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AI: Summary © In a episode of productivity podcasts, a host discusses the importance of having a partner for success. The host provides three questions to help the listener find their success partner, including asking about their day-to-day activities, one specific action, and what one thing they will do tomorrow to make their chronic energy levels more productive. The host encourages listeners to find their success partner and to use the productivity podcasts as an example.
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Assalamu alaikum productive Muslims Welcome to the show. I'm your host and I'm here with day 22 of the pre Ramadan boot camp. In today's episode, I want to speak to you about having a success partner. So what I mean by success partner is having one person who you can connect with who will be your success partner. So this can be among your family and friends. So this partner has one specific role and that is to ask you each day the following three questions so it can be either via phone call and message or WhatsApp. And first of all ask you what went well today that made you Ramadan feel more productive, spiritually, physically, socially. Second to ask you what didn't go well today

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that made your Ramadan feeling less productive. And three, what is one thing you do tomorrow to make your Ramadan even more productive? Now these three questions will hopefully keep nudging you every day to keep improving one day at a time. And please do take this seriously and find your success partner. You can find someone who can help you from your family or friends or you can even ask in the show notes of this comment of this episode over at productive Muslim slash s to e 22. And it will make a world of difference to your Ramadan. So let me know how it goes and I will speak to you all again tomorrow with our episode. And until then, work hard and be sincere