He Did Not Beget Nor Was He Begotten

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An Excerpt from the Lecture, ‘Allah, The One, The Unique: A Tafsir of Surat 112 – al-Ikhlas’


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The speaker discusses the origin of the last panel and the question posed by people about Allah's origins. They also talk about the physical limitations of humans and the ways humans can surpass their capabilities in certain areas. The speaker emphasizes the importance of belief in the spiritual reality of Allah and the need for people to absorb the difference between their minds and their physical abilities.

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim.

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Allah It was a muted, he did not beget, nor was he be godson he did not give birth, nor was he born.

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This verse addresses the origin of the last panel, the question posed by a number of people to assume Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in both Mecca and Medina at various stages of his prophets that and his message was that all Mohammed

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described to us the lineage of your Lord, tell us about the origin of Allah. So Allah, Allah, Allah says, Allah is origin.

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Let me get it, what a mule it

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he was never born.

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Allah has always existed, Allah will always exist, Allah is eternal.

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For him, there was no beginning and there is no end.

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And a verse of the Quran, and he describes this beautifully, who will or what a will Earth hit over here will abandon or be cliche, Marine, Allah says, He is the first and he is the last. He is the outward, and he is the inward. And he's the one who is all knowledgeable and all knowing of all things.

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We may not understand that.

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The eternal nature of the last panel, that he has always existed and will always exist.

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Quite simply, our minds do not have the capacity, they don't have the ability to fathom, to comprehend even to dwell and to reflect on this reality of a loss of water.

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Because human beings, we are frail, our bodies are frail, our hearts are frail, our minds are frail.

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And there is only so much that we can actually do.

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A fleet is more capable than a human being in some aspects, a fleet can leap 40 times its body length, a human being can barely manage twice its body length.

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throughout a large creation of animals, birds and beasts, we will see that animals and even humble insects, surpasses and supersede as in various aspects. In hearing insights, even in intelligence, they there was a you can search for it and watch the clips, video clips of it, they did an experiment with numbers and monkeys.

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And the monkeys response to numbers flashing up on the screen.

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And they were amazed. They tested with a few different monkeys, every single monkey proves to be faster than a human being in its recognition. And its response to flashing numbers. And its memory of those numbers. So even in intelligence, take any one of our senses, whether it's smell, whether it's sight, whether it's hearing, whether it's touch,

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whether it's memory,

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whether it's physical ability of the limbs, of the legs, of the hands of the arms, of physical strength, or ultimately even of human intelligence, we will notice that individually. Of course, Allah has honored us overall. So that last panel data overall has made human beings the best and the great greatest of his creation. We're not gonna have any Adam, Allah says And indeed, we have honored the children of Adam.

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we are still weak, we are still limited in our capabilities, if humble insects and humble animals and beasts can outdo us surpasses supersede us in simple tasks. How can we aggregate to ourselves a belief that these humble minds of ours that have been created by Allah Subhana Allah, Allah can actually comprehend the Creator Himself? We can not. So for us, it's a question of belief. This is why your mom will hardly really relate to the youth in which he says, shape I will come to one of you and constantly asked, you repeatedly asked you that, who has created this Who has created this? And when the answer is given Allah shavon will then finally pose a question. Well then who created a

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lot? So what did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself suggest as an answer? He said, then you say, I believe in and you say,

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you seek protection from the occurs devil and you affirm and ratify your faith in Allah because

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Because there will always come in limits when intelligence seizes and faith begins,

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because our human minds are feeble, and we are unable to fathom or truly appreciate the reality of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's why he says law to recover, absorb,

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absorb the difference a B sides cannot encompass him and he encompasses all sides and he is the subtle that all knowing