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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah al Karim rubbish. raha Sabri were Siddeley emri what Hello looked at and melissani yufka who Kali Allahumma the Colby was sadly Sani was flutes of Hema to Colby amin Yoruba alameen

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inshallah we will continue with our study of the most beautiful, the most excellent Names of Allah the Exalted and today inshallah We will begin with the name of Allah Allah hab and we'll have the Bestower the giver of gifts, the liberal store of gifts, who is unwell herb, Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran amarinder home causa in raw material because easel will have or do they have the depositories of the mercy of your Lord, the Exalted in Might, the Bestower meaning it is Allah alone, who has ownership and control of his treasures. He decides what gifts to give to which of his slaves and none of his creatures can do anything to prevent him from giving what he wants to give

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his servants. We see that the name of Allah Allah hub occurs three times in the Quran. And when we look at the word Allah will have and will have means the one who is the one who constantly gives HIPAA, meaning the one who gives HIPAA again and again, or the one who gives HIPAA too many, or the one who gives HIPAA which is great. So the question is, what exactly is a HIPAA? A HIPAA is a gift, but what kind of a gift is it? It is a gift that is given freely for no compensation, and not as compensation. You see, sometimes when we give gifts to people, we have an expectation that you know what i'm giving a gift to them. And they should also now love me or respect me or give me something

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in exchange. And sometimes when we give gifts to people it is to show appreciation to them, that they have done us a favor. So we want to reciprocate. But what but HIPAA in its in its essence is to give something for free, not for a compensation and not as compensation meaning there is no strings attached. And this means that when you when you give a gift, then don't expect anything in return. And don't just give when someone has done good to you. This is the essence of haber. So Allah subhanaw taala he is a Wahab meaning he is the one who gives gifts to his slaves. And also remember that you know a gift is given for the purpose of you know, making people feel special. So, it is a

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fact that whatever we have is from Allah exalted, every single thing and we learned that of the names of Allah is that he is a Razzak, he is a result he is the provider he is an murkly the one who gives, so everything we have is from Allah anyway. How is an Wahab different from a morally or a rasik or a result? The difference is that yes, Allah has given everything to us. Everything we have is from Allah. But there are certain blessings. Which when we receive from Allah we truly feel blessed does doesn't mean that certain blessings don't matter. No, every single blessing matters. But there are certain gifts because of which we truly feel privileged, like the gift of guidance or

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the gift of children, or the gift of, of supporters and good friends. So everything we have is truly a gift for

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from Allah we didn't do anything to deserve it. And, and at the same time there are certain gifts that Allah subhanaw taala has given us because of which we truly feel blessed. So when Allah subhanaw taala is a Wahhab, what does that mean? It means that he is the giver of many gifts to his slaves. So he is the liberal restore of many gifts to his slaves, and he gives of his favors universally, meaning he is elka Thea rule mohib meaning his gifts are so many, they're unrestricted. It's not that he only gives gifts to you know, his righteous servants, or people who think and praise him a lot or people who are very obedient, no, he is a Wahhab. So his gifts are generous

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towards all of his creatures. And when Allah subhanaw taala is a lahab it means that he does not have any benefit by giving gifts to his slaves, you see, sometimes we give gifts to people in order that we may get some kind of benefit out of them. Allah subhanaw taala does not benefit by giving because he is aloni. So he gives without seeking a compensation without seeking a route, you know a reward from his slaves, meaning he does not depend on gift giving. You see as as creatures we depend on gift giving, we need to give gifts to people in order to get certain benefits out of them. If we don't give them gifts, they will not benefit us in return and as a result, we are the ones who will

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suffer. So Allah subhanaw taala is unwell have meaning he gives not to gain back and not because people deserve those gifts. But he gives out of his generosity. out of his mercy, he is Eleni. And when Allah subhanaw taala is an Wahab it means that he gives gifts perpetually, every single moment of our lives, every single moment of our existence. We are constantly receiving gifts from Allah. And if we were to think about our situation, any what can we say? What did we do to deserve anything? We don't deserve any gifts from Allah subhanaw taala because it is what have we done in order to demand that Allah subhanaw taala gives us certain things. There are so many things that

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Allah has given us that we didn't even ask him for. And there is no way that we can count his favors what in Theroux do near Mata Allah He loved or saw her. So he gives gifts perpetually. And then we see that the name of Allah and Wahab comes in the Quran with the name and Aziz and you can see that in the verse that is quoted over here, and disease in our hub. So this shows us that his gift giving is with his visa, it is with his might. You see, there are people who feel insecure, when they're giving, they feel that if they become too generous, people are going to take advantage of them. So they become stingy over there. Or there are people who have a lot of authority, a lot of power, a

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lot of resources, yet they are stingy in their heart. They are too selfish, they're not able to give this is the weakness of the creation. But Allah subhanaw taala will Allah Hill methylone Allah, He is the Creator. And so his gift giving is with his Riza he gives with the power and this is why when he gives, no one can withhold what he gives, no one can prevent what he gives, and no one can bring from him what he decides to withhold, and this is why the last panel tada says a marine the home hawza in Russia, Matthew Rob bicolor azizul were herb, do they own the depositories of Allah's treasures? Allah who is Allah disease and were her, you see this I was revealed when the people when

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people objected to the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu early he was Allah, that what makes him worthy of prophethood? Was he the only one? Why him Why not someone else? So at times, any people do belittle certain individuals that are not worthy of a certain position or or have a certain gift. But Allah subhanaw taala is the giver of gifts, and he gifts with his power. And remember that when he gives a gift to his creatures, that is with his wisdom, any lost pounds, Allah does not give randomly, every single gift that he gives to his slaves is with his wisdom. So instead of the shoulder I have 50 I have 49 and 50. We learn Allah, Allah says Lila he will cause some are worth he

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will earn your local Masha to Allah belongs the heavens and the earth. He creates whatever that he wants

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Yeah, bulimia shabu. inasa where you have bulimia with the code, he gifts, female children to whomsoever that he wants, and he gifts male children to whomsoever that he wants. So, this is not random. This is with Allah subhanaw taala is will, it is his decree, it is his decision, and that is accompanied with his wisdom. And we see that in the Quran certain blessings are really described as gifts. First of all, children are described as gifts in the Quran insert the Shura 49 Allah says yeah, hubballi mania share Oh inasa where your hubballi Maya share with the code. He gifts female children to whomsoever He wants, he gifts male children to whomsoever He wants in total anom 84 what

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will happen Allah Who is harkaway are Koba Quinlan hi Dana about Ibrahim arias said I'm Allah says that we gifted him jaqua his help and your coop and all of them we guided meaning his son and his grandson. Both were gifts for Ibrahim alayhis salaam. In salt sod. I have 30 Allah subhanaw taala says about the Buddha or a Salaam what will happen early the Buddha Sulaiman we gifted to the wound Suleiman meaning his son Suleiman about zaccaria Cinema last Panther Allah says in Surah ambia i a 90 festa German Allah who will happen Allahu yahia we responded to his Dora and we gave him the gift of yahia meaning his son yehezkeli his Salah. So Allah subhanaw taala is the one who gifts children.

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And then when it comes to family, also, this is a gift from Allah interoute Saad, I have 43 Allah subhanaw taala says about profit a year earlier he said, what will happen Allahu Allah who were Miss la hamara home rajmata Mina, that we gifted him his family, and he went when his children had died in his time of trial. And then when Allah subhanaw taala gave him relief, then Allah subhanaw taala also gifted him with with children, with with a family. So a family is also a gift from Allah in total for con is 74 we learn or ogbonna herbal and I mean as word you know with the React you know kurata Aryan so contentment and happiness that a person finds with one's family. This is also a gift

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from Allah because we are taught to ask Allah that Allah, you gift us from our spouses and our children, the contentment, the coolness of the eyes. And then we see that when it comes to

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siblings or companions, or friends, supporters, these are also gifts from Allah. Instead of Miriam, I have 53 lost parents Allah says, well, we'll have an Allahumma Rama Tina aha who held Hoon and OB hear about Musa alayhis salaam that we gifted him from our mercy. His brother had one as a prophet. So Harun Ali Salaam was the brother of mozarella sam but when how long earlier Salaam became a Prophet and his supporter and aid for musar the center this is described as a gift when it comes to guidance. This is also described as a gift in the Quran insert earlier Amman eight rockburn Allah to the Kullu been a burden in her data now. We're herbal anomala Don kurama in the cantle wa herb, that

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our Lord do not allow our hearts to be deviated after You have guided us, and you gift us mercy from yourself. Truly, indeed it is you who is the perpetual giver of gifts. When it comes to wisdom, that is also described as a gift. Instead of the Sharla I are 21 we learn for what herbally Robbie hoekman wotja Island email mousseline Musa alayhis, Salam said, that my lord granted me he gifted me hokum, and hokum, any wisdom, judgment, decisiveness, and also Prophethood these are also gifts from Allah subhanaw taala. So when Allah subhanaw taala is Allah herb, the giver of gifts, any whatever we have is a gift from Allah, and among the blessings that Allah has given us, certain blessings are

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truly, truly gifts from Allah, any day, they become so beneficial for us for our dunya for our arquilla So what should we do in response? Our responsibility is that first of all, we recognize the gifts that Allah has given us, that we don't take any blessing for granted. We never assume that we deserve certain things, whether it is our children or it is our life, or it is our health or wealth or knowledge that Allah has given us any never think that I deserve this. Or, or of course, I should have it. No, this is truly a favor a gift from Allah. So recognize that

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Gifts of Allah recognize the fact that Allah subhanaw taala did not have to give these gifts to us, because we don't we can ever say that we we deserve these gifts. Secondly, when Allah subhanaw taala is the one who has given us all of these gifts, then this means that we should be happy with the gifts that Allah has given us, we should express that happiness, we should be pleased with his gifts, and we should express our gratitude, we should express our joy, our happiness, not that we are constantly complaining about things that are not going according to our wishes, or finding fault in the blessings that Allah has given us. appreciating the blessings means that we express

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gratitude. And then when Allah subhanaw taala is allowed to have, that also means that we continue to ask Allah for gifts, because he's allowed to have the liberal the perpetual restore of gifts. You see, when it comes to asking from the creation, of course, we should have some, you know, dignity and some, you know, some limit that we don't insist, and we don't go on asking for one favor after another. But when it comes to our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala remember that we are completely and entirely dependent on him. And Allah subhanaw taala is Allah herb, he is the giver of gifts he loves to give. So ask him, ask him for gifts. And don't be shy when you're asking Allah. So

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when it comes to picking da to Allah subhanaw taala with these names, then how can we do that? First of all, we see in the Quran, the daughter of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, that how he expressed gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala for the blessing of children, and he said Alhamdulillah Hillary where her belly, our Ll kebari ismar Isla is held in Nabila Samir a dua, that all praise and thanks to Allah who has gifted me, despite my old age, he has gifted me ismar L and is how he was thanking Allah subhanaw taala for his children, his Marylanders hug and he truly considered his children to be a gift from Allah. Because again, any we can ever say that, oh, I deserve this, I should better have

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it. No, Allah doesn't have to give anything to us. So if he gives us something, then this is a gift from him. So part of our job should be to thank Allah. So take a moment and thank Allah subhanaw taala for the gifts that He has given for children who are healthy for children who are obedient for children who pray, you know, sometimes when it comes to children, we're constantly complaining, or we're constantly upset that Oh, my son doesn't listen to me. My daughter doesn't listen to me. Or it's so difficult for me to look after my children. They're so demanding. They're so needy, they don't learn already. They're always complaining. And instead of always focusing on the negative, let

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us appreciate the very gift of having children. And not just children, any gift, any blessing, you know, that that you feel in your life that you experienced, that you benefit from in your life, whether it is you know, guidance, or you know, knowledge, good friends, good spouse, health, different opportunities, thank Allah subhanaw taala Alhamdulillah he loves he will herbally all praise and thanks to Allah who has gifted this to me, I don't deserve it. I haven't done anything because of which I can say I deserve this. No way. Allah subhanaw taala does not have to give me anything yet he has been so generous to me, yet he has given this to me. So yeah, Allah

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Alhamdulillah all praise and all thanks is to you or Allah.

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Then when we're when we're making God to Allah subhanaw taala with this name and Wahhab, or with this attribute of the fact that he gives gifts, then let us ask Allah subhanaw taala to make our blessings gifts for us, and he truly beneficial for us. Anyone we're asking Allah subhanaw taala for example, you know, for for a spouse or for for children. Don't just ask for children, ask for righteous children. Don't just ask for marriage ask for a good spouse. And we see this in the example of the prophets of Allah. where, you know, we see for example, Ibrahim alayhis salam said Rob be heavily hookman will adhere can either slowly or be heavily meaner solly hain right? That oh

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my lord, you give to me wisdom. And you also join me with the righteous that oh my lord, you grant me you. You give me the gift of solid heat, solid children solid company, you know good Good, good.

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obedient righteous children. In the Quran were taught that there are robina herbelin I mean as word you know with the reaction of kurata Aryan, that our our Lord, You give us the gift of the contentment of the eyes, the coolness of the eyes, happiness, true joy through our spouses and through our children. So ask Allah subhanaw taala that your blessings become a gift for you. Zachary alehissalaam said for herbally melancholia. He didn't just ask for a child. He asked for the gift of a child that that made this child be truly a gift for me and make him a Willie for me, meaning his supporter, an heir, someone who will truly learn from me and continue with my work. And then ask

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Allah subhanaw taala for the gift of guidance also, Robin Allah to Zuko. lubaina BARDA in her day Tana, will herbal Allah Milla Don kurama in the cantle Wahab and then when you're asking Allah subhanaw taala Don't be shy, you know, don't don't ever think that Oh, how could I ever ask for this blessing? All right, no, don't don't be shy. Allah subhanaw taala has treasures our vest, his generosity is, is great. So don't hesitate. You know, when you're asking ALLAH, you know, for example, if you're, if you're asking your parents for a favor, and you you want money, for example, and you would rather have $200, but you know that this is a stretch. So you say you begin with the

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50, right? And the maximum you says is 100. Right? Why? Because you feel embarrassed to ask for more, even though you wish for more. Yes, this is how we should be with people that's understandable. But when it comes to you asking Allah subhanaw taala Don't be shy. And we see this in the way of the prophets. Look at the way that a man or a salami Dora, in sort of SWAT I have 35 we learn that's what a man or Islam said. Rob bill fairly that Oh my Lord, forgive me. We're heavily milken les Youngberg really had him embody and you give me the gift of a kingdom that will not be fit anyone after me, meaning a kingdom that is exclusively for me the likes of which no one else can

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in the UK until Wahhab, he said indeed you are truly Aloha. So the matter is, and I was asking for so much power, so much any

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resources that no other human being would be ever given after him? Allah, any? But why did he asked that because he knew that almost Python is able to give. So when you're asking Allah subhanaw taala realize that Allah is elwha have nothing is difficult for him to give. His treasures are not limited and he loves to give gifts. So yes, you don't deserve it. Yes, you can say you don't have the right to ask for it. But you as a slave of Allah, you can ask Allah for anything. So ask Don't be shy, and don't hesitate ever.

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The next Name of Allah subhanaw taala that we will be looking at now is the name of Allah. Elman Nan Alma, Nan the benefactor, the one who the one who bestows favors upon His servants. We see that this name Alma, Nan, it occurs only in the sooner where we learned that a man was once making VA and he said Allahumma in the US Luca be Anelka Hammond La ilaha illa Anta why the kalasha re kolak Alma Nan but they are of some are what you will og they'll generally will Econ, and the man was making this draw in his Salah, and the Prophet sallallahu or he was selling when he heard it. He said, la Kadar Lucha bismi Hill Harlem, a levy either Duryea be a Java what either su Ellerbee are a thought that

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the man has certainly called upon Allah by his great name, when which went when a servant calls upon Allah by that name that Allah subhanaw taala certainly response he certainly gives and that name is little Jalali while a cramp. However, in the dura, the name Alma Nan is also mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala is Alma Nan, he is the he is the benefactor, the giver of favors to his to his slaves. So

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aluminum is the one who gives men right and not just once but over and over again. So the question is what exactly is a man and man is is a favor, but it is a heavy favor. It is described as a neuroma to subpoena meaning a blessing or a favor that is a subpoena that is very heavy

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Heavy in the sense that it's huge. It's it's really, you know, too big and also heavy in the sense that it has been conferred from a position of higher rank and strength. So, for example, you see that there are people who, for instance, if they do you a favor, you can reciprocate, you can pay them back for the favor that that they have done to you. Right. But then there are certain favors, which when, you know, when people do to you, you realize that there's no way I could ever reciprocate this favor. Right? Like, for example, your parents have done you a huge favor. And this is why we're taught in the Quran to do your son to the parents, why, because there is no way that we

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can ever reciprocate you know, our parents for for the gift for the favors that they have done to us, why because, we can never be in a position that is higher than theirs,

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through which we can benefit them. So, man is a heavy favor that is given from a position of higher rank from a position of strength and remember that this kind of favor it puts the receiver under obligation right, meaning that the person who has received the favor is indebted to the one who has done favor to him. So, this means that they are always below them, they will always have to be appreciative. So, man basically is in two ways, okay. Man is through fair it is through actions and it is also through cold through words, through actions, what does that mean through actions it is to confer a heavy favor from a position of higher rank. So the receiver is truly indebted, the receiver

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is truly indebted. And only Allah subhanaw taala is imminent in that sense, because yes, it is a fact that whatever we have is from Allah. And Allah subhanaw taala is above us. And his blessings on us are truly a neuroma to sucky. Like any every single blessing is a neuroma to sokola which we cannot deny, which we cannot do without, and which we can never truly thank Allah enough for, will we and and of course, we can never reciprocate, right, there's absolutely no way. So we are truly indebted by the favors of Allah subhanaw taala. Secondly, money is also through own meaning through one's words. What does that mean? This is to remind someone of a favor that is done to them. Why in

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order to make them feel obligated to make them feel indebted to show one's higher status to them. So for example, some people you know, when they do a favor to someone, they continue to remind them remember, I gave this to you remember, I helped you, so you owe it to me. This is man. All right. And this is something that we as people have no right to do. This is something that we are not allowed to do. Allah subhanaw taala prohibits us he tells us in the Quran, Allah typically do so the corticon bill money while other do not nullify your charities through men. What does that mean? That when you remind someone of a favor that you have done to them, you have nullified your charity,

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meaning you have destroyed the reward of the favor that you just showed them. So do not a do man through words. But when remember that when Allah subhanaw taala when he mentioned his favours in the Quran to us, right with guru near Matala. Remember the blessings of Allah will interpret dunya and Matala hereafter. So if you were to count the blessings of Allah you wouldn't be able to count them. What are of Taku Allah, Allah has given you what a spell are. They come near my hula, hula thornwell cleaner he has amply bestowed on you His blessings, the both manifest and hidden, any in the Quran, there is repeated mention of the blessings of Allah. Why does the last Pandora do that? That is to

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make us realize that we are indebted to Allah, that we better show gratitude to Allah, we better show obedience to Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala has all the right to remind us of the favors that he has done to us because all favors are truly from him. But people do not have the right to remind others of the favors that they have done to them. Why because we as people are only a means if we have been able to benefit someone. The fact is that it is not we who are benefiting them. It is Allah subhanaw taala who is benefiting them through us and when we show up

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favor to someone. Then Then remember that they can always any reciprocate and if they cannot reciprocate, when they said just Zack Allah hi Ron, may Allah reward you, you know with good, then they have you know that they have rewarded you, they have done their part. This doesn't mean that you just say does echolocate and then you, you completely forget about and ignore and overlook the good that that others have done to you know, you remember that. But when you're in the position of giving, never feel proud of yourself, and never assume that you know what, I'm so good to others. I have done this for them. I have done that for them. No, you're only a means the real favor is

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actually from Allah. Because so many people have that ability and have that you know those resources through which they can benefit people, but are they able to know they're not able to, sometimes they never realize that they should, sometimes even when they realize they're not able to but to benefit others. So if you have been able to benefit someone, the fact is that it is Allah who benefited them through you. So don't give credit to yourself. give credit to Allah in fact, thank Allah for the blessing of being able to help someone. So when it comes to the name of Allah, Allah Nan remember that it is only Allah subhanaw taala who is Elma Nan, only Allah is alumina, because his favors are

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truly heavy and huge and great. And his favors are of course from a position of higher rank and strength because Allah is above us, Allahu Akbar, Allah, He is Allah wa jal, Yanni, he is always superior to us. And people when they do a favor to someone, any it doesn't necessarily make them superior. So only Allah subhanaw taala is alemana.

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So when we when we're talking about the name of Allah, Allah Nan, remember that Allah subhanaw taala is cathedra thought, meaning he gives a lot and he is our Lima Mullah, have meaning his gifts are huge, they are great. So he gives without being asked, he gives from the beginning to the end, he gives more than what the slave can expect or ever imagine even and his his blessings his favors are truly huge. When we look at, you know the word man in the Quran, we see for example, it has been used in the Quran for the favor of freedom from tyranny, freedom from oppression and, and victory and success. So for example, instead of Casa spire number five, almost Panther says about Bani

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Israel, that when you redo a new moon, Allah larina still very fulfilled out. We intended to show favor to the people who were oppressed in the land, mean the Bani Israel were being oppressed by fit our own. And Allah subhanaw taala intended to do the bunny is a huge favor. How? By granting them freedom from tyranny. So this is a huge blessing from Allah. inserts of fat I have 114 and 115. Allah says well, other men, Allah musawah, Harun indeed we showed a huge favor to Moosa and Harun and this favor, this blessing could truly come from Allah who is above all right. And what was that favorite one A j now whom are coma whom I mean, l Karbala. avi, that we rescued them and there are

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people from the great affliction, one of sorrow now whom for can normally been we gave them victory. We we help them so they became the those who were victorious what attainder Hormel, Kitab, Al musta been and we gave them the explicit the very clear book. So we see over here, that man is what man is, is sell freedom from tyranny. Man is victory. mn is guidance and these are truly huge favors from Allah subhanaw taala. We also learned that man is his safety when when qarun was swallowed in by the earth. The people said Lola Amanda Allah who are Elena Lucha verbena, if Allah subhanaw taala did not do us a huge favor. He could have caused us to swallow he could have caused us to be

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swallowed by the earth also. Any safety is also a huge favor. And truly Allah subhanaw taala because he he is the greatest he is able to give this favor and blessing to us. When it comes to the gift of guidance. This is also described as a huge

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To paper from Allah. So we learned into the earlier one I have 164 or lost pounds or it says other men Allah who are a little more meaning. Allah has indeed given the believers a huge favor. What is via the fee him Rasulullah min and foresee him when he sent to them a messenger from among themselves yet clue Allah him it he will use a key him where you are Lima homall Kitab al hikma who recites to them Allah is vs. Who purifies them and teaches them the book and teaches them the wisdom we're in can amin acaba Lula field Allah Allah movie, and indeed they were before that in clear, ever. So guidance, knowledge of the Quran, the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he, this is a huge blessing from Allah, because if we didn't have it, then what would our lives be? Well, also in Al insana, Luffy hustle that mankind is in Los illa larina Ave tamilisai Lee had except for the people who believe in do good deeds, what else will will help you to also be sober? So how would we know what a man is? What our masala is, if Allah subhanaw taala had not sent us the gift of guidance, the huge favor of guidance. And then we see that Amen. Faith is also a huge blessing. Unless parent Allah says in Surah Nisa i a 94, Cavalli cocoon two min kaaboo firmen Allah who are in a comfortable you know, that is how you used to be before meaning there was a time when

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you didn't believe there was a time when you were not upon guidance, and it is a law who bestowed a huge favor upon you. So, so ascertain and Don't be hasty when you're dating when you're dealing with people. And so their hair gerat is 17 balilla huya moonwalk la calm and Lily man, it is Allah who has done a huge favor to you that he has guided you to faith, and Allah subhanaw taala his alma Nan, so remember that his gifts or his route, the reward that he gives to his slaves, they're endless. The Prophet sallallahu Urdu cinemas told into the column IR three were in Malacca, Urdu Rama, Rama, Rama known that you will certainly have a reward that is later on mamnoon meaning it is

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never going to be interrupted, because mn also means to, it primarily means to cut something off.

00:37:28--> 00:37:49

And the thing is that when a huge favor is given to someone, then their need their neediness is cut off in the sense that they're that that their need is fulfilled now, they're no longer desperate. Right? And it also cuts off their tongue in the sense that they're not able to say anything now, because your son Jaco, listen.

00:37:51--> 00:38:34

So, so the reward that Allah subhanaw taala gives it is late on noon, and this is of course, for the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And when people will be in general, they will say femen Allah who are Elena will will corner or they have a small that Allah subhanaw taala bestowed a huge favor upon us. And he saved us from the punishment of the scorching heat of the fire, meaning meaning jahannam so when Allah subhanaw taala is Alma Nan, what is it that we are supposed to do? Our job is again to acknowledge his great favors. I acknowledge his great favors. The blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given us are not just gifts, they're also huge favors without which we could not survive.

00:38:34--> 00:39:15

They're huge favors because of which we are forever indebted to Allah which means that no matter how much we thank him, and praise Him and show obedience to Him, it's never ever going to be enough. So what are my binaire material because I had this Express and talk about the blessings that Allah subhana wa tada has given you, meaning thank him for the blessings that Allah has given you and and talk about the huge blessings that that you feel are very significant in your life. So we see that for example use of RT Salaam when his family was, you know, United again, we learned that he said

00:39:16--> 00:40:00

other men Allah who are Alina, first of all, he said to his brothers, when his brothers recognized him, that other men Allah who are Alina, that Indeed, Allah subhanaw taala has done a huge favor to us. Right? And then and then when Allah subhanaw taala is Alma Nan. This means that when Allah has benefited us through certain people, then we acknowledge that also, you see, in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah mentions the coming of the Prophet sallallahu earlier send us a huge favor, recognize that. And then we see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam through his own example. He showed us how we should recognize the favors that people have done to us. So for example, one day the Prophet

00:40:00--> 00:40:47

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam thanked and praised Allah. And then he said in the who lace I mean, unless he had on mn la Yuffie nuptse he was early human of evocatively a beautiful hatha, that there is no one who has done more favor to me with his life and his property, then Abu Bakar So, men gnarlier, meaning he has been his his favors on me have been huge. And the prophets Allah who earlier said, publicly acknowledged that. So recognize the gifts that Allah subhanaw taala gives you directly the huge favors that he gives you directly and also recognize the favors that are lost power, authority gives you through people, acknowledge them, and thank them. And then when you when

00:40:47--> 00:41:33

Allah subhanaw taala is almanaque This means that we should never think that we have done enough to thank and praise Allah, that we have done our part that we are doing a lot of favor, by worshiping Him. Never ever, any Never assume that because Allah is elven that we are the recipients of his favors, we can never show a favor to Allah. Allah. We learned that in social hedge. Roth is 17 you know, the people that would come to the Prophet sallallahu earlier Solomon, you know, and they would basically remind him of the fact that you know, what we believe, and we are Muslims. And why would they do that as if they were showing favor to him?

00:41:34--> 00:42:16

That that it's a big deal that we have accepted Islam and you know what, this is good for you. So Allah subhanaw taala says he will noona alayka and assalamu. They, they they consider it to be a favor on you that they have accepted Islam, meaning they think that they're doing you a favor by being Muslim. And sometimes this is what we think that if we were reciting Quran, or Mom, you should better be happy with me because you know what? I recited the Quran. Alright Dad, you know what, you better be pleased with me because you know what, I prayed my Salah. When you do good, you're not doing anyone a favor. Not Allah, not your parents, not the people who taught you not the people who

00:42:16--> 00:43:06

reminded you know, it is you who is the recipient of favor from Allah when you were able to do something good. When you're able to do something good. You are actually receiving a huge favor from Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah tamanu Allah Islam acoem tell them that do not considered to be a favor that you have accepted Islam any you're not doing me a favor by accepting Islam. It is Allah who has done you a favor by giving you the ability to accept Islam. When the last panel Tara is Alma Nan, this means that we should not any remind people of the favors that we have done to them a loss parents Allah says in the Quran, Allah Tam non domesticated do not show favor in order to

00:43:06--> 00:43:49

increase so for example, you do a favor to someone so that they praise you they Thank you they like you, they follow you, right? You like someone's posts in hopes that they will like you You follow them, demanding that they follow you anytime known distracted, don't give an order to demand something in return. No, stop expecting. This is this is not generosity, this is greed. And once you have done a favor to someone don't keep reminding them. Because this will ruin the reward of your of your gift or or of the goodness that you have done led to both windows or the party can be manual other do not nullify your reward your charities by men and other and we learn that when people

00:43:49--> 00:44:35

remind others of the favors that they have done them. This is something that Allah subhanaw taala greatly dislikes. It had these we learned that there are three types of people whom Allah subhanaw taala will not even speak with on the Day of Judgment. He will be so angry with them, Allah will not even talk to them. He will not purify them, they will have a painful punishment. And of them is who Alma Nan, meaning a person who constantly reminds people of the favors that he has done them. I helped you. I wrote this for you. I you know helped you with your homework. I gave you this. I gave you that. So you owe it to me. Alma Nan Stafford Allah, Henny. This is a mindset. This is a mindset.

00:44:35--> 00:45:00

You see, when when a person is a taker, they're constantly focused on taking from people they use any means and every means to gain advantage. So even when they're giving something to someone, it is with the intention of taking something from them in return. And such a person only wastes his reward such a person you know

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

ruins his relationships. But when a person is focused on giving, when a person is, is a giver, then they're not focused on, you know, constantly on, on, on seeing how they can take advantage from people. They're focused on how they can benefit others. And when a person is focused on benefiting others then guess what? Allah subhanaw taala gives them Allah subhanaw taala helps them. So don't be selfish. Don't be greedy, don't be a taker, be a giver, and when you will give a loss Panthera will not deprive you because he is Ullman Nan. And then we see that

00:45:40--> 00:46:25

any we learned that layer, the whole janitor Mannan that that m&m person, meaning if a person who is constantly reminding people of the favors that he has done them, such a person will not enter agenda, because the thing is that such people ruin you know, the fun, basically, right? They give you a gift, for example, and you instantly feel like you know what, this is a mistake, I should not accept a favor from them. Because tomorrow, they're going to start demanding from me or next woman, they're going to start demanding from me, you feel afraid, even when they give you a smile, right? You feel afraid, even when they give you you know, when they pass you water, right? Because you you

00:46:25--> 00:47:15

you feel worried that now they're going to come and start demanding from me. So, such people ruin the fun wherever they go, they they spread unpleasantness. So such people are not in Jannah This is why we should remove you know, we should correct ourselves and Alma Nan as a person, and it has been described as a person who does not give anything except that he reminds people of it. And you can only do that if you keep count of the things that you are giving people of the help that you are offering people, you keep count of it. Right? The thing is that you should give and forget about it. Right? offer help give whatever that you can and forget about it. Don't keep it in your head that

00:47:15--> 00:47:59

you know what I helped them three years ago, and they still haven't reciprocated. I gave them a gift and there is no acknowledgement. I sent them a nice message and there was no response. Give and forget about it. Allah subhanaw taala will give you what you deserve. And the thing is that when you give something your intention to be to please Allah subhanaw taala you should be seeking reward from Allah zoologia not from people and such people. Then what happens is that when they start expecting from people, they also think that they're doing a lot of favor by doing something good. So then a person says things like I made da It was not accepted. I give sadaqa I I was truthful. I was

00:47:59--> 00:48:50

generous. I was honest. I kept all my fasts. I prayed regularly, I recited so much Quran yet my dogs were not answered, yet. I am in difficulty yet. I am unwell. Kenny, did you do all those good deeds as a favor to Allah that you think you deserve? You know, whatever it is that you please. So distance yourself from such behavior and correct yourself. Remind yourself that when I do good, it is actually Allah who has given me the ability to do good. I'm not doing a favor. I am actually receiving a favor. When I help someone. I am actually the recipient of Allah's favor.

00:48:51--> 00:49:25

Consider yourself as always someone who is in need of Allah someone who is receiving benefit from Allah and stay humble like this. How is it that we can call upon Allah subhanaw taala with this name, I mentioned the door earlier and this door is the door I wish the Prophet sallallahu Urdu said and heard a man making and the Prophet sallallahu aureo said in praise that there are Allahumma in the Luca be unethical hand La ilaha illa Anta what the collage recollect Alma Nan but the or somehow it will all little Jalali will become

00:49:27--> 00:49:35

the next Name of Allah subhanaw taala that we will be looking at is the name al Jawad al Jawad the generous.

00:49:37--> 00:50:00

This name al Jawad occurs in the Sunnah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that in the la hora zoologia La Jolla don't you humble Jude? That Indeed Allah, the majestic, the sublime he is Jawad. He is generous. You have bill Jude. He loves generosity and he is generous.

00:50:00--> 00:51:03

himself and he loves to give and he loves the act of giving. So when his slaves give their generous then Allah subhanaw taala loves that in his slaves. So Allah subhanaw taala is a Jawad and this name is mentioned in the Sunnah. Now al Jawad is the one who who does dude, right? So what is Jude? Jude is gracious giving, okay? Meaning it is to give, not just to give, but to give generously, to give a lot. And to give without being asked before being asked why. So that the other does not have to experience the humility of begging. So for example, you see someone who, who is clearly thirsty, right? So don't just wait for them to ask you for water. You go and get water for them. This is

00:51:03--> 00:51:04


00:51:05--> 00:51:32

Why How is the dude because you didn't wait for them to ask you, you saw the need, you recognized it and you got up and you fulfill the need. And a person or or someone who is generous in this way, then they're not just generous once in a while. They they're actually extremely generous and they're generous in many ways. So this is why Jude is is extreme generosity is gracious giving.

00:51:33--> 00:52:35

So you see, for example, if you're only giving when you're asked then then what does that mean? You will give rarely, but when you give without being asked. This means that you're always looking for opportunities to give and to benefit people right. So remember that if one gives when asked that is come but when a person gives when someone gives without being asked that is dude, okay. And in the Arabic language we see the Jebel Mata, Mata rain when the when the verb Java is used to describe rain, it is when rain has been abundant, or rain, that was basically heaviest rain possible. And you cannot imagine a rain that would be more abundant than that than that particular rain. Any, it's

00:52:35--> 00:53:31

it's the heaviest rain possible. Okay. When when Jude is used for a horse, it is a horse that runs really fast such that it outstrips others, okay, that it always gets ahead of others. So, this is the the meaning of Jude, it is generosity, it is to be extremely generous to outstrip others to be generous, you need to the max beyond which you can you cannot even imagine or, or or basically more than what you can imagine more than what you can expect. And it is to give without being asked. So this is the concept of Jude. Now, Allah subhanaw taala loves Jude, he is joab when Allah subhanaw taala is joab it means that first of all, Allah subhanaw taala his generosity is greater than any

00:53:31--> 00:54:27

generosity imagined or combined together. Think about the generosity of people, some people Mashallah they're very generous, always looking for opportunities to benefit others to give others some acts of generosity, you're moved to tears because of them. Some acts of generosity, Kenny, they're so beautiful. And and we see different forms of generosity, right? So combined all acts of generosity from people all of that any it's not even a speck, okay compared to the generosity of Allah subhanaw taala because his generosity is him measurable, a measurable because there is no one except that they benefit from Allah soprano, Tatas, dude. Right? Kenny, consider how long the skies

00:54:27--> 00:55:00

in the earth have been in existence. Consider how many creatures Allah subhanaw taala has spread over the land and the sea in the in the depths of the ocean in the depths of the earth on the surface of the earth all all parts of the world and how many creatures Allah tada has created and spread just on the earth. How many there were before how many there are now and how many there will be in the future. Although up and every single creature every single moment is benefiting from

00:55:00--> 00:55:01

From the generosity of Allah Subhana

00:55:02--> 00:55:55

Allah, you know, he his generosity is a measurable in measurable. And this means that one of those paths that is ultra wide, he is way too generous, way too generous more than we can even imagine. And he consider the fact that when people disobeyed Allah, He lets them sleep in the night as if they never disobeyed him. He lets them enjoy good food. And he lets them enjoy the good things of the world as if they had never sinned. He continues to protect them, he continues to provide them, he continues to maintain them, he answers them when they ask him, he accepts them when they repented to him. Eddie, could we ever fathom his generosity, it is it is beyond our imagination. And then we

00:55:55--> 00:56:44

see that when people are generous, even when creatures are generous to one another, this is also because of Allah subhanaw taala. He inspires generosity to his creatures, when Allah subhanaw taala is a joab it means that he loves to give and when he loves to give, when people do not ask him, or when they feel that, you know, it's, it's beneath them to ask him, then this is something that angers Allah subhanaw taala. So in the Hadees, we learn that lamb Yes, La La Jolla, la la, that whoever does not ask Allah and Allah becomes angry with him. Allah is angry with him that How dare you not ask Allah? What that what do you think he's not going to give you? What do you think he

00:56:44--> 00:57:33

doesn't have enough? So Allah subhanaw taala loves to give, which means that we better ask him and remember that his his treasures do not diminish by giving to his servants. And one more thing we should remember is I want to last panel tada is a Jawad he is truly unique. He's extremely generous. Sometimes people wonder that, how come? Allah subhanaw taala does not give me then when I asked him? How come you know I've been making borrow for such and such thing for so long and I still don't have it? If Allah is generous, then how come I am deprived of his generosity? No, correct your way of thinking? When Allah subhanaw taala withhold something from a slave, then that does not contradict

00:57:33--> 00:58:18

his generosity. Because first of all, it is not that Allah subhanaw taala has given you nothing. You are failing to recognize the gifts that Allah has given you the huge favors that Allah has given you. Right? Because it's not that Allah has given you nothing, he has given you a lot, but you were just focused on what you don't have right, what others have been given, and you are neglecting and completely overlooking everything else that Allah has given you. So his withholding does not contradict his generosity. And besides, when he withholds when he does not give you something, then he decides to do that. He This is his decision to not give you something at a certain point. And

00:58:18--> 00:59:08

that decision is based on his wisdom, it is based on his knowledge, because he knows what to give, to whom, at what time in what amount at which place. So trust his decision. Remember that his withholding does not contradict his generosity. So what are we supposed to do when Allah subhanaw taala is Allah Joanne Of course, this means that we should realize his gifts, we should believe that he is more generous than what I what I think he is, you see sometimes upon in the Quran also, we learned that that chain Khan said that will lead you to a calm shaqiri that you will not find most of them to be grateful. And he most of the children of Adam will not be grateful. So shaitan makes

00:59:08--> 00:59:53

us focus on what is missing. SharePoint makes us focus on what we don't have. He makes us think negatively about Allah subhanaw taala think about other money he said I'm in Hawaii, they were in Jannah and Allah subhanaw taala had given them so much in Jannah and had given them so much freedom right? That eat freely from whatever that you want. Right? I mean, how you to shape them? I mean hi Toshi Toma Rodan Minh Hayes wishing to move freely from wherever that you want. Meaning eat as much as you want from wherever that you want. Don't have any hesitation any all of this is for you. However, there was one restriction one limitation what at Aqaba, howdy, hey, Shadow, don't go near

00:59:53--> 01:00:00

this particular tree. That's it. Just one tree. Everything else. You got it. You can

01:00:00--> 01:00:53

It without limit without any restriction, but just one tree you cannot have and what the child can do shaitan told them to eat from that particular tree. And he told them that the reason why Allah subhanaw taala has told you not to eat from the tree is because if you eat from it, you will become angels, and you will become Immortals. So, he he, uh, he, he made them focus on what they were not supposed to have on what was not given to them. And this is what Chalfont does to us as well. Right? That out of all the millions of blessings that Allah has given us, any, he makes us forget about all of them. And just keep thinking about what what is missing. So this line of thinking is from who it

01:00:53--> 01:01:42

is inspired by shaitan. So remind yourself that Allah soprano tada has been extremely generous to me ever generous to me, over and over. And if I feel that Allah has not given me something, any I shouldn't think like this. Because the fact is that Allah has given me a lot. And remember earlier, we learned that even when he withholds something from you, in fact, he is giving you something, because when he withhold something from you, you get the opportunity to be patient. Right? And with that patience, what do you get a lot of reward, we focus only on the present, and Allah subhanaw taala wants good for us for ever. Right? So we focus only on the now. That's why we become greedy

01:01:42--> 01:02:29

for things right now. And we don't want to be patient. But when Allah subhanaw taala withhold certain things for us, that is an opportunity for us to be patient so that we can have endless reward in the future. And also, through depriving us he gives us certain other things. So realize that Allah subhanaw taala has ever generous, recognize his gifts. And when Allah subhanaw taala is a Jawad we see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that you have been God loves generosity, meaning he loves to give, so ask him, and he loves giving, which means that we should also give, we should also be generous. He loves Jude. So give how when give before being asked, don't wait to be

01:02:29--> 01:03:18

asked by others. What you know, notice, observe, and put yourself in the shoes of other people and see that if I were here, what would I need? Right? If I were in a position like that, what would be convenient for me? save people the embarrassment of asking, don't waste don't wait to be asked. And also this means that give more than what you think people deserve. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a Jew, NASS the most generous of all people. Right? Which means that he gave so much to people. And sometimes, you know, we, we start measuring that you know what this person has only, you know, been good to me in this in that way. So, this much of a gift is enough for them. Right? I

01:03:18--> 01:04:02

don't need to give them a better gift than this. No, give people more than what you think they deserve. And, and how is it that we can be generous. We can be generous in a number of ways we can be generous by being of service and help to others and begin at home. Don't just wait to you know, earn your degree in nonprofit so that you can work with a nonprofit organization so that you can make an impact in the world. Any that's excellent, Mashallah, that's your long term dream. But begin where you are at home, see how you can be of service to people? How is it that you can benefit them? How is it that you can show generosity, and sometimes that can be simply by putting someone else's

01:04:02--> 01:04:44

dishes away, as soon as they're done eating? Right, they can do that themselves, or they can ask you to put their dishes away. But why not you're standing you're standing right next to them, they're still sitting there done eating their dishes are right in front of them, you could pick them up and take them away. Don't wait to be asked by you know, people at home to to do certain things, right to fill gas in the car, to throw the garbage out to vacuum. You know, these are simple, basic things. But it's it's a whole lifestyle. It's a whole mindset. So adopt the mindset of generosity of giving because Allah subhanaw taala loves the act of giving. And then be generous with the position that

01:04:44--> 01:04:59

Allah has given you. Whether it is you know, your status, your age, your money, you know, your connections, whatever privileges the last panel has given you. Use them to be of benefit to people. Be generous with your time. Be generous with

01:05:00--> 01:05:39

Your knowledge be be generous with your limbs meaning use this body to to help people use your hands use your physical strength Mashallah and he some some men that so much strengthen their bodies but they're sitting down on you know with their phones and their wives upon Allah going up and down doing laundry carrying children cooking and cleaning constantly doing physical work. And Mashallah people who are so able bodied or just sitting, relaxing, chilling, any. Okay, fine, you are bringing money home and you expect that your wife works at home. But that doesn't mean that when you're at home, you do nothing. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what was his way when he was at home,

01:05:39--> 01:06:28

he would be in the service of his family. He would he would be in the service of his family, he would be helping his family. He Subhanallah any heavy dishes, women are cooking in them, cleaning them, washing them, these dishes are a bit you know, heavy to carry. If Allah has given you strong arms, don't just flex them and take you know selfies and post them online. No use those muscles to to help someone in need. And that could be your own sister, your own mother, your own wife, who is struggling with you know carrying heavy dishes for example. What good is his body if you're not using it in in showing gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala. And gratitude is not just by you know,

01:06:28--> 01:06:43

saying saying Alhamdulillah gratitude is also with action. I'm an air Manu Allah de vous the chakra work in thankfulness. Right? So do something in thankfulness, when Allah subhanaw taala has given you the ability to,

01:06:44--> 01:07:31

you know, see, to listen to to type fast or to you know, download things etc. Whatever skills Allah has given you, whatever ability allows Pandora has given you use that to show generosity to people. And then part of generosity is also to be patient with people to show pardon, to be tolerant to exhibit gracious manners, good manners. All of this is part of Jude. So show generosity. And we learned that as long as a person is, you know, helping people Allah subhanaw taala also helps him so show generosity so that you can receive generous gifts from Allah azza wa jal. The next name that we will be looking at is the name of Allah. sin

01:07:32--> 01:07:33

and Morrison,

01:07:34--> 01:08:27

the excellent the giver of good we see that the name of Merson doesn't occur in the Quran. However, the verb or the act of sn, of doing good of giving good that is mentioned for Allah subhanaw taala numerous times in the Quran, for example, into the Gospels is 77 where i sin come at us and Allah who are like, sorry come at us and Allah who he like what sin come at us and Allah who he like, do good as Allah has done good to you. Allah has done good to you. Introduce of I 100 we learn use of earliest Salaam said Walker the center be in a hurry journeymen a surgeon that my Lord was very good to me when he brought me out of prison into a Pollock i 11 s and Allah hula hood is called Allah

01:08:27--> 01:09:15

will have perfected for him it provision. So the verb Asana, it has been used multiple times in the Quran for Allah hora xojo. And when it comes to the name aalverson this of course is mentioned in the Sunnah, and not in the Quran. And there are three a hadith in which we see the name morson being mentioned, we see that there's a hadith in Bharani, where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said in Allah have mercy on you hibel sn, that Indeed Allah is more sin, He is excellent, he is he is the giver of goodness, and he loves your son, he loves excellence. He loves it when people do good when people give what is good. And then the Prophet sallallahu earlier said I'm said when you when you

01:09:15--> 01:09:59

pass judgment, then be just and when you speak, then be good for either How come from far they know what either Colton for ursino beautiful in another Hadees we are in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Lucha, Marcin on your hibel your son for either katal tongue for Arsenal kotla that Allah ism is more than he loves your son. So when you're killing, meaning if you must kill, then do that in in the in the best way and he don't don't torture. Don't torture what either the button for us, you know, even when you are slaughtering an animal, then do that in the best way. Right meaning in

01:10:00--> 01:10:21

And in other hobbies we learned about how you know the knife should be sharp it should not be sharpened before the animal and animal should not be slaughtered in front of another animal hinny even the most difficult things you know, apparently an action that seems so merciless can be done in a beautiful way it can be done in a good way.

01:10:22--> 01:11:14

And then we learn in another Hades in Allah tala Morrissey known for see know that Indeed Allah is more sin, therefore you should also do your son. So what does your son mean? And all of these are Hadith that I mentioned to you, Shia Kobani has has authenticated them. Now, your son basically means three things your son first of all means Atrazine. Does he mean meaning to beautify something, because her son is beauty Your son is to make something beautiful dezign to beautify, secondly, your son also means inom Ironhide, meaning to do good to someone to show favor to someone, right to give them what is good. It is basically more than it is to be fair to be just with someone to give them

01:11:14--> 01:11:46

what they deserve. But your son is to do someone a favor. Okay. And then thirdly, your son is also in one's actions, and your son Will Ferrell meaning whatever that that someone is doing, they do that in an excellent way. And that is only possible when a person has knowledge. And they have the skill, meaning they know how to do it, how to do that action in a good way. And they also do it in a good way. So for example,

01:11:48--> 01:12:32

you know, you are preparing something for people to eat, right? What is that you just randomly put the ingredients together and you just serve whatever that is there. And you just tell people too bad? This is all you got? Right? Okay, fine, you brought food to the table. Excellent, thank you, thank you very much. But if that food is burnt or if that food is inedible because of the way that it has been prepared, or it lacks any flavor, or it is raw or you know it's it's, it's rotten or or you know the the ingredients are not suitable for people that is not your son. Okay, your son would be for example, you are preparing food, you prepare that in the best way possible, in the best way

01:12:32--> 01:13:27

that you can, with knowledge with skill with expertise, and you know, with your heart lovingly, that you know, attentively, so you make sure that the food you bring is cooked properly, it tastes good. And it also looks good, the presentation is good. This is your sound feel fair. So your sound includes all three things. It is at the scene. It is an arm and allayed and it is also a lesson Filmfare now Allah subhanaw taala is L Morrison. What does that mean? It means that first of all, Allah subhanaw taala is excellent. He is he is excellent in every way forever for always, he was always good, he is good. Henny, he is always attributed with perfection and excellence and goodness.

01:13:28--> 01:13:39

We learned that Allah subhanaw taala has names like a smart one. Hausner His names are excellent, he is always attributed with perfection.

01:13:40--> 01:14:26

Secondly, when Allah subhanaw taala is a person, this means that there is nothing except that it benefits from his goodness from his generosity, from his favors. So he is the giver of good any look at how Allah subhanaw taala has created everything. And he has guided it, he has taught it, he has provided it any it's amazing how you see human beings for example, it takes, you know, children a very long time to learn to be independent, to even you know, for example, use the bathroom on their own or to eat their food themselves or or to get dressed themselves. And it takes ever so long for them to stand on their feet to earn an income you know, to provide for themselves. It takes years

01:14:26--> 01:14:59

and years for people to do that. But others other creatures Subhanallah within weeks, they're completely independent. Any think about it even you know for example a housefly or a hamster a mouse, any it is weaned at about four weeks or something three or four weeks, which means that it is ready to live on its own. It knows how to look after itself. It knows how to make its burrow. It knows when to sleep, where to

01:15:00--> 01:15:26

Sleep, it knows how to find food for itself, honey, under the sun akula Shea in Hanukkah, that Allah subhanaw taala he has perfected everything that he has created, he has created it in such a beautiful manner in such an excellent way. The you know the way in which we work is filled with deficiencies.

01:15:27--> 01:16:19

But the way that Allah subhanaw taala works. Sumner, Allah Hilary Atkin akula Shea, that this is the work of Allah who has perfected everything. So instead of the such that I are seven, Allah Subhana Allah says Allah He asked an akula Shea in Hanukkah, Allah, God is the one who has Asana, everything that he has created, meaning he has created it in the best way, in a very good way. And then we see that Allah subhanaw taala is immersing meaning in all of his actions and all of his decrees. So, nothing that he does is useless. Nothing that he does is random, rather it is good, it is filled with goodness. So we learn well, so what are come for us and our suara calm was a caminata Heba

01:16:20--> 01:16:40

Allah, he, he gave you he fashioned you, he gave you your forums and the form that He has given you, is excellent for us and also our con, any he had he he has done it, he has done that in the best way. He has given you your form in the best way possible.

01:16:41--> 01:17:36

Which means that you need for example, consider the human body, the fact that the human body is alive. It's so such an intricate body, so many systems, so many things that are happening inside it, honey, under the Asana, he has truly done an excellent job. There is no room for us to criticize or to find fault or to you know, say that this is imperfect and that is imperfect. You know, the problem is that we suffer from the disease of arrogance, we suffer from the disease of ingratitude, which is why there was a time when people were not happy with big lips. And now people will pay to have bigger lips Alo up but anyway, the problem is with us, but we like to find fault in what Allah

01:17:36--> 01:18:23

subhanaw taala has created. When Allah subhana wa tada is a person, it means that his commands his decrees are excellent. So in certain married I have 50 Allah says woman I said, I mean Allah He hookman liko me You can own who could be better than Allah woman, I said when Allah who could be better than Allah in judgment for people who believe with conviction. So, he is more than he is the giver of goodness, who perfects what he does, he is excellent in his decrees in his commands in his decisions. And because of that, he also rewards his slaves with goodness in this life and also in the next life into the universe i a 26, we learn little larina Arsenal house now was the other those

01:18:23--> 01:19:12

who do good for them as the excellent reward and even more, and so the man is 60 Hello, Joseph, will sn e Ll airson? Is there any reward for goodness except for goodness. So when Allah is worse than it means that he shows your son, he does your son, he appreciates the good that people do. And he gives them more than then then what they have done, meaning his reward is even more generous. So when Allah is Morrison, what are we supposed to do? It means that first of all, we should acknowledge we should recognize his lesson, His perfection, that my lord is perfect in what he has decided in what he has commanded in what he has done. He is perfect. The problem may be in me, but not in what Allah

01:19:12--> 01:19:57

subhanaw taala has decided solely to Billa Hirata, I am pleased with Allah as my Lord. And then when Allah is worse than this means that we should believe that an everything that Allah decides there is goodness. And even though we might feel that something is really painful, in reality, there is goodness in it. When the slander against eyeshadow de la Mourinho was, you know going around Allah subhanaw taala said regarding it, he revealed regarding it like there subu shuttleq Bella hydralic do not think that it was something bad for you. In fact, it was something good for you. It was something good for you. He something so painful for I should have done more. For the prophets, Allah

01:19:57--> 01:19:59

whoever you send them for Abubakar. I'll do the whole

01:20:00--> 01:20:45

arnoux for the Muslim community any when we, when we read about that story when we reflect over and we are moved to tears today, we are so hurt by it that how could people say something so bad about? I shall deal Amarna out of all people, the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how could they, why you need this hurts us. But Allah subhanaw taala says, Don't think it is bad for you, it's actually good for you. So, Allah is more than meaning in everything that he decides everything that he allows, there is actually goodness in it. So focus on that goodness, seek that goodness and believe that that goodness is there. And when you believe this way, then every every

01:20:45--> 01:21:05

thing that happens in your life will actually be an opportunity. Every so called failure will also be an experience that will teach you every loss will actually be again for you. So believe Allah is good, and only good comes from Allah be

01:21:06--> 01:21:49

as the last panel data tells us in the Quran. Be ethical, hide in your hand is all good. Meaning all good is with the last panel Tada. When Allah is a Lorson, it means that we should also do your son in our worship, that we worship Allah with excellence, not you know worshipping, just because you know another checkmark, yes, I have done my job, no beautify it, because remember, your son is altered does he need to beautify and it is it is also to do one's work in an excellent way. So we are worshipping we are praying a lot but but let us do it in the best way possible. Yes, and with the creation, with with with people in the way that we speak to them in the way that we interact

01:21:49--> 01:22:28

with them in the way that we spend our wealth on them. What I see no in the law, you hibben more sinning in sort of Baccarat I 195. Do ersan because Allah loves those who do your son, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said hate our content for our scenery, but Allah wherever you are, do good in worshipping Allah, meaning when you worship Allah, do that with your son. And we see that this is one of the objectives of our creation. And one of the reasons why we have been created in sort of molcajete to under the helical model Hayato Leah Balu, a ucommerce. And where am Allah that Allah is the one who has created death and life in order to test you, as to which of you are good in

01:22:28--> 01:22:34

your actions? Are you going to do a son armor? Or are you just going to do average basic armor?

01:22:35--> 01:23:21

And specifically do ersan with the people that our last panel data has commanded us to do our son towards? And that is our parents will will sleep in Santa Maria Valley they hear Santa's sort of cough I have 15 Allah says that we have instructed we have commanded the human being to be good to his parents to do your son, towards his parents. And when you do your son, remember, you will receive Allah's help, because in the Lucha marimar sinning and when you do airson remember Allah will not waste your effort in our land will do a gentleman snrm Allah sootel calfire 30 we do not allow to go waste the the the reward of those who do good because Allah is more sin himself. He

01:23:21--> 01:23:44

loves his son so that your son you do is not going to be wasted. So expect only the best from Allah and whatever good you do, do it for Allah azza wa jal inshallah, we will conclude over here subhanak Allahumma will be handing a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta a stone Furukawa to earache was Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.