Akram Nadwi – My child has left Islam, what do I do? – Q&A

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker advises parents to avoid cutting relations between children and non Muslim individuals, as it will lead to negative consequences. They suggest being nice and being kind to parents, especially when it comes to gifts and reminders about past mistakes. The speaker also warns against making small mistakes and encourages parents to refresh their minds and stay open in their homes.
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To save people from the era to There are many ways to discipline. You know, like in if you live a career Muslim society, Muslim rule Muslim law, certainly there are some discipline which can help people to come back to you. But same disciplines will not work in normal society where people have freedom to for example, you know if your daughter leaves you or go and live with a non Muslim, do you think they've got a relation, it will have no it's not going to help. She's not going to go back we'll come back. You know to look at her more and more. In this condition My advice to the parent or visit don't cut the relation

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be nice big tide and open the door or make the door open set to your daughter's you can come anytime. If you have any problem you can return by we have no problem we always welcome you and be kind give you know sending the gifts and this and that because people's mind does not remain the same all the time and also the condition with this new life. She didn't with the new person after while she retired off him as well. And one day if it opens you can come back to rely really she just big mistake, too. I never advise people to cut any time. You know to feel

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done to Allah make dua but be nice, be kind. Keep your doors open and welcome you and your children whenever they can come and tell them into your house. You can come anytime. You know and we welcome you and we never go to remind you about any mistake that you have done. Whenever you come your life refresh. We just newest starting we're never going to bet your past initial

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