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Akram Nadwi
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hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad wa ala early he was Halaby

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for OTB learning ministry attorney rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim

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in our world debating where they are all in Cyril de Baca, termo mobile akamba Hoda De La Hoya Amin.

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So my dear brothers and sisters are hamdulillah These are the days of the Hajj

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and tomorrow in sha Allah the hajis will be graded in, in in

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the Quran has mentioned that the house that was built by Ibrahim Ali Salaam in Makkah Telugu Karima the Quran said in Avila waiting, you know, the first house which ever has been married

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for the people is the one which is in Makkah for us the bbka because in a bar, I mean, they are very close in Arabic language to the first house which was built ever in fact the people that in in Makkah thermocol Rama

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which is a place of blessings and guidance, you know, all the baraka better so much blessings Allah subhanaw taala has put in this house because of the effort if you Rahim Allah Islam and he says model Islam

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what are the mean that you know, this is the first house ever had been built? Certainly there used to be mosques and marches and places of worship before Islam you know, there have been prophecy but you know, the other Mali salaam,

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new Ali salaam, Dar Al Islam sons and after noir Islam there have been so many prophets and messengers

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to certainly all of them they used to have house than places where they used to worship Allah subhanaw taala. So what does Quran means that the first house which ever has been built for the people, is the one which is in Makkah, and which is a Mobarak place a blessing and guidance for all the people. So the meaning is actually very much clear in sutra.

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So it means in our collaborating with the Adi NASA Aly hygiene, you know, the first house which ever has a built for the hijab, the people, there was no hedge before that. You know, the first ever house built for the hygiene to people can come from all over the world.

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And they do hygiene. That is the house built by Ibrahim Ali Salam and Allah made all the blessings and Baraka in that house. So how do you started from this database the Quran says to Brahim or Islam, what are the Infinity Bill hijack? Or Ibrahim announced among the people for the high you know, make announcement for the height, the people come from all over the world for you, you know, to this house for the hygiene wherever they are. So this the only house Allah made for the height, given the neighbor has been made any house for the hygiene, you know, the Mosque of Jerusalem is very important, and the musty Lhasa, but a lot of water never made a high for it. To the Mosque of

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Medina is important for believers, but they know has far most of Medina. And there have been mosques as much before that, but they'd never had been Hi, hi, Eva. Hi, Will Lee has been to the house that was built by Ibrahim and Islam. You know, for so many reasons. We don't have time to explain all of them. You know,

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Allah made overeager tree for the people to come there. And he said what he loved all in NASA, Jewel Beatty, those who can come there, they must have come there. And actually the Quran said if people don't come reject the hygiene, then they're like Kaffir, Allah does not need them. So you know, the Hadith of the prophets, Allah also means that if somebody is able to do hygiene, and instead they don't do hygiene, so they should make sure they should die then believer, you know, not the current diet is Muslim. So hard is a very, very important thing really, unless water is made for the people. And

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this house was so important for Allah subhanaw taala

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that if he wanted everybody to even pray there, come there for the prayer. But you know, for people from all over the world, how they can come four or five times prayer to play in that house is so far away. How can people travel? So out of His mercy, waterless water merges that then people at least turn their faces, to the Kaaba to the house if we were to if they turned their faces that I had if they pray there. So that's why we have people that you know, we all fight for every prayer, we turn our faces to people. For our sacrificer we turn out the faces of the animals and our faces to the fibula. Because if you've got to do there, at least we face it.

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So you can, you can understand the importance of that house, that you know, people come for Hi there, people should pray there. If they can't pray there, at least they should face it. And if people don't face it, their prayer will not be accepted. You see, if you pray for a car with full sincerity, everything, but you don't face the Kaaba, your prayer will not be accepted. You see how much importance the for the Kaaba in the fullness of Motala that if you can't pray there, at least you face it.

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So, you know, I mentioned the house was built for the height, this is the first house and you know, the, the professor lesson was not able to do because the NACA was in the hands of Porsche and the prophets ultimately were able to free it in the air traffic era. Then the first high done under Musa SWAT in the year 90, but that time is still divided many rituals of Quraysh happening.

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Time what not right? So then the prophets of duty one year later. It is so important that the Quran mentions that enough atatiana laka Fatiha Marina, oh prophets Allah Allah Salam we have given you clear victory means you murder you to conquer Makkah, why Leia prefer like Allahu Mata, but the woman then become a Takara. So a lot of water far gets all your Simpson, which you have done in the past or you do in the future, or to monometallic and Allah completes or details upon you to see why the conquest of Makkah is really, you know, cause for forgiveness of our sins. And why you know, it is that Allah subhanaw taala completes his field because because of Makkah, reason is because they

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will do Hajj that's all custom Creek city, that not to make anybody seems to be forgiven, carrying a city does not immediately that Allah has made it famous upon you. The favor comes from the hedge, meaning it will Mkhize conquered now you will be able to do what and when you do hide, then your all sins are forgiven and your Allah shivers upon you will complete

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that why when the professor Larson did hygiene and you know on after completing the hygiene videographer did a lot of the reveal to him, Allah Yo Ma Kumar locum Deena calm the monk to Olive company or Mati what are these two locomotives la Medina today I have you know, a computer my your deal and also I completed my fear upon you to see the favor because one by hi nearby can cause a Maka can custom Merkava the means to the height. And when people do height, then the sins are forgiven. And all the favors are complete. So basically all the Oba does that we do their favors from our Lord.

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You know the prayer, the fasting, tax cut everything

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and hygiene one of them to when you do hygiene, then all the favors are complete. When 100 not done, one thing is missing. So basically there was one thing missing in the life of the prophet that loved them. And that was the height to when he did that. Then let's notice now everything complete, that was sign that the professor lesson now is not going to live in this world. You no longer because you know that ended because every prophet has got admission. Once they're completed, they're not going to leave like Yusuf Ali Salaam. He's alive is all the story of taco one server and when it ends, you know and he got the result of tacos I'm sorry became you know, powerful plus all those things. Then

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he right now he's going to lie to him here do our little Hautala met me to die either Muslim or funny Muslim and make the professor's realize now he the missions can now he's going to die. So this is the last thing you know, on completion. All the famous data by the professor was observed that the people who go for the hygiene

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if they do Hijazi, Brahim and Islam and the Prophet and most of them did we know without any sin, no dispute, no Coralina no fighting, no argument, just focusing, you know, and doing a suburb because the hijab, clearly a lot of suburb, you know, all the subjects that why Heidi's in a place where you have all the sub, you know, to the heart country, you know, with a mountain and you know, not not much water and all the problems and it's still you go there and you know face all the difficulties, the Sabra cassava is very important that religion, they people do this, then all the sins are forgiven, and they become like a newborn baby. So that actually the hadith of grace have said,

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anybody who does hide away from your faith welcome, you know, you know, a sin. I know it is a bit of Allah subhanaw taala then they when they come out from there, they are all or their sins forgiven and they become like a newborn baby. So this How important will either

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The height of the house

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in this process of the height, the most important thing with the you know staying in the mountain of RFR that the house is meant to do tomorrow that hyper nine turf will hijack that way there Hadith at the parser Larson Allah Hi Joe Ira photo * means Areva you know when you are ratified that is the hydrogen that the main thing in the hydrogen or you know stain or a fat

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why our fat is so important I use RFID is actually not in

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our effort is outside the horn you know very high D come to RFR they are not in the Haram they're outside the Haram then in the Eve tomorrow or the day they will be staying in a place in RFR we are which is not haram

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to you know what

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there is you have the muscular Hara, then your haram boundary haram boundary the place where no unbeliever is allowed to enter

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that includes Mustafa Mina, all these places

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beyond the hill, where nervousness can go like our fart like jet dine all these places, they are in the * they are not in in harem. So, this place why you know it is not even haram and it is so important that the prophets of Allah hydrographer hydrographer why people have to stay here why why is it important for the people there too in order to understand really that you know look in order I bought that at a loss of water has made that you know a loss of data loss of people to make prepare their mind to when you

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do Salah then before Salah you have to do you know what do you do you think that you're gonna be able to stand in front of your load to prepare for for for the Salah. So that way in the who are sins are forgiven, that when you wash your face, or the sins done by the face forgiven, the dropped out when you wash your hands or the sins you know committed by the hands that are forgiven, although it's so important that the people go to the mosque for an effort every footstep you know one sin is removed. And one good dude is written. The book I prepare for Allah subhanaw taala you come there.

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That word artiphys RFIs like oh do in the prayer to when you go for Salah you do when you confer the Hajj, you stay at RFR all the Hadees coming from all over the world. They stop there.

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They have to stop and walk over a river the very important Arabic language. You know, our people knew really what it means in before Janelia in airports when they used to write the poetry, usually speech to start something like that. They never came in Decra Habibi woman zili basically lived by not the hula for how many you know, Emeril is one of the most important part of jelly period. So while he's saying either, that when he passes by places after his friends where they used to live to he asked his companions Okay, stop. Let me stop here and cry. I take my tears. You know, I want to stay here. I want to cry. I want to remember those days, you know, to the movies important really?

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to that? What is that you stay there is no place I want to stay there. Oh, for sure. Hey, isn't that

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hard, you know, I want to stay there like you know, miser person and Buffy, you know somebody who's stingy. So if this person if he you know, Miss A, he loses his ring in a precious thing, somewhere. He doesn't have to move there until he gets it. So you know, you want to stay there until you get our ring. So similarly, overcast wants to stay in that place until he gets what he wants, because his beloved is there. So that what woke up means that you need to stay there because you want to get something from there. You know, you have missed something and you want to get there. What believers need to get in our effort why Allah subhanaw taala made a station for them before coming to Hara

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before they come to move deliver there to stop, you know, beyond the reason is, you are not qualified to intend to Hara. You can't go meet your Lord. You can't see him. You can't visit his house. You need to purify yourself. You need to clean yourself in the past when people used to go and meet the Kings before you know when they arrive for a far distance. The cart intended to the support immediately No, they have to stop. I bath Killeen put on

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Escalade repaired properly, the next day or the other day, one day, they will be allowed to enter into the court or the king, then they can meet. Sometimes they have to wait many, many days, until the King allows them to enter the similarly house of Elijah like his coat.

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You know, the whole heart module is, is it's actually so before coming to the house, you have to go to Harlem. And then you basically you are RFR for Mr. Fast you moved to Harlem was deliver, then you come to Mina sacrifices so many things. Then after that you go to the house of Allah and do tawaf total Rafi the last thing in the height that you do in a diet you only do if you have done all these things properly, to ml all the rituals, the most important thing actually is it often Arafah because that's where you make basically wash yourself meaning it clean your sins, wash your old the bad deals, you know become hazy as best as possible. You know, now you're qualified to intend to haram

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then you move to deliver so that vida de nada Fattah, lots of fire gifts, so many people's, you know In, people never have forgiven such a big number even the other day, cut this cut, people cry, they weep, you know they are there, they just want to, you know, learn how to make them able to insert into his hub. So, off the wall overnight, just you know, like just passing by, or qubits you stay there. Like I mentioned that is a port a Versa that you know you lose your precious ring. Do you want to stay there until you get it to you stay in RFR until you get what Allah wants from you and that is your forgiveness. Your sins are forgiven you become clean all the day. You're crying making

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dua and doing Alibaba until you know sunset you are pure and clean. And then after that you're allowed to intend to harm and the first harm is most deliver. So that winter it's been all the night in the middle

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Kurata coarser unmarshal haram in

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either 14 or 14 First Gula in Delta mush oil haram when you move from

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then you will remember Allah it Mushara Mustafa now you're qualified now you're able you know to remember him. And then after that you've come to Mina remember him more and more more Takbeer sacrifice, do Rami, you know and love me is basically a community that people think when I do stone the pillar. Some people think that you know we are going to stone Sheraton and he believes and all those No, actually the stoning. The pillar is nothing to do with shaytan. You know, Ibrahim Hassan, Mr. Little by Alicia Tasha, how can you turn Mr. Ibrahim Islam is totally the pillar simply means that you make commit, oh my lord, you know, we have different your house, you know, if anything

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happened, we are able to different to basically take a minute of defending the house of Allah subhanaw taala, to once you made that covenant, you made our sacrifices or the rituals, then after that you're allowed to enter into the car, but then you don't have, you know, the drive to the last thing you do, after all the patient. But among all this preparation, the most important thing is what are referred to

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and that way, you know people who are not in artifact really unless what they wanted them, they also get something from that in the back of the head, that people who are not in the height. They also can get some burqa that we have the height and that is fasting.

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Some people think we have to find the deep heart either in our effort No, you have to find the day within night of the hedger you know, it could be data different, you have to find a guide to you I have written an article, too You should read that, too, when that tomorrow is called Oracle and tomorrow, ninth of July hija. In India, it will be more likely certain ethnic or some people even even letter to whatever date they have got the nine tattle hijab, day to day they fast if the day fast that day, that hadith in Sahih Muslim, that the prophets Allah said that people who fast on the day of the river so the sins of the last year, and the sins of the next year, are forgiven in since

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half, two years are forgiven. Whenever they say like you know, when you do and when you you know are an artifact, Your sins are forgiven, what they mean really meaning it minor sins. Like for example, sometimes you drop something on the road, sometime you hit someone, some time what happens you look at the old man or woman look at the man with the bad desire. You know, these terrible people have been going through it they look at each other. So these are minor sins. So there are so many minor sins we keep doing from morning until evening all the time. They need to be forgiven. If they're not forgiven, they become bigger and bigger to where people do and when people fasten

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prefer all the sins are forgiven? Somebody can ask why not have major sins big sins, big since the they have their own cafestol big sins actually are not expected believers to do anyway. big sins means, you know, not praying, not fasting, doing Zina is dealing with these things like that big crisis believers are not expected to do or if they do, they must repeat. You know, how can a believer remain, you know, the saints to the they must repent, especially in these days, people repent, they ask Allah to forgive this to even the major sins are forgiven. Unless except if you have taken somebody's money, yeah, then you have to get him back. Because you know, dinner last

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night, I will not forgive you. Unless you return the money back. Or you have done something hard to somewhat you have asked that person to forgive two major sins are forgiven when you ask forgiven, because otherwise, all the minor sins are forgiven, you will become pure and clean. When you do. Some people think that, you know, I do all the time and my sins are forgiven? So what lift really you know, on the Day of Arafah? Yeah, could it be possible, some people are very clean, and they don't have any sense. If we don't have since then the rule is that, you know,

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you know, the people who have since their sins are forgiven, those who don't have sin or they have lessons, then they get a rewards card to that, to your rewards are multiplied by many, many times you get rewards have two years of Alibaba, to you know, it's always beneficial for the people really great favor of Allah subhanaw taala that if we don't go for high, we don't have same suffering. And all the difficulties is still lots of Mattila var to reward us. You know, just by fasting that day, to the matriarchal Palace mother looks at the heart, that you prepare your mind you make really I think, at least I do, whatever is not easy for me. So, you know, I really we should really not miss

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the fast as of tomorrow, I know the FRFR it kind of to the people who are who have tomorrow night and people who have 910 The Saturday they do fast

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you can add to the calendar, then you know, all the you know sins are forgiven and keep doing Takbeer as much as possible. Because these are the days of the year, you know, glorify Allah, measuring his greatness, you know, as much as possible, that admission the Quran as well. You know, until tomorrow is going to start especially Takbeer which is why in regard to many, many Judas, which is start after the fajr prayer to when you pray father setac You know, loudly, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Birla you know, in the law will allow opera love have been very light handed in the men too loud, women can do a little you know, quieter quieter, and you can do as much you like, but at least

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after every further prayer do once this starts on the father of 990 and remains until the inner Asafa are 13. So, basically five days, five days we have ninth 10th 11th to 13th you do talk with after every further prayer loudly and Emile between wherever you go and walking, piercing Takbeer as much as possible because for every tech view, there are so many reward an important thing is on the gentle hija people play the player of the lead and then after the player they are for sacrifice. So the people who are you know basically have got enough money on average the car can move like a tree they have to sacrifice in one leg one sheep or one goat from themselves below if it is cow the file

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or something like they're bigger than seven people can you know have share in one animal you know for everybody who was able if men are able they should do sacrifice women

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sacrifice of the women is not obligatory and their husbands okay I bother you know I bother nobody that are behalf of other people. Like you know you don't play on the behalf of your wives you don't do on behalf your wife they do their high you do your highs, you know has it obligatory on them when they have money has obligatory are the men when they have money saved sacrifices are obligated on the men when they have money. And the women when they have money, you know and are the children of the adult when they have money. So it's a kind to ability of everybody and you know when you do sacrifice, you know you are allowed to eat meat. But it is better that you know you distribute some

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meat to poor people, some to your relatives and neighbors and some you keep to your house because you have needed to that I'd almost say that if you make divided three shares, one for poor people, one for you related and friends and neighbors and one for yourself in

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No Doubt is the best way. But if you think your family is bigger and you know people want to eat meat, then no harm in that. You can keep the whole animal for your house, because your sacrifice accepted, you know, from a heart unless Mattila said lainnya lainnya not Allahu Allahu Maha, wala the MaHA you know, your, you know, the blood stuff animals, they don't reach to Allah to Hautala what reaches the cover, you know, the fear of Allah that You know, you how do you do the sacrifices so that what input really that don't show up in our time people buy, you know, a sheep and go to for a very expensive price and then the unknown are tied and tell everybody, so more likely they're

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going to lose the reward because we can't lecture enough. But if they are sincere, and they do for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala certainly the reward is very, very big needle venom of blood false, you know, sins are forgiven, and people really get so much reward for every all those things. In a lesson hotline, there's so much reason for our sins to be forgiven. So, you know, I stopped it here. And now Inshallah, if you have any question, please ask

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it, Zach, allow her and share. Can you hear me? Okay?

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You're not very kilobyte. If you can, I can

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be able to see because somehow your voice is not a button when you started the beginning it will find, but yes, I know, subhanAllah something's happened in that time. I, I can increase my mic volume. So hopefully that does help. If it hasn't, then in sha Allah, it's still the same as the beginning. It's not it's not increased. Yeah, just make a question that's worth a shot. Let's go. Sister very high is her question.

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So you know, people are somebody asking that, you know,

00:27:04 --> 00:27:10

if you get, you know, a reward or the sins are forgiven by fasting in two years, not only one year, two years,

00:27:11 --> 00:27:58

it can be cut off or Ramadan. No, actually the thing it is a novel of fasting, too, you can't mix it with the other. But you can make it into other if you make into a powder, it will be your Tada fasting, and you've got to reward after further, but RFR niffler faster. You can combine between novel fasting, but you can't combine further never together. For example, if somebody fasts every Monday, so they get reward or fasting on Monday, and if Monday happens to be the Day of Arafah then you go to the ward off both fasting, fasting and fasting the soon enough Monday, but you can't combine which will further in nephila So, I would advise you that you know fast on or they are far

00:27:58 --> 00:28:07

far, far your nefler fasting, which has so much reward on you know, far the other you have so many days you can fast other any day

00:28:25 --> 00:29:12

So, the question is, are we know where bunnies ride, were commanded to do hygiene, and, you know, we don't find any, you know, clear proof that they actually what we're commanded, you know, to do to do hygiene, you know, that actually very important question. We really don't know much details about that. And would it be possible that you know, they were not really, it's not easy for them to do go for the makeover not in their hand, encouraged to do hygiene unless you have the city and you have got all the administration your hand, even the professor was how could not do hygiene until he can kind of McCallum Kurama but what bunnies could do is sacrifice it. So that was obligated on them to

00:29:12 --> 00:29:30

do sacrifice them why the Bahamas 100 And they must face the Kaaba. So even now really in Torah, there are verses, which make very clear that Jews they have to sacrifice in the direction the Kaaba, and that the book written by more now he did for him, Allah Allah,

00:29:31 --> 00:29:39

a reduced fee, free man who was the be in that book, he has proven from the reference from the, you know,

00:29:40 --> 00:29:50

a verse of Torah itself, and that Jews had to sacrifice same were like we do, and this should face the caliber to that

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I can hear you in Java.

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Yeah, you know what chefs have Hello. When I was on your computer, I must have put the volume very quietly so everything should go fine and Sharla

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so I know that this question, you know, basically in a way because we don't know much detail about the hijab bunnies, right? And I think it could be reason because you know, they were not in charge of McDowell Kurama. But what they could have done is the sacrifice that was obligatory upon them. And they did and the prophets Allah some has seen Musa alayhis salam you know, in doing hygiene world basically that's another thing. But but it has always been for the same house. Yeah.

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So Jeff, just give me one moment, you can't see the screen can you

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see okay, give me one moment in shall but I'll fix up

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okay, we'll go on to the next question for now and then in the while you're answering Sharla. We'll try and get this fixed. Okay, Inshallah, let's go to a question from

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this student.

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Apologies one second show.

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If we pray at our own, in our own country, what happens which happens to be the time of Wyckoff then is it considered most hijab time to for us as for the people of Arafa?

00:31:41 --> 00:31:44

Excuse me, I cannot understand the question. Can you repeat again?

00:31:47 --> 00:32:02

Okay, let's take I think this is the second part of a question. So let's take the beginning one smi come tomorrow is a time for McAuliffe at alpha and then praise Musa jab. How about other people around the world? Do we have the ruling of this time the same as both?

00:32:04 --> 00:32:50

You know, as I mentioned to you, if not, you don't follow the timing of MacArthur and karma. You have to follow the your own timing. So do either accepted on the Day of Arafah of your time, like for grappling of prayer, fasting, when you fast you fast declined to sunset or sunrise of your own country. When you pray you pray according to Time of your own country, you pray when the sun declines in your your city. And you can't do same anyway. Because if you want to fast either tomorrow, you got to break your fast when people do because your timing is different. You know, your son will set maybe two or three hours after them. The way that the way, a lot of Hydra mess moves of

00:32:50 --> 00:33:35

Baraka with the time to where every day, the burqa will go to RFR. Tomorrow RFR days in Makkah and Kurama the worker will remain there, it or moving somewhere else, the worker will go there. So you don't have to worry about the day of RFI in Makkah you have to find out the Day of Arafah in your city where you live, what what am I have decided to then you get the baraka, your draw that accepted date, day day, you count your calendar. Now the current Afghan curriculum Koroma every buddy must follow their own calendar that was selected by the baraka, but the Hadoop time keeps moving to when they're tahajjud time McCallum Kurama or the baraka just there when it comes to in the UK, by that

00:33:35 --> 00:34:05

time in Makkah the sun sunrise in the North America. Now the burqa in England it keeps moving you know all the burqa for Lucky's to moving with the time you know with the sunset with all those things that people are aware the must follow the timing of their own country I have written an article in I wrote in order to offer somebody's question and it was translated in English. So you can find easily just read it. It has got all the you know, explanation of this issue.

00:34:07 --> 00:34:37

Is that color furniture? Just off the back of this question, then what will be the case for those who do want to fast but the same time as to kind of lost some countries the timings for passing would be absolutely insane if you very very long hours. So although this fast is voluntary, it's very recommended but it's not obligatory on them. What would be this? Would there be an alternative ruling for them would they be able to follow in for example Maccha

00:34:38 --> 00:34:59

in terms of the timing for their fast follow, you know thing either yours is so hope it will be different from Makkah. You're starting to differ from Makkah. You're also time will be different from maca. Don't worry about maca time, you will just have to look about nine, the ledger nine to doula hedgeye The Deaf Arafah people think the Deaf RFI

00:35:00 --> 00:35:44

either when pa Dr. Ian makine RFR to know to Dr. Farber for them for you today for FY 19 J can't your calendar your morning starts when your morning starts you know, do you have to do so, whole in one and half hour before the sunrise occurred to your calendar you do Iftar when the sun sets in your locality, not a macadam Kurama people have to find the timing of their own country and they follow that and do a lot of other Naver button people's just imagine in a before all this communication, how it was possible for anybody even to know what happened in Marketo karma is they have to follow their own calendar that for their own samsara right now you know everything but in

00:35:44 --> 00:35:58

the past nobody knew what happening in other parts of the world. We never knew really when the day of Arafah in Makkah karma karma people used to follow the you know the timing of their own country that is still there. It actually pulled up people do that Allah will accept that

00:36:02 --> 00:36:06

okay, inshallah let's see if we can take some questions

00:36:11 --> 00:36:21

okay, this question is I heard that to sacrifice and in the name of the prophets of Allah whatever Selim is very good should we sacrifice in the prophets Allah is the names name instead of our name

00:36:22 --> 00:37:01

you know, the sacrifice to sacrifice the one is obligatory. So you know, if people have got you know, enough money, like you know, on which the card becomes obligatory, then it is obligatory on them to sacrifice you know, you can't just refer them the name of the prophet does not obligatory you have to do sacrifice then after that you can have another animal in the name of the prophets Allah Allah salaam the campaigning Yes. Or the prophets you can have one animal for all of the you can do whatever you like, but one should be in your name because obligately are you if not obligate Jani Yeah, then you can do in anybody's name. But when it's obligate goobric it upon you you must

00:37:01 --> 00:37:44

you're in your name, in a very, very important is that people should not leave the father leave the Virgin, so far sacrifice obligatory on all the believers who have got enough money on which is a part that can be obligatory, so they make sacrifice and if you can afford one more anymore, so like the professionalism he did in the sacrifice for for his himself for his wives, and then he asked his advice, one animal for all his ummah, for everybody, that's fine, too. Similarly, you can do sacrifice for yourself that for your family if like and then after that you can make money anywhere for all the profits or the companies to the reward will be surely more or less water and make it

00:37:44 --> 00:37:51

more reward, but you can't leave your fourth is not allowed. Firstly, you have to look for your own further.

00:37:55 --> 00:37:59

Okay, Inshallah, let's go to SR 30 has question

00:38:00 --> 00:38:09

she's asking about verse 32. In certain Hajj, which is fairly common you are when you're Allah you for in a hammy with the colon followed.

00:38:10 --> 00:38:29

Meaning such as the fact and those who own a Allah's rights surely show the true piety of their hearts. What are the rights or SHA, SHA Sha? Here? Is sacrifice also included in Shy, shy and for other people who don't do Hajj how can they show the taqwa of their hearts in this Hajj season?

00:38:31 --> 00:39:03

No, no there are many many shot off and listen to Allah, either like a safari miroir Shire. You know staying in our farm was deliver all the ashadha for lots of mozzarella men. Similarly sacrifice is also one of the Shire of midlife Ibrahim that was shot if Allah means it has been made to people much respected respect, mele said they do a client to the way Allah has commanded and with the full of fear don't make mockery like these days. People are making mockery what is the benefit to sacrifice so much animals instead of that?

00:39:04 --> 00:39:43

If we just can give you know some money in charity for poor people just much much better. No you can't you know Allah subhanaw taala they made so many different ways to charities, one of the important use must do charity, but sacrifice a different impact on your heart. You never should play football. You know by these people's arguments in their own life. They don't do these things. You know the key, no more clothes, more food, goat for the trip. They never think really why go for the triple in what a benefit for triple I should give that money to some poor people. But I'm going to go for the high zero for the sacrifice. They make all the arguments to DC never right Alas ohata has

00:39:43 --> 00:39:59

made different benefits for every le bother when you play it and it's only benefit when you give sadaqa it has different benefits when you fast. It has another impact on your heart when you sacrifice their benefit different you know your people believe us must do all that. So they

00:40:00 --> 00:40:26

They become nearer to Allah subhanaw taala. So, people who are far away from MacArthur and karma and they are not in the habit you know what one of the important shard that of mid level Rahim that they can do is sacrifice certainly sacrifice the one of the important Shire of Malaysia right and that was actually coming into place of Illuminati Brahim wanted to slaughter his son to Allah so how's that compensated that by you know by the study people sacrificed the animal

00:40:30 --> 00:40:44

Okay, let's go to this question from IRIS Hussain who is asking what happened to Israel he commanded to make Hajj I don't believe there is a reference to them doing so. Why not if they are also the followers of Ibrahim as well?

00:40:45 --> 00:40:45


00:40:47 --> 00:41:04

I think that I answered the question if the thing is the must have been commanded to do hygiene, but the hut is a Quran. Allah, Allah Nassif, I do love it. Minnesota is a biller. I know for light obligately And the people that they must do, if they can afford to go there.

00:41:05 --> 00:41:47

In the prophets, Allah himself did not do until the last year why because the maca was not he could not do Hajj they will never allow him to enter their you know Indian people for a long time. Indian Allah gave fatwa that he did not obligate an Indian people why? Because they have to go through the sea and sometimes seas were controlled by Portuguese and by other people and there there was so much problem for Muslims and sometimes you know, danger for their lives. And then they gave fatwa that a hadith not obligatory on Indian people, well, we can save then you come up the Gertie to sin bunnies right but he said did not have power you know to come to Makkah Thermacore Rama it was not in their

00:41:47 --> 00:42:01

hand and McCullough ruled by other tribes and other people what what they could have done easily sacrifice so that why sacrifice remained obligatory on them as well. And they had to sacrifice him right we do facing the Kaaba

00:42:06 --> 00:42:25

Okay, let's go to John Cox who is asking us to make some of the city's report that's out of our woods a place of the Divine covenant where Allah subhana wa gyla asked a little bit of people and we all replied Burnett, is there any evidence for this and does this have any significance in the standing a battle for

00:42:26 --> 00:42:52

you know, people that will take all the thing that has led to a very very long time? We have no proof for that nothing and I don't think really they need to connect all these things to them to the cabinet. You know, whether cabinet happened we don't know really it could happen in summary Paradise because even Adam actually was in paradise. So it can be hard to master happening before that and that people are paradise you know that there no need for the covenant for

00:42:54 --> 00:43:38

the earth. You know, what we know is that Makkah from Ibrahim Al Islam before he was a Muslim, we have no history of Makkah. And the Quran never connected Maka to anyone before you will have any way in the Quran. In Ebro Maca is connected MCI the certificate I'm basically that what Dr. Musa bacta is, but not the word, but chi the word of Ibrahim see language. You know when Ibrahim come from you know from the place where there used to mean city that way you see one of the name of the city in CDA the baccala Buck city of bada bada bada either they used to worship to each color bar Allah buck, CTF Bong to very Rahim came to Makkah there were no name you will have him give the name to

00:43:38 --> 00:44:22

meaning what CTF Ibrahim Baca lacking the prophets Allah Allah Salam near the Medina, Medina to Nabil the city of Novi basically Makana Medina both have the same meaning. Both means city that way the Quran sometime course Maka, Allah Ballard Ballard means city, the town in Alloxan. We have a ballad want to help them behind the river, you know, to learn how to measure the maca or the ballot, the mucca mucca in the city. You know any history of Makkah that whatever ignore it or go through Brahim. Before Ibrahim, actually we don't know anything like happening Macaca no population Karasik wha didn't read a visa. There was no valley where no plot happened. No people used to live there

00:44:22 --> 00:44:59

were no water. Nothing was that no life was there. So the starting point for magecart was reread Ibrahim, it is a tip Brahim. And it's a Universal City. It was not an Arab city, not in a non Arab city did not live there. None Earth did not live there. Nobody lived there. Ibrahimi, the Imam or mankind to this man who the Imam of all America. He's the one who built the city that he wanted to make an international city for, for believers of religion, to where the people who don't have any nationality, people from any nationality. They can be connected to that to Mackay not an Arab city or non Arabs.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:29

De Maca is when nothing was there, no building was there no population was there. He started from fresh, you know to basically to make it a city, you know, neutral you know, no belong to anybody. Like you know if you make a holiday to an Indian city that will sell to Indian city or this under Allah made a high velocity which was not live by anybody. It's our last city, even if cities started from him. So we don't have any stiff Maka before Ibrahim Ali Salam.

00:45:32 --> 00:46:15

Okay, in sha Allah, I think we've covered a lot of the potentiality of ovulated questions. So I'm going to try and see if we can take any of our other questions since we do have quite a big range. I'll take this question from * Ron. Did the province a lot SLM not share with the Sahaba right away when a verse was revealed? How can we have different stories regarding a suburban zone? And he continues and he says, for example, the whole story of The Satanic Verses and the return of the Sahaba from had their share is fabricated, or do we have difference? A difference in reports? You know, thing really is I taught, you know, one day full day course about Masood and there I made all

00:46:15 --> 00:46:54

these things very clear even Satanic Verses I discussed that properly and what a baboon was really means what different stories mean really, you know, what really has been hidden meaning it all had been taught in very good detail, the best isn't listened to that the course if adjusted last week, or two weeks, before, you know, just listen to that I can't repeat the whole thing. And I I prepare for that and discuss everything in detail. Now in this one, two minutes, I can't answer the old things. The best thing is, if you really want to learn then in follow that course, and you know, listen everything carefully. You know, I think all of your questions will be answered in that one

00:46:54 --> 00:47:01

day course because I am so old that not only you know, this answer is much more detailed. It will be helpful for you in Sharla

00:47:04 --> 00:47:10

definitely in sha Allah for anyone who does doesn't know we did have a one day short course on us webinars or last weekend.

00:47:12 --> 00:47:22

And in Charlotte, hopefully we'll make that available for people who do want to watch it back in sha Allah, I have some questions that were actually asked before the q&a. So I will try and get them

00:47:24 --> 00:47:25

to you in sha Allah

00:47:27 --> 00:47:40

let's take the first question sha Allah this this is asking can you Okay, let's take the first question. Why do women need the consent of a husband or a judge to get a divorce?

00:47:42 --> 00:47:47

I know chef This is a very very big topic and we can we can do justice to it in the time

00:47:48 --> 00:47:52

in the marriage you know all the expenses are on the men

00:47:53 --> 00:48:07

men have to spend for the dowry for the mother men have to provide accommodation and all the expensive they provide everything so just imagine really if the divorce is given in the hands of the women what will happen

00:48:08 --> 00:48:50

in a mentor that and then what's the woman have got the you know dowry and all the mother everything and then she's divorced you so who will be loser the men will be loser. So that's why you know the important that men had the right to divorce because they've not divorced because they know the big money today so much involved. They have you know, prepare for that and the whole family and all those two men will be very very left not reluctant to to divorce. But yeah, certainly sometimes there could be injustice in further women in a manner robbing them and all those things, then Islam has allowed the women to request the divorce from their husbands. Maybe the divorce does okay, if

00:48:50 --> 00:49:30

you don't want to be with me, I divorce you. And if so many times all the time keep hoping that very often in the middle of divorce because the wives are not happy. Even the companion device we're not happy the divorce, sometimes they will not divorce because they have spent money. So they would like at least to get some money back. So there should not be more than that. So if they ask that and the women really want to get rid of them. So they will it's okay to take my mother and leave me there's some time has taught me to do that maybe they really somehow they want to insert the females in I begged by intention. We don't know really, maybe they're right they love them so much but the women

00:49:30 --> 00:50:00

total of them. So in that case the women have a right to go to the authority and authority they don't even say we have power and then look in the case and Dave they think really that women have been wronged then they can cancel the marriage. So that how the process procedure is is I've written a book you know coming soon inshallah you know alphaplus Salami but in theory, it all the family law and that he wasn't much more reliquary Korea, so that in a very if people follow that there'll be no Bye

00:50:00 --> 00:50:21

The wrong way. But the problem is if people don't follow these, these rules properly, but in our time, the women are really getting, you know, much more awareness of the rights of Islam the rights to I think inshallah soon, many, many injustice done, you know up against the women who will be removed inshallah.

00:50:24 --> 00:50:34

Okay, inshallah we'll try and take a few more questions. I know we unfortunately, due to some tech issues, we did start a little bit late search on I will try and take maybe two more questions and shut a lot.

00:50:35 --> 00:50:57

This next question is interesting. I think many of us have been in the scenario where we've kind of been hesitant on the validity, the validity of some restaurants or butchers and is asking how much does one investigated the business says their meat is halal? Or do we simply take it at face value and trust the business chef many a time people have very,

00:50:58 --> 00:51:45

very, I guess, fanatical story that they come up with, and these stories get passed around, and suddenly it's okay, this business or McDonald's or Starbucks or et cetera, suddenly, you just hear from stories and people say you can't trust them. What should we? Why should our approach be honest? Another thing that the Muslim execs read so much about halal food, you know, but the truth really is, that is something where Islam is very, very easy. The real thing that Islam is very strict in like you put Yanni the food is shouldn't be for your income. People should worry with the money how they earn it, you know, if you buy, you know, sheep for Amhara money, and slaughter in the name of

00:51:45 --> 00:52:22

Allah. And he said Khaled not really highlighted because then your monthly income is about right. So the main thing is that your income should be pure, that actually the most important thing that whenever you buy your food, even in an email, anything in meat, or even vegetable, even actually some small ticket bread, where the money is coming from, that money must be pure and clean. People don't care about that. People just care about slaughtering the name of the animal in the name of Allah subhanaw taala but to where the money comes from, they don't care and to alert the most important the money where the money is come Allah said in Allah by Gibbon, unlike pure, Allah Akbar,

00:52:22 --> 00:53:01

Allah Subhana Allah never accept to accept something just pure income from pure money. Don't you know it's not that you still you know, a cow. And there is a Bismillah Allahu Akbar, Allah is telling haram to your how much how did you earn money, that is the most important thing. Then after that if your income is pure, then get the animal slaughter properly in the name of Allah subhanaw taala invertebrate Allah has met flexibility you know, it's nothing happened by Muslim is still fine. If it happened by Krishna Jew and they say Bismillah Allahu Akbar, let me choose do Allah Christian don't do too we don't really consider that 102 In this case, we know the information of

00:53:01 --> 00:53:40

one person enough if people know what halal meat mean. And they say to Khaled it's fine, we don't really need to go deep about that. And the real thing is your income then after that even for that, but if you go to Tesco and they say this emitter Khaled and they know what Haram is enough, you can rely on them and eat with Bismillah like the Companions they used to get you know meat from Jewish people or Christian people or sometimes it just abysmal land they eat it that but their income used to be pure. We must never forgot about income. And we really just emphasize about slotting the animal. So you know first thing with the income second thing is about Halal you know slaughtering

00:53:41 --> 00:54:19

that is if the Bible says that fine Oh by Jews, that's fine. If other people they say no we have got from the right sources, and there's no reason for them to lie we should accept unless you have proof that they're lying. But you don't need to go by deeper investigate more and more no real thing investigate your own income with the harasser or not after that. You don't need to investigate just information harbor Reporter What a person who reliable is not a Muslim. In this matter, we don't need an information or Muslim. We only need a report of someone who knows what haram means. If you know what Harada means and if you say hello then it is halal.

00:54:24 --> 00:54:28

Okay, inshallah let's see if we can take another question we have

00:54:29 --> 00:54:36

this question is, is sacrifice is a sacrifice obligatory on a small child if they have reached then he said

00:54:37 --> 00:54:48

no obligation of Islamorada on the pivotal adult so you know like a Salah is not on the child who did not have the child you know, it's not anti children at all.

00:54:49 --> 00:54:58

People shouldn't be there no demand of Allah on the children. Well, you know, people shouldn't be adult, what's the order of their money then it be obligatory

00:55:04 --> 00:55:21

Okay, insha Allah. Let's see, maybe we'll just take one last question and we'll leave it we'll leave it at that in sha Allah. This question is from amo and he's saying the Quran says for parents do SN what is that SN and what level of support are children obligated to provide for their dependents parents,

00:55:23 --> 00:56:06

no Quran Quran, the book really tells you the values and what the values immediately people are understanding the language and in their customs and their culture, the Quran is saying, Bill while Sarna you know, do good to your parents, so much good music. So, the first thing is that you should be patient, daughter, you know, review them don't use a bad language for them, you know, respect to them properly, all right minus and then after that, whatever favor you can do sometimes they need the money. So, you know, if you are hyper enough money to you should depend upon them, to obligate the on the believers to provide extensive dependent if they need it obligately on them, you know,

00:56:06 --> 00:56:49

especially the men, too, they must do two dimensionally how how much needed they are, but do you have are so needed, or obligation to provide expensive for your wife and children, but at the same time for your parent as well. If they need to, you must have been nice to them, you know, good language, refined language, you know, spoke speak with them with respect to, you know, never raise your voice above their voice. And whenever they need your help, you must be there to help you know, even if it really cost you money or your time and effort. Still, you should be doing this as best as possible. Because in the right is a very, very important. And nowadays it could be forgotten but the

00:56:49 --> 00:57:29

problem is in our time, many people think the wives have to look after their parents. This is not right. Your parents you have duty to look after them. Your wife, she had asked her parent, she had duties look after them if they need but expect your wife to look after your parent is not right. It's wrong thing. As you are not expected to look after her parent. She's not expected look at your parent or your parents, you look after them. Her parents are her parents, she will look after them. If she does some favor, she will get reward but she had no duty. The people must be very clear that you know looking after your parent does not mean you make your wife to look after them. You have to

00:57:29 --> 00:57:35

look after them. You have to provide servant whatever services they need, you do don't make somebody else do on your behalf.

00:57:39 --> 00:58:22

Zack allow her and show for your time handling that I think we will wrap it up there in sha Allah inshallah hopefully will continue next week 6pm In sha Allah chef so inshallah we'll see you then again, just like aloha and, and likewise as Aquila and everyone else for joining us and constantly kind of coming, joining us and asking your questions. hamdulillah we're very grateful to be in these blessed days and inshallah I hope we will all be able to take benefit out of Yeoman Alpha tomorrow in sha Allah and everyone has a good guide. Just quickly, like always in sha Allah for anyone who doesn't know what a Salam Institute's are where they're not that familiar. She is the co founder and

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the principal of SLM Institute's. We are We were one of the very first Institute's we'd say in the UK or maybe at large across the world who offered part time Islamic scholarship programs online. So anyone who maybe has wanted to connect with the Quran was wanted to take that step and maybe slowly just kind of learn to find that foundational science of Islam take the step to starting to learn Arabic. And maybe it's a little bit daunting, maybe you can't give your full time you can't make the sacrifice of dedicating a whole year or a whole few years to studying Islam and studying Arabic but you still have that yearning. As Salam Institute's is here to provide the service we are here we

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offer part time Islamic scholarship programs. We have a foundational year program. So you don't have to do a full line in media program. You can just do the foundational year you learn foundational Arabic learn foundational or soil effect. So the Hadith,

00:59:21 --> 01:00:00

you study with Chef aka meat study under some leading teachers and scholars in the UK, and you can study from anywhere around the world. And join us uh, we're very lucky handler. We have students from the UK, we have students from East London, we have students from Australia, Canada, the US, Malaysia, handler, Singapore. So anyone who is interested, maybe you just want to find out more about us or you're again, just more than welcome to just join our short courses and our weekly q&a is happening every Thursday 6pm. UK time go to our website, go on to our Facebook, our Instagram find out more about

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test you can go on to our website which will be on the screen now. Insha Allah slm.ac.uk And if you go on to the URL on the screen, forward slash Islamic hyphen studies, you can find out more about our programs in sha Allah. Again like I said he had a short course last week on Sunday which is on his webinars all he does have Chef does hold short courses with us sometimes they one day sometimes a two day short courses. We have some more short courses coming up. So for those of you who maybe can't,

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you can't commit to longer programs, but you do still want to take benefit from chefs knowledge. You can attend his short courses in sha Allah so I will again leave it at that in sha Allah I hope everyone has an amazing aid. I hope tomorrow goes well for everyone mailbag accept IDs, my likes have tight intentions and inshallah we will see you next week. There's a 6pm BSc in sha Allah please do come with your questions come with your curiosity and inshallah we will see you then as soon as they come, everyone

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