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The couple involved in Deaf Muslims and Hamzik discuss their recent meeting with a doctor and their plans to create a sandwich. They also talk about their involvement in the Deaf community and attending an on-site event. The host discusses their new accounting course and struggles with some concepts, but expresses their desire to eat and cook. They also discuss their plans for a future event and the importance of investing in their family. The host encourages viewers to take action and unite their hearts for community health, highlighting the need to protect family members from the virus and competition for a HAND payment.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah to Medina Islam. And welcome back to another episode of that better half and today inshallah I have the pleasure to have to introduce to you one of the best two couples, we have, they're very involved in the community and Hamdulillah I also have my good looking

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co host as we had him as last week, I was supposed to get my wife but something happened.

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hamdulillah now I'm gonna go with Sister Samia Alhamdulillah. We have also Dr. Faisal, one of the people that put the shoulder the wheel and volunteers straight up with us is one of the pillars of here it is an organization and that's why we are a family. Indeed, on the left corner, I'm wearing blue, we have a solution hinda and Brother Mohammed Al Hamdulillah. They're very involved also with the Deaf Muslims, and I've seen him usually on a weekly basis, we're going to start with the first question and brother should have came up with really nice questions that I'm gonna, I was gonna surprise him, but I feel sorry for them. They're asking, Can you please tell us what the question

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is? And so we said it. So let's go to the questions. Shala. You guys ready? We started on the right hand side. There you go. So I'm gonna ask you, when did you guys meet and how we have an amazing story that we tell everybody. We met in university during our master's degrees. So Brother festal, at that time, was in research studies. And that's, that's why many

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years, you're

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in the hot seat. I remember, can I take advantage of my memory for a moment,

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helped me out check. I remember a few things it was in. It was in research methods class. And I was sitting against the back of the second row. And they were going through regression analysis and whatnot. And I felt that I had seen everybody in the class. It was our second semester. And the sister walks in with blue jeans and a yellow cord, kind of the same color as this. And I thought, well, that's interesting. She's probably and then I found out Oh, she's from Pakistan. She's from Islamabad does research the same area of mine and development and poverty studies. And then I convinced her friends. Those of you young boy brothers convinced the sisters, the friends first that

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you know, and then after that the ball roll, our parents match and Hamdulillah. Here we are. The first time we met was at a friend's gathering in a restaurant.

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Nothing significant casual conversation. And then we ran into each other at Ryerson University, we were both doing accounting courses to pursue an accounting designation. I was struggling with some of the concepts so he was really good at it. He said, Okay, I'll teach you meet me at the library. And then I guess things got serious from there.

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So we want you to imagine that you wake up in the morning

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and your spouse has a new skill, one that you've been wanting for a long time. Would that be fair to begin with once good with that, and I started this idea first. For me. It's definitely I wish my husband could cook.

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So my husband's very helpful around the house you create with laundry washing dishes. But I do all the cooking from from A to Z.

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I need a good sleep tonight.

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I'm going to be cautious.

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I have to be careful. This is unfair, honestly,

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making the bed

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but I'm the I'm the second one to get up so it's a little unfair. Honestly, I feel like a king in the morning, I get downstairs mashallah My wife works and with the kids and breakfast in the morning, on weekends is family time uninterrupted. So I really have nothing to say.

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I'll say it's the exact same thing. And I was so happy to ask this question because there are moments where I feel hunger and they'll just stare at me to say I wish he could cook and bake. Love to Eat. He's the king of sandwiches. So he'll make you a mean sandwich. No one knows how to make a sandwich like him but the other the other, the other meals as well will be great.

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Long time to prepare for this answer.

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Last year,

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she's very involved in the Deaf community. She's helping us now and other communities. So

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I'm trying to not be selfish here. So

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the superpower that I would love for it that is maybe stopping time all the time and doing all the work that she wants to do. Like she sometimes she seems she would be stressed and she'd had her agenda manager doesn't do this.

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go through this estimate this activity this is part of new stuff and this family I'm like, you know she she has so much work to do. I think there's a lot of time so

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for this one, we have a bit of a different question than we did last time from the other couples we want you to imagine with us is that you've been given $200,000

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Just imagine

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what we want you to think about and write down in the whiteboard so generally we have an on site event what would you use it for?

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absolutely. We get an extra like two minutes or something good happens or she's like

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Wow, that's beautiful to hear. Renovating the kitchen would be great. We have the ugliest kitchen floor

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but other than that incumbent knows it like the mortgage is is a big big gray cloud on top of our heads notice something she's trying to lower you in the kitchen

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I guess you can go first.

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Of course. So for me it was a no brainer. I was humbled and we're blessed to have both festival and I work we divide everything financially we're secure a HANDLER handler all thanks thanks to Alice nothing that we did by herself so I think any extra money would be extra for us

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and that is a very big goal in my mind is completing what my husband and I have not done so intelligencia

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my wife and setting our families you know our parents Masha Allah Allah has blessed us with a level of security so now it's a matter of investing for the future and then you know some of our shield from the old used to say you know have a simple life but think of high ideals high goals right and we had to play the last quarter was beautiful to see

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your lines on the key words which is the whole thing about the debt

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paid off for you get it out from your from your worries because I'm sure that consensus that is you guys thinking about it when you smell a ticket away completely from me and but the one thing that really impressed me the most was the southern part and both of you it was actually funny because it was avoided to see the

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drone industry was looking down yes it is like Oh remember

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which is the right investment that's the first investment that we have to do a lunch I love we want to play we think that you should have yes absolutely amen to this idea in your mind and keep those values for your child like you'd like to have control over the computer

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Welcome back to the third segment of this lovely a better half and we were talking before and I don't know if these guys are hustlers or not. But they were just trying to be like porn miskeen Yanni and these guys mashallah they're going bang and this girl should be now a different career altogether. I know this guy's name is Mohammed that is not Mohamed Salah Have you know what I mean? I'm just saying I'm just saying okay, so let the games begin we have up to eight and whoever gets up there first we will win it so Bismillah let's let's start this

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journey together do on 1000 videos

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scores against himself he's going to get for himself oh look at that girl go so Allah power to the girls

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oh my gosh, I love a nice fire snuck that one in

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I can't believe it but the blue team one unreal. You guys should have seen him before this. It was sad. I swear to God I feel sorry for them I was making either they have to remortgage their house. I don't know what it was, but I can't believe it. It's the number 18 Yeah, indeed. We are judged according to the end and most winners. This was the best of

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See is the best team I've seen best group they have given give each other had graduates

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and the championship of the world the World Cup close to the

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Muhammad Salah Muhammad

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gratulations. Thank you so much guys appreciate. Thank you. We'll see on the other side.

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hillside or Santa, I said no, Muhammad Ali was seducing slimmer, we're here for the part four. And we just had part three where it was a very tight game. So we're going to see now when it comes to cooking.

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So this time we give you again, all the ingredients, you have the quantity that you need to be using, but you're not given the sequence or how you're going to make it to give me give me some hints to not make a disaster because I do want to take something good at the end at least.

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And just like the other group, so you can have seven minutes. I injured my hand and

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she's gonna do it on

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Okay, Bismillah

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R Rahman, right

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okay, it's soft, it's nice. Not too sweet. A

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lot of coffee. Too much coffee. Yeah.

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It is supposed to be with coffee. So I'm gonna go with that. Let me go with the second one now and see.

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This is very soft.

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too soft.

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Because there's a lot of liquid in it.

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Close to swimming pool.

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So I have to go with this one.

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Second law fair. Take it with you, sha Allah. And thank you for joining us. And thank you for being part of this program. Santa Monica.

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Thank you for tuning in. I hope you enjoyed watching those episodes.

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This, you probably have noticed the diversity that we have of the our community and our couples that are those that have just been married for 10 months and those that have been for 10 years and others maybe actually more than 10 years, more than 20 years. And you have seen the way that they think they see the what's common between them. And so we ask Allah, Allah that they unite their hearts in sha Allah, and then continue to have them as pillars of our community and evolved. So Rhonda Mubarak to all of you, and I will see you in the next episode.