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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers, sisters, Islam and welcome back to the sila prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as we left you last time, we said the persecution now extended to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam not just as Howard Ilan was right. And we left you were up, never might lift the intestines of the camel on Prophet Mohammed Salim on Felton was the Harada killer on our baja salad scene, when Prophet Mohammed Salah made about those seven and about crush, and also talked about the prosecution of the earliest Harvard Ilana macmaine not only that will not

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allow him in alignment to do what he did. And Abu lahab again did what he did. And there's so many things that Prophet Mohammed Salah persevered in prosecution, that He has given us as an example in every aspect of patience and perseverance, today will continue in Sharla with the scene of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam with the persecution of that place among the our society Even then, even the little the net and taking you back to that scene where Prophet Mohammed Salah silom had all that garbage dumped in front of his home, the the thorns on his path, what happened to him physically, what happened to him when he was abused verbally and so on. So, he comes out and he says, Yeah, then

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abdomen if you are on haga he says you have an abdomen of the tribe without abdomen if these are my family and my friends, these are my neighbors, this is what kind of neighborhood is this? What kind of neighbors have rights is this? So again, I pose a question to you again.

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Again I reiterate we are doing this to learn to learn to become better Muslims better human beings to lead the world again inshallah. But the only way we come back from the challah learn and behave from Prophet Mohammed Salah is

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what kind of greats of the neighbors So ask yourself a question as unity How are you the neighbors? Your neighbors say oh, I can hardly wait for this man to move on. I can hardly wait for the sister you know to move out or when you come in does the neighborhood if he knows he goes down in price or does the real estate value sell they're coming they're coming was at hamdulillah Muslims are coming because they're gonna help us do this and they're cleanest they're more hygenic they look after us and they help with a shovel the snow or whatever it is. If you have snow over there, cut the grass or do dumb things on the other side. Listen to a Boolean or de la la Masuda could be mistaken he had

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a some some narration says a mouse

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and one of the companions may Allah be pleased with all of them said take them out huzhou he says kick him out at home he says No no, I can't because if I do it will go to somebody else's home says no I'd rather be pleased with it as opposed to somebody else be played with it a lot but do we just dump our garbage somebody doesn't matter it's not my problem is this problem her problem now? Yeah, he prophet masala looked at it we look after the neighbor we look after this is even the 70s is a Sony hack Toronto I know he says he kept at give me advice give me advice to be good to the neighbors good to the neighbor so I thought he was doing what he's going to inherit me. So please

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use the measuring stick if he NFT so when Prophet Mohammed Salim says what kind of neighbors or is this what kind of rights is that that was given to the tribe? Now Abu Gen. Abuja Allah lemons tech, he used to come to listen to Sir to profit mom's on one slide, believe it or not, it's true. He used to actually come and listen to Quran from problems on them. But what are you what are you clear? Well, I guess man, well, he's not listening. He's not obeying. He goes on the opposite. He was his daughter who from Subhana Allah America luminox. Allah. Yeah, his hearts are sealed Allah subhanaw taala says flf the Quran, Mr. Lubin at fairleigh will in a ponder and reflect Will they not think

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about what the Quran has to offer these beautiful miracles and so on the signs or the hearts are sealed and that's what it is. So when a Buddha

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did what he did is

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he did not believe not not prayed. So I know we talked about prayer before just a reminder Effie and ot please understand that the Salah will be the first thing we will be held accountable for on Judgement Day. masala comfy sofa

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with this do you think carlu lemon akumina mousseline

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what puts you in this abode sucker is even lower grade than Johanna. Imagine even worse than Johanna genom is the highest one which is the latest one. This is not a cat low dollar jacked up high. So we say what has put you there without the will it's not you and Siobhan is says love Nakula Mussolini we did not we were not among those who who pray. So Allah subhanaw taala again revealed very

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is regarding a blue journal regarding that fight as of the council, well, I can get one but he did what he lied he lied and he did not believe what turned the corner could be with his body and his heart some of those calluses with both of them.

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So this was one number two or three minute video my way of life when he used to give Prophet Mohammed solem hard time and this again was the abuse was there the persecution was there, but he used to talk about it this way you look at a loser, you know, a loser, the one that actually abuses you, Jerry, in front of everyone

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to do what to humiliate you in front of everyone, when lumas are the one that mentions you lie in secretly or behind your back so allows you to know that this is why you only Coloma's Islam as a way you know the scholars say what what is obviously the wall but one of the opinions interpretation says it's a place in the hellfire. It's the valley in the hellfire. Even the people in the Hellfire will use it as the zoo meaning they will be harmed watching the people that are in the valley of the Hellfire, including whaling. Even the people of the Hellfire dizzy or the villa I seek refuge Allah from that. Imagine Allah Subhana Allah revealed in the honor of Allah Whalen liquid Luma Luma

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these are not just any people these are the hidden Khufu the head of that nefab hadith of accuracy and hit of disbelief. Now Agnes initially.

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He's also among the one that used to give her time to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu.

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But Allah subhanaw taala mentioned Well, I

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mean, imagine Misha and Binyamin allows one of those do not obey that man. Is he held if he takes an oath regularly? So we also learned something here. It's not like every time you say, Well, he this morning, he knows how about I mean, believe it or not, they did not actually take an oath. Why? Why do you think they didn't take an oath?

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Yes, because all of their speech were true. They did not have to affirm anything because that was the norm. Unfortunately, nowadays panela including the sports live of Allah, Allah help us in sha Allah, we sometimes have to think in order for people to believe that will help us this analysis. So May Allah Subhana Allah give us a cure for this illness in sha Allah. So Allah says do not do that because this holiday in Halifax meaning ongoing, takes an oath all the time takes an oath all the time. So this is among the some of the people in Sharla. Now Abu Jamal

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to Prophet Mohammed Salim when he actually sent the Quran and he would did not hear or he would disobey and go to the opposite. But not only that, he would go to Prophet Mohammed Salim says, when you go to give Dawa to propagate for anyone or read the Quran, he says, Did I not tell you to stop doing this that I tell you not to talk to people that are telling you to do that? So tonight I tell you actually do what Believe it or not pray when Prophet mommsen used to stand up a braid they

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used to say Did I tell you to stop praying so parallel ly Effie this is the problem is that I'm at the time actually get angry. He says

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to me how you threatening me Oh Mohammed Elisa services and our forehead and why the Nadia obey Allah I am among the honorable and I know so many people Nadia I will call them you know to do what call them to take care of you. So Allah subhanaw taala says folia donette Santa Rosa Nia Kela loco, I'm not gonna say the verse otherwise inshallah decision but you know, they're essential.

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Now allows upon Allah to Allah after he says that I will call my people, but it's not that I call my people you call my people and you listen to lunch. Well, it wasn't that these were the time of wars he meant to seriously just stop praying. Otherwise, I'll call my people. How are you man? If you don't stop praying, you're fired. Okay, okay. I'm not even a Muslim man. My name is mo My name is Queen Latifah. Do you know what? The people think that I'm Muslim. I'm not a Muslim. Pray what pray Allah. If you look at Prophet Mohammed Salim he says if you don't stop bringing out bring the people like Mark has been at Disney for so long. Suhana Tiana's diagnosis failure Dona dia,

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believe it or not, go ahead, let him call his people. So that was a bad idea. You know, is there any is 70 agenda, even agenda? Remember Abuja was actually called a hacker, believe it or not, Abu Jamal amnesia original name, his real name, but he was dubbed what he was dubbed a bad hacker, the father of wisdom. But you know why he was called a Vijay, it may have been mentioned earlier but just a quick reminder trauma because he says that this 19 What is this 19 angels of the Vania upon the Hellfire

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This is we will take care of them. You know

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You know, me and my tribe, you know, you take care of these and I'll take care of the rest epogen by himself, he will take care of this event here.

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So Pamela, now this is a ignorance multiplied. So Allah subhanaw taala has given them a warning. So go ahead, since you will bring it out bring him but there's a Vania Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Oh my role is not to end, any angels. These are harsh hearted, strong they will do only what they do. And he also called You know, this is a comb, you know that the difficult things that you swallow and the Hellfire and arugula. This is this is a date, you know what, and we put it with butter. It's so easy to swallow, Allahu Akbar. Imagine he says that when he says I will stop him if he prays again. So Prophet Mohammed sallam, he prayed and he says, I will break his neck around the face in August. He

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was everybody was watching him. So he you know, he promised to do this. And he promised to do that. And all of a sudden they see a Boogeyman. What is he doing? He's coming in to Allah, he actually stopped. And he's trying to reach and he's going back and he's now covering himself.

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And when he asked him what happened to your budget, well, you promised that you will do this and that. He says, Kennedy knew avena who fire what was between him and I, there was a trench full of fire. And as Neha and too many wings, so Prophet Mohammed salam, this hadith is a body problems Allah says Allah He, if he comes, if he can close to me, that the angels would have taken tear him apart. So this is among the protection of olanzapine agenda. Again, Prophet Mohammed Salah when he was talking to us, he was telling him to stop to pray and so on. So he stood up to him. He actually grabbed him, he says, our lack of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah means Kick,

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kick, kick, you meaning you, you're almost going to be destroyed. so amazingly enough, how arrogant

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this region was, he says, One law he, no one has ever walked by energy, but he has been between the mountains of whom these mountains of course in Mecca, it says, nobody is better than I the walked on the on this face of the Earth between these mountains alone. Look at the arrogance here he, lack of Allah, we talked about what happened. When he gave a warning to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, if you prayed, again, he will do this and he actually promised the people around them that he would break his neck, pushes his face in the dust and so on. Allah Subhana Allah did what he did panela that he actually put this trench in between him and Prophet Mohammed and because when he was

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approaching Prophet Mohammed Salah, he was everybody was watching him. So how do you know he promised to do this? And he promised to do that? And all of a sudden, DC a virgin? What is he doing? He's coming in to Brazil, and he actually stopped and he's trying to reach and he's going back and he's now covering himself.

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And when he asked him what happened, you virgin, you promise that you will do this and that? He says, canovee new avena who fire what was between him and I, there was a trench full of fire. And as Neha and too many wings. So Prophet Mohammed salam, this hadith is a body problem. Salam says Allah He, if he comes, if he can close to me, that the angels would have taken him tear him apart. So this is among the protection of olanzapine Angela viola, again, Prophet Mohammed Solomon, he was talking to him, as he was telling him to stop to pray and so on. So he stood up to him. He actually grabbed him, he says, our lack of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah means Allah Allah means get get

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the angelic being you you're almost going to be destroyed. so amazingly enough how arrogant.

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This Wujin was, he says one Nah, he, no one has ever walked by energy but he has been between the mountains of whom these mountains of course in Mecca says, nobody is better than I walked on the on this face of the Earth between these mountains alone. But look at the arrogance here he lack of

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meaning way of destruction. Imagine now we can see the trend here how Prophet Mohammed Hassan himself, was getting persecuted Not to mention what happened as we as previously mentioned, now prom Salaam is thinking about it. This is just a small picture of a scenery that they had to go through. Prophet Mohammed wasallam, as the best leader that ever lived on the face of the earth has to look after the best for Muslims. So you have to think of another backup system. And this will take us in Sharla to that migration, the first migration for a habit. But before we talk about that, we talked about a battle outcome, not an outcome. And Prophet Mohammed Salim used to actually meet the Muslims

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or new Muslims or people asking about Islam to learn about it. And it was in the hub of the software so it was bit hidden and a bit protected.

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Nobody can see it. So what they used to do, I'm used to actually meet with the, with the Muslims, or those who want to learn about Islam. And he would teach them about the Quran and Sunnah. And they would actually Pray, pray together in congregation, but they will do it with someone used to be in secrecy. That was the, by the way that so now you understand, of course, some of the issues and some of the rulings on this, the reason the scholars say that they actually would pray, you know, legit Muslim, in Asia, gentlemen, you know, out loud, and the door. And as I said, one, because of that same, same thing, because people used to be around the roundabout and they would hear you. So they

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used to pray a little announcer when people used to go around in the marketplace, settling meaning so they would actually see in secrecy, so nobody would would hear him so it would be saved. It's a form of protection. But the other times people were not around they were asleep and so on, did they actually raise their voice of it? And that is the so no alone.

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But one day a man saw them and that's when sad because for the longest started to defend Muslims because he was coming to harm them, they start cursing them, they start beating them and they start you know, harming them physically, society Nebula Casa de la moda, he was actually defending Muslims and he harmed one man. He says this was the first blood read full Islam meaning what this was the first blood actually was bloodshed that was built in Islam. Now the the cat is out of the bag. And now people are starting to wise not but what Muslims are meeting and where they're doing and all of that. And Prophet Mohammed Salim is now asking them to start doing what leaving for an amateur.

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However, she's a senior. And this is because the Prophet Mohammed Salim LOOK AT THE

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LOOK AT THE humbleness and humility of Prophet Mohammed wa sallam, he says, Who knock Malik liaoyuan. Ender who had, he says there was a man, this game and the joshy rhodiola. It was not a Muslim that of course, you can add it in as Rania was a Christian. But he was he had a reputation that he was fair Subhana Allah and Prophet Mohammed Salim says go, you're now free to start going to a senior because he can see the persecution and it's going up a little too much. Now, even prophet Muslim is being persecuted as such. And he's given the green light for Muslims to start to migrate to a senior. And because he said that he is the jiashi or the lava was among the fair people that no

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one is oppressed at him again this among his humbleness.

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And now people are starting to leave in the hydrophilicity that Prophet Mohammed Salim. So the era of madness

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of Madden NFL fan was among the first people that actually migrated with the Rukia delana, the daughter of Prophet Mohammed Priscilla. So there was among the old Wallabies, you had you see Sevilla Look at the beautiful honor. He says what he says these are the first people that the first home that they migrated for the sake of Allah, among the around the fourth year, the fourth year of the, of the revolution. This is where it started to get too much. And even among kebab reginaldo was among those who persecuted Muslims too much. And now he's talking about the patient's how much they had to go through. And what they persevered and they talking sovereign sovereign. So be patient, be

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patient, be patient, because they see the fruit last mile reveal in America for sub una angelholm la sub, indeed those who are patient persevered, they will get the eternal reward yourself with no punishment, you know what that means? They will attain heaven inshallah, without any reckoning, no accountability. But if you think that this is just nothing, Allahu Allah help you. And just one day as we mentioned before is only 50,000 years but sun will leave its orbit come close to you imagine being resurrected and go straight to heaven inshallah me I'll make some of them, I mean, inshallah. And now, you know, the sublethally that we usually take for granted. There are three types of of the

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majority of the pinyon scholars as subgranular makuu, was sobre la more was summer and in Malibu, visions of what the Divine Decree what Allah subhanaw taala gives you a bit of test takes away beloved one, takes away your health or wealth, whatever it may be patient, persevere, he and then the second one is what Allah

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but Allah subhanaw taala urging you to do whatever your obligations and then a southern animal staying away Be patient and staying away from what is being forbidden. Because I know it's difficult to with your gaze, it's difficult to say no to drugs, it's difficult to say no to alcohol, and the peer pressure very difficult to lie May Allah help inshallah, but I want you to keep that in mind. In the manual for sobre la raza, it's impossible for us to go through the difficult difficulties and and hardship that the Prophet Mohammed Salim

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had to go through and the companions. So if we take anything out of this, this is a lesson learned. Keep that upon you, I remind you now of our Katara de la. He used to say what I used to deal with the calamities just first he allowed him to COVID any, anything happens to me. I said hamdulillah is not in my Deen is not my religion, this calamity that I have is not my religion, I say it hamdulillah that Allah Mohammed Rasulullah and isn't another

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hamdulillah it could have been worse. So always think of that he think of this dunya you always look at the people beneath you. So your hamdulillah you better so you have 100 bucks, but people actually maybe in the red 400 bucks or last $100,000 so for the dean, you look at the people better than you gela this but this is not only

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this, I know whether this but there was this festival on Mondays and Thursdays are the three the white days and so on weeknights, so that the 13 1415 of the middle of the month of the Nigerian Sharla and so on. So it says none of taco v it could have been worse. It's not my religion, it could have been worse. And he says And Allah is even about agenda Allah subhanho wa Taala What does it do? Allah will give me Jenna for that in the my office of Luna drama is, of course last one it says at the car to mostly but also the last one. I remember the calamities when we lost Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam when he died and he saw salam, as we will see with the sera inshallah Albania for

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among the living. He says, I remember that time is nothing comes close to the loss of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Now Subhana Allah have not followed the law. He was the head of that people and they started to migrate in secrecy. And they did what they migrated in the darkness of the night, they took that as a cover. And it was very difficult for them. However, even then, I found out about it. But along somehow, not that I made it easy for them.

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It is narrated that there was two ships that came close by, and they took him there was like commerce, these were trade, trade ships. And they went to a senior they took them to senior al seef and Sharla. Even when Christ tried to catch up with them, they look they trace them they tracked him but the only the founder footsteps ends there. And that hamdulillah Allah save them. Because Allah Subhana Allah says that it's the promise if you have to keep that up on your site, inshallah, you'll never go wrong in the light of annalena Omen, Indeed, Allah subhanaw taala will defend those who believe. And if you don't believe it, look at the stories that we're telling you. Even then, I want

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you to listen to the at least a year five times a day, or hopefully five times a day.

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It says Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, at least four times to remind you, Allah is greater Allah has greater greater than any tyrant greater than any walls greater than anything else on the face of the earth. So Allah subhanaw taala see them as he promised in the light of anime that Indeed Allah protects or defends those who believe. So, they went to a senior and they live there and handler safe and sound.

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And there was By the way, this is the first migration to ever seen it because there is a second migration that was seen as you will see later now what happened when they went to ever senior they were protected. But you will see later even courageous sent amrinder Astra you know well, and also have it a dilemma after them. Amazing. They don't want him to become a Muslim.

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Because they're making a fitna appear according to them. They're making this turmoils on tests and calamities because people say there's one God and so on. And now when people leave them alone, and they leave their homeland there after them still Hello, aqui aqui, if we leave you alone, can we let at least leave us alone? Even among the companions that have been an old woman that was leaving, no one was after her. So Panama? He says, Yeah,

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Yeah, come on. You don't leave us alone, not even practicing our religion. You don't even want us to leave. So Panama. But then what happened when they migrated? There is the sort of detachment sort of energy was recited, and in the end of sort of the resistor.

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But the power and the beauty of the words of Allah subhanaw taala made everyone that listened, including the comfort of gracious believers, and those who worship any other deities other than God, to bow down to power the words so how is it to have the yellow pad on Thailand makers heed the message of the Quran? The letter Bobby Salama,