Abdurraheem Green – Why does God hate people and why does He enjoy to punish them Q and A

Abdurraheem Green
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their past struggles with violence and their desire to avoid it, while also addressing the issue of suffering and suffering in life. They emphasize the importance of avoiding violence and suffering in creating skins and hair, which people are unable to understand is the God they want to be. The theory that God creates skins and hair is discussed, along with the idea that individuals can receive warranty if they fulfill obligations. The speaker also suggests that suffering and suffering in life is not a reflection of who is the God they want to be.
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Welcome, sir. You know, my question is in general, okay.

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Goes back to the discussion that you had in the first of all, that believes that it is equal suffering. Okay. I want to know that I mean,

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ever I complained about my life since I was a kid, I learned this from my parents, especially my mother that you know, we all are here in this world, we were condemned to live this war, okay. And we are condemned to suffer

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because of the heat that our forefathers Why am I

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okay, on a

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or Apple? And the thing is that, I mean, there are 114 on

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Zillow Rahmani Raheem was mentioned in the Holy Quran.

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But I cannot understand is that, first of all, I am an invoke person I know myself.

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But still, I have a pretty good amount of people that I hate. I hate them from the bottom of my heart.

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What's new on Sci Fi I observed with my eyes that they are suffering or being punished. Because it seemed that they did against me. I would not accept it. Okay.

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So my question to you is that why is God which is so merciful?

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so kind, so dear, and so great. Okay. He first of all,

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as people with J.

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For decisions, He also enjoys punishing them

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the afterlife. Okay.

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And why would you not forgive the sins of our forefathers ate M and E for just eating apples?

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We eat that's great. And I think we get the idea, brother.

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I don't know if anyone came to my if anyone came to my lecture. Yeah. If anyone came to my lectures yesterday,

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you know, within that lecture is contained something of an answer to that? Yeah.

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And something of the answer to that is, first of all, I would have to say that with all respect to the questioner, it's the most strange thing I ever heard from a human being that I hate people, the bottom of my heart, but I can't bear those people to be punished.

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I think if that's really what you mean, I just can't, you know, understand that you really hate them that much.

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The reaction of most human beings is when you really hate someone, and I think history bears evidence to this. Yeah. Is that they take revenge. In fact, most of the best movies of the revenge movies, right? Because you just think, yeah, you give it to them. Right? You know, you * kids, you did this, you did that. Take him out. You know, when you when you see it, you feel and that's just the movie. Right? So if that really happens to you, in the human condition, right. What you have said I'm sorry, contradicts what I have observed what history tells us about human condition. You know? No, you can't because we'll have a long discussion between you and me. Okay. Secondly,

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okay. The second thing is, is that your mother taught you something wrong. Okay, so maybe there's the root of the problem there. Right? If you're brought up with a wrong idea from the beginning, what comes from that may be a wrong idea. Okay. You see, no, Allah subhanaw taala did not create, you know, suffering. Life is a test. Yes, life is a test. Okay, so this is the reality, and sometimes the test is not suffering. Sometimes the test is in pleasure. In fact, the worst tests sometimes are from pleasure. Right? Why did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said I don't leave it

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Great a test for the men of this woman and the women?

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Well, it's because you know what, there's such suffering we may be but you know, it's because of the pleasure of the woman. Okay? So not all the life, and the test of life is from suffering. Okay. But we have to go back. And we have to say and listen, what we follow. Is this as Muslims, what we believe is this, we ask the question, is there a God or not? We talked about this yesterday, the argument, and the brothers only reflected that argument is the argument of the atheist, which they put forward is an emotional argument. The argument about suffering in life and so on and so forth, is nothing to do is as to whether God exists or not. Yeah, it's got nothing to do as to whether God

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exists or not. Right?

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We talked about how do we know that God exists? We went through that I can't go through that all again. Right? Then we ask the next question. Is the Quran from God on us? And is Muhammad the messenger or not? Now really, some people could look at this world and by the way they have, and they have said that the god of this world is a cruel God who loves punishment and torture, and this and that, right? And even you will find the way they worship the god is by doing these type of things. Right? So some people may have reached that conclusion. But it doesn't mean that there is not a good, we have to go back. And we have to say, is there a God or not? Okay? And we can say yes,

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how do we know there's a God? Because we live in an organized systemize universe and the most, you know, sensible explanation is that there is a Creator. But then if we want to answer these questions, why, why is the world like this? Why is this suffering? Why are these things why is this what is going to happen? Okay, after we die, then that's not knowledge that we can get from our intellect. We can't. That's only knowledge that you can understand from Revelation. That's only knowledge you can understand from Revelations only if God tells you, this is the reason you have been created. This is what is going to happen when you die.

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And this is what we believe the Quran contains. If Allah subhanaw taala, punishes people in Hellfire for eternity. And to say that God enjoys it. I don't know exactly where that's from. Okay. Okay, but certainly, if Allah punishing someone and he will most certainly punish people with the most terrible and severe punishment more than we can even imagine. And the people will stay there Holly Dean a female, they will never come out of the Hellfire. Right? Well, God will roast their skins, and recreate their skins and roast the skins so they can taste the punishment. And that's the way the nerves are, you get burnt once. It's a scientific fact. If you get burned once you don't feel

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the pain after that. So Allah will create the skin again, so they can continue to experience the terrible pain. Right? So yes, there is no doubt that Hellfire is a punishment, even beyond what you can possibly imagine. But if Allah punishes anyone in the hellfire, that is most certainly because they deserve it.

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And I will tell you the other thing, it's because they chose that they chose it.

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Allah does not pick people up and just throw them in the Hellfire randomly this door that lot paradise Hellfires this, wherever, like we throw cards on a table or something like that. No.

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Right? People who go to * go because they chose to do that. They chose to take that path.

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They saw it clearly. They knew this was the path to *. And they continued upon that path. And they chose it. They knew that's what they were going, and they chose that they got what they deserved.

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And actually the injustice, the injustice, of denying what is Subhanallah if you just think what Allah is asking, there is one Hadith. For me, really, this sums everything up.

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A man will stand in front of Allah on the day of judgment. And Allah will say to him, all my servants

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if you have the world and everything in it, would you now ransom that to save you from the hellfire? And you will say Yes, My Lord. And Allah will say to him, I asked for you less than that. I only asked that you should worship Me and worship nothing else besides me. That's all Allah asked. is the only thing Allah asked that we worship Him

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We don't make shit and we don't worship anything along with him. That's it. So Allah is asking from us, but you couldn't even do that. So what do you deserve? What does that person deserve? So they're just their punishment is just and Allah Spano Tala punishes them justly and that is what I believe. Absolutely. So whatever it is, they get that because that is what they are deserving of. Right? And whoever chooses to obey Allah, then you know what, they don't deserve paradise. Because whatever you do, however much good you do, you don't deserve you can never earn Paradise by your deeds. In fact, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, No one goes to Paradise because of their

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deeds. They said Not even you Rasul Allah. He said, Not even me unless Allah bestows His Mercy upon me, Paradise, you cannot earn it, because the beauty in the blessing of Paradise is way beyond whatever amount of deeds you can do. That's the Mercy of Allah. That is the Mercy of Allah. Right? And how is the Mercy of Allah, the Mercy of Allah is this right? If you do one wrong deed, Allah marks it down as one wrong deed, you do one wrong deed, Allah marks it down as one wrong deed. If you think of doing a wrong deed, but you stop yourself from doing it. Allah marks it down as a good deed. If you intend to do a good deed, and even if you don't do it, Allah marks you down as a good

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deed. If you do a good deed and you fulfill it, Allah rewards it 10 to 700 times and then Allah multiplies it on top of that, that is the Mercy of Allah, right? And then you know what, however many sins you do, whatever you do, even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, If your sins were as great as the heavens in the earth, the heavens and the earth, my God, our galaxy, it's 10,000 light years across our galaxy, and is one of millions in the known universe. But if your sins were as big as the heavens on Earth, and you were to ask Allah to forgive you, and you are not making any partners with him, not only would ALLAH forgive you, but he will actually give you good

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deeds nearly as great as the evil deeds that you did to replace it. That is the Muslim.

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That is the missing.

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So, you know, brothers and sisters, what does the person who turns away from that mercy, what do they really deserve? You know, Allah is the most just, this is what I believe brothers and sisters, and Allah is the most merciful, He is the Most Compassionate, He forgives those who seek forgiveness. So all of us brothers and sisters, let's turn to Allah right now, let's make Toba for our sins because we've all got sins. And this allows us ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us for all the evil that we have done in your ability to me

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