The Qur’an is not trying to impress you

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We study the Quran, but we don't know really, why we study what the purpose

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you know, especially I have been receiving from many people, many requests. One of the sister, she's here, survey that from Kerala, she had asked him to emphasize, you know, the grammar point of the Quran and something else. Some people have been asking me to emphasize, you know, to look for more linguistic

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questions in the Quran, some people are more interested in the message of Quran, there's so many questions keep coming to me.

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So, I realized really, there are certainly I cannot, you know, do all those things, you know, so easily. So there are two problems I realize that people have and that way, you know, they don't know how to how to benefit from from the book.

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First thing is, the example that come to my mind is, some people are, you know, like someone who comes to a restaurant.

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And the people in the restaurant, you know, ask him, What do you want? He said, No, no, you have to convince me what I want.

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Give you every food that he tastes from every food, to know really what exactly he wants to tell him if he started testing every food, would he really know what he wants?

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You know, he will be confused, because there's so many tastes or he will not be very clear which one is better? He'll be confused. So I think what that what happens for many people, when they come to the Quran, they exactly don't know what they're looking for.

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They don't know. And some people what happens with the listen to the videos of many creatures. And those preachers, they present the Quran as an impressive book. impress people that become you know, so then they think, Oh, if I learned all this stuff, I also can impress the people. So you know, basically Quran because lack of entertainment. I know most artists that people present with Miss Khurana the impressive book. Most of them are false. They're not to really you know, denim agree. They have mistakes, many men mistakes, somebody will explain to you the Quran. If you read the Quran Khurana always makes a difference between Imara tuna and Xiao Jun and by Luna and this thing and

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that thing, some people will make, you know, Quran Hazira such a clear difference between in batata in Fujairah you know, there's so many things going on, you know, how many times Quran use the word gene and how mate and insaan and how Muay Thai the mullet and how many times shaitan you know this and how Muay Thai apparently Jana and how my Muay Thai you know not you know distance going on they don't understand really the Janna inner they have many many names and a some time you know Jana without name you know

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who is going to count these things and how you how can you be so accurate to say Jana is bearish and the Quran so many times and Nardi Masha so many times and do you think really that water will cause a digger Omar Farooq used to do to learn quickly how many things are fasting nothing was completed that time anyway the How could they calculate anything meaning basically they died either in the Quran because when a Quran comes first revelation killed they were no Surah two they were they basically it impossible for them to calculate how many times Jin has come in the Quran how crime Mala they can't do this look at the Quran are there they even don't know really what even though it

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had the first if you look in the language you know they use they use best don't don't make the difference. We didn't know there too many minutes obviously make Khurana impressive book actually you you think that impressive they don't exist some of them could be you know, I understand that. But most of the thing that you see is not it is false really. And investing waste of the time

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you know in the Quran, certainly no doubt has been served by many people you know, and really we we live to offer them and we're grateful for them. Let's see boy you know see were really amazing person one of the you know, the most genius person in the history of the mankind not only in Islam in history of mankind the way He really put Arpita amazing amazing work. Similarly there are people like in a genie you know, you know so many secret stuff Arbic language amazing really if you look really you think like a miracle. The way these people have done journey is actually these people. Many people wrote on Bala Rata Quran and Bulaga database language, how can the languages you know,

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they have such a decision so many ways, but certainly think really was Quran revealed. So we become

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See what the think was Quran Siva is helpful. But the Quran never never has been revealed to make everybody see why. Quran never has been revealed to make everybody in the genie. Quran never has been revealed, you know, to make people Bukhari and Muslim. No, actually the Quran has been revealed to make people at laka Casa de Khadija Aisha, they are the first students at the Quran.

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To think of what they have got really weak, people don't understand what Quran is good to give you much more precious than all these entertainers.

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Even if look really all the difference between every single word most will be false anyway, but even if you think you're right, nothing will happen. Nothing you got a benefit and in this world, neither hereafter and lead not going to save you from hell far. Because you know the difference between result and number two is not go to hidden. Never, never really actually, the truth of the matter is, is somebody does not know anything from the Quran, but understand the message properly in his own language and follow that he is more guided than all Arabs.

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It did not so much about Arabic language about the difference that it is much a deeper book.

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You know, Allah sorta has no interest to impress you, who we are to be impressed by why Hebrew happy to impress us, that no single thing in this book, which, which is to impress anybody, the Quran never helped me reveal to impress anybody or random not, could I not realize that people just, you know, praise Allah Quran is to guide us into that how we can be guided, how we can, you know, learn it, and how it can help, how can it change our life there how the Quran is, in that way, a lot harder than not tell him about about himself more detail when he talks about himself, what kind of benefit is there, so he never tells about himself. Those secrets, if we listen, oh, because so much

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impressive, but not make a difference. You know, nobody can know Allah, if Allah will start telling about himself, nobody will know him really, he will let us that much, which can help you to benefit to be guided, that what you know, he wants to tell, he's not going to teach us in all the details about himself in order to distant keeping material, that why we love Quran. And what Quran offers, really, that is so powerful, you know, this book, mirrored the Prophet, Muhammad prophet,

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he was not prophet before this book, this book made him a prophet.

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The only difference between us and Him, really, that he received the book directly from Allah, to unjust he became a prophet. But every teaching of the Quran is same as to

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those who follow the Quran, if he did, in either much nearer to him, they will be guided that workflow making effort, because they come there to what makes ginger really otherwise you can see in this world, people commit suicide. People just have distressed people have everything, but there are so many Indian film stars and, you know, money and this and that. Some of them commit suicide, and some of them this product, probably why they have all the means, but they don't have this book.

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That what we do really each one of you need to learn this book in a way to become like Prophet Muhammad, you know, save the humanity from from the problem, people who have problem, you know, you need to save them. So just keep in mind, but nevertheless, that, you know, when people understand the Quran, they need to know, Kadena, if you want to know anatomy lingual, certainly you need to know Arabic, you need to know the grammar. So some of those bullet points are important. And maybe, you know, if I have time, I'll explain some of those points very, very well. But if you think that your task is to sit, and the teacher is going to spend the Quran to me, that is never going to

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happen. That never happens. The book has been revealed.

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And it only guides when all the words done by the audience. And then the book does. If people don't do anything, and Allah has to do everything, nothing will happen. Nothing. The Prophet Mohammed had an urge, how to be guided and how to worship or skilling him basically, then the Quran came in response to that urge. You need to have an urge. You need to know really what you what you what you're looking for in this book, and then you don't find then the teacher can help. If you don't know what you need, really, you don't if you don't have any allergy, nothing, no teacher can help. If there's tourists coming to the class, but they don't have any, you know,

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in a clear sense of what they want to learn, and no no effort. No

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thing happened, you need to do your best then the teacher will help you then you'll know. So this you know is a very very important l'oeil that when we come to the Quran what we're learning really what this book teaches, nobody can teach nobody so many points are the grammar you should you learn all Arabic to you should be learned before coming to the class. And is there something difficult that you can ask me

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if you don't know how to do that this is my teaching at the airport is useless, it can impress you, or that how great our languages but not what to keep in mind because the grammar of every language is very complicated to it can impress people, you know, people can like entertainment, they were very happy. But at the end of the day, nothing and if you start teaching the same thing, all difficult questions or grammar to your audience? Yeah, maybe then you know that people go for entertainment. Like you know, people are some people who come Ari and the real Quran with good a voice or a huge crowd come to listen to them. Yeah. Why? Because entertainment, it doesn't help them

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anywhere, that that guide them anything.

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No guidance is completely different matter. That is what people people need to learn. Learn about this. So you know, this surah not only district in every part of the Quran is really amazing. And Hamdulillah you know, I spend time every day on the Quran and I think and I and you understand more and more. And when I understand more and more I we can work on that we did not appreciate this book, we did not expect to read this book is nothing equal to nothing equal to it. It is not really the difference between erogenous zones that now that while the book has come this a much, much deeper book. It really changes the life