Ali Hammuda – The Inked Remedy #01 – I’m clawing onto memories

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of a "we" in a situation and how it can be a "most pain in your life." They encourage people to repeat their words and use them in reference to their Lord. The speaker also mentions the importance of helping others and offers a complete series for those who want to benefit from the "we" in their life.
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haven't talked to anyone in so long.

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They will never breathe,

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we will fail fade into the

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21st Gen.

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I don't know who to speak to about this.

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I'm gonna write it down to get off my chest.

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That's the only way I can find relief in this moment in time.

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I didn't think I would ever say these words until I was much older.

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I've just returned home from burying my debt.

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It's funny.

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While everyone else was weeping.

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He was the only one who looked peaceful, so serene, even in his casket.

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I guess it goes to show how important he

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was to a lot of people.

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Especially meat.

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There was much I wish I'd said and done for that.

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By Steph came all of a sudden, no, no one was expected.

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I still don't get it.

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How can an active fit and healthy 55 year old man leave this world like that? No underlying health conditions, nothing. One stroke is all it took.

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There was so much he wanted to do for us with us. Now that time we'll just be holding on to the memories we have of him

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they haven't said but but I know my family are expecting me to take his place. Be there support

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should show they'll give me some time to process all of this.

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But when will it be?

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Our them? It needs to step up now be the man of the house. How can I

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right now?

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My vulnerability starting to become more exposed. I feel the world is closing in on me.

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I am broken and in need of support myself.

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My family are relying on me.

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But who do I turn to for help

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them no one can take away from you how you feel at this moment. It's not every day after all that we bury our fathers. And I also appreciate that it's many times tougher when you're taken by surprise. But let me tell you something. Something that I told myself when I found myself burying some of my loved ones, it occurred to me that the one who had chosen for me this calamity is Allah

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and that the true meaning of Rodia meaning being aimed worship of Allah is to surrender to that. Accepting whatever he gives us with contentment.

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I can't even begin to explain to you the relief that this type of mindset brings with it brother Adam, didn't Allah Almighty Seema Asada, me mostly betting 11 Vanilla. Well, may you mean Billa.

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Allah says no disaster strikes except by the permission of Allah. And whoever believes in Allah will he will guide his heart he will guide is

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this idea has given me and I'm hoping it will give you so much comfort.

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And I just love Subhanallah how our predecessors have spoken about this idea. I'll come up for example, he said This is in reference to a Raju to Cebu Homosassa Anaheim in Anguilla, for Yoruba you sent me this idea, he says is in reference to a person

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who was struck with a calamity. But then he's quick to realize that this is from Allah as so he surrenders to it, and he is fused.

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Now if that thought doesn't entirely settle you, Adam. add to it another one. Remember that the one who has chosen for you this difficulty of yours happens to be the most merciful who cares for you, more than your own mother does remember that.

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And he's also the most wise and wants to benefit you in ways that you cannot even comprehend. And the prophets they realize this. And so if you can try repeating their words during their testing times, try repeating the words of Prophet that you

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What are you but isn't the whole aneema Estonia don't ruin the harbor Hummer Rahim. Allah mentions remember you

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when he called to his Lord, saying, Adversity has touched me and you

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are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy?

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Can you repeat those words? Adam?

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Are you in his complaint to Allah,

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about his circumstance is referring to his Lord, with the traits of mercy, mercy, you're the most merciful Adam, it's mercy, bro. Try repeating the words of a youth, try repeating the words of Prophet Yaqoob alayhi salam, who when he lost his son, he said from Allah who hate on half of our who are humble rahimian. Allah has the best guardian. And He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. I'm telling you, it's mercy.

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But look, you can't be blamed. If you can't see it at this in this way at this moment in time, but repeat it and you believe it. And with time you shall see it. What we may have conceived as a very unfair and cruel twist in our life may have been in the eyes of Allah, the Most Merciful, the most favorable turn of events in your life, the sweet fruits of which you will read at a time when you need them the most.

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Adam is being tested no doubt.

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But I also do not doubt that you have your own battles as well. So I say the same to you. As I said to Adam, remember who is testing you, a merciful and Wise Creator, who doesn't want to devastate you destroy you disappoint you, he wants goodness for you, more than you want it for yourself. And the fact that we may not be able to see that, at the moment of a calamity does not change this reality one bit.

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When I realized how much my article had impacted Adam, and how many are suffering just like him. It inspired us to start the series and help many more like Adam. I invite you to benefit from the complete series available on online Masjid dot Islam 21

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