding.

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And so I was really interested, he wasn't really that interested. And we fast forward a few years, two years working at the food bank together about right or a year or something like that.

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And I reached out to him and I'm like, Are you interested? And at first he's like some like I'm sister um, what kind of what kind of timespan are you talking about I have work in school I'm not really sure I see this going on long term we're gonna have you

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use your imagination and then design the house of your of your dreams whichever way you want to do it give you a few minutes and then we want to hear from you what are those what are those houses but also want to hear what you like about that house from your spouse and also what you would like to change

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does that represent Therese

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Sharma everybody we had so far though do boxes

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like you will explain you will explain Don't worry. Sounds like can I just write yeah you can write you can write a few years

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he was complaining she will do the mansion

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scale as well.

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I think it's this is more of a in the courts. Right? It doesn't let me whether

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that's a good issue.

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kidney shape he had

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no problems there.

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What do you think kidneys? Yeah.

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Of course, there's the driveway with two cars because I need my freedom of movement. With gardens on the side, he has a deep appreciation for nature and getting close to the Earth and grow. How many of you have

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connected to the earth?

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What do I like? Yes, I like the loft. And

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I actually like everything. We kind of have similar tastes and design when it comes to that.

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You guys, Michelle, I've been married for 10 years. shall bless you. And it's clear that we do talk about lots of challenges that you had to deal with the mullah give you strength as you continue to edit. But also we can see that there are things that you guys have in common.

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Like you do it and I think this is the first couple that is very clear, very common compared to all the others. The others have been quite different.

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I am in a in a relationship. Yes, we all have bring differences but we always have to anchor ourselves in things that are coming to us that are important to us. It may be tastes or house but maybe also the values that are important for both of you. And I think as long as you anchor yourself on those ones you can whether all those issues are going to come out so this is a third part and we're gonna go with the best out of nine and made the best team and the better house support the other house so they can when they take the game

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this girl was on file

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you gotta give a pep talk to you

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I'm not really good at defense.

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Oh, there you go.

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And it starts

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to get a head start but you know what, we'll do it in Jolla, we got seven minutes to figure out the ingredients. We didn't tell them what to do. But they have to come up with something after seven minutes because I'm getting hungry again. And you know when this time he gets going, Man, I don't know anything else. I'll just see anything that moves

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all right, that time is up. Congratulations. I'm so proud of you guys. Wow. I have no idea what it is. Look at the heart.

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My heart.

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Nothing said I wanted to like what I got to thank you for tuning in. I hope you enjoyed watching those episode. Cinderella, this, you probably have noticed the diversity that we have of the our community and our couples that are those that are just been married for 10 months and those that have been for 10 years and others may be actually more than 10 years more than 20 years. And you have seen the way that they think they see the what's common between them. And so we ask Allah subhanaw taala that they unite their hearts in sha Allah and then continue to have them as pillars in our community and involved. So Rhonda Mubarak to all of you and I will see you in the next

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