Protect yourself before you get contaminated

Mufti Menk


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The speaker discusses the importance of making small changes to one's life to avoid dangerous behavior. They suggest starting with small circle changes and protecting oneself from potential harm by minimizing potential harm to oneself and others. The goal is to avoid harm to oneself and others.

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shaitan comes to us and makes us think perhaps, that we may not be forgiven, don't fall in that trap. But today, I want to take it from there. Now that I'm forgiven now that I feel so energized, what is it that I need to do, we have a few issues we need to talk about. Because sitting here, it might feel so good, I might be softened, I might really feel I need to change or I believe I have changed. The minute you walk out and go back into your circles. And everything, you know, flows as it was, you tend to forget. And over time, what happens, you might slide back into where you were, in order to avoid that.

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Together with the determination that you have, right now, you need to make a few changes in your life, starting with the circle that you crews in all the people that you move with. If that company was what caused you to distance from Allah, then surely it needs changing unless you can impact on it to change, which is rare. It's very rare for us to be able to change company that is toxic.

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Unless you're a mentor, or you really are very good at it or you're the leader of the pack. You know, they say when the main gangster becomes a person who's practicing the little gangsters will all come with him because they're all the gangsters will be in the first stuff now. Right? And Marcelo Allahu Akbar. There we are, all the gangsters are standing there. Everyone's looking those guys were in the places and now they're in the main place the Masjid. Right. But if you're not the leader, and you don't have that level, you need to realize without changing circles, you're not going to have a long term effect and impact on you. The change that you want to bring about within

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you is not going to really be meaningful. So start looking into who you are going to interact with more and who you are going to either cut out completely immediately or, over time, minimize with them, and protect yourself from being contaminated once again.