Akram Nadwi – Thursday Q&A #01 – Why is the Muslim world suffering?

Akram Nadwi
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That's said on Friday, comm everyone and welcome to our q&a with Chef comm that we apologies for the slight delay, we just had some technical problems, but everything seems to be fine now.

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This q&a will be every Thursday at 6pm BST. I hope you can join us every week and shall that will be just 30 minutes long. If anyone has any questions, please just put them in the comments of the stream on whichever platform you're watching in sha Allah. And without any further ado, let's start. Let's start with the first question.

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And this question is, if almost limbs are weak, and not obeying Allah, why is it that Palestinians are suffering? What should they actually be in this current situation? And then they quoted a specific verse, which is when I saw a book on me mostly about in America exhibit 81. Is this verse applicable to Muslims in these times?

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First, we should understand really the wisdom behind the sufferings either on trial simulations in the Quran,

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because Allah, Allah wants people when they die, they die with good good qualities or good quality, the one we can be known, when people are tested to some type the rosette tested with the favors in something good happened to them, if a dossier was brought make people arrogant, they remained humble. And the tyrannical, they do kindness to his slaves. So then they pass the test after the favours. Sometime people are tested by trials, by suffering by problems in those problems, where they need to learn to improve their condition, improve their relation to Allah subhanaw taala. And to be patient not to complain, because the server is one of the quality that allows people to create

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before they die, in the command of the server is so much in the Quran, you know, to all the prophets and all the messengers all the time Be patient is believed to be the server in order to the machine in the plant in, in so many places. Similarly, you know, Muslims in the world, everybody's tested, individuals are tested, nations are tested, you know, sometimes suffering will be foreign individual, you know, somebody's got illness, very severe illness, a child is paralyzed, or something like that. He's being tested. But also the people around him are tested to testify everybody how his parents behave, how the around behave, how they help him a very well tested to

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what happened on Palestine?

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It is it does not know where to start for a long time ago, test for the old mazuma and test for all mankind. That, you know, do people actually follow justice here in this in this province, or they don't follow. So everybody is in being tested. And there are you know, most people are failing to know Muslims are failing. Muslims are failing Muslims tests are failing. And many pastors are so maybe failing. Because if they don't, you know do suffer properly. If they start using the law, they start blaming him. So they fail. But if they are patient, and they think you know, there must have done some mistakes, and the humble, you know, when people realize they have done a mistake, make

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them humble. So they become humble, and they are stunned to Allah, and they learn from the mistakes and improve their condition. They pass their tests to whenever a trial happened to a nation, not only that nation is being tested, everybody else is being tested, we are tested Well, how we can help Palestinians. And also not only that, really how can we improve our conditions? But what happened to Palestine now, it will happen to other nations as well. You know, Muslims don't have only pro Palestine, they have problems in Afghanistan for a long, long time. You know, the process of Palestine also is really more than 40 year old, and Muslims are prone in Burma, Muslims are

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prominent in India, Muslims are problem in many African countries, Muslims are probably Middle East, you know, the problems everywhere, and Muslims in the West as well. So everywhere people are being tested to we have to understand that learning properly, that you know what the last command in these times prior trial for everybody. So, you know, not only that we help Palestinians, we also need to help people around us. We need to improve our demand our faith, you know, and teach people around us there's so many Muslims in UK that don't pray, don't obey their Lord and you know, their family.

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They have so many so many family problems in relation to the husband, wife, you know it all problem is the daughter look at the only problem in the world is Palestinian problem. People are from their houses, you know, the people can associate, many people commit suicide, you know, in the West.

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So, anyway, the summary of the matter is that whenever a problem happens, or being tested, they have to be humble, they have to be patient, and they have to learn from their mistakes, turn to their Lord, ask forgiveness. And at last, you know, Fargas very easily, very quickly, but we have to be humble.

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Chef, actually, we have another question that's kind of linked to this. And this question is from setapp, ashitaba, some and she says Assalamualaikum. My question is, is it mandatory for the Muslims to come to conquer Jerusalem, every time it's control is taken over by non Muslims.

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In a thing that, you know, cutting an hour distance are another matter where the problem really is, Muslims in need to learn how to behave in the time of the weakness, you know, very important, really, in all the time to look for the worldly glory. It doesn't help people then people become really all the time suffering. Just keep talking, like Muslims now talking for 200 years, how to get the glory back how to get the khilafah how to get this estate in the butt, they are not doing what they're supposed to do, you know, just read the stories or the prophets in the Quran. Those prophets were sent in during the time of a Roman occupation of Palestine. But a star used to go out to Jews,

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they have been ruling that and then Romans that took over Palestine. After Roman Roman had to court Palestine, and Jews became minority and they became very weak.

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Their Jews got many prophets in their country, you know, in those days, one of the major carigali salam, yahia, ali Salaam, he sadly Salaam Maria, Marisa, the many prophets came those time, look in typography, the word the teaching, or the teaching people to take the glory bike, how to liberate Jerusalem, you know how to liberate the mosque, you know what the teaching really, they realize that teaching the right quality that in the pizza teach you how to pray, how to obey laws, how to how to become good believer

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in the time, the weakness, the first thing I learned was people are lazy, that how they do slavery in the weakness is the daughter glory is still do they still obey me? Do they still love me to still actually listen to me? Or they just keep looking for the glory, you know how to get the glory back. So that what Muslims need to learn really, the real thing is not that you learn how to take your glory, but the real thing to learn really how to be having this condition, you know, you have the glory, then you lost it. So there must be reason, you know, Muslims are khilafah they lost it, they had Jerusalem, then they lost it. Then theory that if you had something you lost to I think to take

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back there must be a reason why why you lost it to first address, do reasons, improve your conditioning, just keep talking. Nothing happened, you know, Muslims last Jerusalem in a time, you know, a fifth century visa, and when Coronavirus came, but you know, they didn't know they learned from the mistakes until serrana Ub comes and he prepares that he goes you know and make effort. Even then actually he could not get all the treaty back. He got Jerusalem but they still he has to make no treaty with the chorus Crusaders, closer is still occupied some land and he accepted that. So actually, soon after his death, his children started making peace with the Crusaders and become very

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bad really. So problem really easy not to take any country back or conquer any country. The promise that allow was really to improve your condition, to conquer your ego, to control your desire to become obey, obey Allah subhanaw taala that we don't want to do we just want to glory but so Allah will never has been like that No messenger no Prophet came to deliver the Muslim glory or the Prophet came to teach people how to improve the condition how to become good and pious Muslims. We need to learn how to live in a sensitively in the time of the weakness.

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Let's take the next question. Sharla from brother chavon kaserne he says

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we know that Allah Subhana Medina has chosen Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salaam as the father of the Muslim nation. Then why did prophets and the people of Bani Israel not come to Mecca for performing hajj with Benny is my

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law so hautala has, you know, for a reason, married at five but I have two families

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One settled in the No man holy land around Jerusalem and that part you know the cities and they allow great gifts, so much fear upon them. And then he made one sunny smile to settle in the desert in the mountain weather nothing, no *, no agriculture, nothing grows there. No two remain are the true nature. Why did he do this? Because if you read this in the Quran, you can see the time of the new wireless alarm, you know, the people you know, how bad they have been annuals have been working 950 years to improve them to reform them, but did not listen, then the flag came when the whole have been destroyed. So allow wanted next time to give to families to evil one actually does not behave

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properly and they have no hope for them to come to the organs of Allah subhanaw taala then he can do favors to the other nations and they can buy the two families have been kept. One is family FSR and one is family. Smiley cinema is my family kept in the desert. Because people live in the desert. They remain on the good quality statistics corrupt people. So he brought a smile family remain on the good nature are the truth of bravery, generosity, helping kindness. These qualities became very helpful. When new religion Academy where Islam came, people who were in the heart of Islam and his family, you know, they knew the story of Kaaba, certainly the new dog story of the Kaaba and covered

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very important for the maybe many of them came for hiding. We don't know the details, but at least one thing is very clear that they used to do major sacrifices in that direction, the Kaaba, there were no much Luxor there was not a temple. And this reminds Thompson he built before that the Jews used to be in the 10th. Wherever they used to live, they used to make or they used to have a in a small prayers, prayer rooms or something like that. They have to make it faced the Kaaba and especially for the sacrifices to cover or what have been important in the life of the Jew even now really, in the Bible, there are clear verses, which command them to sacrifice in the direction the

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Kaabah though they interpret differently, but the commands are still there. If you want to read it, you know on this matter the best book is written by a Maulana hamedan Farahi. His book arrives Hi, fi Man Who Would there be? I think the book must be able to ascend to English. So find out about the book, read it it will help you to understand that how the Kaaba had been important and central place for all the family for him not only for money, smile, even for the family of Israel.

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Okay, insha Allah, let's go to the next question. And this question is from Haile Bihari. He says what the concept of a themI and GCR apply in the modern world if an Islamic State was to be formed?

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You know, Korea plays all the time you don't you see, what are the nation's to do to look for apple? If you live in this country in England, what do you need to do there the moments protection to protect all the citizens so a foreign exchange for the protection of what the people do they pay taxes, and those taxes are in we spent on the army on the difference on the you know, you know, education, or anything that can help people that that is spent so people give something and then they stay to give something to similarly the Muslim rule in anonymously to live there, they're protected. So you know, if anybody got hurt them or anything like that, they're protected, they can

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do their business properly, they can live properly peacefully in order to her but what they do they pay taxes.

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People can ask why Moses don't pay taxes. The reason Muslims don't pay taxes is because Muslims have to pay the cost that actually is much more than then than taxes sometimes have to pay taxes, but the thought is much more than a second thing Muslims it obligatory for Muslims to defend non Muslims and non Muslims have not obliged to fight. So non Muslims are exempted from the war and awarded the only obligatory under Muslims. The Muslims have to fight to they have to be paid. So you know, these taxes could be spent on the Muslim army or Muslims themselves in Okay, so the reason that you know, Islam has got this special tax or non Muslim is because that exempted from the war, they are not

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going to fight. So they are defended, they're protected, they have got all the rights, but they are not obligated upon them to defend Muslim land.

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But it's regarding the Muslim Susa, to defend the Muslim land and different all the citizens, including the non Muslims to date why districts are there but tax actually are not limited only to NASA. next note to you that if

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none of us don't pay zakat, most Muslims have to pay zakat, and part of the cut income goes to the to serve these causes and sometimes also have to pay

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Extract exit, you know, when the news comes?

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Let's take the next question in Sharla. I'm just having an

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okay, let's take this next question from sister Marian, she says, Is it necessary for a husband to take permission from his first wife before the second marriage?

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If people understand the law, the marriage in Islam what Mary means either the man had to provide accommodation and expenses on his wife. So if he married the wife, he had to provide her an independent accommodation, you know, where she lives alone, not with her in laws, not with her parents alone house independently for her. Well, nobody can interact without her permission, she is eligible for all the expenses, the food, the clothes, you know, medical treatment in many of these things, you know, she's entitled, so if a husband, you know, gets this to a wife, he can marry her or one if kirpal wife are two women, he can marry to women. So though is there no need for him to

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ask the wife because wife desirable to do anything, she's not going to help you. She's not going to pay an editor he has to spend,

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but it's good for him to consult her. Because you know, certainly to the Hill life, you know, he does not want to create a problem, but it is not obligatory because the end of the day you have to manage, if you cannot manage, then he is not allowed to marry to marry not people say marriage must be enjoyment, not enjoyment. Marriage actually is a big obligation. You know, it is really nobility, you know, to look after a woman or two women if people are two or three women, it's a noble character is not something easy in order to provide somebody shelter, accommodation expensive in all those and keep working hard. So if a minor was in all the time, and he looks after one family,

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imagine relief, somebody looks after two families how much you have to work in order it is very, very tough for a person. If you find that somebody has got two wise, I'll provide an accommodation equally for both of them and expensive. You should praise him You should appreciate this man. No, man, at least you know, he helped two women. There's so many people not married these days. So if there are some people like that, who are generous and good characters, and the canonbury two, we may have something like that to at least some people who get married they get accommodation expensive in a good future living with people that that no reason, you know, nice allow for a man to ask his

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wife. what he needs to do is to provide accommodation expensive, equally and fairly to both of them. If it's unfair, yeah, then it is problem.

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Okay, let's take the next question. inshallah.

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I'll do I make my marriage to a non Muslim valid. If a few years down the line, I came back to a lot and realize that this was not the right thing to do. Do I stay in the marriage and do Dawa, hoping they will convert or divorce? Also, is it considered adultery? What I did and if I continue to save the marriage,

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in the finger, who's asked a question a man or woman?

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The person who I can't see at the moment, but I think it's a Muslim, non Muslim woman. She's a woman married to non Muslim men, and we're the marriage before Islam, then she became Muslim. You look at all these different set, you know, the ruling, if a man is married to Christian woman, then from there no problem in Islam. And if a woman is married to Christian or she was a Christian, now she became Muslim, then you know, there'll be another

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answer. So first people have to make clear who is married to who?

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I think also in this context, this question has not had its maker.

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No, I'm thinking they were married before they became Muslim or whatever the woman is it question for a woman for a man first thing this I should know.

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I think the question is,

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for who? Am I Oh, he's a man.

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And so he was married to non Muslim woman. And then he became Muslim, both for Muslims.

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No, so he was Muslim but he wasn't practicing after a few years and became practicing this non Muslim woman is she a Christian or Jew or she's a Hindu or pagan or something?

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I actually we don't have the details. issue the crystals June and the new protocol in Islamic law which allowed for Muslim men to marry Christian Jewish, he was married to Christian Jew. And you know, then the fantasy case took a keeper

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you know, because it allowed in Islam.

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Okay, and shall I think maybe we find out more details we can.

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Clearly then okay.

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Okay, let's take the next question. shala

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veganism is becoming popular slowly. This is a fragile matter with the love of animals have their right to live, etc. It's highlighted, what is the Islamic stance? And how do we deal with this?

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not certainly Islamic Lee you know corresponds all the creation of Allah subhanaw taala if you look in Muslim history, they are the first people that murder you know, hospitals for the animals and in all those things, not only that they even murder in darkness for the animals in in Laguna Ubl, his family, they made huge endowments for the animals to then Elon Musk will be looked after and all those things to respect for everybody's fine.

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But at the same time, you know, Allah subhanaw taala has commanded, you know, allowed people, you know, certain things and are like the master and the owner is the creator if you allow something nobody can stop to his creation. So he has allowed people to eat certain animals, you know, restrict them and you know, at the same time they can, you know, use them in the slaughter properly. That is allowed.

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If people think you know, there's a life and how we are supposed to take life, you are not supposed to live your life, where you take life In the name of Allah that way, you have to say Bismillah, Allahu Akbar, in the NFL without another name, you can't take it last creation, to he can allow

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you or anyone you can take otherwise what will happen is, if people keep making you know this thing, then you know, there are people who eat fish, somebody can say fish is also in any mall, they also have life. Actually, some people even think you know, even the wait tables of life and eggs have life and deserve life that people even don't know how to define the life. So it will give or create or the problem. So who had to decide what we can eat or what cannot eat in not asserted it is the one who made them too distant the Creator, the creator, the master is the creator and Master says something that we have to respect to Allah allowed people to eat certain animals, you know, if there

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are lawful, that we can eat them, you know, but the rest of them are the same time you know, don't Don't be in a cruel in, in treating the animals, respect them and eat them in the name of Allah so hautala to make you know, veganism is the philosophy. It very bad really cut it goes against the teachings of Allah some of the sample paper that he had hybrid, they don't use their animals for some reason. That's allowed, but they are not allowed to, you know, just make it like a philosophy on follow it is against Islam, because Islam allows people to eat anymore.

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Okay, we'll take one more question, Charlotte, and we're wrapping up.

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This question is from Susan for Hannah. And she says, How do we understand the versus insert. So when Allah says that he decreed for the children of Israel, that they will do mischeif on earth twice and will become tyrants and extremely arrogant. And when the second promise comes to pass, Allah will making sevens into the mosque as they had entered it before with utter destruction, as this second time happened already, or is it yet to come?

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You know, the story that he mentioned the Quran that already has happened, you know, that the, you know, the two stories that happened in the past, you know, in the life of the Jews, and they were basically destroyed and all this to happen, you know, I did teach in a Salaam, the whole Surah Surah Surah, you know, two or three sessions, the best thing is, you know, if you can just listen to the old recordings, you know, in that I explained the meanings of Dorset and also explained the wrong ideas that people have got about these verses, in how they misinterpret them, you know, because people are very keen to apply the verse of the Quran to their own time to their own science and

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their own knowledge does not right at the book of Allah subhanaw taala I made a very quick look in the book, it is very clear, it has passed nothing to do with the future. It it very, very clearly mentioned in the book in the Quran. So you know, read it, or listen to the recording, it will help you but certainly there are many Hadith that tells her that time will come when you know Jews will be wrongly occupying Palestine and you know, certainly Muslims will be fighting them. And at the end of the day, they will actually will confer Muslims in after long long suffering which we'll come to that is mentioned but not mentioned the Quran

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Okay, and shall I think we will end it there just acupressure for your time. And just like my iPhone, everyone else for joining us. And I love our next q&a will be next week, Thursday 6pm again on Facebook and YouTube and Sharla. Just a quick announcement if I can was holding a one day course on Omar even Abdullah disease

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This course will be on the sixth of June. It's a one day courses. 325 pounds in the early bird discount is ending tomorrow in Charlotte, I highly recommend you guys check it out. If you can just check their link on this screen in Sharla. His course is based on the book savings of Islamic spirit by Sheikh Hassan Ali nadwi. And it will be focusing on one of the most prominent figures in Islamic history or might have been Abdelaziz the great guns clan, grandson of the second highlife. I bet you've been on mobile hottub just for everyone for joining us. And please, if you have any questions, any questions we didn't address please join us next week in sha Allah sinuata

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