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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers Islam. Last time we talked about the, the heroism, the bravery of Booker seleka dilemma and his status in the sight of Allah Subhana. Allah in the Quran and Hadith. And we talked about our Jelena his main mother used to have to go through for all the persecution. But believe it or not, starting today, with a man that we finished with whom is it, it is a book of the 20 llamada. The one that helped so many people to be freed,

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is now being persecuted himself.

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Him and

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the landmines main, were taken together, wrapped and pulled, they were actually dumped, believe it or not.

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And imagine you're being among the honorable society Lucas was among the Animal Society. But it went so far now that the Quraysh is not at zero tolerance period. As you will see, the zero tolerance is now transparent to someone else. Believe it or not, to Prophet Mohammed Salah Selim. Amazing, they will stop at knowing nothing will stop them now. But how did they get there? They went to Abu Talib, who he mushiya Tila, they went to him knowing that he is the uncle of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. They went to him with a proposal.

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He says here about Berlin

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and the Vienna you are among the honorable society and we respect you We love you. But your nephew Yusef, Eliana, he's cursing our gods and he's making magic to break up families and so on. This is let him stop.

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So the first time the offer was that and Abu Talib said if you were kind words and let them go this mister

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but Prophet Mohammed and keep doing what he's doing

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and now we have to step it up a notch they came back to Abu Talib

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and he said about all

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right now we will not tolerate this anymore.

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Even if you protect him, we will take you on you have to let him stop otherwise down to a fight including yourself though some of us die.

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So that will tell him at this point called Prophet Muhammad Rasul.

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He says if you have none

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you have no

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oh my nephew

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you have now put me in a very awkward position.

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mela I think I cannot handle this

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Can you please reconsider your position?

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You know most of us we would buckle under the pressure at this point because the only one allows us to use him as a cause father as well that his uncle's protecting him now can you imagine that your protection is now telling you listen I can't protect you anymore if you keep doing this okay you're out of the herd

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now Prophet Mohammed Salim is hearing this from his uncle is the one that allows panatela put him as a cause and you will see why I'm in prison is different when you think the year of sadness is not what most people think you will see the reason why inshallah soon

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I will tell him is telling him this and prophet mom Salaam after you heard him, it says, will love here.

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Oh By Allah, oh, my uncle.

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If you put the sun in my right and the moon in my left, I will not stop by this command. Except I die for it. I know some of the scholars said that this hadith is weak and some of the opinions that we do not treat the Sierra with the with the same attorney.

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But it isn't doom and gloom the sea of nectar it confirms it and it's utter there. So the reason that I mentioned it will lie is because of that otherwise it would not have mentioned it. But regardless, the story is there. Now when Abu Talib, the uncle of Prophet Mohammed Salim

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seen the dedication and determination of Prophet Muhammad SAW someone for the cause. He's saying what he's saying even now, the person that he is protecting him saying I can bail on you

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is suddenly is that determined? He actually said that poem, a beautiful poem indeed. And I will mention inshallah, the meaning of it is, go see what you say, by Allah, I will not let you go, except when I actually go meaning what, when I was in the grief

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so now Prophet Mohammed Salim has the assurance that his uncle will not bail on him

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and Christ comes back, seeing that he

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not going to give up. They wanted to go Prophet Mohammed Salim directly now, they are not going to go through Abu Talib anymore. So they brought him another proposal. What is the proposal? He says, Listen about Allah,

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we will bring you a man, not just any man, the best man.

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He was a tall, good looking young, very strong. And he said that we will give you this man, in order for us to take your interview, in return. They're trying to make a deal. They're doing a barter system with

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a human being for a human being. But Allahu Akbar, there is no comparison of eclipses. What What is he? What are you gonna do with him? He says, no problem, we will give you this man that you can reason consider him your child. Consider him in that in the place of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and you give us Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we will kill him.

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Larry, don't worry about it. We give you one man, you give us one man and we're even.

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And he says, What? I'm paraphrasing, of course. He says, Are you kidding? I give you my son to kill. And you give me your own to raise and vent.

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This is ignorance. Among the our society after that. He said what he said that will law he attended. Your tribe is tried everything with you. And they were being very fair with you, but you're not accepting anything. Imagine Subhanallah you're not accepting any deals, since we're lucky amounts of money by Allah. They're not being fair with me. And if I remember that luck, do whatever you want to do. So now, the war zone.

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Now you can see what is the hard time the difficulties of this harbor Delano modan going to be now their punishment is build up a notch. So when Prophet Mohammed Al Salam used to actually go around the Kaaba, what happened? These two actually Kherson now, before they did

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these Dickerson, they used to go around and please

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Harsha. May Allah Subhana, Allah bless him. He used to put the signs of the camel on the top of his head. They would make a mockery of him as you do this. even to the extent of Prophet Mohammed Salah he was known to be highly very calm, cool, collected, patient smiling. But even to the time where it was Prophet Mohammed Salim came up to them says, Look, I will note that's it, I come to you with death. It was that to the point the Prophet Salim said to come to them that said that he's at it, he can't take any more. He says I come to you with death or the economy or kill you but stop doing what you're doing. And believe it or not, that if you the men that use around the camera that you told

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Prophet Mohammed Salim that this is how when Allah Mohammed, we're only getting Take it easy on Mohammed we're only getting so positive left them alone. But again, look at the strength if it's a Pamela

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after a day, the thought about it, well, I can't believe it.

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We are also we are men, it also is less than nine, nine or below. This is where we are if you and one man comes up to listen to all we buckle under one man under one command. So Pamela, what happened? They went back the same day, whereas the moon and they now intend to do what? Making sure that they're going to go back and give them what they thought that was what they started. So they went back and said the start cursing problem they start doing what they're doing. And now Professor Lim can do it because there are too many people and that's what the brokers will do but the law came in again, as I mentioned earlier before now but never mind. La mlms there's a story behind them

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but never mind is the one that used to please the seller jello. The intestines of a camel as mentioned earlier on, on Prophet Mohammed, Salah myotubular and Fatima Villanova used to come and running toward profit selling, cleaning, cleaning and cleaning and crying Of course. And now Debbie might is the one that actually later on asks Prophet Mohammed Islam to come and join him for dinner. But Prophet Mohammed Salah asked him see what I won't come to you unless you say la ilaha illAllah he says I won't I won't come to you for dinner. Then he repeated it. He says come for dinner there's no I won't come to you relentless. You say La la la la is I won't he says okay, I won't come the

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third time he said okay, that's what it takes. I will say La la la la come for dinner because apparently was very agreed this regard or this disrespectful for anyone to

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Actually refused a dinner

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invitation. So Prophet Mohammed Salah was looking for something. He was hoping that he might become a Muslim after saying La ilaha illAllah. Where does that come from? It comes from Hamza Allah Allah. It comes from the story of Hamza when he became a Muslim.

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Hamza was hunting outside of the the city, Mecca and Abu Jamal curse Prophet Mohammed wasallam a woman from the tribe heard it and she was very jealous, very angry to hear about JAL Christian Prophet Mohammed Salah. So what you do, she ran out and waited for Hamza La Jolla and Allah outside of the boundaries of the city. As soon as he comes in. She told them, it says that Abu Jamal Kirsten nephew, Hamza got very upset and he went straight to Abuja.

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And you hit him

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Dini, you crucify follow his way of life, his religion, and of course, he was not a Muslim then. But Allah Subhana Allah bestowed Eman in his heart. So Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was hoping to happen the same output may might, but it's totally different. Because this is a moment me when I was sitting with the brother of

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him with others. And he said, Can you curse him? And he actually made the wrong decision. He actually cursed. Some narration city spat on Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So now, verses have revealed

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yo myagdi volume Allah de la marzulli Sevilla? Well, to me, he says, yo my Abba volume, it is a remorse. It's a significance of the way that he was going to be biting down on his fingers, meaning that he will regret this. What day on judgment day was too late. He will say Woe to me. I wish I followed the path the Prophet Mohammed Salim wore to me. I wish he did not follow Fulani and Halima year later Nina Mata Holla Holla. I wish I did not follow this man to be my friend.

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His journey, he led me astray to the Islam. As we mentioned earlier that Prophet Mohammed Salah was open that up to become a Muslim. Like what happened to Hamza and the woman came up to him and he says that the Virgin Olive in a layman's tech hit Prophet Mohammed Salah, and he went to him is a symbol and Allah Dini is the person when I follow his way. And of course, he was not a Muslim then, but Allah Subhana Allah bestowed a man in his heart. So Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was hoping to happen the same company might, but it's totally different. This is a monkey. I was sitting with the brother of mine to help him with others. And he said, Can you curse him? And he actually

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made the wrong decision. He actually cursed. Some narration said he spat on Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So now, verses have revealed

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Yo, my Advani Maria de la marzulli Sabina

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will to me, he says, The oh my god is their remorse. It's the significance of the way that he was going to be biting down on his fingers, meaning that he will regret this. What day on judgment day was too late. He will say Woe to me. I wish I followed the path of Prophet Mohammed Salim

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war to me. I wish he did not follow Fulani and Holla

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Holla I wish I did not follow this man to be my friend.

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His journey he led me astray to the victory Islam

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after he came to me, so Pamela So ask yourself a question of T if Islam comes to you on a silver platter, because what the Sahaba della Animas minded, do you take it for granted? Will you lead it history? Will you be led astray? Or worse yet? Will you lead others history? Will you be a key to open the gates of righteousness? Will you be the key to closing the gates of righteousness, opening the gates of disobedience Allahu Akbar.

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Allah subhanaw taala had many people working on the face of the earth, those who open the gates of good close the gates of evil, so be among them, not the other way around. So enjoying good forbid evil, otherwise, we'll look at the path of destruction we are. So now that we might realize that it's too late for him.

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The honor is enough the books revealed in him so Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem is now looking when he's being persecuted and as soon as I mentioned Fatima de la, it was very difficult, very difficult for him to take when Fatima used to clean him, and he's now doing what he's asking Allah subhanaw taala apparently it was very difficult

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Disease doctor felt the metal he loved so much. So how are you doing with your daughter? How are you doing with your son of the and so on the relationship inshallah we know the problems or needs to stand up, as you will see later on this year to get him on her forehead every time she comes into home. So I asked you again, once again do your kids run to you or run away from you if you know. Now when Prophet Mohammed Salim saw that and heard what he heard, he says era Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and he mentioned seven one of them is not underrated the richer of the Hadith does not remember the only mentioned six. But he says was said there love that photo, the seventh one we cannot recall.

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This is honey, this is a party by the way. And he says what law he yoma but the day is that what happened? We saw them all that. You know why Rajesh was afraid?

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Because he knew he was a prophet. And they knew that his

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his supplication prayer will be answered. But they were stubborn. That's another topic. So don't be stubborn enough to either Tila Tequila.

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If someone takes a tequila, tequila of tea, your honor and your pride Oh, by the way, it's no longer pride. It's conceit. If your pride gets in the way of righteousness, it's no longer pride and dignity and safety. It is conceived according to scholars inshallah. So this is stubbornness. So he said that they were afraid, he was afraid because shakalaka him. It was very difficult when they heard Prophet Mohammed Salah has allowed me to drive directly to a lot in a time of anger in a time, unlike YouTube, and

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who else will answer the supplication

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or the prayer for those who are in a state of despair so Pamela t. So Allah subhanaw taala answered the prayer, and he saw them all dead. Among those, of course when the stepped up the notch on the persecution, when they start cursing them in the forefront. You won't believe it, but it's all uncle

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Abu lahab I know too many people actually know that Abu lahab is the uncle the Prophet himself. Do you think it's Abuja who's not true? It's a burlap sack. But Abu lahab not only him, it was his wife, Jamil.

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He's also on this so Abdullah have used to follow private moms everywhere he goes you know what he used to say? Don't believe this man. He's crazy. Is this is that is this his own uncle? His own uncle? Here I even heard Prophet Mohammed Salim you know what he said? He says, Darrell, Leave him. Leave him alone. For in Arizona.

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Leave him leave him because if he's a bear upon people, and he is actually now glorified, it would be your own glory. If he's always honored. It's your own honor. But his uncle No, his uncle's following Prophet Mohammed Salim says, If you speak to anyone who says don't believe this man, he's a liar. He's this he's that so Pamela? He started. And not only that, when he heard that Abdullah

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the son of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam died Instructure Allah Subhana laity imagine from your own family. The son of your nephew died and is celebrating and he's going around you says Mohammed is

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he's now he's cut off his name will not be mentioned anymore. Because according to them, if you don't have a son, your family name will be after finished graph, no lineage, no progeny, the continuation, but look at the difference. Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a virgin Liana de la la, la, la mister. Look at the difference. Look at the difference. And you don't become a Muslim unless you see a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow. Mohammed Abdul Rasul

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Allah carry crock Allah subhanaw taala we raised the glorified you honor even your name, you cannot be a Muslim unless you see a shadow Allah Allah Illallah

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Muhammad Abdul Allah Zulu. So who was this man to say that he's up? olanzapine on dialysis? No, in the shanika who will after he is the one that we're going to be cut off?

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Now only Jamil his wife, Akira Australia Taka beautiful company? Of course. Who else would he marry a good person? Pamela. We don't make an exception Kalista komaneka. We cannot build a theory on exceptions so we'll stick to that jello. So only Jamil the wife will help

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us to put what is choke

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you know the the thorns in the path of Prophet Mohammed Salim in front of his home and where he where he used to walk, he knows and she put the thorns so planula and when allows Why don't Allah reveal this versus that but yeah, Vila had been whatever.

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This is that when Allah started cursing and given him that you will not go to agenda and that's a proof by the way the Quran is from Allah Subhana Allah who would have needed that I will not have even though he was among the staunchest enemies of Islam, you could have simply put this whole thing to bed is Allah subhanaw taala says that I'm going to Hellfire Yes. What

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What do you think of your quiet

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Now, what do you think of Islam? No, he didn't. And this verse was revealed and he knew about it for years, and he didn't. So Pamela among the miracles and prophecies of hamdulillah. However, Jamil, when she heard that she was very angry, what did she do?

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She came back to me back because she knew that the subject or the law hangs around with Prophet Mohammed Salah

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because he used to say I love three things. He says, worship another lake. What did you do? It's been a day when family Alec used to say that I love sitting in front of you, and looking at you and spending my money for the sake of Allah upon you.

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This is so difficult as we talked about it before.

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Now, Jamil comes in. He says, where's where's your friend? He says he's right here. And he ushered

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and he was not lying Prophet Mohammed Salim was actually there. Subhana Allah. Robin was sitting right next to him.

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But oh, Jamil, the wife of Abu lahab could not see him. She's Are you lying to me? Are you making fun of me, says Lola, he's right here.

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She says her and she turned around walk away. She said that some Madonna Manasa ina? Well, I'm Rahu abena Elena. He says mme and instead of Mohammedan Mohammed and the previous one with a man is the opposite of what

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he says we you know his command we refuse and his Deen we reject his way of life we reject this is important we look at the Arabs in good and bad they used to use poetry so Pamela that's why Allah subhanaw taala gave her an as a testimony that this is your where you excel at. We will give you something in your own among the miracles of course. Of course what Allah subhanaw taala knows best and Solomon now she says we tell him pass on the message Jesus is ready.

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So Pamela he learned something

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today by the way, as promised, did she not see you just know Sarah for love Another handy? again sorry to say Buhari

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Prophet Mohammed Salim Sol de Vaca. So before the law that Allah subhanaw taala took her vision away from me. There's a great

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lesson learned here. If you look at what is it again in Arpita. In our belief, first, as Bab

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there are thoughts about you know, putting the effort and the senses what do you do characteristics? Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is the one that gives that and takes it away. For example, the vision you're supposed to do what with the vision with your eyesight you're supposed to see, even though she did not go blind, she could not see Prophet Mohammed Salah. By the way, the same story happened when in the cave, where abubaker sadaqa de la was in the company of Prophet Mohammed Salim and those people wanted to catch him for that for the for the bounty as headhunters but what they did they look down the workers leak was right there. But what happened but in that they were actually there

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and allows one atomic division away. Only if they look down, they would have seen us same thing happened to me. But what did we learn as we learn that division is supposed to see allows volatile to take the characteristics away from that is by his will that we see it's not by just what you think. Again, what else is there? Think about?

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It is the knife supposed to cut, but it didn't cut the neck of

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the fire supposed to burn, but it didn't burn.

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Ibraheem alehissalaam when he was thrown in

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the oceans is made of what water h2o is hydrogen oxygen. If you put them together in the lab, it will blow but Allah subhanaw taala uses a force to judgment they will go back but listen and closing up with this allows the panel to how to save them because of what because of his grease and learning a lesson from that. Not only that, I will have asked his children to divorce the two daughters of Prophet Mohammed Hassan out of spite he gave them a command even understand now how much he hated that Prophet Mohammed Salim and asking Allah subhanaw taala to keep us away from him and make us Mongols this speech and follow the best of it. Well hello, I'm handling Solomon arrows appear today