Don’t Look Down On Others

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And this verse strikes me, especially the last part. Well, I put a little Adina test daddy, right? I'm not in a position to say that those people who you look down on, Allah is not going to give them any good. So what we have here is not just who specifically are these people, right? Because we can imagine a scenario a prophet comes, the poor people follow him, right, the rich people are the elite, they kind of look down upon those people. So in that situation,

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you can't say that good will never come to those people that Allah will never give those poor people good, because they're sincere believers, that's there. But there's also another level, which is that when it comes to what's going to happen to people in the afterlife, we have to pump the brakes. You know, we don't really know. We know this category of action, a lot of likes on this category of action a lot doesn't like and you should heed the warnings and heed the signs, etc, etc. But there might be people that you look down upon, that they have something secret that you don't know that a loss of humans or the nose is valuable, is sincere, is righteous as pious. And it might be the

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opposite. There might be somebody that you look up to that you think that they are just the most amazing representative of the faith. And they might have pride. They might have indiscretions that are hidden out of sight that you don't realize. So there's a lot of things going on in this eye. But one of those things is checking yourself and not being so confident as to your evaluation and your assessment of these sorts of different people. Right? They're putting a prophet in the situation to try to tell the people that Oh, Allah is gonna give this people good and Allah is not going to give them any good.

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How do you know who Allah is going to give good.

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Allah's found Allah as well as here? He is vast, not just in his knowledge, but in his generosity in what he gives.

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That law can give it to whoever he wants.