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AI: Summary © The importance of belief in religion and the transmission of spiritual experiences to the spiritual world is discussed, along with the use of evidence in scripture as a source of information. The importance of proving the legitimacy of the Koran as a source of control is emphasized, along with the use of digital and digitalized versions of the text. The importance of the older versus younger versions of the Koran is also emphasized, along with the need to carefully consider sources of writing and the importance of using multiple digital and digitalized versions of the text. The segment also mentions a website called Islamic to provide information on the number of digital and digitalized versions of the Koran.
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Previously in Surah Eunos, Allah subhanahu wa Tada told us that there is a significant relationship between what we do and our ability to believe.

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Belief is not something that is 100% within our control, such that we can flip it on or off, like a switch. Instead, belief is a capacity belief is like a muscle, it can get stronger with obedience.

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It can get weaker with disobedience. And if it's left long enough, without use, it can wither and atrophy until it is completely useless. That is someone who knowingly defies ALLAH SubhanA, who had to audit for long enough,

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will eventually get to the points where they no longer have the ability to believe. And so even as we recognize that, we're all sinners,

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we all sin,

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we must be careful to obey Allah subhanho to Allah and his messenger as much as we are able to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, who was given the miracle of succinct speech, summarized this balance perfectly when he said, Man, the hate of the man who fetched any Google on that I want to talk on behalf of firemen, homeless, Dr. Robert Muslim, avoid the things that I have forbidden entirely and do as much as you can have the things that I've commanded you to do. Next, in Surah Yunus, Allah azza wa jal talks about the glorious core and one that can have

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a Tera mera Dhoni life. While I can notice the Fulani bein a day he will Tov see it Okita de la Are you a female won't be hard I mean,

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and it was not possible for this poor end to be produced by someone other than a lot.

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But rather it is a confirmation of what was before it. And a detailed explanation of the former scripture about which there is no doubt from the Lord of the Worlds. Allah subhanahu wa Tada tells us that the author of the Koran is none other than Allah Subhana.

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In this particular verse, Allah does not merely tell us to accept this claim blindly. Rather, Allah mentions evidence for how we can tell that the poor end is only from a law.

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The evidence presented here is that the core end confirms what was before it, and gives a detailed explanation of former scripture. This is a very important point. Islam is not something new.

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It is not a new religion. It's not a separate religion. Technically speaking, Islam is a restoration of the same guidance that Allah subhanahu Azada has sent mankind throughout history. And it is a purification of those original teachings from the distortions that they picked up over time. Think of this what Islam be believable, or credible if it consisted of ideas and practices that were completely unrecognizable and unprecedented. If there was a religion, claiming that everyone is a prophet, or that everyone is Allah, it might reach the status of a coat. It might attract the ambitious and the deluded. But most people, especially conscientious people, would reject it as

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fake. The same goes for acts of worship. If a religion claimed that playing the lottery was an act of worship, or that cheating on your spouse was an act of worship. Again, it might attract a few ambitious people, but the great multitude of humanity would reject it.

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On the other hand, prayer is universal. Fasting is universal charity is universal pilgrimage. Universal patience, fair.

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neffs forgiveness, mercy, goodwill, all these things are intuitive and instinctual. Everybody knows that these things are good. We just need guidance in the details. That's what Allah is telling us here. Islam confirms the guidance sent from before worship one God. Be good to your parents, be a blessing to your neighbors. Be a merciful loving spouse and parent. help the poor, be fair, don't cheat anyone.

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This commonality is one of the many things that makes Islam trustworthy as a genuine communication from our Creator. Even if the details were not obvious or intuitive, at least the main ideas are beyond question.

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Compare this with the idea of a free person to God, which is preached by most modern Christians. This idea has no precedence. Even in the Old Testament of the Bible, which Christians themselves believing that food Sulaiman Musa Ibrahim, none of them ever mentioned anything about a three person God or a trinity.

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And so when the idea of the Trinity is introduced, out of nowhere, it makes both the Bible and Christianity itself suspicious. We expect and Allah tells us in this area to expect some continuity.

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Now, the logic does not work in reverse. This does not mean that everything that is familiar and recognizable to us is automatically the truth sent from Allah azza wa jal,

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the urge to introduce middlemen, the urge to try to represent the divine in the form of images or statues as a cheap shortcut to achieving the sense of Divine Presence. All of this found everywhere in human history, but that does not mean that it is true or legitimate. That certainly doesn't mean that it's from Allah No way. Which is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the first step, we can tell the Koran is truly from Allah because one, it confirms the general principles from previous scriptures and to it clarifies and explains the details. How is this proof? Some of the details are proof, simply because there was no other possible way that an illiterate man from Mecca could know

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about those details sallallahu alayhi wa sallam unless through divine assistance. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says in surah telecasts us will not come to be Jana bill a lot of beat. If you know Musa

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Omar canta Mina Shaheen and you are Mohammed were not on the western side of the mountain when we revealed to Moses the command and you were not among the witnesses to that.

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And Allah says in surah to shoot off what Kinetico Hain Hanaa la Kuru ham in a marina. Malcolm to Terry melki terrible what an email what can John Neville note on nasty behavior and Russia or maneri Valentina? Well, in that type of de la said All things studying

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and thus we have revealed to you all Mohammed and inspiration from our command, you did not know what is the book, or what is faith, but we have made it a light by which we guide whom we will from our servants and indeed Oh Mohammed, you guide to a straight path.

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For 23 years the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam kept describing things in detail. He could not have possibly known by himself. Some of these things were spiritual things well, yes, I don't want a guy named Wolf. Bully rule for men Emre. BayWa multitone

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Calida. They asked you about the soul, tell them that the soul is from my Lord's command. And you have only been given but a little knowledge. Some things were historical things that could be actually easily confirmed or refuted. Oh yes, no one will complain for that.

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execute on a company who they cross and they ask you about Volker mean. Tell them I will recite to you some of their story.

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Some things were predictions that later came true and if meme was able to pull the other nine out of the whole body of other vehicles say up leave on Phoebe by seen in the last hill. Um, Romeo on top of the warm embarrass ya Elma Ed frog. Meanie yeah for me. No. I mean, the Byzantines have been defeated in the nearby land but they, after their defeats, will meet be victorious. Within three to nine years to Allah belongs the command before and after. And that day, the believers will rejoice.

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Indeed, within nine years exactly what Allah said What happened actually took place. The Byzantines, who had been losing to their enemies of the society and Empire turned the tide against them. How could the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had no that's such a thing would happen only through divine assistance. There are dozens and dozens of examples of the Koran clarifying and explaining something that couldn't possibly have been known except through divine assistance and communication. And so if the poor air is proven trustworthy in these details, then by extension, it must be regarded as trustworthy when it comes to setting the record straight and correcting some of

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the details that have been added to the previous books of Revelation. A cool company had our stuff that a lot and he got a call Marissa and a Muslim you know, most of you who in number will have a full rockin.

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kondalilla He

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was shook Allahu Allah to Viola he wanted me to shadow in La La wash to Buddha Cherie Kyla who Taleem and he shot me while I should have ended the Vienna was Eden and Mohammed in Abu Zubaydah sudo apt there either it worries on the law for a while, it was hard to hear, but suddenly noticed.

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In the next verse, Allah azza wa jal continues discussing the Koran and arguing in favor of its divine origin and its reliability. And fo Luna Tara qualified to be so routine with 3d, whether through Minister thoughts of Newtonian law coming into Saudi theme, or do they say that he invented it, tell them then bring forth a surah like it and call for assistance whom ever you can besides Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, if you are telling the truth.

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Again, Allah subhanaw taala is not telling us to believe blindly, he's using reason, he's using logic, the situation is really quite simple. If you claim that the poor n is of human authorship,

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then by definition, you as humans should be able to reproduce something similar.

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If you cannot reproduce something similar, then by default, it must come from a divine source. And Allah is so certain that this is impossible, that he allows the entire creation to work together on this project, whereas the Koran was only communicated through one person the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Allah azza wa jal is so certain that they will not be able to do it. Even the whole creation, that he says that they can simply produce one chapter, the smallest of which is a mere three verses long, as opposed to challenging them to reproduce the entire core end.

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Some of the bolder enemies of Islam actually took on this challenge, and their failing efforts have been preserved in history. We'll say it in a al Khattab, the false prophets, wrote these lines and claimed that they were a new core and that were revealed just to him and feel Millfield on either or Command V. La La hold them on what eel or Khartoum buoy

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the elephant, what is the elephant and what can make you understand what is the elephant? It has a skinny tail and a long term

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you can probably hear our Arabic speaking brothers and sisters chuckling at these lines. And there are many other attempts of a similar nature. For those who do not speak Arabic. And for those who do the first time that you hear it, you may recognize a similar style to the Koran. But when you realize how silly the words are, and how empty they are from meaning, or guidance, you begin to see what makes the core and special and what makes it impossible to imitate it, style and content are always in tension with one another, we can make something sound extremely beautiful. But in order to do so, we have to sacrifice the content, even to the point where it doesn't mean much of anything at

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all. On the other hand, if we want to make something extremely important and profound and stir the human soul, we have to sacrifice on how beautiful it sounds. Allah subhanaw taala is able to do both in the Koran. And that by itself is a miracle that cannot be imitated, and has never been reproduced. Now in these two verses of Surah Yunus that we have covered ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala introduces two ways to prove that the Koran is a divine communication from a divine author. First, it confirms the general principles found in earlier revelations, while explaining and clarifying the details. Second, because if it were from a human source, we would be able to reproduce it since it

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is not reproducible than it must be from a divine source.

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In our day and age, there are other methods of proving and demonstrating the authenticity of the Koran. One of them is through the preservation of the Koran as a text.

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The Koran that we hold in our hands every day is a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy. If you follow all the copies back in time, you will eventually get to a point before the printing press was invented before paper was invented, to a time when the Quran was written by hand on the skins of animals. These are called manuscripts literally written by hand. And studying manuscripts is how we can tell if a book was authentically passed down to us, or if it was changed along the way. With manuscripts, three things really matter. First, the older, the better. If you have manuscripts that can be proven to have been from the time of the companions, that's a very big deal of manuscripts

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that was written a few 100 years later is not so important. Second, the more manuscripts you have, the better having 50 manuscripts, dating back to the Companions is much more important than just having a single manuscript. And third, and finally, is the amount of the entire text that is found in those manuscripts. Again, the more the better. If we found hundreds of manuscripts that were all proven to be written from the time of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, it would not be significant if all those manuscripts only contained sorbitol Fatiha. Yes, it would be something it would prove that sorts of fatty had been preserved. But it would not mean that the entire Quran

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had been preserved in the same way. There is a very beneficial website called Islamic, which has exerted incredible efforts in keeping track of the different manuscripts of the Koran that exist all over the world. If anyone wants more information about the process and the methods of studying, or dating or verifying manuscripts, you should please go there. I will just summarize the major findings. They say that despite the challenges of inadequate bookkeeping in the Muslim world, as well as the theft of artifacts by the colonial powers, we have today no less than 50 manuscripts that can be dated to within 100 years of the Hijra of our prophets of Allah.

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To give you a sense of how significant this is, the Gospels are the books that the Christians believe are the Gospels only

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have one single manuscripts that can be dated to 100 years inside of Jesus's time, the number of manuscripts for the Gospels does not even reach double digits until you get to around 300 years after the time of Isa aleyhi, Salam Alehissalaam, when the Romans converted to Christianity, but within 100 years, just one single manuscript exists. Even more significant than that is the amount of the Qur'an that exists in these 50 some manuscripts, over 96% of the book that we hold in our hands and call the Koran today is found in those manuscripts. And there are no significant differences between the Koran that we hold in our hands now. And those manuscripts that were written

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back then, as for the Gospels, again, by way of comparison, that one single manuscript that they have, that is within 100 years of Jesus's time, it is the size of a business card. It contains one single verse from the Gospel of John, that is less than point 00 1% of the New Testaments Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah we can rest assured knowing that the Quran has been completely unchanged from the moment it was written down. However, some people draw attention to the time period in between the prophets, Allah Allahu Allah, he was sometimes death. And when it was written down, how do we know it wasn't changed, then? How do we know it wasn't altered or lost in that time period

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Alhamdulillah in our faith, we have a method of verification to track the oral transmission of the Koran directly back to the companions, and the Prophet himself. So Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Most of the Muslim world recites the style of rescue recitation called Huff's. Huff's learned his recitation from awesome, Evan Evan, the dude who learned his recitation from Abu Andros, mana salami, and zero even Furbish. I'm the rock man learn his recitation from Earth man, and from the Ali and from eBay, and from J. and Z, he learned his recitation from Abdullah hidden Massoud. This is yet another way that the Koran was preserved orally. The scholars of our own law have collected the biographical

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information for all these men to ensure that they were righteous to ensure that they were trustworthy, and to confirm that they actually met and studied with each other, to take the so called the Gospels one last time in comparison, we have no idea the names of the people who wrote those first manuscripts, let alone the people who passed on the oral tradition of the Gospels before it was written down. And if we don't even know their names, how can we say that they are trustworthy or not? How can we say whether they were accurate or not, or that they even met each other at all? hops on awesome is just one of the paths through which the recitation of the Quran has been

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preserved. There are nine other paths that are also Mottola, Tiff, or transmitted by so many trustworthy people, that it is impossible to imagine that they could conspire together to lie about it. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah we can state with confidence that the Quran that we know and love is 100% the same Koran at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam recited the same core en that the Companions taught to their students, the same Koran that was compiled and written down during the Khilafah Abubaker by the Allahu Anhu. Through Allah's reasoning, and through the modern methods, which we can use today we can easily put any doubts to rest concerning the core N and its

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authenticity. The companions or the local on home, Jimmy I'm faithful to the end worked extremely hard to ensure that this for n would remain the same for us and for all future generations. As Ramadan draws near. As we prepare for the month of the Quran and rekindling our relationship with Allah His words, we are indebted to the Companions, upon which the accurate and reliable foundations of our faith were successfully transmitted. Praise be to Allah Al Hamdulillah and may Allah be pleased with them all.