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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone. Welcome back to our q&a with Chef Akram nadwi. On all of the asi social medias apart from Instagram. This q&a is every Thursday 6pm BST. Thank you for joining us. I know we already have some questions so inshallah we'll get started. Again anyone who's new, if you have a question please just comment it under the stream of wherever you're watching and inshallah I'll try to go in order and do try and keep your questions quite concise, not too long and Sharla let's start with

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a question that will shift Just give me one second I'll have a look at the questions.

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Okay, we've got this question here. I'll try and put it on the screen it doesn't seem to be working but says asked Can my husband restrict me from visiting my parents to once a week given that T follows Hanafi madhhab. And if you can, why is that?

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My son lawyer of my Rahim Allah fondue lawyer bill oil m Universidad or Salam ala rasulillah Muhammad, he was

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you know, there is a clear lot of misunderstanding between the rights and duties of the husbands and wife wives signed achillea wrote recently a book full Islamia volume three to make all those points are very clear.

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So you know, the women have actually you know, they have to obey their parents or look after them same as the men. So after the riots of Allah subhanaw taala the most important right or right of the parents or with poron with very clear no no's exception of the men or women but also they'll be rewarded in Asana after rites of Allah parents. So I that is obligatory on the men to look after their parents to obey them, to be sincere to them to be nice to them to have better with them so far the women and the men get rewarded when they have built in albeit very minister, obedience loyalty I love if you're all three there's a bit so if people love their parent, they obey them and they have

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loyalty to them that is built this loyalty and obedience and love for the parent is obligatory on the men and the women on both of them get a reward nobody can take away so when women get married, it's not that they don't have relation with their parents are still the same thing nothing but what happens is the women are provided accommodation by their husbands to duty on the husbands to provide accommodation to house belongs to the husband and that should be independent of husband's family and why as a family if somebody with it it should be accepted by both of them since the husband had to provide the house if the house been after him if he did not want the house then he had no right

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anyway but if he wanted the house then he had the right to stop anyone coming to the house who he did not like if he wants to he can stop her parent her sisters and a brother from coming to the house if there's a problem but he cannot disturb his wife to go and visit them cuz that to her right she can talk with them anywhere. But he cannot allow inside if the house belongs to him and he owes the house. If sometimes people have got the council property or the shared house between men and women, then the husband had no right because he did not his house. The other house will have to him he owns the house. Then yeah he can stop people visiting either wife or so can we stop the people

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who shoot her not her job and all the covering? She got to stop they are not allowed to enter. So this is keep in mind but nobody has a right to stop people from meeting their parents serving them looking after them. No prophet ever did this. No companies ever have done this and nobody stopped anybody when lifting is actually the fact you know if the husband wants he will not allow who who does not like you because this is the house

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okay does not get if I share. Let's take a question. By the way anyone who's interested in purchasing the book that you have mentioned, please go on our asi bookstore even on slm.ac.uk. I will put the URL at the bottom and inshallah you can have a look at our box bookstore. Let's take a question from Amina. This is quite an interesting question because I do feel like it applies to people with many other businesses. Her question

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In his recently I started a brand new business online Is it hard to personalize brownies for example mo Christmas or holiday? Or Happy Halloween as none Muslims wish for personalized brownies around this time? And Jeff I think this can even extend to people who have online businesses that are maybe doing special Christmas deals or Halloween deals that would be good for business but not necessarily Of course essential for them to do

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yeah not really a very important question and certainly you know we don't want to harm people's businesses

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especially you know, earning money they're very important

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so I just had by Luca Dara something religious so in those symbols religious symbols we don't like Muslims to follow other people or other people don't follow Islam symbols you know in every country people have full freedom to follow their own religion so that is important but if something's cultural then you know Islam does not support the culture you know culture can be any culture, British culture or Indian culture you know, people people follow this

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you know, sometimes I feel like Christmas or Halloween or things like that, they're very much very little to do with the religion most of the the cultural cultural thing. So I will make client that you know, not to make it haram or something like that. But still, it peripherally that if you can find a scientist better than diet, which can be more neutral, that's fine lack of input and output you can make something

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you know, Caesar grating, cardinality, the season of dying or something. Sometimes people write things like that. Seasonal greetings. So I don't know what in English, there could be mythic, there could be some wording. People can take a you know, in any direction to Christians can think it will have to them one Muslim, though, if you can do this, and that does not harm your business. They will prefer to make something neutral. But if you think no, it will hurt your business and he will suffer then also Okay, then you can go for these things because I don't really think deeply that these are so much religious symbols.

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Okay, just

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we have a question from free her.

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Her question is, I often feel a de motivated with my life, what is one thing a believer should have as our ultimate motive in life?

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You know, think really is one thing, don't think you are a master.

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Think you are a slave of Allah. So let's don't have choice. So let's don't do this because they enjoy. So let's do things because the master commerce, it always says that this life is not made by me. I did not create myself. Allah gave it to me. And then he guided me how to live. So that while we need to do that, you know, live in the life has allowed us whether I like or don't like he asked me to do what do I do? When he asked me to do them, I do them. You know, when he asked me to pray, I pray when he commands me to combine between prayers I combined between the prayers, you know, I just do what He commands when he allows me to sleep, I sleep when he commands me to wake up, I wake up,

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you know, I like what he likes. If you make your life like that, you'll be fine. But if you always think you know what, I like what I deserved. Yeah, you're in trouble all the time. You know, the become actually either, you know, full and happy slave of Allah. You know, people when they fall in love with someone, you don't you think See, then you are to do what the person was the left to do what the person you know, believers should love and less omotola is more beloved than your mother or father, he loves you. He likes you. Oh, he did not command something which which is in his interest. He always commands you what in your interest. You should be happy to do what He commands. So I'll

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say just think like that. That how I think thank you that I did not make myself. I don't own my life. You know, my life is created by Allah. He owns it. He guides and whatever he's done, that must be good for him.

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If you want to write a summary of the whole thing, I can say just have these two words in your mind. I like the Harkin I in hockey. Hockey means commander. He commands Hakeem and whatever he commands that's wise. Right these two sentences and hang on the wall to whenever you forget. Remember them. Guardiola is a hockey and his hockey hockey meets his commander. he judged he rules and Hakim's whatever he does, it must be wise.

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Is it clear?

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Yes. Okay, just

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as amazing reminder, let's take a question from Marina Hamad. I do feel like we answered some of this question last week or the week before, but it doesn't seem like we've gone into the last part of the question. So her question is, if a person had somebody for years, then does he also need to seek forgiveness of Allah? Does he need to only seek forgiveness of Allah or does he also needs to be forgiven by this particular person to enter Jannah and what if this person regrets their actions, but the one who they had doesn't forget that

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you know, there are two types of sensor in a sensor which have been which are between you and Allah, indoor sensor, you just need to ask Allah to forgive you, and He will forgive, you don't need to ask anybody else to know it. Don't tell anybody. So these are the seams between you and Allah subhanaw taala like, you know,

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men or women, they look at each other with the desire or touch or something like that, oh, hyper Zen or, you know,

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you know, with each other, you know, when they like, so this is a sin between people and Allah. Here, you don't need to ask anybody to forgive you. You need to ask Allah to forgive you. But there are sensor which are connected to the people, like somebody steals somebody's money, somebody by backbite, someone, somebody hurts someone. These ties are the things that cheating someone, these things to you, you did two sins. One sin is because it Allah had forbidden distance, you disobeyed Allah. And second thing, you hurting the people, you have to ask them to forgive you. So you need to both ask the people to forgive you. And ask Allah to forgive, once you ask them to forgive,

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then they should forgive. Now, if they don't forgive, you know, then they will get a punishment, it will be sinful for them. They should accept it in money forever. If you have taken somebody's money, so they have full right to ask you a return on my money back, then I'll forgive you. You just taught ask people to forgive me give the money back, then ask them to forgive.

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So always keep in mind whenever your sin is involved with somebody is

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you need to ask the person to forgive you. And this really is everywhere. I think, not only a stranger, even actually, if somebody is your son and daughter, and you hurt you need to ask forgiveness. If somebody is your wife or husband, your father or mother, your son and daughter, whatever, you need to ask the forgive. Because these things are absolute right are the people you don't own your son and daughter. You don't own your wife and husband. You don't own your brother and sisters. So if you hurt them, you need to ask them to forgive you. And then you need to repent to Allah subhanaw taala once you have asked if they still don't forgive you, then or Allah will forgive

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you or accepted the money. If it is money, then you must return back. So I think it must be clear if it is not clear please us again.

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Yeah, I do feel like that's that's clear handler. Let's take a question from

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is going to the gym, how long if music plays in the back?

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The thing really is I don't think music is hot or something like that. Really, you know, I am different from rest of the people first. The truth of the matter is I don't notice music. I don't really know if there's any I don't have a ear for music. I I know poetry by dunnottar fine is too far million whenever I pass by, you know, I never notice. It is something I don't feel it whenever people feel it, people know it. So there are there's opinion that in music and not hurry up. And there are people that people say to her after prusa makuta halimun Humphrey mother. And I think really, the truth of matter is not very clearly that no proof, clear proof that they have. So those

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who save did not harm. Maybe they are more right. Except that I don't believe us to waste their time in this matter. But if you go to gym, for the purpose of gym, not for music, there's no reason to be luckier you go for shopping and there may be the playing music or you're traveling or a taxi, a taxi driver has gotten music, you know something like that. This is not your choice, or your neighbor has got music, you live in the house, you don't get seen for data. When you go to gym, you're gone for exercise. That's a good thing. So people should go and if people are playing music and you have no choice or to stop it, then you don't have to because not it's not that you do so that keep in mind

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if anything that happens because you have someone else if not, not your choice, then you don't get sued for that.

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Especially music you know there is opinion that do not harass so don't worry

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And I advise everybody I myself, I don't go to gym deserted because after Corona but I do some jogging or something like that. I always advise people always do something because just sitting at home watching TV and you know, talking and gossiping is very bad for the health. People need to walk, do something, some exercises. If somebody goes Jim,

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you know it is a good thing. I can't believe I should be strong.

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Okay, let's take a question from any method.

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And this question is regarding Mr. Mahoney

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regarding Mr. Murthy coming are these Hadees authentic and what is the correct view on this issue?

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You know, Medina Arabic language Musa guided so abou Casa dickwad muddy. Omarosa muddy with mine I find why the muddy it why the muddy or muddy muddy to there have been so many people have been muddy guy whoever the professor or lay Commissioner It was so natella qualifier rush a little muddy and you have to follow the maestro nurse enough qualified who are rashidiya ma Dean. He knows a double Casa de Caen Omarosa Manali Rashida muddy they are Maggie cm where I'd enter the day he says Ron will come and he will rule the water he's also muddy because he's guided so there are Hadith in the Muslim which indicates that he started from the muddy muddy to be an independent person

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you know completely you know, we don't have any sound had this fault that neither Bihari not a Muslim not in water but there are some weak Hadith so and I did more strong opinion in shear mother she a school so I really don't don't think you know coming up for somebody independently to be Maddie is something very important and there is any proof that the mahad is the one who's mad he says and I'm either guided by people believe it or not have a look at my does anybody like you know your teacher could be muddy he's guided the mahadi just a title not name of anybody muddy misguided so there have been so many guides people aren't gonna be more guided people who will come in the

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future we don't know but the one mentioned by the professor listen at the end of the day he more likely Sally Sally Silla

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Okay, let's take a question from Hamad Shakur, Chef Can you hear me okay is it lacking anyway okay perfect.

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Okay his question is why is it that the children of many great Muslims become greats like their fathers? How much should we focus on parenting in our daily life? Or should we be more bothered about oneself?

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Oh you're

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welcome great.

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To have good people very rarely are graded the most time they are not great. Nobody knows them. Nothing. Mr. Malik used to say that had my son he has no interest in distance. In India devil mala should be no money and he was such a great reformer and expert education all these things in remote the people who established the trauma his cinema the expert of the football and he never he was interested in any education or any study like that. The people always have been to come in as Roma my teachers there are some security don't learn they are not very good. So it is not good with some people like to humble his son about the good

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some people are you know their sons are so good. But maybe most people we don't know their sons that we don't know their fathers nothing. Just somebody category their people's, you know, their own effort. And Allah subhanaw taala The one who looks after everybody parent I have a duty to provide right space and turn their children to the right education in were raised improperly entitled but not too much worry. We got too much planning harms makes people weaker because people have got their own children got their own nature that guides them to whenever children parent all the time, keep dictating them, do this don't do this and explain every single thing. They harbor them then the

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children become lazy and they become very very weak they can't live without their parent you know make them more independent they asked question they asked other people they learn from other teachers they learn from the fitrah nature around them you know they learn from the trees, the mountains, you know art the moon and sun, the love from all those things they learn from the animals.

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I don't like the parent really who before the charter the board and the by by so many books on parenting and they follow them strictly. And then they ruin the the child. He does not need all that hardly find the companions

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They focus so much on the children. They provide a good environment and good space and then they grew up according to their own ability that are unique to do and then worry, as you said, worry more about yourself that you know how I go to Paradise. So Allah is Great everybody he knows how to look after them. You know don't harm children don't hurt them, let them grow naturally.

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Exactly if I share

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let's take a question from Mike and his question is we've been brought up being taught that it's haram to say or return the Salaam inside the toilet or bathroom. Is this correct? Or is it only impermissible cheering the act of relieving oneself

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in a thing that love that Vicar Allah name is a you know very pure and you know people should really care about that. So the prophets Allah forbid that sit in a place where the toilet is there enough people don't mention the name inside the salami under the name of Salaam

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but if you are going to have been called outside not in the house, yeah, then you can temper to as soon as you start you know

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your human noodle, then you don't see anything cut that dirty thing. So when people return to bathroom hamam or toilet then toilet is not a bath in the toilet then they don't sell doesn't the person under the name before entering

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and they can sell the name when they have left. But you can think you can think about Allah the name and glory and you know, thinking fine thinking has no problem. But don't stay with your tongue. Don't answer any Salaam and if somebody says Salaam to you what you can do when you leave and come out then you can answer Salaam was a companion I tell her or someone answer that says a lot to the price a lot on the Prophet did not answer he went on vacation that he answered for teaching him that at some time I don't take another name if I'm not properly pure just teaching you otherwise you know you don't need to have water when I was the first answering salon but he wanted to teach you people

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there is a summary of the material here in the toilet. Don't say anything which has a lot of action toward it You are not allowed to talk anyway. Even if somebody asked you are you there? You know don't say I'm here don't talk to the people when you are in the toilet conducting something the professor carsington pulling the toilet should not talk to anybody not only under the name any talk but you can think

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chef just

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continuing the question

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Does this count just for if you're saying the false alarm so Alec wants to know why would a lie obrigado because then you're saying Allah's Name? Well if you're just saying why llegamos Salaam

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no no salami that doesn't him and I said you know you're not allowed to talk anyway. But not so yeah What are you how are you? You can't say I'm fine You can't speak in the toilet you are not allowed to speak in the toilet unless he you know there is a reason you know valid reason in a something you know you're obliged to you're not a salami that doesn't I don't think salami something different salami then does a name mentioned the Quran Allah Salaam so just logic was Salam either in a proper another name to people should not say a Salaam.

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Okay, just Harsha. We have a question from Annika

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are the feet our feets the part of the woman's hour in public place and in front of NEMA homes.

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Yeah, there are two opinions in honey FEMA that the feet are not part of the aura so we'll make that we make that undercover the future when they're outside and other duties they say no field should be covered in front of them.

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The two opinions

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Okay, let's take a question from Mohammed again. I'm picking him because this question is quite interesting. If the purpose of life is only to worship Allah then want that thought to make life stagnant, wanted destroy motivation to become rich motivation to discover, invent technology, etc.

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How would you like actually to motivate so much, because if you think I'm a slave of Allah, then you want to serve him you know, serve him man, his people learned the university or the thing the professor said that, you know, if somebody you know, knows that now karma is going to come and he plan says a tree, he'll get reward for that. Don't nobody want to benefit. So you know, to look after the world to you know, invest to make something, you know, you we excel in the medical treatment and because a few subtalar treated and you know, the good thing, you become good engineer good in mathematics, and it will save you most civilization.

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Human, you know anything for humanity, you get reward for that you become good housebuilder, you get reward for that too I don't understand how people think worship Allah means they don't do anything the life worship of Allah is not something limited worship Allah is the alibi that prayer but worship or light or contents everything that I can see when this alarm came these are us who did not do anything they excellent everything even caligraphy if you look really how they used to write Arabic mo before Islam and when Islam came How are bigger it becomes so beautiful. Now you can see all the word did no caligraphy any language better the Arabic category they do category anything RS

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became Excel excellent mostly silica accent everything buildings. The best two buildings of the world are written by Muslims that I cannot tell you my head or distribute can see you know, developed by Muslims. So all these arts and sciences you know the developed and all over the US to have beauty if you see in modern buildings, they don't have beauty that way but Muslims have your little sister a man in a suit Rama Allah subhanaw taala does not only mention that he gave you food he mentioned that he gave you Perla and you know precious things and all these things adornment you know to his favorites are not only things which are necessary in the life, it all ultimate all the

00:26:20--> 00:27:02

Xena are favorites follows omotola So, thing I don't understand how is it that you know somebody Miss cloth Muslims have developed you know, making clothes so much in evidence through the beauty of the close it when they came to India india did not have our district, even the pores, Indian people used to eat in the leaves of the tree Muslim taught them how to eat in a proper you know, part the the Indian people did not have many fruits, the Muslims are brought from outside, you know, and you can see them you know, people have written a book in favor of contribution the Muslim Indian civilization, so many huge things, which Indians did not have. But when Arabs came and Muslims came

00:27:02--> 00:27:20

from other part of the world, they gave them the contributed the Islamic world all about it to do things that are in excellent to excel actually innovating to be in something in a dream. You know, roughly that's not the question. It is always to be excellent.

00:27:23--> 00:27:26

Okay, we'll try and take perhaps one more question.

00:27:28--> 00:27:52

I'll put it on the screen where it's quite big, so I may remove it. Can we have a party in a western country, his role is to decide between the plaintiff and defendants based on Islamic jurisprudence to give an Islamic view with disputants Secondly, the hiking position is it is this is the hiking position different from a polity in Islamic jurisprudence like a Mufti is different from a call they

00:27:53--> 00:28:20

must be the one who answered the question to you like an advisor, basically, you know, to move to an advisor who gives advice answers your question that always should be there in a common community. There should be elders, learned people who advise people under their advice, not obligated binding, to you asked me for whatever. And I give way not binding upon you can go to another movie, that fatwa.

00:28:21--> 00:28:43

dispute happens, and the judge just something on his judgment, because it's binding and he got a force to implement it. You can't You can't oppose him. So tada always Newser, state authority unit, police, new state attorneys news. So generally, Muslims will not have either in their Muslim countries because they know they're the only one

00:28:45--> 00:29:31

authority there. But if some Muslim some countries, they say no Muslims, we support the Muslims, and they can have their own court and their state supports it and whatever Muslim judges judge the state in forces other Muslims, then fine, but if the state does not support any Muslim in anything like that, then just call somebody cloudy use the state just like Mufti to I don't think there can be any Muslim judge in non Muslim country, if not supported by the state. There's no need for that you have to go to the court or the country where you can have musti who can advise you. Sometimes it could be people need to dissolve the marriage or something. You know, between two people that you can done by

00:29:31--> 00:29:42

the court, sometimes you can do it by local people. You don't need to have a Muslim party or something. Elders or the society or a mosque can do this thing. Mufti can do something, but you don't need to have a party or just for that.

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Okay, just kosher. I think we shall end it there. Since it's 630. Exactly for for your timeshare. And to everyone else. Thank you for joining us.

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Just quickly, inshallah, we will not

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be having a q&a next week or the week afterwards. So we'll be taking a small break unfortunately.

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So we will be back in sha Allah on the fourth of November. Please don't join us next week or the week after this, please do wait until the fourth in sha Allah. Please keep your questions until then. And just a few announcements in sha Allah Chef accom is having a new short course, this weekend in sha Allah, you may be able to hear an ice cream van in the background apologies, chef is having a tafsir series this weekend in sha Allah this tafsir series series is going to be on the Tafseer of sorting for corn and sort of genre. This is a continuation of our series series from last year and the year before so last year was sort of nor

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is sort of not be known, and sort of hij we're continuing and hopefully inshallah we can do this until we complete the whole course and inshallah so anyone who is want to study to see the chef icon, maybe they're working full time, maybe they're studying full time and they can't commit a full weekend or all of your time. Please do go into slm.ac.uk do go on to the URL in there on the screen now in sha Allah and just find out more. We're also having a second two circles, which is a five day course spread throughout the year which is on Syrah cash ellika. Chef. This will be the weekend afterwards in sha Allah again, please just go on to our website, go into our Facebook, our Twitter,

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our Instagram, keep up with us there inshallah and we will see you on the fourth of November. So now while they come, everyone