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The importance of intentions in actions, including recounting or recalling one's intentions and attending gatherings of information and knowledge, is emphasized. The speakers also discuss the concept of achieving a loss of a member of a church's inner work and the importance of honoring someone's intentions in the context of their actions and behavior. The success of Islam, including its implementation as a gift from Allah, is also highlighted. The importance of having a clear intention to avoid wasting people's time and instead focus on outcomes of their actions is emphasized.

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My dear respected brothers, sisters Somalia call him for why he or a lot of cattle

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following on from our previous sessions we continue in shoreline the book of Bustan latifi in the garden of the aware compiled by beloved Imam and know your Haman, lightower Nephi. Now he can be

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up to now, we have been speaking about

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imams no always basic introduction to the whole topic which is essentially the core of all this topic because what, Eman now he has been speaking about, which is how do we know a loss of high note and how do we reach a law. And the most important basis for all of this is to correct one's interns. So to correct one's actual

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insight to achieve that purification, that correction, that alignment, which in turn, will give a person the whole aspect of what he is trying to achieve because we're all on this journey, trying to go to Allah subhanho wa Taala want to reach a law and we want to reach a law having

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having a pure heart because we know that that's one of the reasons of salvation in lemon at aloha with Calvin Selim. And the other thing that we want is to come with a self a neffs which is purified and clean or def Lucha menza have a flow Harmon physica and thirdly, we want to come with as many good deeds has an asset and this little say at Furman soco, let my wife xeno. For Hawaii, Asia tin raw via the one whose scales will be heavy, ie with good deeds, then he is the one who will be in

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a bliss life. So that's what we're trying to achieve. And to achieve that obviously means that we have to clean and purify ourselves align our hearts, and our actions. And that's why traditionally, there's two aspects of Amal two aspects of our mouth. In general, there's the amount of the actions of the hearts and the action of the limbs, the external and the internal actions. And whilst both of them are necessary to be aligned, to be correct, to be

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in tune

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to what the prophet SAW Salem has taught, what is more important is which of the two,

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the heart is more important than internal aspect is more important for that. And that's why there has to be more focus on on the heart. So carrying on from this, we spoken up to now about the whole concept of the importance of his loss. And we spoke about last week about civic truthfulness. And we said that he remarked No, he was talking mainly about the truthfulness of the attitude of a person rather than the truthfulness of the tongue. And in this section, Mr. Minow is going to talk about a lot and Nia football at so the class is one thing, but now it's about thinking and focusing about how to have an intention how to be conscious in the different aspects of a thought so he says, and

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then we embody lemon arada, Shea and Minato at one time, and you have lira and Nia.

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So he says that you have to know whoever wants to any aspect of obedience, any act of obedience, any act of any good deed, then even if it's small, he must try to have his intention. Present he must recount or recall his intention and on a very basic level, what is the intention that he intends with the action he seeks Allah subhanho wa Taala he seeks the pleasure of Allah for that work and that intention, obviously has to be during the action so then he says, you know, in this aspect, all aspects of a bidat enter whether it's Salah, whether it's song fasting will go to the moon, Attica calf hedge zeca sadhaka. And then the wider aspects as well cover and how are you are helping other

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people to fulfill their needs. Again, the intention

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It is important they are visiting the URL following the funerals. beginning the salon even when you start the salon and replying to SLM

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strengthening tissue metallized strengthening the one who allowed to is the one who sneezes by saying a hammock Allah, forbidding that which is bad, enjoying that which is good even answering the invitation when somebody invites you to dinner or to a cup of tea or coffee. Again, intention is important. They're attending the gatherings of

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knowledge, and the gatherings of LS car remembrance, visiting those who are righteous spending on one's family and ethical to alcohol, and on the guest and being generous to those who are of you know, good people and to their relatives and to study and to teach and to write and to compile. So all of those things. It's important that's why he's, he's given as much of a you know, a wide list as possible, is it had em belly is actually I'll shut him out, even when you are eating, drinking or going to sleep, the intention should also be there, that he tries to seek strength to be able to obey Allah subhanho wa Taala or to have rest for the soul, the body so that he can go ahead with

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doing the good deeds

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will read will read read in a later chapter. He doesn't mention in this chapter, but he'll read read it later on. As you recall some of the stories, they said that

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one of the righteous people he didn't even

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used to, even when he used to eat

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the bread. I mean, he

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This is after a man ignore us what he said Cana la cual. El hombre de la la venia usually used to eat the bread except with intention. So they used to say to him How, how what is the one of the people asked him how where's the intention in eating

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the bread and so he said he used to eat, and he used to eat and if he

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ate and he felt that you know, he was getting a bit heavy on the Salah, he would stop eating. And this is not like on a one meal basis by any it eats meals, it feels that eating too much now is becoming heavy, can't get up, then he would stop the eating for days probably. And then when he feels that he's now feeling a bit tired a bit drained, so that he will start eating again so that he can get the strength to carry on a battle. So even his eating for the homeless

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is was with it with intention that I mean that in itself will come come later he will talk about that later. So now he just talks about some of the other side before that he goes on even to mention something which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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In fact, also mentioned, and which is the prophet SAW Selim, you all know the Hadith, when the Prophet mentioned about the different avenues of sadaqa charity and then he said was he Buddha in a Heidi comb sadaqa. And even in one of you having intercourse, intimacy with his wife, there is a charity there is a reward and the Sahaba were,

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you know, surprised. Do you see a whodunnit Shahada with a cannula who couldn't know if he had a job and somebody satisfying his his desire and he's getting a reward as well? So the prophet SAW Selim said, if he had you think if he had done the same thing in a harem Avenue or a heroin outlet, would he not be punished for that? And they said yes, he said while similarly if he does it in a halal way, he will be rewarded in that. And on a different, you know, aside, although it is the same in the same topic, one of the things that

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I think you mentioned, he said, one of the greatest

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help or aid that Allah subhanaw taala gives somebody is to make him feel happy, and he feels happy and content in something which he is.

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He is obliged to do. So he's obliged to do things. But not only is he obliged to them, but he feels happy in doing them. This is this is like the highest level of

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Help that I like is because not only are you doing something which is like work now, many of us go to our jobs and after a while we feel we hate our jobs. But you know, we have to do the job because they we need the money we need to

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earn a living. But if Allah Subhana, Allah gave you a job, which you are actually happy for that job, you really enjoy the job, you want to get up in the morning and just go to do the job, then you would have achieved the double

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reward if you like because the on the one hand, you're doing the job and the same time you are happy and delighted in getting so you're and this is the same for anybody that you know, if you think about Salah today, a lot of us,

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most of us pray, and we feel that the prayer is a little bit of a chore, you know, we have to do it we have to come You know, sometimes feel a bit tired, etc. But imagine those few people who actually feel that Salah is a you know, they feel the delight and they feel the happiness and they want to do the Salah. So not only is there doing that a battle, but they really feel that they want to their content in doing that a bad as the example of the profits and and their likes. So when you look at it in this regard, so even with a good An Act, which you are feeling satisfied, you are achieving your desire, if you have that right intention, you will get the reward. And here he says that when

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it when the person does that he should intend that he is giving his wife, her right. Maybe he is intending also a righteous child who worships a law, he's intending to,

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to protect himself and to sustain it away from doing anything harder. And then you know, he goes, whoever has been denied the NEA whoever has been denied the ability to make the NEA, then he has been denied a lot of great things. And whoever has been given that ability will fail alpha Dorothea Fatherland, jesseman if whoever has been given the ability to make that intention, then he has clearly been given a very good sizable reward. And we know the Hadith of the prophets, Allah licen. And so in Albania to enter a liquidity, brain manner. So the core message of this chapter is that making that intention and thinking about every aspect, because today, when as I started off today,

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we are trying to achieve so many, you know, basic things in our lives, to get to Allah Subhana Allah and it will be such a great bonus, if every step of our lives, that we every action that we do, is rewarded by a loss of Hannah haidara. So it's almost like the meter is continuously running, you know, continuously running, getting that reward from our last month. So even when we are sleeping, the meter is continually eating, we're drinking, we're doing any acts, we're just continuously getting there. And that can only happen with that intention and recalling

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the intention.

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And like many other things, it is

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it is

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and with practice, with practice, and that's why we're discussing and that's why you know, he has focused a large point of this concept of being aware of a loss pantile on having the intention and having the floss and being aware of that. Now he just gives us a few examples. One of these examples of the settings is from he said what a wiener and an Imam elderly Elmo tuffa Kala imama t watch Allah, Allah T. Wherever mahali he was here that he be here, Habib, a Tabby

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we're here he was the faculty of

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one of the Football Hall of Kufa and it was said

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he was one of the tabbing so one of the followers. It was said that during his time

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the fatwa was was only with three people and in Kufa, there was three people who were the most knowledgeable and learned and they were the people if you like the top that people would go for that for the federal and Abuja. Habib was, was one of them.

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So he was asked,

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was asked what is the most difficult of things?

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What is the most hardest of things? And he said, that the intention to come for the intention to come meaning for the intention to be present to recall the intention. That is the hardest of things.

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To achieve

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soufiane authority Rahim Allah again one of the great fuqaha and and one of the early for our who unfortunately his he didn't have in the school that was he didn't establish the school or the school didn't establish him because obviously it depends on how you how people follow him but he was one of the great orlimar he said my eyelids to Shea and a shed Alia mania tea. I have never dealt with something where I've never treated something more harder than my intention

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yazeed even though her own said ma as a teeny if it Hadith Hadeeth Illa, Leisha raffia Vania in this hadith when we're talking about noela, melburnians, and so on, it wasn't made as noble and honorable except because of its nobility, and its honorable, honorable status. So the Nia the intention, the status of the heart, the status within the heart, is that honor there is no Ibis. raviolo han said in the myofascial Roger hyla cadre deity, that a person will be protected or guarded, depending on how much of his intention so how a person's intention is with regards to the different acts that he does. Meaning if he has the intention, the intentions are present, then that will be a source of his

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God, Allah subhanaw taala will guard him and he will look after him. And remember, even our boss is the narrator and talks about him here he is the narrator of the Hadith which Hadith which mentions the health. Do you know the hadith of nobis?

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About guarding Allah?

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Yes, yes, well done for the Lucha the fourth. So the prophet SAW Sam taught us that specific, specific words and he said to him, these are words that I will teach you and memorize them. They follow the law. Yeah. So God, Allah Subhana. Allah, He will guard you. Okay. And what does God's the law mean? Means God's law in your in the limitations that he has placed. So Allah has placed Manhattan his prohibitions are the limitations, you got those limitations, Allah will guard you and He will look after you. So even our best is further explaining this aspect that in mo forgotten Allah, Catarina yetta, depending on how your intention how valuable Our intention is, will be the

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guarding that comes from Allah Subhana Allah Carlo anxiety in your openness, Allah padri niyati him, people will be given according to their intentions, meaning in the market, or their rewards will be in cording to intention and how many people how many actions which are great and big, but they were despised because of the intention, meaning the intention wasn't good. And so even though they did big actions and big, great design

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Europa, Roger aloka

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people do some big things, you know, big works, but what kind of intention was behind if the intention was for showing off and displaying, you know, look at the some of the big massages built today, you know, in some of the Muslim lands, how much money you spent on them, and how much decorations and how much ornaments and things like that were spent on these on these most big, you know, big, big things.

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But what kind of, you know, what kind of value was that, you know, how much obviously, we can't talk about people's attention, we don't know their intentions, but imagine a big action like this was done for the wrong reason, it will it will be would be lost, or people establishing schools or, or charities or whatever. And we all know even in the Hadith, which is the key Hadeeth of aspects of intention and doing things for a lie those people who will be the first who will be first in the Hellfire would be somebody who learned Islam, just so that he will be said or said

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or said that he was a he was brave, he went out on forwards just so people will say he is brave or he is generous or whatever, so that people just give him the good mentioned. So, he might have achieved so much you know, but his intention was wrong. So he lost a lot. And similarly, how many small actions would be magnified greatly because of the great intention. So the intention can make the difference the divisive between two

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two extremes in that regards.

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he he then goes on to say a few quotations from Imam Shafi Rahim Allah and then one quotation from Abu Yusuf. So the few quotations from Imam Shafi

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Ravi Allah and and Imam Shafi I'm sure all of you know you're on shafia and is not someone who is on you're unfamiliar with was was someone who was very learned and very eloquent and somebody who's Sahaba who journey he was somebody who's very much eloquent in his arguments and his debates, you know, and see the time of Imam Shafi

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that essentially there were two big schools the School of 100 100 Hadith, and hello right, the people of Hadith and the fuel of right if people have opinion, and they were basically you know, fighting each other or debating and dialoguing with each other about the different aspects of how to derive the the rulings and the camps and things like that. Now,

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hello, Rory.

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Especially in Iraq, and he they had the upper hand they were basically

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they have so much you know, the arguments if you like, were very, very advanced and and the handle Hadith, because they were their alliances was mainly on the sayings of the Prophet salicylate and but obviously, the sayings of the prophet SAW some without Jew understanding without filter and understanding the applications of the Hadith, and how they are used and even which Hadith is relevant and not, the Hadith can then be rendered, of no benefit for the person who learns them if they don't know how to apply the Hadith. And this is this is very technical point. That's why the prophet SAW said even himself, he said roba, homily, Hadith or bahaman effect can later be 40 It

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might be that somebody carries means carry the knowledge but he's not fully does not understand you know, he doesn't understand the trip I didn't have the knowledge to derive that again and the rulings so anyway the people have right especially and there will be you know, people especially of the followers of Allah and if

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they were a hurry and my Malik was if you like the the leader on the head of a handle, handle Hades where even when in a tradition that Imam Abu hanifa he met with Mr. Malik and they were debating according to that iteration that Mr. Malik was sweating in he like to sweat from the intensity of the the arguments of hanifa Rahim Allah, it doesn't mean that the people of opinion rejected Hadith, but it was more about the application of how they had the energy to cut long story short is the people of right they said we we, the people of Haiti, they said, We used to be grounded and hounded by the people over it in Iraq until Imam Shafi came. So remember chef and he, if you like you put

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the balance back for 100 Hadith because he now compared he compiled the Hadith with the

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with the with the application or in the understanding of the Hadith. So he, he handed them anyway, he was saying that what Imam Shafi said was that to under Hulk to Allah, Mohammed Al Allah and limesurvey la harpoon Minh said I wish that the people would have learned this knowledge

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even though they do not attribute any single letter to me. And even though I have no attributions or Mr. Mousavi said this or we learned this from him, I'm sure the main thing is that they learn it and they apply their knowledge again showing that the importance of clarity in the intention.

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And then he said, Man or two I hadn't caught Ll helaba. What were the two either no alcohol but what were the two either number two, I had an annual head on holiday, I never debated with anyone

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to try and just defeat them for the sake of just you know, defeating them. But rather, whenever I debated with somebody, whenever I argue with somebody, I always wish I had the intention or wish that the truth would come on their tongue and on their hands because it's not I don't want to be looked like I'm the one who's who is achieving that truth. So again, it shows that aspect of having the right intention in in that regard. Even in the matter of debates where it is intense. People always want to win a debate. They always want their opinion to be

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you know, be happy

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To down

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and also he said, McCallum to I hadn't caught

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up to an wafak where you said that what you earn, were cuando la jolla, I am in a lifetime No, I have, whenever I spoke to somebody again, meaning that, you know, debated with him, I always loved that this person would have been given the guidance to say the right things to be given support, to be given aid and to be God guided and provided for by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So those three quotations, all within that same perspective of having the intention, that when when even with the arguments, which is the pinnacle of people wanting the next, you know, they want the next to be there, Mr. Michel, who was saying that, you know, I, it wasn't my intention in any of those to just

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defeat people, which again, showing that the importance of having that clarity.

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And lastly, he mentions a quotation in this section of Imam Abu Yusuf, who is the one of the students of Abu hanifa Rahim Allah, and probably one of the most prominent of the students as well. He said,

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redo be elemi como la tala an intent with your knowledge intend with it a loss of pan on with that, because Never have I sat in a gathering in which I have intended to be humble, except that I would have left that gathering being the most highest of the people there. And never have I sat in a gathering when I intended to be you know, the highest or main wanted to overwhelm people with arguments except that I would not get up without having been ashamed any of made ridiculed any to show that I have not much knowledge well, because you asked how long somebody can kind of sit there and somebody can come with a question or an argument ever? You don't know there is no The answer is

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made to be looked like a like he has no knowledge. So again, an emphasis from human abuse in this regards.

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And this is how this is one of the things that even going back to what Mr.

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nobis Rahim little the line he said, that the person will be given, according to his intention is what was the reality, when you look today, at those people have knowledge, you know, and how they, the they were preserved, you know, the people of knowledge, if you think about all the people throughout history, from the time of the post Sahaba till today, you know, there's hundreds of 1000s of lemma, and scholars who have

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have passed by through the oma and from those hundreds of 1000s of the scholars

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if we wanted now to count them amongst us, you know, maybe with with,

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with struggle to name 100 Maybe, yeah, they will have Yeah, so from those hundreds of 1000s, you can see that only few, few of those have their names have a few like sustained throughout time. And so how long, it's like, for example, a credit that we're sitting here today, you know, seven 800 years after the passing away of Imam and Noah, we and we are reading his book, and explaining it in English language which he didn't speak, and he is getting all that, you know, rewards and that virtue while he's in his grave, which shows that this is the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala gives you know, there are people who are chosen to be you know, to get get that blessing. It's a father

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from a loss pattern. We know the Hadith, you know, when the the Sahaba they came the poor of the Maha Julian they came and complained to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they said those people who are rich, they have taken all the rewards, you know, because they pray like we pray they fast like really fast, but they give charity. So even when the process I'm told, he told them how to make their own cider. So do you know should I not tell you about all the avenues of how you can get charity be cool. It has to be hatin soda, power quality lighting. So let's say to analyze a charity to say a local charity, charity to remove harm from the street is a charity to enjoy and goodness

00:29:43--> 00:29:47

check all these avenues of charity. So it doesn't have to be you have to have money.

00:29:48--> 00:29:59

So they were happy with this, they went away. But after a few days, they came back complaining again saying that those rich people had learned all these things and now they're doing those things as well.

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we're so then the process and he said well that he can live up to him Aisha and the day. This is the gift of Allah. Allah has given them that gift we can't, you know, we can't question he gives him to hear what he wants, and he denies whom he wants. And similarly within the same aspects of, of the action, and I think, well, I don't think this is the reality is that it's all according to the intention. So people with their intentions are lost hunter will give them will bless them, such that their reward their awards, and their rewards will be continuous even despite them, you know, even though they have stopped thinking about it. Allah subhanaw taala continues to

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preserve them as you have today. Imam Malik, he compiled one of the early people to compile in the books of Hadith. And his book was called and what and what part meaning that which has been well trodden has been established, if you like,

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it's a strange name. But actually, it's the only name now when you look at the books of Hadith is the only book of Hadith which carries the name and wattpad. You know, the other books have a JAMA, as soon as, you know, the most net the different names they have. But Mike's only and what you'd be surprised to know is actually during the time of Mr. Malik, there were 10s of books called al Motta and other other people also wrote their books called and walk past as well. But they were, they were not preserved, if you like by, by time and people used to compile their books and increase their books. Because what used to happen is they would find the share who or Island who had this had had

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it, they will go and sit with him and just start to write Hadeeth. So the more person compiled the Hadith, if you like, add it to their status. So to a certain extent, there was an aspect of the intention being a little bit

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out of tune. So they used to increase their book volumes was Mr. Malik. He was reducing his book and he was if you like refining it, he was taking some of the Hadeeth out rechecking them things like so famously, somebody said to him,

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everybody is adding to their books, you're reducing them your book, and you're taking out narrations. So he said his again his famous statement, which is something too, which has has stayed with time, he said Mark cannoli la dama or pasar, Makana literary he and capa on fossil, whatever is for Allah will remain and will be connected. And whatever is not for Allah will be cut off, and it will end. And Subhana Allah, again with a las pantallas knowledge of the intention of the righteous people and like him and Malik his book was the only one that remained from these more Plus, you know, the rest, if you like time has has almost forgotten about them. And you could say the similar

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about the other books are Heidi's again, people who compiled how these people compiled 10s of 1000s of people. But what has remained is what Alas, pantalla has chosen for people, even the mother of today when we have them as I have a very soon our former head, you know, it's only former there have four schools.

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they were the people who, if you like the school remained going there were students who served the school and they caught going. But in reality, there were again, hundreds of nadab there were hundreds of because, you know, these people I mentioned to you like soufiane authority and Loza and Sophia and Marina and Lacey prusa these were all people who had their own opinion, and they had their own, if you like AI

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understandings and things like that, but they didn't have the school the school the students do look after their knowledge. So with time they ended up

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losing the school and therefore they no longer existed. So a law preserved

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of them as a hub

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for knowledge for you know, reasons that he knows but will will allow them it's due to the intentional those people and the way that they have because a lot of the good deeds go back to them. You know, whenever somebody

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you know follows a certain practice or reads a certain Hadith compiled by someone or learn, then that person gets the reward that allows pantalla intense for him.

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So that is the the chapter here of how voronina it's again a short chapter but like him No, he said he doesn't he's not his intention is not to eat

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gait, the sections and the points that he has mentioned here, which we will go back to again, because he does go back to it again in the next section Sharla is to understand the principle and then it's for us now to go away and to put that into practice as much as possible. And so every time we do an action and that's basically every moment of the day we're doing something to make that intention to think about it to recall it, so that the clock continues to tick in our favor inshallah.

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Zack, does anybody have any

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any questions?