Suleiman Hani – Understanding Crisis

Suleiman Hani
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sure what I would do is I just wait a few minutes and then go live because we're just about to send out the links to our lists Shebaa okay okay

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well somebody give me a heads up or yeah I'll stay on I will stay on call with you and then now that you inshallah

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we are live inshallah by the way

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you can you can start

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similar 100 Allah all sorts of salam ala Rasulillah while early he will suck me he woman Wilder said I'm not alone and welcome to our webinar where we are discussing the top questions that people ask during times of crisis and inshallah Tada we'll be going through some of these questions together in a few moments be the night Anna we will have our beloved brother or a friend as well as Chef or Mata Shakti joining us inshallah Tata. For now what I will do Inshallah, tada, go ahead and let us know where you're coming in from inshallah Tada, I will be going through the questions that we have compiled, these are obviously based on the many questions that have been coming our way in the

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misogyny online through emails, anecdotally and so on and so forth. These are the top questions people have been asking, especially especially in the last month, with the crisis that we are seeing, may Allah subhanaw taala alleviate the fears of our brothers and our sisters in our houses and Philistine and all around the world. May Allah subhanaw taala utilize us for the relief and justice of others. Along the mean. What we'll do in sha Allah to Allah is actually introduce some terms a lot of times when there is a crisis, we talk about certain things from the Islamic perspective. And at times we use certain terms that some people may not be familiar with. So before

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we even delve into the top questions, there is one specific term I would like to address inshallah Tada and this is the word fitna. People hear this word all the time. And the English translations honestly, they are very poor. They are very limited in what they can explain as a singular word. The word fitna, in Arabic in English could mean a trial, it could mean a test, it could mean some of these types of connotations. However, it could also mean a purification, a very severe or difficult purification process that leads to something great. How do we know this? That word fitna itself, if you look at what the linguist have stated, the root of the word, you find that the fat tan is the

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one who takes gold, and silver, for example. But gold in nature, it's mixed with a lot of other things. It's not just gold, they take gold with all of these sediments, the impurities, the dirt, and they put it through a very severe heating process. What comes out after this extreme pressure and heat, what comes out is a valuable commodity. fact one of the most valuable commodities in the world. So a fit now when we say there's a lot of fit in our this is a situation where there's a fit. Now what we're talking about, is a type of trial or test that could lead to a purification. Now someone may ask, what is the purification? What is being purified here, being purified of many

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things? And this goes back to a question about the wisdoms of why there are trials, why there are tests in this world, you could be purified from sins, and we are all in need of that. May Allah protect us. We don't want to go through the heating process. We don't want to go through that severe pressure. We would rather have it on our terms to be able to just remember to stay away from sins and do Toba regularly, but are we doing that and of course, we know that a lot of extra good deeds will wipe out the sins Toba is necessary every day. And we don't seek to be purified through pain ever. We don't look for that hardship. In the last interview with hypnosis to law says the deeds

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erase the sins. But also when you talk about purification. Here you're talking about the example of something as mild as you walking outside and you know, being stung by something May Allah protect you or being pricked by a thorn or having to worry about something legitimate. And so what happens here is any kind of discomfort you face as a believer, and you turn to Allah subhanaw taala your patient, you persevere and whatever it may be, that you're responding with specific specifically, you're being rewarded, your sins are being erased, so there's some purification. So there may be something as mild as the pricking of a thorn, and there may be something more severe like for our

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brothers and sisters in the hodza, where they're being oppressed and butchered, killed, may Allah Subhana Allah grant them all the highest levels of Jannah

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One moment we look at the example was having to do with the people of the ditch. And that's precisely what we see, there was an ultimatum you either leave your faith or you're thrown into this fire, you're killed for holding on to your faith. And Allah Subhana Allah mentions them in the timeless resuscitation that we all go through in order to bridge so that we remember for them the victory was not necessarily defeating that king, but it was shahada and holding on to their faith, it was holding on to their faith. That is one explanation for the word fitna. It could also purify you from being overly attached to this world. Sometimes you notice yourself if you have a job or a

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family or studies. Sometimes you notice yourself overly distracted. You're just chasing after one goal and the second and the third and you never stop to think about why you're here, who you're worshiping. What are you supposed to be doing? Why are you so distracted? And so these lifestyles at times, are shattered, or affected by an interruption, something of discomfort, to purify us of these distractions to purify that heedlessness. Now, here's the thing when a fitna comes your way or someone's way, may Allah protect us all. When a fitna arises, not everyone will pass the test. Everyone can pass the test, but not everyone will. And so we are reminded when there's a fitna that

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you can handle this burden you can actually get through but you have to make certain choices. How do you make the right choices you go back to the worldview of Islam, you go back to the Quran, you go back to what Allah has told you about why you're here, you go back to purifying your heart, having humility, knowing who Allah is knowing the reality of this world. These are all some of the connotations of the word fitna that we are talking about the type of trial that could be of the ease or have difficulty. And of course, you have an example in the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala says a house even NASA Utako a AFOLU ermine wildlife afternoon. Do people expect to say I believe in

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Allah and then not be tested? Well, home let you often only have 10 meaning fitna, they're not going through a fitna trial to be to prove that they believe in Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah Subhana Allah tells us this because it's one of many reasons one of the many wisdoms in which your iman is internal, but it has to be proven externally and so it's a type of exam question, the type of test and it leads to a massive, massive reward that is worth it. You also have unsalted MBR very short but powerful idea. When Allah subhanaw taala tells us Kulu knifes in the opportune mode every soul will taste that many will leave this world when a blucon will test you be shattered the one Heidi

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fitna, or Elena Troja will test you meaning all humanity you're tested with what

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difficulty and E is as a trial for you as a purification for you, as a test for you. And then to Allah, everyone will return and that's where you'll have eternal compensation. That's where you'll have the reward for good that is multiply beyond your imagination. That's where the sin the evil will be given exactly what it deserves based on the wisdom and justice and the mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. So this answers the first question. The question is, what is this word fitna? Where does it come from? What are some of the connotations that we take from it so that we can inshallah Tada better understand the other questions that come our way and the many lectures and

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reminders that you're seeing online and in person? May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from these fit and and may Allah Subhana Allah has to pass every test that comes our way along. I mean, this is technically Question number one, and inshallah Tada. We'll continue with the rest of the questions with Che Hamada Shoukry as he's joining us Shekinah Are you able to, to hear us?

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So we'll have 10 questions inshallah. Tada. Question number one was, what is a fitna? What is this word fitna? And then we'll go through a question number two and three with SHA Ahmad inshallah Tada. As he's joining us, may Allah subhana reward him and his family at Loma Amin will be talking about for example, the many questions people ask about children. What is the wisdom behind children suffering all of this were 5000 children killed in Gaza and many more under the rubble May Allah subhanaw taala allow them to be a means of gender for their parents, and a source of martyrdom as well. Lama Amin and questions about doing not being accepted situation of oppression How Long Does

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someone be patient? Welcome. Welcome, Chuck Ahmad. How are you? I got sick. What

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are you doing? How did you learn about I mean, how are you?

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I'm doing

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good to see you. Good to see you to share for me a lot of Patrick's that everything you're doing. I mean, I mean, Jimmy and Jama. I mean,

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he was just running

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you know picking up kids and whatnot school and what have you. No worries me. Looks definitely

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On the first question of the word fitna that many people hear about where does it come from? What does it imply? And how is it related to the other questions that we're covering in shallow time?

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Yeah, I mean fitness that which separates pure from impure. So the the

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the photonic is, is the one who

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who would test gold and remove impurities from it. And so fitna does that as well, that

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separates the sincere, the truthful, the dedicated from those who aren't like that. And one of the benefits of fitten is that it exposes hypocrisy to the believers, whether it exposes it in

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human form, the hypocrites they become exposed, or also what you see is the experience of the exposing of hypocritical ideas. Right and its implementation. So that's, that's one of the benefits is that

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I think things become clearer for people where their source of aid comes from, where their source of support really is, who their who is, who are their true supporters as well.

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And who isn't

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Subhanallah we saw a lot of that with this current situation in Gaza. It has, it has ripple effects, some some types of trials and Phaeton, they directly affect a group of people and they could indirectly, I mean, we can't even say indirectly, but they do indirectly affect the rest of the world in many ways. And this is one of them. I think, everyone has seen Eastern west, north and south. How just the fact that some people are able to justify genocide and ignore and deflect and focus on distractions, and sometimes even disguise it with as many fancy words as possible diplomatic words as possible, or politically correct words, you'll find that this really has exposed

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a lot of things about the reality of society, a lot of relationships were tested. We've seen for example, many people in multifaith coalition's in Western countries claiming to want claiming to want to pursue universal justice and peace for everyone. But in reality, these relationships in the last four weeks have been tested, where some people refuse to,

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to speak on behalf of the husband children's speak on behalf of Palestinians in general, and just in a generic way, condemn, obviously, condemning Hamas is something they did, and they continue to do it. That's their focus. But ignoring anything else has brought out a sense that there isn't universal justice. This is not one of their pursuits. There's a bias. There's an arrogance, there's hypocrisy in many other things as well. So this is an indirect as you as you mentioned, indirect wisdom from the fitna that is directly affecting our brothers and sisters, because they may Allah make it easy for them. I think the timing of it is just been so a loss of kind of data position that

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that this is let you know, around a year, more or less from Ukraine. And so you, you benefit from seeing the same actors, like it's not a different term. It's not a different president. It's not, you know, whether it's it's leaders of nations, or whether it's leaders of organizations, or what have you, literally, the same individuals, it's the same people from last year, but just a different

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a similar circumstance that everybody sees, but they refuse to use the language that they use last year for the Ukrainian people. And so if it was a different if the actors were different, if the parties were different, then you could say, Okay, there's some there's some distance here, there's, there's, there's a difference, but it's the same individuals and so that double standard is as clear as I could ever remember it being in my lifetime. But I think people people are seeing it like that long, Stan, in addition satella We've seen how oftentimes

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effort for many Muslims, the situation Oxon Philistine all that as long as the news is not reporting it, and there isn't something massive and direct of violence.

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They they start to become complacent, they start to become distracted, right? I don't know how many how many emails at this point, last four weeks or messages I got, where somebody referred someone to me for wanting to become they wanted to become Muslim. They were interested in Islam and finding out about it because of what's happening. And the majority of them when I would ask why, what in particular interested you? What was the catalyst after you're seeing something? They would say the resilience, the faith of these people as they're being killed and they're holding on to their faith and it's not just the adults or the elderly. See children telling you

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to other to say the shahada, brothers and sisters reminding one another. So, obviously,

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a tragic and difficult moment, intertwined with a ripple effect of wisdoms and knowledge that we have no access to whatsoever behind the scenes. And so we try and struggle to understand the why are we trust in Allah subhanaw taala allottee him and Hakeem who knows perfectly, why everything happens, but also our focus always shifts from. I mentioned this in a lecture yesterday, our focus when we talk about budget and decree is trying not to struggle with the question of why why is this happening, but rather the What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to respond type of question, what does the Lord want me to do in the present moment? And how long should I be? Should I be doing

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what I'm supposed to be doing with this prolonged pain and crisis?

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I think one of the when it comes to the issue of why, one of the verses that I I always, and I'm sure it's been quoted a lot by the moms and shoe fall over the world is really the story of us habit of dudes, you know, the people of the trenches saw that

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approach. And the story is, without going into too much detail, but it was a community of believers, they believed in a scientists and under were followers of an ISA. So it was the time period between ESA and the province, the lobbyists and LeMans, was in Yemen. And the king had found out that this community worshipped someone other than Him. And so he commanded them to worship Him, they refused, he then

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exercised the genocide, he annihilated them. And the way that he did that was he dug a trench and filled it with fire, and then those people were thrown into it. And so this was a genocide. It was a stain on human history. And Allah subhanaw taala, and telling the story, it's really really powerful, how Allah presents the story and sort of the Buddha which Allah Subhana Allah says, 14th Avenue, first started the people of the trench. And so he says, well, manna coming from a law you need to be licensed. And the only reason why they were hated is to believe in a lot of disease and that Hamid now

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one of the interesting things is, you know, on the subject of the names of Allah is paying attention to why Allah uses names and combinations of names. So I remember combing through the books of tfca. Why is it is it Hamid in this verse and Imam Razi answered that question and he said, A Lhasa kinda data uses the name and Azeez which means the mighty to indicate that he could have stopped it he could have stopped the massacre from happening just like a lot could stop the massacre and the genocide that is happening and was unfolding now Allah soprano data could cause for certain politicians to pass away or loss of data could cause for, for other politicians to all of a sudden

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rise up and their hearts all all be inclined to stopping the genocide. There's a million scenarios that could cause for the ceasefire to begin today. And yet Elijah kinda that allowed for it to happen. He says he is an Aziz, meaning that it happened with his knowledge and his will, when you're speaking about them. And then he says Al Hamid Al Hamid means the Praiseworthy, he allowed for it to happen and he is praiseworthy in allowing for it to happen. And so then the question becomes, how is that praiseworthy is praiseworthy, because the consequences are praiseworthy external. If a person enters into paradise, then that is a praiseworthy outcome, no matter how quickly they leave this

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no matter how quickly they leave this world, whether they they leave as a child, or whether they leave as an adult, or whether they leave, however, they leave, they enter into paradise, then they won this test that is called life. And it's also praiseworthy, because it allows for criminals to fill their ledger with, with crimes that otherwise they would not have been able to commit them. So now these individuals, whoever they are, it will be on their record, that this genocide happened and that they either they either organized it, they, they designed it, they executed it, or they allowed for it to happen or they supported it. So the criminals get their share of sin, that is also

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praiseworthy in a number of other reasons. But Allah subhana data, calls himself in that verse as he's with me in the mighty in the face ready?

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That's beautiful. Does that feel fair for sharing that? reminder about the authority of Allah subhanaw taala And subhanAllah you you compare that to other verses like the one that prophets Larson recited throughout the night and play on the one report and he was crying? Interactive on phenomenographic went off laughing again.

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It allows Israel hacking. If you punish them they are Your servants and if you forgive them you are a lousy again, the one who decides the one who has power, the one who makes that final decision and also hacking the always is the one who puts everything in its proper place. And so we have no idea who is deserving of what in this life or in the next life, but we we take the external things that ALLAH SubhanA has told us about the Maxim's the attributes that are facts. And these these attributes are not just a quick tip, see at the moment, for us they are, they really are a crucial to tap into in times like this, these are the things we should be applying. Like if, for example, if

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you've been attending Friday, hopefully for the last 3040 50 years of your life, or you've been learning a lot about his time your entire life, this is the time to apply it. This is the time to apply your Eman. It is for moments like this that you have to be strong you have to turn back to the facts. And Allah has told you about himself rather than the assumptions that come out in times like this. May Allah protect us and our communities. Certainly you touched on basically the some of the already some of the wisdoms of suffering. The word that they liked us in philosophy is theodicy how merciful God allows what are some of the reasons that He permits suffering to exist in this world,

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there are over a dozen examples just from the Quran and Sunnah a dozen different reasons. Um, shahada is one of them. Actually, I had just mentioned this, how the Hollywood right before he joined, but I didn't go into as much detail. But what's interesting about us how we are sorted borouge in particular, is you have references to three different nations, you'll have us have your food, and then you have Iran and ThermoWood. And you'll find that there were different endings for the different groups mentioned here. One of them, they're all shahada of hydrocodone. And so they still want the Munzer has a hand in audio generator for pedophiles. They want but they want in a

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different way. And then you have the Benny slide and you'll have fit on it. So the believers, they didn't get a worldly victory in one sense, but they were able to escape for a limited time, they were given some time. And then you have the few believers who are left with profit, the profit that was sent to them. And when you look at these examples, you find that the believers always successful in terms of their holding on to their Eman, but the material state doesn't determine your success. It's at the end of the day, did you hold on to your faith? Do you persevere? Did you continue doing what you're supposed to do in the moment of that pressure and the heat Lavon

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alluded to in sort of the knowledge as well not even alluded to a light specifically says in Aladdin, no underside, so soon the Buddha doesn't tell us what happened to the king. He doesn't so King destroys, you know, or he annihilates that community he kills that community and so as far as the worldly lens, he wants to be completely

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he killed them and he lives on his life. There's nothing in the cinema also that tells us what happened to him. There's no indication that he was killed by Plato and Bobby There's no serpent that comes there's no disease there's nothing for all we know he could have lived out his entire natural life as a king. But Allah soprano data he says in the Levine Amnon was slightly hat, London not continue to attack the LM pub. Allah says those who believe in do righteous deeds, they will have Gardens underneath which rivers flow that Ecole Fosun kebele That is Li great victory, the great victory and there's no other place in the Quran, where all bosses and foes will give you the great

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victory describe something. And so that indicates to us that those people who were killed wrongfully, but if they entered Jannah, then they won. Not only did they win, but they won big, not only did they win big, but they want the greatest victory. And the greatest victory is that when a person dies, however long or short, they have on this earth if they enter into paradise than they want, and that is the greatest victory. And there's a beautiful statement by Abu Bakr on the line. And I would encourage everybody to write it down, write it down in the chat, because there's always going to be a few people who are gonna say what was it? I missed it. So I'll say it for you in

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Arabic, and I'll say it in English as well. But it's one that really people should inscribe, and Bobak is obviously the greatest companion and gives you a glimpse into his perspective. He says, love hate if you're feeling bad when not while I shuffle efficiently about the agenda. He says there is no harm in any harm that leads to paradise and there is no good and any good that leads to the hellfire. There is no good and any good that leads to the hellfire and there is no evil in any in any evil there is no harm in any harm that leads to paradise. So if a person has all of the good things of this life, but it leads you to the Hellfire then there was no good in it. And of a person

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suffers every suffering that there is to suffer in this life but it leads you to paradise and there is

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There's no harm in it, there was no evil in it. And obviously, that's

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the province alone behind us and the mentions, in a authentic hadith I believe it's in Muslim that the prophets of Allah, this gives the example of the most righteous of righteous people.

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Not the most righteous, no most

00:25:19 --> 00:25:53

opulent of opulent people who's from the people of the Hellfire, when he's put into the Hellfire for a minute, and then that person will be said to them, did you ever experience anything good, and you'll say, No, my lord, and another person who lived the most difficult whoever, in this life lived the most difficult life, whoever suffered the most like buddies from the people of paradise, I want you to imagine a person who never experienced safety, never experienced health, never experienced wealth, never experienced love, never experienced any of these things. But there's somebody like that who's lived on this earth. And that person when they're dipped into paradise for a moment,

00:25:55 --> 00:26:11

they'll be asked, Did you ever experience anything bad, and they'll say, No, yada. At the end of the day, Jana will erase a lifetime of pain. And the Hellfire will also erase a lifetime of victory and success and pleasure.

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helps us to to look at the the perspective in hindsight that we cannot see now the perspective of the people the afterlife, you know, like you can imagine if someone is upgraded 1000 2000 6000 ranks in Jannah. Now, they're in the highest levels, for example, and they look back at this world with the eternal home that they now have beneath the throne of a Rockman. And they're asked, Would you like to go back to a dunya and not go through any pain, but you won't get these upgrades, you just do you live, you still have gender, but you won't get these upgrades, we can imagine no one would accept such an offer.

00:26:49 --> 00:26:52

So it's hard to to, to

00:26:54 --> 00:27:31

think about that in the moment, especially of pain, especially when it's an extended test, a prolonged test. But you realize that there is no alternative to resilience, there's no alternative to solid, the alternative is giving up, the alternative is failing that test knowing that, as painful as it is you can get through it, you won't be burned with something you can't pass a test, but you also are not guaranteed you will pass it you have to make those choices. And part of the choice comes from developing yours have a connection to Allah developing a relationship with Him in times of ease, not just in times of difficulty. And so seeing the awakening of many Muslims now who

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felt far from Allah subhanaw taala. And coming back in this moment, and even by the way, what I found so interesting, and he is it's not just Muslims. Some of the non Muslims who have been reaching out are people who initially in the first week or so, were just extremely barbaric in their response. They're like, kill all the physicians wipe them out. Never again, we don't want any policy, just get rid of all I don't care how many kids And subhanAllah one of the interesting things you know, people would ask, there's twofold questionnaires like how how can there be such evil people in the world? Who allow such thing, then? Of course, there's a long answer, there's a lot of

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there are a lot of ways to respond. And this is why Allah Subhana Allah knows who's deserving of a long punishment next life because if they came back when I wouldn't do that I do the manual run, they would go back to what they did. He's more aware. And he's more just, but then there's the second part, which is, is there hope for somebody who initially facilitated genocide. And really, it's actually remarkable, you brought up the like sorbitan Bucha. Because of the powerful lessons he go back to that same surah in the Latina fatten, and what we know and what we know, from malaria, Tubal, and then they don't repent. It's about those who cause fitna those who killed basically the

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believers and they did not repent, then Allah gives them the punishment. So even those who initially were facilitating or supporting ethnic cleansing genocide or justifying something and they were witnesses to it and the pseudo talks about being a witness, Allah subhanaw taala is still gives people hope, so long as their hearts are beating that you can still come back to what is right come back to it a truthful repent to Allah subhanaw taala and later on, he says we're all for everybody which is the one who is forgiving, but he's also the one who is intense in his love. And they are combined here reminding us that your sincere turning back to Allah is an opportunity for you to be

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more beloved to Allah subhana wa Tada may last part to increase our love for Him and His love for us, Lama Amin, so it's a reminder for those who've been waking up in the last few weeks as well. And this is one of many wisdoms lontana

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loss of data says a lot of facade to build very well baby moccasins. alienness he says that corruption has appeared in the London Zoo due to a people's hands have earned the vehicle new vehicle that gives them a taste of what they have done proportion of what they've done. Not all of it not you don't get everything back of evil that you've done, but just a portion. He says I love me to Geralyn perhaps that they may come back that they may come back. And so you see here this return I heard a beautiful

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Well quote over the past couple of days, I believe it was attributed to Dr. Claude Weitz that he said that

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you know, people are chanting Free Palestine but what is really happening is that Palestine is freeing us. So Palestine is freeing us from our heedlessness, Palestine is freeing us from our delusion, Palestine is freeing us from our complete absorption in the dunya. And it's waking us up to the realities of this life, and it is waking us up to the reality of humanity. And it is waking us up to the reality of our potential. And so all of these things are happening to us. While Steen is freeing, and may Allah allow it to be and may Allah subhana data allow for those things to be free as well. I mean, I mean, that's a beautiful statement. We answered chef, at least indirectly.

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And Dorothy, at least five six questions were here. Right before you joined and as you joined, what is fitna what are some of the wisdoms of test, we talked about some examples. And of course, there are many others. You have gratitude, you have appreciation, guidance, forgiveness, purification of sins, none of us want to, if you have to face a consequence for your actions, just as you mentioned, if you do combat one that iamu just a fraction, what we see in this world a fraction of what we actually deserve, would we rather hold on to those sins until we enter the grave or on the Day of Judgment, where with every stage and every advancement of the soul, and its journey, you find that

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the purification or or consequences more severe than the last? Or would you rather repent here and ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness here, we talked about how Iman, this is the time to apply it into in times of crisis, how to think in terms of God or not about the why, but about the how should I respond? What should I be doing? Although Allah subhanaw tells us a lot about the different types of wisdoms, but then chef, I want to do a quick rapid fire, I'll ask you three questions very quickly. These are, in a way repackaging of some of the same questions anyway, but these are questions people think Well, number one is, what is the wisdom behind children dying? Why children?

00:32:04 --> 00:32:20

Children a number of reasons. Have them is that is one of the greatest source of rewards for the parents who is patient. So we know that hadith in which the promise of Elijah said them says that when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada takes the soul of His servants on his child,

00:32:22 --> 00:33:02

the angels come back to me so did you take this the the, did you take the soul of my servants child to say yes, did you take the fruit of his art? They say yes. What did my servant say? He says, they say how medical subjects and hamdulillah and said in Adela Mandela your own. And it says build for my servant the house in paradise and call it the house of praise. And that's what we're seeing in follows theme. We're seeing people with Shattered Hearts, not even broken Shattered Hearts, they're holding on to their enshrouded children, they're holding on to their enshrouded children. And they're seeing to a loss of trying to either be pleased with them, Oh Allah accept them, Oh Allah

00:33:02 --> 00:33:10

accept them. And all Allah accept this from me. That incredible sacrifice. And I just want to point out, it's not that,

00:33:12 --> 00:33:53

you know, those who those who are evil intended, they, they tried to use this to dehumanize our brothers and sisters in philosophy and like they don't care about their children dying. No, they do care about their children dying, and they do care about dying, and nobody wants to die. And everybody wants to live. They want to live, but they want to live with dignity, and they want to live with freedom. And they want to they want to live through lives. Nobody wants to be occupied. And there's this quote from, I'm still trying to figure out who's attributed to, to be honest, we need to Google search this, I need, I need some of the people in the chat to find this quote for me,

00:33:53 --> 00:33:58

because I found that attributed to Martin Luther King, but I still need to do everything gets attributed to Martin Luther King when he says

00:33:59 --> 00:34:38

Peace is not the absence of tension, but it is the presence of justice. Peace is not the absence of tension. It's the presence of justice. And so it's not just when people say when will there be peace in the Middle East? The question they should be asking, When will there be justice in the Middle East? When will be when will there be justice and follow steam only to be justice for Palestinians as opposed to seeking peace? And you see that framing again and again and again, as if there's supposed to be a period in time when any human being is okay with being abused? okay with being imprisoned, okay with being killed indiscriminately by an occupying authority. Anyway, yes. Does

00:34:38 --> 00:35:00

that color finish? wisdom behind Sean dying may be a source of their parents entering Jenna they themselves enter Jenna without any accountability, and the afterlife. And of course, a reminder for those who are around them a reminder for those around the world, especially in our times. We have more of a test in being connected and aware of these tests than previous gen

00:35:00 --> 00:35:19

nations next question. Also also the children dying is absolutely the most damning thing about this genocide. I mean, unless there's a million children, the fact that the world does not rush over itself to stop this knowing that half of the population, our children,

00:35:21 --> 00:35:26

this is this is an incredible stain on our collective humanity.

00:35:27 --> 00:36:06

It's beyond barbaric Yani in the first few days, people saw that propaganda 40 babies 40 Babies left and right. That's all they talked about. It's not about the 40 babies here if you care about one baby, one child, one innocent person are where's that anger? Where's the outrage over 5000 who are directly killed another probably 2000 under the rubble, and literally over a million who are being terrorized to starve to death and no access to medication, no access to water, no access to anything. So where is that outrage? If we are people of justice, and of course I'm there and they're broken a brokenness that never going to be fixed again. I mean, if a person in the Trump loses their

00:36:06 --> 00:36:26

their their family members loses these children that are crying over their moms and dads, that we're seeing that they've lost their parents the rest of their life, even if a ceasefire happens tomorrow, even if it was this built back. Most people have lost parts of themselves that they're never going to have for the rest of their lives. As children.

00:36:29 --> 00:36:32

This has exposed a lot of people evil long Miss Dunn

00:36:33 --> 00:36:48

share one of the most common questions I know everyone has answered this over the last four weeks and generally throughout the years. Why is the dua not being accepted? Now that obviously there's a premise that's problematic in this question, but fellowship?

00:36:49 --> 00:36:56

Michelle Shalini says it will be with his daddy he want to do baby Masana see hammer lady LA? Well, I can

00:36:57 --> 00:37:18

only imagine Kobato he says do you belittle discount? Do you belittle drought and discount it and you don't know what the prayer accomplishes? The arrows of the night don't miss their target but they have spent in the span students finishes? The easiest answer and the simplest answer is that your eyes are their eyes are never rejected but doing eyes

00:37:20 --> 00:37:54

are not to be manifested in your time. They're manifested in a lots of kind of Goddess time, their manifested according to Allah Subhan Allah that is wisdom. And Allah subhanaw taala is knowledge. And you don't know when that is going to be so you continue to make dua and this is the time of suberb for you as long as there was this still being bombarded and you still have to line up in Soleil, you still have to make 100 You still have to make the draft that you need to make. It's amazing Subhanallah by the way, people can find out more about Imam Shafi his poems publication of Chef Ahmad and Charles Hanna.

00:37:56 --> 00:38:28

It's amazing how some people treat dua like sorry for this kind of rude example like Amazon or E commerce. They want something from a law. They don't call upon a lawyer, they don't worship they don't pray, they don't do anything. They commit major sins, they disobey Him and then they'll make a quick job because it is a ton of tragedy. So a lot of people are coming back to Allah but they'll make a quick DUA and because maybe there's ignorance or misunderstanding they expect it to come on their terms instantly if they don't see it. If it's not like to our delivery today shipping Yeah, I'm done with it. Like there's no do art Why should I pray? Obviously, all of these are answered

00:38:28 --> 00:39:01

these questions are answered in the Sunnah of the Prophet slice on numerous occasions, like not to be hasty with your dog, your dog could have been accepted. If you hold on a little longer, your DUA is being accepted in different forms. So long as you don't ask for anything haram or the breaking of a family ties. You do not make by the way, you're not maybe accepted in the form you asked for. But you have no idea how many children under the rubble could be benefiting from the DUA that you're making around the world and the brothers and their sisters with sincerity in the midst of the night. So it's not even truly dry is not being accepted. It's just not on your terms in your way. And of

00:39:01 --> 00:39:40

course, our our objective is to focus on the what what can I do, what should I do? Rather than? How will things change? Exactly how will I find victory? How will they find relief? So you keep praying sincerely and use this as an opportunity to cultivate dua as it should be? It's a relationship between master and servant between creator and creation all year long. And the more you are connected to long times of ease, the faster and more immediate, you will see a response in times of difficulty. May Allah Subhana Allah keep us consistent long. Let me share one other question for you. And then you can choose what you want to do after that inshallah with any other closing of

00:39:40 --> 00:39:59

questions. What should we be doing to help other people in times of crisis because oftentimes people think individually, so what are some things we should be considering? In our three privileged lives all around the world? We're literally live streaming and watching genocide happening, what are the things that we should be doing to

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

To spread optimism to third strength during this time.

00:40:05 --> 00:40:26

This is a time when it's all hands on deck, I think that everybody should participate and support according to their capacity, according to their ability. So for some people, it's education. For some people, it's simply to get educated if you're a teenager, or you're a young adult. At this point in time, this might be your first exposition.

00:40:28 --> 00:40:32

You're first being exposed to the actual Palestinian,

00:40:33 --> 00:41:15

the Palestinian conflict or the Palestinian issue. And so this would be a time for you to sit and read some books and to learn who to follow. And to become educated, this may not necessarily be the time for you to be the Educate tour, but for you to simply just become educated yourself. And then for other people that might be to, as you know, and the Muslim community has been doing a great job, which was to share the share content to make sure that we're continuing to support and to promote and to scream and to yell, and to not let this fall out of the news cycle. Because obviously, that is what certain elements would love to happen for it to fall out of the news cycle. So this can all

00:41:15 --> 00:41:55

be done in the dark. And so continuing to push the agenda continuing to make yourself present where Allah subhanho data would love for you to be present, such as going and attending protests, if you can go in and sharing online, if you can, if not, at least helping those who are doing so I don't necessarily have to put my name out there. I know that a lot of people have considerations that they have to make with regards to their employers, and what have you. But if I am talented and writer at writing that I write for someone else to post, for example, or that I edit to somebody else proposed before I do what I need to do to be able to participate without necessarily putting my name out in

00:41:55 --> 00:42:37

public. And that's all about acceptable as well. And beyond that, it's to continue to make the force is the weapon of the believer or continues to make it out. And having conversations with your friends and family as well. Checking in on them, I think that I've gotten I'm sure ships with a man has received a lot of messages about people just kind of feeling overwhelmed. And so at that point in time, just checking in on your brothers and sisters, giving them advice, I truly don't believe that everybody needs to see every image that goes out. Some people have the capacity for these types of images. And some people absolutely do not. And so I personally have never ever liked graphic

00:42:37 --> 00:43:17

images. ever in my life. I don't like horror movies, I don't like anything like that. So I don't need to see the images. For me to be passionate and take care, I can read the headlines. And you know, I can watch interviews, without necessarily exposing myself to the graphic images. And that's because if I watched the images, I know I would be overwhelmed. And so it's the same thing for other people. Just knowing what your bandwidth is and acting in accordance to your bandwidth. I think these are all important. Physical finishes. That's very, very comprehensive. I think in the last 1015 years, most times when people would, you know, email me or I'd meet them on campuses in

00:43:17 --> 00:43:52

different universities, talking about faith, belief, Islam, God, one of the main justifications people say for being atheist was the problem of suffering, which is pretty much the theme of what we're discussing here. And we'd go into all the intellectual stuff. And at the end of the day, I always tell students, there are two different approaches. And you can do all the that you want to do in terms of providing evidence, but there are two general approaches and we want to always intertwine between them. There is the pastoral counseling, like emotional response, where you are showing empathy to somebody who is suffering, the moment and they're talking to you about their

00:43:52 --> 00:44:30

situation, or a situation you just witnessed. And then there's the academic like somebody's asked, alright, prove to me that this is not a problem, show me how the promised suffering is not an issue. What is the explanation for this, and usually, most atheists will have like, an impression from Christianity or other religions, or they have a lot of that they have a lot of just assumptions that are just not true, like as a starting point. And what I noticed with this crisis of health is amongst the non Muslims who reached out to me who were atheists before this moment, is that this awakened something within them to to ask, despite already seeing suffering before this, this is so

00:44:30 --> 00:45:00

severe, it's as though they went through a phase of thinking that was their excuse for not believing in God. And now it's so vivid and explicit and graphic, sorry, the images, the videos, that they've they've kind of gone past it, but back around to where they started saying, you know, it's not possible there isn't a god, there has to be an explanation for this. There has to be an afterlife, there has to be, as one lady said before she converted to Islam just last week. She said, I can't imagine after all of this, that there isn't a hellfire.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:28

I can't imagine there's no punishment. Like I feel like there has to be a Subhanallah how the fifth rule works, the natural disposition. So the post suffering is what led her back to Allah. It was initially her wreath her clean reason for not being for being an atheist for not being a believer. And then it became so tragic and so bad. And she felt so bad for the children, especially as she's watching these videos and pictures, that it transgressed, I guess the point of

00:45:29 --> 00:46:02

just being an atheist and talking about generic suffering to saying there has to be some consequence for this in the next life. And that's some coming from somebody who initially was like, so angry at God, that almost all atheists that I've spoken to who were kind of like sincere in the dialogue, and it was just very casual, it's not a debate would admit that at the end of the day, this is not a logical issue. It's a matter of some assumptions about who Allah is a fact of life. Why are you here? What is the purpose of life? Suffering is a part of it, there's good, there's difficulty, but there's a reward. There is an eternal life that's waiting for you. And there are many wisdoms that

00:46:03 --> 00:46:46

are more than rational and reasonable. The reconcile is this question. And it's something that we talked about in a lot of our classes, a lot of the seminars that I teach on atheism, as well, in the sign seminar that many students have hematologist, they just started messaging me, this has been a really relevant seminar. Although psychiatrist one I want to point out about science. And since we're talking about the problem of suffering, so this course, is available now. It's on unlimited data online. And it's a course that ships with a man is meticulously prepared over a number of years, and we've launched it as a Pay What You can of course, meaning that you can make it, you can

00:46:46 --> 00:47:21

simply access it for free, you can access it for $1, you can access it for a rupee, you can access it for us to then use the generic, whatever you want to put in, that'll be accepted inshallah data or more than that, of course, you can contribute to in a moment, and of course, and that would be great as well. But this course, you can access today is the point and it is called science, about atheism and the pursuit of truth. As Jeff said, A man has done an incredible job of preparing content, I think that would allow Muslims to be very, very confident in number one, proving the existence of God.

00:47:23 --> 00:48:04

For any discussion that they have, as well as of course, when your family members or your friends are flirting with atheism, that you have this resource of lifetime access, you can come back to it next year, five years, 10 years from now, inshallah God will always have that resource. And you'll have these incredible modules that he's prepared on, you know, really beautiful topics to present the Islamic argument for the existence of God. Does that finish 100 of the class, it was taught, I think now to over maybe 2500 people in different forms online, live virtual when the pandemic started, and a lot of people were struggling. One of the things that I've I have been hearing as the

00:48:04 --> 00:48:38

first q&a I think is starting just this week in trouble. Tada. So we welcome everyone who is interested in joining us to register for the class is the tools so there's a lot of intellectual tools, how to reason how to think how do you know what, you know, epistemology? And so it's not just here is the answer to that question, go on and move on with your life. It's more like how do I think what is the right methodology? How do I figure out what my worldview is and where it's coming from? So what I've been hearing from students just in the last few years of teaching this class is it's helped them navigate a lot of other issues that are not addressed in the class to help them navigate

00:48:38 --> 00:49:10

a lot of difficulties that help them also be stronger in their arguments, their their everyday arguments, their papers, their work with their relationships, improving their relationships. So I hope and I pray that in times like this especially giving access to as many students as possible around the world will help people take from it and implement immediately inshallah Tada those who are interested join us in sha Allah Tada register for the class. We've already seen the tremendous benefit handler so it's a matter now of taking action inshallah Tada

00:49:12 --> 00:49:13

you're on mute.

00:49:15 --> 00:49:21

Because I can look at over the saying, Allah reward you for the beautiful content that sciences

00:49:22 --> 00:49:27

what's your what's what's, what's your schedule, I'm sure you've been very, very busy

00:49:28 --> 00:49:36

over the past couple of weeks, what's what's occupying your time these days? It's been nonstop work in terms of

00:49:37 --> 00:49:59

managing the different facets of what's happening. Whether it's political advocacy meetings, Faith counseling with a lot of people who have lost loved ones in has some of them in our community lost 3040 50 family members. Some of them can't even access the children who've survived, who have no relatives like no relatives whatsoever.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:03

He says a lot of a lot of meetings with family members

00:50:04 --> 00:50:29

have not the advocacy work is strong in Michigan as it is in many parts of the world and this is a good sign it's a sign that there's some conscience obviously working on the other programs and classes and some of the research and inshallah Tada we have our blessing Voyager I'm on a trip with a lucrative institute this weekend. So we'll be taking a pretty good group inshallah Tada from, from our locality in Shama.

00:50:32 --> 00:50:36

Meanwhile, Jakob, she does Aquafina, medical, if you have any final remarks points.

00:50:38 --> 00:50:39

For everybody.

00:50:40 --> 00:50:53

One of the things that we are going to be launching very soon, the motive of Sharla, other than the science course that I just mentioned, is we have a course that we've launched on resilience kids, resilient kids,

00:50:54 --> 00:51:13

being the kids and Elijah, and just the the absolute strength that they have the character that they have, one of the things that, you know, we know that parents are concerned about is how do we create kids who are how do we have kids who are resilient in their mind.

00:51:14 --> 00:51:51

It's a testing time for a lot of young people we're talking about ages nine to 14 years old, they might be walking to school and for the first time, they believe in something politically that is so diametrically opposed to what the general population of their school believes in, and you build that type of moral courage and resiliency, and your children as well. And so we have this course that we've launched for spring, it's also pay what you can and it's um, you can check that out. And it is resilient kids building resilient children. And so resilience and patience, resilience in the mind, resilience and courage, resilience and truthfulness looking at different

00:51:51 --> 00:52:02

characteristics that we would love for our children to have and be resilient and so you can check that out as well. And yeah, we've got some other things in Charlotte to add rolling out for Philistine for the purpose of policy and trauma.

00:52:04 --> 00:52:23

Trauma does that finish medical article and everyone who tuned in as well man last Saturday except from you, let's see you inshallah Tada for the science class and the first q&a This Thursday, as well as inshallah Tada the class for children on spring. Absolutely. Sign up as many people as you can. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from us alone. Mommy.

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Does that you

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