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The importance of fulfilling moral commitments, privacy, and knowing one's state are all important topics in Islam. Shamsers control the world and use it for personal gain, including embarrassment and hesitation. The importance of measuring physical dimensions and privacy is also emphasized. The segment discusses various methods for achieving shaping, including using tools and clocks, and the use of negative deeds and not finishing actions until good outcomes. The segment also mentions a book called "The Work of the Book and" by Hazzard.

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Don't want to start you don't want us to fit on our weather we live in Cerulean Fujinami sejati Marina Mejia de la HuFa la medulla Houma you'd like for their head yella. Wa Chateau a la ilaha illallah wa the hula Cerignola wash Hello Anna Mohammed Abu who was Zulu national we are rasool Allah and Nevada data Amana Baba Lovato reseller one Osaka Luma workshop Allahu Bica Luma what you had the villa he had, he had the he had a clear clean, which is like Allah Who Anna Hydra Magica and Debian and almighty where Asuna now Nerissa Letty and my bad. Yeah, Johan ladina. Amano tabula Hakata Walter Mattoon Illa and to Muslim moon. Yeah, Johanna SUTA Bora Baku Mala the Holika Kimmy

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nafcillin Wahida wahala caminhadas o Jaha Wahba. thymine Houma de Jalan Cathy Young one is

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what Akula Lolita, Luna behavior or ham in Allah haka and alikoum Rafi but yeah, Johan ladina, Amano taco, Lucha Kulu colons medida use La La comme Amala calm while you're very welcome the Nova comm warmer up a la hora Zula who forgot the frozen Alima back in the hospital, Hadith Kitab Allah wa Hiral had you had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Sharon Mori more data to her Wakulla more data team B they were called La vida attend Bala Wakulla gala dinner, my bad my dear brothers and sisters Islam I hope you had a great Eid insha Allah with you and your family.

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And today in the topic of that repentance, because we already know what we have to do.

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And there's a sign the scholars say that after Ramadan, what is your state?

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The status you're in before Ramadan? And through Ramadan and after Ramadan is an indication of what you did in the month of Ramadan.

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Do you continue doing things that we talked about an eighth we had some homework. Remember we're not here to be entertained? Or just a drop of a reader and move on. Now Allah He we said lol Maharajah to look I'm Alec knowledge becomes a plea for you or against you.

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So do we actually have a moral Amel man? Do we have knowledge and action together? The twins have faith.

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And we did have some homework. Now it's between you and Allah subhana wa Jalla Viola whether you fulfill the promise or not, it's a pledge you made between you and him. But you need an original pledge. LSVT Big Boom bluebella Show Hidden.

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The scholar says he actually took an oath.

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When Allah subhanaw taala made you witness.

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And he says, Am I not your Lord? Says Bella, of course you are. We testify. So you don't come on Judgment Day says I wish I knew.

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And then you have to understand that the pledge of allegiance is to Allah subhanaw taala only

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because we wouldn't have anything else second mode that we'll be able to pass this pledge onto.

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But understanding that, knowing that the Toba there is the only way back

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la MlJ our manager Minca li like

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there is no other way except back to you Allah. So when Allah Allah Subhana Allah says fulfill ru il Allah. If you notice he didn't say for federal minallah

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his fleet back to Allah.

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Why? Because when you're afraid of someone, what do you do usually run away.

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I hope they don't come for you and says bad boys bad boys. That's not what I'm talking about here. But if you're afraid of someone in the back alley, you usually run away. Somebody comes up to you with a machete

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or a cop tried to do you whatever it is, you try to run away. You've seen it. But Allah says no, no, if you're afraid of me, run back to me. Don't run away from me.

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Because when you're resurrected, you will be collabed with

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one of two. When you're resurrected as if you were a slave that you ran away from the master and they finally caught you.

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How do you feel?

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You don't want to meet

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or you missed your family so much. You've been away for a long time on a journey and then you come back. Open Arms hella hella, I miss your family. And that's the difference. Whether you want to meet Allah Allah subhana wa Jalla villa in return. Allah would look forward to meeting you. That's what it says.

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says not that all of us are afraid of death.

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but it's not what it meant. That's not our topic today but just to allude to it says if you do well and you are looking forward to meet Allah Allah Allah subhanaw taala will look forward because of your righteous deeds. You're not afraid to die anymore. You're looking forward to dijamin date established justice the infinite justice not the one that we heard about on social media.

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So we understand that you have a choice in this life, but you won't have a choice in the hereafter

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so what is the silver all about? Your the scholars will tell you it's actually a gift from Allah.

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A gift how's that? So?

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You see if Allah subhanaw taala prescribes tilba upon us what to do it Allah Jamia

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if there is no repentance that means what

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I'm doing anyway man.

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I'm not there is no coming back. I might as well just do whatever it is. Enjoy this life Hollis. I'm going to hellfire anyway. So why should I repent? Because Allah does not erase the sins. Allah does not grant through repentance and Toba. So you know what that means?

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Let it let it all right man. Let's just have fun man Let's just enjoy it let's do whatever it is list for indicates a more or less lie and steal Let's rob and all of that stuff. So Allah subhanaw taala was opens that gets if Tober till when he or she I'll tell you among the six signs according to academia that modularity till you know till one.

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If not, then this community, the whole bigger picture of the OMA would be chaotic. The whole world would be chaotic. So Allah Allah subhanaw taala keeps the door open to repentance 24/7 There is no secretary, there is no secretary or Secretary SOHCAHTOA like you see somebody in a very high places you have to make appointments, man. Hey, do you know Hey, dude, do you know somebody? I gotta meet this guy. You have to have connections network. You have to reserve in advance. Even bribe some people in order for you get an appointment.

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I leave never thought about yellow an alibi to the party was sabotage me. What did he say? What's the distance between the heavens and the earth? If you were to think logically, you would think oh, yeah, so many light years and all of that stuff. You know what he said? The distance between the heavens and the earth is

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down to Mr. Java.

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And answered prayer.

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What is that? You say?

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Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says Allah because that's the distance between the heavens and earth. Oh my Lord. Yes, my slave.

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way this Alka Abadi, I need. He didn't say

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if they asked you about me. He didn't say tell them he cut the middleman, Fat Duck he in me.

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He says I am here for India Kareem OG with our there either. He didn't say you have to go to somebody

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to a person with a cloth and you have to commit your sins and you have to devolve your secrets and you give us something nothing like that. Now there is no middleman and slam on hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. It is a direct relationship between you and you will make it

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so what's holding you back? And that's exactly what this hadith in Sahih Bukhari says, Prophet Muhammad Salah Salah good nations before you omit publikum there was a man in nations before you. I'm sure you heard the Hadith so many times, killed 99 lives

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and then all of a sudden, he wants to repent.

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So he goes to a devoted sleep servant like us no knowledge. He just you know, has a beard and a short Job and his work and goofy. This guy must know what they were rizona you come into my studio for somebody that has it. Oh, I said can you give me a fatwa?

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Have you been I don't know. That's what we do. Right? We come in look for somebody that looks like a chef. And all of a sudden he becomes a milkshake.

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And then you have to get referred to an Arby's because now you're embarrassed because the brothers are coming to ask for your help. And all of a sudden you're on the hook. And if you don't know if you say I don't know the new embarrassed, right. And the more we want a way out the more we raise you up like you know if you want something small Yeah, shave.

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Yeah. Or you know something? Nothing doesn't matter. You want something small, quick flatware machine. Haryanvi. Easy, man.

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But if you want something bigger, yeah. Mowlana

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Oh, you want something higher. you divorce your wife three times that you don't know what to do? Yeah, move to Dr. Yeah, they raise you up. Now they bump you up dude, because they want to get an answer from you.

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So you went to a serpent says I killed 99 lives Hadley. I'm in Toba? Can I repent? He says no, that's very foul. Very not very smart. This is a serial killer. Come in to talk to this guy. I already told you I killed 99 lives. An intellectual individual at least saves his

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Among the five reasons for Sharia, Sharia have the enough CSC.

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So he says no, he killed him too easy. What's the what's the difference? It's on sale now. 99 100 What's the big deal? So he killed them. 100 Now, he still wants to repent. So he goes to watch a scholar now Island.

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Because I killed 100 Holly, I'm in tilba What did you say? Says Maria who? lubaina Kobina Tober? What's holding you back? And that's exactly the question. We're asking ourselves. What's holding you back? Well, shaitan is released now. Dude. You're on your own. So what's holding you back? You had a taste of it. Just says what's holding you back? What's the next word? Here's his intellect. He didn't say if the scholars will tell you if that scholar says it. You know, go. There is procrastination. Those who met or something he didn't see. There is time to do this. He says in Pollock, you know what antelope is that the arrow comes out the bow

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right away Hey squash, no procrastination and thought

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ill Korea a solid for Allah. Al Korea, it means a village. It's the notes or the connotation of the righteous environment of Salah Ha ha, the righteous company there in denotes the righteous company. And that's what you find in the masajid. And that's why you see these beautiful faces, the righteous people with this lit face. Those people that are are alone with Allah during the night when they put their forehead down in the last third of the night. That's why it has the last Rahmatullah at Easter is it? Why is your face so lit because Hello Nam Allah has been laid.

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We were secluded with ALLAH, ALLAH SubhanA. Allah Allah, at nighttime, nobody else ceases except Allah. And that's why Allah gives you light during the day. But if you have sins during the day, you will not be able to do the emulate. And if you don't have to emulate you will not have this beautiful light. It's a gift that Allah gives you and if you don't disobey Allah during the day Allah will give you that gift during the night. But Allah Allah subhanaw taala says even if you send you in a day repent to me during the night I will grant you repentance and even if you send during the night repent me during the day I will grant you repentance to when will it's coming up I'll give

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you the conditions in sha Allah before time

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so the man says Antalya lol Korea sorry haha and that's when I tell the brothers and sisters all the time you know I don't feel it yes if I pray I don't have it man.

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I don't know what I'm talking about. I don't feel it you

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I don't have that Sure. I don't have the beauty of the man in my heart

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I don't have the taste how do you do it man? It's not it's not there is no yeah there's no RX for this you don't go to other cases do it? Or maybe there's one you know the list is long. You can do something like hey, first of all the bus up, lower your gaze. When you read the Quran Allah was talking to you. Do you follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salah Salem? Were you feet take you your senses. What did he do? Did he obey Allah this will be Allah because among the righteous used to say what Allah He Mahato to hotword by Allah I have never taken a step except I asked myself is this step for the sake of Allah to obey Him or disobey Him? If this step was going to obey Allah, I take

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it. If this step was taken to disobey Allah, I don't take it. What's your measuring stick? Is it halal or haram? What will people say? Is your oath is your tradition stronger than your religion? Is the creation stronger than the Creator? Well, you have to have measuring stick your shoe in order for you to taste it.

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Because imagine your Sidwell toes your Eman increases and decreases and Moscato say there are three levels by the way, three levels

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and I'll give you the proof in the quiet inshallah

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first Eman Yazeed way uncle's force Eman layers eat well I am cos. Eman yes eat wala Yonkos there are three levels of Eman.

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One that goes up and down increase in decreases. That's us poor us. Yes either with that. When possible Milesi it increases when you do righteous deeds. You will feel it and that's why your Eman is strong and all that simple. But when you start doing disobedience, what happens? The battery goes down, man, you need to see this guy. You know when you look at the how many bars you have, yeah, you know that the link to Allah is weak. The bars are going down and the battery is depleted. How you gonna have this conversation with Allah when you pray. How do you receive any Eman? How do you know that when you go to Mecca? Is this your radar? That's the satellite you get your signal of Eman when

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you actually go toward Mecca. As if Maccha is your satellite and everybody else goes towards with the hearts to get the signal to you man to increase it again. Recharge and that's what that

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Does that's when you recharge. So imagine yes each one costs us up and down imagine doesn't go up or down. That's the angels. Julio alata they're covered they're created to obey those obey period no choice. Emanuel's eat well and cause Prophets and Messengers it goes up it doesn't go down.

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So now you know when you taste it or not,

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so we have some homework, but the time is running and we will give you that after inshallah Genesis to Surah high ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among dosa speech and follow the best of it. Hakuna Matata maleness of love has to fulfill your persona Stephanie

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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Nabi about the Ummah that

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understanding Allah Allah subhana wa Jalla Viola is most Merciful. We said that you do one good deed is multiplied by 10 up to 700. You don't want evil deed is not written till you do it.

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And if you stop for the fear of Allah becomes a good deed and even if you do it is written as one and if you repent, it becomes a good deed. So how do you go to the Hellfire with this math

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had to be really bad? And that's why Allah Kalia either the Alladhina Astra, who forced him let up Natoma Rahmatullah tell them oh, Muhammad, oh my slaves, oh my servants, oh my worshippers, those who exceeded the boundaries

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of the act of disobedience. Allah told you to do something you didn't do it. Allah told you not to do it. You did it. Same with Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem.

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A bit of bad boy.

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The Lawson says let us know tomorrow Rahmatullah never despair of Allah's mercy in Tokyo, for sure, surely no doubt. In Allah HYAH furies de Nova Jamia Allah forgives all sins with the exception of what in Hola Hola. Hola. You should be left with a Madonna document.

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Except if you die in a state of shock scribing partners on Tila I can help you if you die in that state. But even if you did a new event before that, here's your gift in lemon turba What am I not? Well, I mean, I'm Alan Sardar, ik

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you bet that Allah Azza Yatim has an ad.

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There is the proof that I'm telling you in great demand increases and goes down by your actions and deeds except the scholars say in lemon dabba What is this this map before that in sort of the Quran under the above, man, you'll find out that all of that bad deeds, really bad deeds, you can do your homework, go back in the Quran and read it

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before all these bad things, even killing an innocent person and

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11 turba number one analyst that's why we're talking about it before except those who event what happens to ABA well Armineh out what does that mean? And I believe what does that what is the formula he says the scholar says, now you have to repent first. You know what that means? You know, you have a stain on your church. You know, us brothers, we can just put a perfume on that smells good, man. Let's move on. Yeah, no brothers and sisters. No, no, you have to have to they have to wash it first. And that's what we're supposed to do. So definitely a tablet Talia

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taglia meaning purification

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of blood Talia before beautification. That means you have to wash the sins first in order for you had the perfume you can't walk you can't wear a dirty shirt just put perfume on and you're good to go love Allah through not help you then. So it says in LA mandava first repentance then am Anna because the repentance will increase your Eman, your faith and what is the proof of your faith? Well, I need to do righteous deeds. That's your formula.

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Okay, let's finish it off with for hola Erica and then tell you how

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those are the ones that last while you bet the last day of Hazzard there are two opinions and law scholars in the tafsir first opinion, is that all your sins you've done before, not just the rest, there will be transformed into good deeds.

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The hadith says on judgment day Allah will show you all the evil deeds you've done. And then all of a sudden, you know, don't worry, this is just between you and I. Nobody sees it. Now more angels turn it into good deeds. And he says now Okay, now we remind Oh, I used to do some more bad stuff because it's turning into good deeds. You're making a deal. So let's make a deal.

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But Deal or No Deal is gonna be right here. Do it. So let's seal the deal.

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The other opinion is it says Allah, Allah will you bet deal will change. You go into bars? No, no, you'll become a domestic agent. You're watching bad sites. You'll be watching good sites now. You've been listened to bad music and all of that you'll be listened to. And

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that's the tip deed. You've been with the boys that you know Hey, dude, let's let's do some barhopping man. Let's burn some rubber. My brother pass it around. Dude, it's legal now in Canada, habibi.

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No, no, you'll be with the brothers to Wallahi I remember the time that Allah bless this was over. I remember when I was to be with some handler bland that I remember going to

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First my first Islamic wedding a long time ago. I remember the brothers have Quran in their pockets. They always did up

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and this beautiful nasheed

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This is Allah hula tuna Allah hula tuna what also Luna Luna Luna

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boudoir tuna

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tuna tuna Khurana to Luna Quran

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Shira tuna I'm not gonna say the other up yet because you won't see me again

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but that's what the machine was all about

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what you lived accordingly and who you're with these are the brothers and the reason that I plan on doing what they're saying what they're saying or somebody else telling you something else.

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And now

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what do you have to do? Yes, well according the majority of the scholars

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will tell you first

00:21:08--> 00:21:09

stop doing what you're doing

00:21:11--> 00:21:47

I'll call them will Mustafa was there so you're making this the fight and you're watching? You're making mockery of Allah number one is stop number two is regret and remorse what you did don't boast about it. Number three, your intention never to go back to it even if you go in the future. But at this point, you never do it. This between you and Allah, but if it's between you and a human being there is another one about the book. Go back. Don't finish. Go back with that. Give it back the rights before they come and take everything from you on Judgement Day. Take your good deeds that you worked so hard for next time. You're not gonna realize this one before one after one before it has

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has been time what time before you die, or before the sunrise is from the west. What is the last? This is a he says do it before you have to do it before in the beginning Yeah, do it before you have to do it. What does that mean? You do it if you don't stop drinking alcohol and doing drugs man you're gonna die the doctors Okay, took night I took Nyla I would then I believe I'm healed. I see the light

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on the end before you die, you're the sunrises. That's the sixth. And that's the reward for you. Allah subhanaw taala has Jana waiting for you. If I ask Allah subhanaw taala grant the stillbirth. Schiffman bears Rahmatullah Ali gives you three dua A says do not finish any Salah except you these. Please remember them says Allah Romania silica has no Fatima what Toba nasaka blah No, Matt yarmulke Libba Kulu but absorbed a bit kalbi allergenic. Shiffman bas Rahmatullah Allah he says, Every prayer, don't finish unless you say, oh, Allah give me a good ending, because there's no there's no coming back. There's no recovery, and it couldn't go by that is comprehensive, sincere accepted.

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At Obama, so which gives you Naziha Yeah, Toba tells you how you do that man. You just said this, come back. And he says Yamaka Liverpool was a bit called Big Nick. I mean, the 100 level but I mean or Somalia.

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I asked Allah subhanaw taala to printers, printers before we die, and I asked Allah Subhana Allah to give us a good ending. And I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make our last words to be that Allah Allah, our best of actions, Ebola last of actions and deeds, and the best days will meet Allah subhanaw taala and Jana, I mean, Afghan hamdulillah bloodmeal salam ala to Savio Tabby, and welcome to Salah