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The speaker discusses the negative impact of the message on Muslims, including the belief that Muslims should not be accepted inighro madness. They criticize the media's portrayal of Muslims as "outcasts" and the importance of finding a partner for one's needs. The speaker also talks about a woman who felt stuck between two cultures and was advised not to look down on her brother's comments on social media. The segment concludes with a discussion of the struggles of Islam's message "has been" and how it can lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that lead to actions that

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That's how you're supposed to do it at 10 o'clock not edited. And now I'm gonna play the video again. And then let's see what happens.

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Social media

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wasn't accepted by Muslims, or I wasn't accepted by Muslim Instagramers and YouTubers, the outcast

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Muslims of the world saw me and gave me this chance. And that brought me closer to my opinion. So.

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So that was really powerful. If you think about it, like, he says that he felt that Muslim community had kicked him out. Like he felt like the Muslim community had kicked him out. There was no room for him to be part of that Muslim community. And that is really sad. We should never ever make anybody feel uncomfortable when it comes to their, their presence within our mosques, our mosques, like I always tell people like you know, our messages. They were never meant to be. You guys can coat this if you wish. But, you know, our mosques should not be Clubs. For the pious people.

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Our mosques are supposed to be hospitals for the spiritually sick. And unfortunately, the culture that is happening right now is the messages have become clear literally, clubs, hangout places, for those who are mashallah practicing the faith. And they don't want like they're using that messages as a safe zone for themselves in their religiosity. And anybody that does not conform to that level of religiosity. They're like, You know what, you're not welcome here. So they may not physically say, Brother, you're not welcome here, but the type of comments they will make the type of questions they will do. And

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I remember recently, you know, being part of a janazah where that particular family in the masjid for the first time like that, that son of the deceased, he entered the masjid for the first time. He didn't even know he didn't even know which direction to pray. Right? He only entered because his father passed away. And it was really sad that you know, the acceptance that like the people that were there and just in general like they hadn't like, you know, you're walking by and then you look down and that person is like, Yo, you don't even know man, bro like you in the masjid and you're wearing shorts, your Salah is not accepted, quote unquote, who are we to decide who Salah is

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accepted? Just because you are covered? Just because you are following the Sharia just because you have will do just because your Saturday is covered? Does that give you a guarantee that your Salah is accepted? I don't think so. Even the sahabi Radi Allahu Allah and one of his hobbies. He said, he said if I know

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if I know that, Allah has accepted

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one sister of mine, I am going to be a successful one.

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And this How was other other other people around? He asked and they asked him this, like, What do you mean? Why do you say that? He says because Allah subhanaw taala says, Indeed, Allah verily only accepts from the meaning. Allah only accepts things from the believers. So if I know that Allah is accepted once he's done mine I know internally in my heart, that I'm a believer. Now let's go on quickly. And there was other elements of this video. That was really good.

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Okay, I can't do anything about these ads. That's the part of like, subhanAllah Here we go. Listen, Twitter. Here we go. You just search my name. And it's people like just throwing me down and throwing shade on me and telling people like how much of a disgrace I am and why you shouldn't be like me and how my sister is so much better than me. And it's a shame that nudata

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Monica Muslim YouTube

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years, the brother has lost his way and straight on the wrong path and shot law. He gains guidance back to us and just you know, the worst the worst things the number one question in my DMs for years was always Are you muslim? Are you Muslim brother even after my last video, I got so heated last video was the video where he accepted Islam. People asked him you re accepted Islam like he walked away and he came back to Islam brother, I just want to make sure are you Muslim because you have all those tattoos on now, this is something so powerful. Like and I want to I want to talk about this.

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Like, this is something so powerful because you and I we are not meant to judge someone number one, and number two you and I cannot guarantee for yourself neither for me and myself that I'm going to stay on the diet

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I cannot guarantee that you can guarantee that for yourself, I can guarantee do that for myself

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Rasulullah sallallahu sallam,

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he used to ask more than 70 times a day that Oh ALLAH ground my heart in Islam was Rasulullah ever afraid, like, is also like ever going to leave Islam? No. But it was a sunnah he was teaching us that steadfastness. And the fact that you are religious, the fact that you're watching these videos, all of that is the fact that I'm doing these videos. It's not a guarantee that you and me are going to be practicing tomorrow and questioning somebody's identity in terms of whether you are a Muslim or not. That is not our job. That's not your job. That's not my job. That is Allah subhanaw taala and he talks about it in the next part, which is like tattoos like Subhanallah we know of a few you

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know, I know of a Muslim brother Subhanallah that you know, he's a Muslim, very practicing, maybe more practicing and some other brothers that I know. And he happens to have a couple of tattoos here and stuff like that. And whenever you know, he's in a masjid or stuff like that uncle's look down upon him, and they're like, they're rebuke him. Brother. He has left his religion come to Islam, and now he's in the masjid. Who are you to judge his past? Maybe Allah subhanaw taala guided him because of that tattoo? Who are you to come and talk about that right. And I think we ought to get off our high horse and and be this judgmental person and the same goes for brothers judging sisters like

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quote unquote sisters like Oh, mashallah sister is great, but now he's out and on point like, excuse me, the hijab is not on point, like, Who are you to the one to, to give points to the sisters on hijab, their points are with their Creator, not you. You are mandated to look down upon you not. I take that back. You are mandated to lower your gaze not look down upon sorry, I take that back. You are mandated to look down and lower your gaze not to evaluate the hijab Enos of a sister or the beard nests of the brother. That's a nice coat that he Jabby nests of a sister the beard nests of a brother. I like that. Somebody can put that in the comment, right? Again Yeah, so that's what what

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you know the Sahaba used to say you know, yarmulke level province is going to be say yeah, level Palooza will be Allah Dini, though, one who twists the twister of hearts, the one who can flip the hearts, make sure that you ask ALLAH that sub bit will be highlighted in IQ ground me in the game. So coming back to here he's going to talk about like people DMing him or there could be tons of other people that do you know, they'd be getting messages Bro, are you still a Muslim? Are you still practicing? No. Now your job? No, my job.

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What's my response to that is? Allah forgive me because that's those tattoos on your arms. which my response to that is my Allah Subhana Allah forgive me, because that's the only person who can forgive me in this life that beautiful, like he understands he's made a mistake. He understands that he is not on the hook. Like this is a mistake he made. And you and I can judge him for that. It's not your job. It's not my job. It's between him and his creator. What is your job is to see what is your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala what is my job is to see how was My relationship with Allah? How was my relationship with the Quran. And then if you have to give something then give and

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remind people of connecting them back to Allah subhanaw taala. That's between me and my Savior. I say all that. And I'm not saying that for sympathy or apologies from the Muslim community. I say all that because I feel like all the criticism I got and all the hate I got was warranted because I did stray off the path many times in my life, me as a Muslim American, I lived it like I lived the two lives I live in Muslim in America. And I also live being American in America. And the two worlds have a problem colliding. Because in one area, you have a slum and the dean you're supposed to follow. And other ones have the dunya, which is the worldly, you know, attributes of the world, the

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money, the cars, the clothes, the girls and everything were attracted to. And I was kind of stuck between both worlds. And there was a time where in my life, big time where Dean was nowhere to be found. And it was straight linear for me. And that's the only thing that I chased and I followed. I mean, I was in Hollywood movies, I was at the 1% of the top YouTube game, I had access to anything and everything I wanted. And the biggest thing that made it most difficult for me is all my actions were public. And I say that to say there are so many people that I know that are Muslim that live double lives who have reached out to me through Instagram, but the difference is they keep their

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sense quiet. So now this is something really interesting. Over here he talks about the fact that you know in his in his

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Live, he decided that he is going to be the way he is. He's going to present that publicly. So he's not going to have any more now forgot, right? Was that a good thing? Not necessarily right? Because he, you know, you're broadcasting your sins is definitely not a good thing. But in his case, what he did is something really interesting, right? He said, Okay, you know, I'm I am who I am, I'm not going to live two lives. And the reality is, every single one of us we know deep down inside, that we are living two lives behind those closed doors. We live two lives. When we are alone with our phones, we live two lives. When When is the last time a brother who was you know, who was

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quantifying? Or who's qualitatively evaluating the hijab Enos of a sister sees a non hijabi on the phone and says stuff for Allah and turns away, right? When you're on Tik Tok, when you are like, tick tock is a fitna like, you know, I downloaded it, and I was like, I'm gonna put some videos on Tiktok. And I was like, arugula, like, how do I protect myself, like, you know, just like, open the app and go straight to to do the video because like, the amount of content that is there that is just like Subhanallah, just like It's haram, and it's so easily, but the reality is, many of them, like recently, there's somebody on Tik Tok. It's called Fifi or something. She's been like, she's a

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Muslim, Pakistani, or whatever. And she again, same thing, she is two lives in dunya, she decided to go with dunya. And she's in New York, or LA or whatever. And she's living this life. And obviously, she's gone really far. And read some of the comments that people are putting like, you're going to jahannam you're going straight to hellfire. brother, and sister, you don't know you don't know whether you are going to join them or Jana, because you don't know that two years down the road. Allah subhanaw taala is going to present you with a situation. And then after that situation, you're going to walk out and you're going to be like, You know what, I'm done. I don't want to do any. I

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don't want to do anything. Or anything with this, Deen. I'm done with this team. Right? Same thing over here. He decided to be public the way he is, many of us live to double standard lives. And I would highly recommend go and watch this video. I'm going to end the live over here. But watch this video. And he he brought out some really powerful messages, really, really powerful messages. And subhanAllah it was it was like it was I was crying. Like when I watched this video, I was crying. I was crying for him. But I was crying for so many other people that are out there like him that want to come back. They don't want to be part of the Masjid. But they know that they're going to be

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judged they know that it's not a safe space. They know that they're going to step in and everybody is going to objectively just look at their external extremities, their external being and they're going to judge him and evaluate him and say, You know what, this is who you are. You are not a good Muslim, masha Allah so it's all Iran. You got the Shema Vaughn, you are good Muslim. It doesn't work like that.

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Right? Like

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we even had to stop even if if What did he say tick tock SubhanAllah. We even had to stop even if just used for pet videos. It is not recommended for novice users. 100% definitely not recommended for novice users like you're going to put up Tick Tock, your eyes are going to see so much haram and it's designed in a way that you're going to be like flicking, flicking, flicking, flicking, flicking haram after haram after haram after after, because you have no idea what's coming. That's what's getting you. That's how it's designed. Like in YouTube, at least you see and you click what you want to do over here. It's just it's just satiating like you flick. And you get a dopamine hit flick, you

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get a dopamine hit. And it's a surprise element of surprise. It could be anything there. And it's so short, that it's like 1015 seconds. But you know, because you're doing it consistently, it can add up. Anyhow, those of you that are interested, definitely go and watch this video, I would highly recommend that because I think I think his message is really powerful, really, really powerful. But it's very pertinent that you know, we look around us or do we have individuals in our societies that we have pushed away like that, like use of our cat over here or not, but again, ask Allah subhanaw taala that Allah keeps him steadfast on his result. One beautiful thing he says in the video is that

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he's made made a music video that is going to have a lot of girls in them and dancing and everything. And he's like, he called up the director and said, Stop, you cannot release the video until you remove all the scenes of alcohol and girls and dancing and everything in that video. Like Subhanallah look like being able to do Dawa at that level, like Allah has his plan. And in hindsight, I just want to remind everyone when foodzie to when you you know, Yusuf went the other way like he started with good videos, and he went the other way on YouTube.

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Understand that Subhanallah we thought it was all bad, right? But now he has committed that he's going to do humanitarian aid for the next whole year.

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With an Islamic organization representing them using his mass appeal to the American society and bringing lot of hype to the Ummah, none of us saw that coming five years down the road, Allah subhanaw taala is in infinite mercy. He knew that if this person goes astray for five to seven years, he comes back he repents, doba Allah he repents, and he makes though but Allah forgives all of his past, but then he comes back with so much ammo and so much power that he can bring so much higher to the ummah. I hope that Allah Subhana Allah gives us the tofield I'm going to do more of these reaction videos. I think I like that. I like to element I don't know what happened to my

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mouse. My mouse just decided that it's not gonna work. Here we go. We have the most back, mouse's back. I posted a comment I don't know if you guys can see that. That is the video.

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That is the video that you can watch. Anyhow, just like Kamala hair for everybody that is here BarakAllahu li comb, and I asked Allah subhanaw taala that he elevates us. Allah uses anyone who wishes whoever he wishes beautiful Allah. Allah uses anyone who wishes wherever you wishes, our sins can be converted into good deeds if we repent sincerely, BarakAllahu li comb everyone. A salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I will see you all I will see you all in sha Allah tomorrow at add a Santa Monica Manhattan la