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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim I came across a very profound piece of advice and hence I share it with you. As humans. Every one of us, without exception requires nurturing and molding and we require a towel, our last breath, sometimes we tooted and molded at the hands of a teacher, parent, senior mentor, etc, etc. Now, what is the proof that a person had a good thorough beer and a good nurturing? And that's precisely what I shared with you at 32 and 30. For my dietetic alum, the expression and the manifestation that a person went through a good form of tarbiyah and nurturing is that he or she will know when to speak, they will not speak unnecessarily, nor will they speak out

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of turn. Ibrahim bin addingham Rahim Allah say you do so hard, the leader of saints, he used to say either anal harder theater killer Monkey Bar is Nam in higher ed, hey, when we would observe a junior speak out of his stern in the presence of seniors, we used to become despondent about his future. In a world where WhatsApp groups is a reality. And that's great. It allows you to connect. But more than often, juniors and seniors share a common platform, we need to remind ourselves if we are juniors in that group, that I am a child on the group with my parents. It doesn't mean we are equals because we share in that on a family group. I need to be cognizant of the necessary protocol.

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I could be on a common group with my teacher and my Western. It doesn't mean we on an equal level. And unfortunately, unfortunately, more than often today, the juniors are trespassing the limit. So what is the first message at 32 and 34 metathetical. Long, good nurturing is that you learn when to speak when a HELOC and character is and testimony early May at the column you are attentive to someone that is speaking, we all want to become good speakers, but we also need to become good listeners. Sometimes the person just wants to offload why because revealing is healing my dad often impresses upon myself and siblings be accessible and amenable that even a beggar feels it easy to

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come to you. In the end probably you might not be in a position to respond to his call or assist him. But allow him to come and confide with you speak to you and have that character of just being a good listener. Well, are they abou Allah toccata me attack alum and mannerism requires that you don't get someone in their tracks while he's saying something if you have a different view or account to view afford him the dignity to complete the sentence. And last but not least, what the Gar Oh, Allah to sadaqa told me at the Kalam intelligence requires from you that you do not believe every person that you listen to. May Allah grant us the understanding of imbibing these beautiful

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advises amin Europol army,