Pillars of Salah – Shorts

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So the province that Allah light is and and then tells him and he says a number of things that became understood to be pillars of the prayer. He says, when you when you stand, then make thick beard and then recite what's easy a view of the Quran. And then he says bow, here's the point here he says bow until you are tranquil. It's non tranquil in your bowing. And then he says, stand until you are completely erect. A lot of people when they stand, they hit the 45 and then they go back down, then they don't even they don't even stand up straight. The problem is the lightest have said, No, stand up straight until you're completely erect, and then go into salute until you are tranquil

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in your suit. Tranquility means that for that moment, it doesn't have to be a long moment. Before that moment, you are completely still. Seek stillness in every station stillness. Come back up stillness. Go back into stillness. In every station, you seek stillness. Again, that doesn't add a lot of time to the prayer, but it perfects your prayer.