Tafsir portion – Allah’s Mercy, Anger & Day of Judgement

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In the past, I used to enjoy poetry and room and harvest you know, they still really, but now I don't enjoy anything as much as put on this book really deep in my heart, every single period and I can see really does so to our truth always is more effective than anything else. It always in all the crops of your life in a thing like very often women complain that you know, they are not treated equally. Forget that come to this book really. If you learn this book and it became a great you know, a kind of book, if you're hiding in a cave, people will come and make it to finding

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you know, this whole distributed ledger you're probably a woman I love when people devote this to the Quran, Allah they become high in this world and hereafter this book is meant to be high to anybody who is with this book there must be high they never can be low that's why the book has come

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to spend time on this book and every single thing that Peron said go deep in it is a no poetry here no decoration it all really story that for admission to Allah says good lumen Allah you have fun all those who are on the face of that they're going to perish why watch for a bigger eyes he was before know what nothing was there he does not need things in order to like rip people in when there's a garden house you know we need it because we can't live lonely loneliness makes a tide we'll call tide like you know I'm living in this house the whole house empty just me to some time maybe I feel lonely that human nature is

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a lot of not needed I deleted it all disk you know just imagine really. If there are some you know is more insects and lives around you that is take away your loneliness

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we are much lower than all the Leafs and insects in order Allah does not need us if we don't add it to his kingdom

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we are not there and he was complete and we will die finish everything is still is complete. It is not that you know he just want to see how great this world with a human being. He does not enjoy Taj Mahal and or human ability. He does not it does not impress him anything I can most people want to impress him. He never never impressed by any other creation. Never Never. He never compressed. The guy's got impressing like an ant cannot cannot impress me

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if I need to make a new line to impress me that how can you she's she's good writer. I'm not impressed. You can't impress a little more from you to obey Him to thank him. They'll be happy with you. So kulu Manali have fun watch for a bigger club and his greatness never ends. Whether people are alive or not, is

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whether people are there or not, is still here The Economist still he's respected. He's restricted does not depend on the people

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in his divinity does not depend on the people on affiliation. His being great does not depend on the people. He does not need anyone to say to him. You are great. He's a great whether you say call him great, you don't call him he is respected.

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He is divine whether you respect your daughters but it doesn't matter your respect does not add anything to him to see he mentioned to Johnny cramp in the contest when everybody will die. People die but he's still jalon he has to gela don't think that You shall love but to make him something become more happy because you know he became bigger know whether you sell a wedding Don't say no difference for him difference for you. When you sell it makes a difference for you. But no difference because his greatness does not depend on you on your acknowledgement and your ultimate admission

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for the

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really which wonders which powers which greatness Have you lost you keep denying

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this how he is you know he made you then he finished you how you are between these two hands?

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Just Allah who manifests amaravati what are the good I mean who officiant or those in earth and heaven they didn't they big they needed to him he fulfilled that no they can't go anywhere. Everybody depends on him

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my body for survival depends upon him my body for you know for

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illness for cure did not every single thing or the people that everything depend upon him yesterday big the bigger in front of you.

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And that's what their status is. Yes Alou Murphy he does not need anybody people need everybody comes to him. He does not need to come to anybody. Yes, Lu manifester, Mayawati will have the cool yo min coefficient all the time, new tools, new creation new command. keep creating new new things and make it make a new command is creation new

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And nothing actually he said, a people, you know, make all the oceans of ink on all the trees at the pen. And then he write down his actions did that reduce, and he does whatever he had done, or the oceans will finish on all the trees will finish on his attributes will still remain, then new oceans and new ink is still you can't count on. Nothing nobody can down. Actually his kingdom is so big, that if any, every human being from Adam until last person,

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they make a desert like I deserve. I want the kingdom Lexa the model Islam, you desert I want a kingdom 10 times because actually Muslim, somebody that knew I went to Kingdom 50 times goodness, remar Islam, everybody's dissolves. And then he fulfills all the desires is still it will not decrease in His Kingdom, except like, you know, like a bird. You know, take water from the, you know, from the sea even not that, that how great the kingdom is. He creates, you know, he said until you become I mean, he just sent it in. He doesn't put in money.

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I mean, who makes money? This is a million pounds or a billion. But is there the certainty? If all the people come to me and asked me not to finish? I don't care. You ask the billion Okay. Oh billion billion. This is a billion a billion, you ask? And I say it is making me so huge. That How will Southall is really that whatever you can even beyond that anyway, whatever you can imagine beyond that he is there.

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And he is nobody is nobody. If you ask me, I'll tell you if asked me. First time, maybe I'm happy second time. Third time, I'll tell you, but you don't need to ask, do you go and do something in I can't help you all the time you need to learn from me, you ask more questions. Second question. Third question, then I'll tell you know, do something yourself. Make if you can understand, one time will come when are you tired? Even your mom, your dad, know anybody, your brother, your best friend, when you ask them to time Do one thing also is all the time anyway. When you ask them when you become lower.

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Except when you ask him, you become more respected.

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And when you ask him more, he becomes more happy.

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He never is tired of you. Anybody else? Keep asking when you ask him he gives you more than that. Anyway, so happy so pleased with you. What are you better than that really? Does so nice to ask him really

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an ArrayList even myself, we are some time when I make dua, I really get so much enjoyment. slime is happiness. You know, sometimes when actually dog makes it much longer, even I get more pleasure, because then I can ask him so many times in mobile mode. He's like, if you ask someone once and he doesn't have to give you second time you feel humiliation, you don't want to come to him. He is the one every time you ask even if you don't get what he wanted. You feel so much enjoyment. So much as

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I say the test that he gives you in asking much more than what he wants passively. If you ask him. One 1000 pounds, just say Oh my Lord, give me 1000 pounds. The test that you got in asking him is a much greater than 1000 pounds. Just coming to him is much more delicious. That half is really nothing can be cooked. This is how your load is just manifest somehow.

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Every contraction has greatness, respect, honor, come to him. And he never asked anybody to leave him.

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never tired you you can become tired. The prophets have said people can be Qatar Allah naval contact. He's never told you all the time. Yes, Urdu Murphy, sama, Kula Yeoman, who official all the time in new condition in creation and also in command for the

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Komatsu. katiba what you can do today and now you can see the pace between I forget Yara because shorter and shorter, you can see when Dino speed goes when it becomes a failure then he after even a clean one is more the word probably

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will come Kadena. Very nice run and go deep.

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So now you see this fog

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is coming in very very narrow very quick quickly. But it is a convex, more more effective. And then Allah Asana for Ola come

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soon or too heavy people. We will be free for you. Soon time will come soccer. Soccer is something like a burden to who or to butters on that human being and genies are that have been made for them. So these are two recreations have been made responsible. They're responsible to tell us

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Something a lot. So now it has been measured particularly noca thing all the time I took advantage of the cloud has come to Allah tomorrow to these two people, but so lucky, not lucky. Because there are so many sun, every individual will come to the Lord soon is going to be just to you, our attention to be to you. It is right to really dig a bit threatened to flatten that in Allah subhanaw taala believe everything just for us

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ever we will go to accountable, be able to judge soon the time will come across this is time really when the Lord he's so angry. He never has been so angry.

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When he will ask a reason his people have no excuse really, if you have any excuse he is so Rahmani Raheem, you know some type of difficulty. You can't do things rightly. Sometime illness, you miss a player sometime you know you're traveling. You can't do the press properly but still you made effort. He will forgive that he never never mixed accountable for the things where people have some excuse is so rough man. But he really angry because we did things for where we have no excuse. Most things really the most the time when people do evil things I found out somebody has no

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there's no excuse father's in on the face of the earth. There's no excuse. No excuse at all, really, if you use your mind properly, teach it properly, you can know the how abilities is still people do that no excuse for that. When people lie, there's no excuse for lying. Sometime could be you're forced, he will forgive that. But most time, every single day for which he has made us responsible. We have no excuse on the death date. We can't bring in excuse thereby so angry that I gave you mind I get every single you could think properly is still you disobeyed me. And my commands are in your favor. My command for your test, I did not command you anything which has no relevance to you, in

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your commerce are things which are good for you. For example, in the present the commodity to dig a hole.

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The decoding of word has nothing to do go into benefited the printers, but it's still the commodity of punishment. What Allah commanded me and you hear tell me is anything useless?

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For no purpose. Whatever he commanded, don't commit a sin sins are harmful to us. All the commands, the commands are superfluous mind can see certainly we should be accountable.

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If he really judged properly, and he and if he finds that we are criminal, he's right here for justice.

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That Islam said on the day, gentlemen, let's reset to Islam. Yeah, East eo Isa, have you said to the people worship Me and my mother

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teresa, Islam will set with Allah subhanaw taala

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you know, Allah, Allah is there. I never said this. And when you took me you know, in more than that find to find on Alibaba if you punish them, they're useless. You own them you can do when the foot long and if you forget them, you have all the power to Allah has a yo yo NFL saw the data says this is a day when the truth will benefit people he said he spoke the truth a landed truth and truth will benefit people. So that that time is going to come soon. So a lot of us know for Ebola, even this was enough. When a lot if you know like a pineapple.

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There is a

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you know,

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bigger you can see you know a policeman or you know or authority of King falafel and we are some bigger criminals. And he said okay, so time will come and I'll I'll face you and I judge you it's a frightening that time will be frightening because there are no mercy the primary Friday there was a lesson for all of us that meaning don't think that you can do whatever you like no time will come when judgment will happen soon time will come when you go to kosher every single thing that don't see you can don't think you can do whatever like no time will come. The people are not normal people not useless.

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Be a Yala.

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Yeah ma shulgin was insane in a startup. And then foo Mina Paris ma fun fubu Latin for Luna individual time.

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You thinking this is my kingdom. I made it work groups of human being a genius yamasa generalists in all the human gene and human being in this data if you have power and fubu that escape and run away from the corners of the Haven, Darth Fuu then go run away somewhere. Can we do? Is there any way any human being can can run away from the Haven and

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Go somewhere to make his own kingdom. Can anybody do can run away from this kind of escape from the earth and heaven

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can be run away from her energy needs run away from him.

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Nobody found his food. How can we do we have the power to do a lot and February 11 2000. You can't run away. Except with authority with power. You don't have this power.

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Or the passport, we don't have this passport. You know, when you go from a country to other country, you need a passport. When you move away from this universe to somewhere else, you don't have power, even don't have permission to do this. Did no authority and just a natural event upon us Allison, who was called invited with under debris. And under debris took him to the first heaven. He can't go there. He knocked the door. And the voice came Who is it?

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And then he said, you know, Prophet, Muhammad, your son.

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The worst camp is a cold. He's invited. There said yeah, he's invited, then okay. Without that he can't go. The Prophet Muhammad himself gotta go to the heaven.

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He needed permission, he needs a passport. People can't leave this universe, they have no power. And if they also don't have any permission, if they want dippenaar someone else and just can't let them It can't happen and just to check every passport, they had bought meaning. So that means that you know power is not a personal touch also means this authority that like an applied passport, something like that any argument any evidence to a certain person, for both for the power and for the evidence. People don't have any evidence. We can let them to go out there. Nothing. But this how limit our power this how ugly limited we are. I

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wish I wish glory which power which wonders of your Lord will keep nine that's a real thing. It's amazing thing to think really, that we got to leave this universe.

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weaker claim or whatever, like we can't leave it in the car to go and create our own universe and leave a large universe. You know sometimes you come angry with your father your parent, you leave the house. Sometimes you angry with the country. You can leave the country. Can you leave a large universe? Do the people have power to do this? They can't do that no power for the people to do this to then how can you deny his fear upon you? yourself? eurostyle la Kuma Shiva woman naryn one who has fallen asleep on

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the swaddle in the burning flame. That is what he told me not recently he made it yesterday yes tell you to judge Viola Doohan canopy yourself. Les Schwab, Amina, even Swati flamed from the fire will be sent upon him means if you want to try to even to reach some elected region, sometimes they want to fly a little higher than a flips that come from the Haven and attack them. They kind of hinted

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to our demeanor when when we first and also for the metals in the come in copper in a very, very burning, heated, they come and burn them. The heat got even if you have an intention to go shaytani believes he has so much power to do anything. There is a limit. He can't go beyond the limit. Genie scargo beyond the limit, maybe they have to live more than us. But they gotta go beyond the limit. Can you solve Allah coma Shiva when the flames from the fire will be sent upon you when her son fell out at the salon, and then you can't succeed? You can't win. You can't win I guess Allah subhanaw taala ignored, no challenging, bigger challenge you can not win against him. You deserve whatever

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like we call it.

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This religious thing, this challenge, how to limit our calories.

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In how stupid Pilates science you know what the problem of the scientist is, scientists believe

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that they are the masters

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and they can do anything in this universe. It is just a matter the time.

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The they can innovate anything, just you know more more time they need more discovery. And you will see one day they will conquer the holy verse. They have no idea. You it all limited. It all limited unless Amata has made people able to do something right not that you can do whatever they like it not that you can go to the stars and you can go to a hotel or you can escape it. No, you have some limited freedom that allows what I want to give to people that are beyond that people never can the cartoon, whatever he has made for them the limit. People can't exceed the limit. I've hit my limit for every single thing. Limited their peoples are not held limited. peoples have power and ability

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has Inuit people can't go beyond the limit.