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A woman named Islam shares a series of fashion items and a personal story about her marriage, including breaking her leg and playing soccer. She describes her desire to redesign her house, have her husband's help, and have a home with a minimalistic five bedroom space. She describes her desire to unite her community and have a stable and stable base, including a large, stylish front yard with a family space and a kitchen in the basement. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a team and a brief advertisement for a team.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu Salam. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My name is Islam. And welcome to a beautiful new series. We're gonna call it the better half and we all know which hat is that.

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On our right hand side in the white corner, we have a Sister Moon, which we call mammal. Because you know, my daughter calls her that brother, Ahmed is her husband and I remember when I first saw him, it says, you know, I see two eyes, two ears hamdulillah two legs two is doing good. No bite marks hamdulillah because the first time I get the married, he was on a broken leg.

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On the left corner, let's get ready to rumble. We have our own and hamdulillah is wrong boy and his wife Mashallah. Are dear sister. And we had to go all the way to London, Ontario to get this girl a man was worth it. hamdulillah How did you guys meet?

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That's, that's a great question.

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So, I have been following each other for a while on Instagram. And one time it was like, you know, in the summer, I get a message from his sister. And she just randomly said, like, Salam. I'm just wondering, like, Are you single? And are you interested in getting to know someone for the purposes of marriage? And,

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you know, I corresponded with her a few times, and then she ended up, you know, letting her mom call my mom and just ask for permission for me and Ahmet to get to know each other. We ended up meeting in Niagara Falls with my parents, and just got to know each other there. And after that meeting, yeah, everything just went up from there. We have concerns is a little bit simpler. We just went through some mutual friends. My sister's friend from college knew her husband knew Hassan, and he was trying to help her son get hooked up.

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We just kind of connected through them and then yeah, I guess the rest is history. What was the most emotional moment in your marriage life?

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Man, that's deep. You guys. I'm saying like, you speak too much. I'm saying.

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I have to say it was a few weeks before the wedding. So we weren't technically married at the time, but

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I broke my leg playing soccer. And you know, wasn't that assigned for you, man? Run for us, dude.

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Well, you know, for the groom to be obviously you want to have two legs and be able to enjoy your way. I enjoyed it anyways, but it was just emotional. Like it was midnight. The man behind the camera along with me. Time I'm like, do I text or do I call her What do I tell her? How am I going to tell her the snooze but you know, once she came to the hospital and she was next to me like it was a very emotional moment but it felt good to have her out here next to me. I think sometimes just the realization that you find somebody in your life who is so supportive and so kind and then you just have these random bursts of those emotional moments when you're really you know thankful to

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Allah and everything that you find somebody who's going to be on this journey of life with you for me it was more of a period so it was like since she was moving in I was given the go ahead by my parents age to finish the business and I like it lemons you and so it's all to me that was a big emotional burden as well.

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About a month and a half every month going in and out and getting all the homies and getting all the help I can and it was it was a ride and

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soft we're now part two of the conversation and then we're excited to see is how if you had to redesign or design from scratch your house how would it look like don't love my drawings but

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it has to be on scale Sure.

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To make it on skill checklist is starting to look like ICC

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handwriting, I know something planned out look into details this guy just goes dry. First thing is gain knowledge.

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So let's start the circuit first. You tell us what what are the key points you want to get our house okay, so I really want a nice big front yard from Porsche where we can all sit out enjoy the weather. I want a nice big backyard as well. So I focus more on the outside I guess. I just want to make up the space and I think I looked at yours

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So yeah, so the first floor goes where you have a lot of entertainment space or family space all kinds of that so a big garage eating into the pantry so there'll be like a nice store where you can just enter the pantry and drop all your groceries up then you have your big island

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whatever it may be and then the back wall would all be like glass windows open concept. Oh yes I said lots of Windows 10 Windows this whole wall is Windows

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regarding back here, and it's nice to hear Hudson is describing it and he's telling her your master room you're

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this is all for you

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you know that there are many ways to look at facilities and look at the bigger picture it's true and you're just giving us an example of

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a twosie office

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that we're gonna have only two minutes I

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guess it was fine.

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Literally my man she's talking 3000 square feet betting house. So we'll start with you you tell us describe to us what you have here. So I've always wanted to live in a very like urban place I love like the minimalist five right now I don't know if that'll change down the line but I think great colors white, lots of plants and greenery. I don't like cramped places so that's why like I would love for it to be really spacious as well. I want to have like a big office space now that everyone's working from home have like a at home gym and then have a kitchen in the basement because now that I bake I would love to have like a separate kitchen for that and then have a total of six

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bedrooms at least boasting and because I'm American

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that's a kid's

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not a lot but just the more rooms the better like who knows what I might do? Yes exactly.

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I used to swim and you

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just put the price tag to her

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okay so

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similar to my wife I love minimalism I don't like a lot of things happening so as you can see there's there's hardly anything in the house nothing

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see that strategy

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oh my god suppose again

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we should we should yeah

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all right. Alright

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the floor

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ceiling is bleeding

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we're just like, I need them. Okay, now we can start

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Okay, all right for Team All right, I'm

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ready, let's get ready to rumble. The games begin. Here we go.

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to admit I was so disappointed that they're not doing biryani it just I haven't had it for a while because of the Joomla. We used to have Brioni right here and there's nothing it's been I have a withdrawal symptoms.

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Right. Coming up on the first minute right now to

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martial law and no cheating. Don't look over anybody's shoulder.

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Just smash my shoulder. There is a strategy to this madness.

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Put one more.

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Time is up.

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And we are on the five minute markers. I'm so proud of you guys. You did an amazing job. Thank you so much. I'll just take that

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Santa Monica.

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Thank you for tuning in. I hope you enjoyed watching those episodes. To realize this. You probably have noticed the diversity that we have of the our community and our work

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couples that are those that are just been married for 10 months and those that have been for 10 years and others maybe actually more than 10 years more than 20 years. And you have seen the way that they think and they see the what's common between them. And so we ask Allah subhanaw taala that they unite their hearts to Allah and then continue to have them as pillars of our community and involved. So we're gonna Mubarak to all of you, and I will see you in the next episode.