Nouman Ali Khan – The Art of Quran Recitation #07 Maqam Hijaz

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The McCollum region is a popular region in Arabic and its history begins with its arrival of new generations and theiva of Al Qaeda. The region's use of the word " handy" in English is also discussed, as it is difficult to say in English. The region's history includes the origin of the Macomb word and its use in English, as well as its use in the US. A recording tool is also mentioned, which provides scores for each confidence level and allows users to choose their own scores.
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Al Hamdulillah Europe belied me and hamdulillah Europe belied me. I mean, you're gonna tell me a shake but more than haram it's not like this. It's close. But it's not like that. Right? Right because then bring it back a little bit with allegiance to make the other hola honk

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that's the new versions.

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And honestly, I find it hypnotic.

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If you fly when you fly, Oh, I hate that word, nor are the one type. We have 12 types of income. That's one of

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the weaker powered by mahkamah to institute

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Los Altos salam ala Rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain I'm about everybody Somali Kabul Afterlight Allah Ricardo we are now going to cover our six McCollum and that is Jamal sieges. Yes. Tell us the story. The story of Elijah as it comes from Turkey. Many people they think just means just region means it's like a big one. No, it's not a big one. It's Turkish one really. And the VINs of Al haram nowadays the done with the ledgers will buy it and also the Quran. The majority of Quran in the area. They are perfect. They are unique when the recited Yes, that's correct. But it comes from Turkey and it comes through al falafel with money. When the earth man's people the Empire the

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American Bible was there. Yeah, you were dealing and managing al haram years ago, right hundreds of years ago, right. So they were bringing Imams and Marvin from Turkey, especially from Istanbul to McCall Sudan and two leads a lot

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from that time this tune came moved to Makkah Medina that area.

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Then everyone after that in Al haram was calling Yvonne and reciting the became the wild culture gum famous then now everyone in the old ages which is his region, which is Medina Makkah Jeddah.

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It's not Arabic one I told you seekers Arabic but he does it's an Arabic word. It comes from Turkey. I send it comes through a lot of money and I see where they are in Harlem. But now the best people recite with this MACOM not Turkish people. The Arab people do especially the Imams or those who are living in the area. I say you want it to listen to the best ages. You listen from someone from Mecca, someone from Medina, someone from Jeddah, someone from the south of Saudi, even someone from Yemen, someone from Iran city, someone even from Somalia, listen to the Somalian writers. They are unique in Baia teenagers interested they love it. Yeah. But it comes originally from Turkey. That's

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the story behind Somalia.

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And I love this Macomb I love the Quran. Those who are reciting with this makan because I feel Haber. You know, Muhammad.

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Allah, I don't know how to say it in English, but

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it's magnanimous. Yes. Yeah, you can tell that. Yeah. The best of them is Sheikh Mohammed. They Yup. He passed away. He used to be imam of Medina. Yeah. Salaam you listen to just three hours. You want to get bored. Further one from the mahkamah which I love it so much. Now McConville hedges, who has 12 tunes? Holy wills tunes. Ben jakka Makana rugby mockable Harada Muhammad Dukkha Amaka it will McConnell hurry. Now he has a son Annie 12 tunes, but I'm gonna show them now give just a short tune, which is the color that's the orange okay.

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The tone of it it's like this

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that's the whole thing. It's like five parts.

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Al Hamdulillah

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me Rockman you'll Rahi Merli Kia woman dean. II cannot World War II can a styrene colonic another. This the whole thing is just take the first one. Oh Alhamdulillah Europe benign, me and hamdulillah

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In belied me in our rough manual Rahi unwashed man and watching Maliki a woman the man in Kenya woman de Budo yet and US tennis dying he kind of World War II kind of staring this guy has a strong memory because now you recited the five things

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I feel just you gotta you know remember one part, but now you have the whole boards again. Ah ah ah ah

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Alhamdulillah you're gonna be not me Alhamdulillah he robbing me been a rough man on Rahi a rock man and washing Miley Kim woman de man in Kenya will meet the Queen II cannot go doing Elkanah Styria cannot move away. Yeah, kind of standing you have this one. Even though Adam was he cut wages I'm so happy because this is so hard by the way. It takes like one hour at least but it's pure beautiful. If I correct my cache if I correct v as well haram

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along work law or

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habit. He doesn't mostly law gaming in Turkey. You gotta tell me a shake. But while I've been hurt, I'm it's not like this. It's close. But it's not like that. Right? Right, because I'm bringing it a little bit with an agent to make the other. Hola ha Komodo. Oh, oh.

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That's it. Hello. That's my new version of Turkey. In vanilla haram with these speakers and with these mics with,

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like $1 million. And yeah, you're gonna listen to that. But the original one like what? What they told you I love just to give you the original, right? That's the new versions.

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And honestly, I find it hypnotic.

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If you fly when you're selling, you fly, oh, I had that where I had no other one type. We have 12 types of accommodation. That's one of them.

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And there is another type just for example, not teaching just for example, another type of ages like this Alhamdulillah be Lila Nina. Manuel Rahim Imani Kiyomi de de de reciters

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boudoir II, Canada styrene is the answer all Turkey emails are long levena And none.

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Long enough to be Arlene

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ball on learning how to know different type of ages we still ages but with different way. There is a third, like type like this method for you Big

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Al Hamdulillah mean

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rocking Maliki Dean II? Can

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canister then I'll sell off on moose 30 So all 20 levena None.

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Or you didn't remember the Lumia lame one on me Alene let's just finality on

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the 100 pages but just one thing. What was that first pages that we recited together very small pages. But then after that I decided to just dukkha and this one is finality. So there's like 12 types. I will just say all of them. Have a deep soul my heart. I'm serious now. commentators are all

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excited to see the last two Kalamata

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Hope you guys are enjoying this series. Thank you once again, for doing this I was just having the time of my life

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he was what's coming up and the next episode and this maklumat series, the largest MACOM and the most the heaviest, the heaviest, the heaviest, and it has home pictures. And anyone has any pitch can decide with this Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah you'll be glad I mean, I'm going to learn your beloved along Allah Allah Allah. Allah As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope that you enjoyed watching this video for those who want to learn different methods of citation for those who want to improve their voice and bring it to a higher level. For those who want to enjoy and delight both prayers, our listeners with their voice for those who want to practice in sha Allah the whole

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maklumat practically one on one with me, sign up here

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