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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Most Merciful. I'd like to welcome you their viewers to another in our series understanding the Quran, in which we are looking at the interpretation of the 67th chapter of the Quran Surah Al Mulk. That is the dominant. In this segment, we're beginning with the seventh verse, which begins.

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When they are thrown inside, they will hear the terrible drawing in of its breath, as it lays forth.

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A line this verse continues to describe the consequence of those who do not treat the stars as they are meant to be treated as ornaments which Allah has placed in his universe beautifying the skies. And as for guidance, and for the travelers, he explained elsewhere in the Quran, when a person is traveling in the night, they're able to determine the direction by the positions of certain stars like the North Star.

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Those who take the stars as a means of predicting the future, astrology, such is those, those people will be assigned to hell, and those who follow them and believe in them, they will also join them in hell. A lot goes on to describe Hill in general for those who may be involved in other acts, which can draw on into hell, how serious it is how fearful it is, he describes it,

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that when they're thrown in, they can hear its breath, the drawing in of its breath, inhaling, you know, a large describes it, you know, the Hellfire virtually, like a creature like a creature, and

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you in else elsewhere and swell for con 25th Chapter, verse 12. He says, When the hell sees them from afar place, they will hear it's raging and it's roaring. You know, it's inhaling and exhaling, they will hear it and Allah is describing it in this kind of fashion. Right? And in Surah cough is 50 a chapter verse 30. Allah describes the Hellfire speaking, Allah will say there one day I will ask hell are you fooling? It will answer is there any more

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so the Hellfire is described in these terms to give it you know, an even

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more fearful picture.

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And, and we shouldn't doubt that this is in fact really a creature of Allah. In fact, Prophet Muhammad may God's peace and blessings be upon him in a hadith found in Sahih Muslim. He, which was narrated by Abdullah bin Massoud, he said, Hal will be brought on that day having 70,000 reigns with 70,000 Angels drawing each rain. Now the rain is usually put like on an animal like a horse or a donkey or a camel you pull rain to pull the animal. So is describing the Hellfire is as a creature, a creature that breathes that hits hails and inhales speaks and it sees

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it's a creature of God, a very, you know, horrible creature, you know, whose punishment is something that none of us should feel? Well, you know, I can deal with it for a while, you know, because we know that certain believers who due to certain wrongs, which they've done, they may go into hell for a period of time and then be taken out and say, Well, okay, I can deal with it for a little bit. No, one should not, you know, wish that for oneself, you know, to be become lazy or to become negligent thinking and believing that they will eventually be taken out the hellfire. And this is a very, very critical

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issue. You can't afford to fool around with it. We should all strive for Paradise and not settle for anything less. And the eighth verse, Allah goes on to describe the hellfire, saying

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It almost burst apart with fury. Every time a group is cast inside it, it's keepers will ask, Did no one come to you?

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A lot goes on to describe as people are thrown into the hellfire, you know it burst flares up. And one of the scholars Imam authority, he had described

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the image of what is happening here saying that the people will be like a few peas in a large pot of boiling water just tossed around inside of it. You know, the point is that the angels when they come in, enjoy the garden, maintain the hellfire, they will ask them Do not did not warn or come to you. You know?

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I mean, why don't you want?

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This question is not really asking them to find out whether they had a one or not where it's like mocking them, because everyone will have a chance to know or the law said well, my Hakuna Matata demeanor had turned up after Azula that, you know, law would not punish anyone until a one or a messenger was sent to them. And the angels of the Hellfire very stern, they're not ones who people can turn to and plead for mercy etc, they will not help them. Allah describes them, for example, so it's a heavy in the 66 chapter, verse six over it or angel, stern and severe, who disobey not the commands they receive from Allah, but do whatever they are commanded.

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because their job is one which is not a pleasant job, you know, they there is no sympathy there. They are very stern, and they do that job of punishing people internally. So, for us, as human beings, you know, we cannot have any hope. With regards to the angels guiding the hellfire, the angels are good, essentially, they will be of no help to us. As Allah mentioned in surah zoeken of the 43rd chapter, verse 77.

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The people will call out to the main guardian, all right, whose name is given their as Malik, they will cry out or Malik, let your Lord put an end to us. You will reply, surely you will stay as you are,

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they will desire to die. The law describes those in the Hellfire as neither living nor dying, they're in a state between the two. They're punished to the point where they feel that they're dead. And the point when they're almost out of existence, they come back again, only to go through another set of punishment. Of course, this continual state, the person will wish for death to end it all. But as the angel Malik the main Guardian will reply,

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people will have to stay as they are eternally.

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And the people who are thrown in the Hellfire Allah goes on to describe their response in the verse number nine.

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They will say yes, indeed a Warner did come to us, what we call them a liar and said, Allah has not revealed anything. You are indeed in great error.

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And this verse, Allah speaks about their responses responsive those in hell, when the angels mock them asking them, you know, did not want to come to you. They will say Yeah, so when it did come, they will admit it. But we call them a liar

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and claimed that the lie didn't reveal anything. This is this addresses the not just the disbelievers. This is addressing those who claim Yes, there is a God, but they are what they call deists. Those who claim that God created the world and left it to run on its own.

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So it means that those people who profits who claimed they were prophets of God and God, Revelation, etc. They were liars. This is what the deist is a liar. This is specifically addressing those people, right

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recognize, yes, there is a God. But you know that God has nothing to do with this world. It didn't send any prophets, it didn't reveal any message. No, everybody is on their own, just do what you have to do. Make the best of it. You know, there is no real purpose here. It's just, you know, eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow, you may die. This is a very, it's really no difference between that individual and the atheist, though he claims he believes in God, what is the meaning of that belief, he will cry out for God, just as the atheist cries out for God, when real trials be set them.

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we should know

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that the Prophet SAW Salem

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and clarified

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there are in the creation, those people who didn't have a chance to hear the message. That is the important point here, because

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this is a kind of a question that people usually raise. What about those people? The people were insane. People who didn't know messenger came to them or the message didn't reach them. They didn't reach puberty, you know, children who are not accountable, really know what happens to them? Well, there's a particular narration, which is authenticated in the sencilla, and a hadith, the Sahaba, numbers 1434 and 2468. And it's an issue of the right wife of the Prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him. I quoted him as saying, Don't you know that the law created paradise and hell

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mentally insane, those who died in the period between the messengers and the senile, each will present his case. And the Lord will tell a flame from the Hellfire to come out. And they will then say, I used to send to my slaves, messengers from among themselves. Today, I am my own messenger to you. So enter this fire. Those who are destined for hell will say, Our Lord, how can we enter it when we're supposed to escape from it, the one destined to be happy, Rush forth and jump into it without any hesitation. Allah will then say to those who refuse, you would have been even more disbelieving and disobedient to My messengers, and the second group will enter Paradise, and the

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first group will enter hellfire. So what happens is that for those people who

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didn't have a chance to get the message, they will have a mini version of the message coming for them and them having to make a choice. Those who make the right choice obedience to God because ultimately Islam is obedience and submission, obedience.

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That is Islam. It is not an inherited culture, it is obedience, it is submission, those who submitted that time, who didn't have a chance in this world to receive the message, then they will go on to paradise. Those who refuse the law said, Had you been in this life and lived it out as everybody else you would have been even more disobedient than the others to the prophets, and they will go to hell. So reality is that Prophets were sent

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alive did communicate his will to human beings. These books of revelation that are there, although all of them have been distorted, some of them more than others, some so distorted, that we can no longer recognize them.

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The only book of Revelation which remains pure, undisturbed or undistorted is that in the Quran,

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it is the evidence for those who are seeking truth.

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Those who want guidance, those who want to know what God's will is to human beings, the Quran is there for them to read. Allah is preserved it will be preserved until the last day.

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The evidence is there evidence is there that the Prophet came? If we accept that evidence, we have accepted the prophets

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and it's our duty for each and every one of us to read it those who are Muslims to read it regularly. Because it is guidance, it is guidance. Allah tells us that right in the very beginning of the second chapter after seeing Alif Lam in Valley Kalki tabula rasa Buffy who then limit

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that this is the book in which there is no doubt

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it is guidance for those who fear God. It is guidance, we should take it

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As guidance, guidance is no good. If we take the Quran and we put it on a shelf, leave it there until Ramadan, we take it out, and then we're going to read it. This is this is not guidance for us. And that's just a ritual that we do every Ramadan, we take out the Quran, and we read,

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reading for one reading for blessings, people say, you know,

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the Quran is a book of guidance, Allah does it. Won't they reflect on the the verses of the Quran? Or are their hearts sealed up for light the Brunel Quran, Allah Columbian, aha,

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this is strange challenge to us, that we must reflect on the meanings of the Quran, that should be read for reflection, and then it becomes a source of guidance for us. This is the Warner in our lives, the Warner that will remain until the last day, anyone who wants to know the truth of what God had to say to human beings, their message of grind is there for them.

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You their viewers, who are non Muslims are watching this program. You owe it to yourself, to get a copy of the Quran in your own language, because of course, it's an Arabic originally, but it has been translated into various languages. Get it? Read it, and give yourself an honest chance to find the truth.

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So that you do not be among those who in the end, will answer the angels when they're told wasn't the one that sent to you?

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Yes, a wonder was sent. But we call them a liar.

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You said that the truth was brought was false. And in fact, Allah did not reveal anything. This is a major light. This is why one of the pillars of faith one of the pillars of Eman in Islam is belief. In the books in the prophets, the books of Revelation, and the prophets who brought them were sent by God. This is a part of

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God's word was revealed to humankind, his will was made manifest to us.

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So there is guidance, we're not on our own. It isn't an issue of survival of the fittest, you know the law of the jungle? No,

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there are guidelines. And the guidelines are guidelines of righteousness, calling to morality and to good.

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Allah goes on and the 10th verse

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expressing the remorse of the disbelievers he says.

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And they will say, If only we had listened or used our intelligence, we will not be among the dwellers of the blazing Fire.

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Allah speaks about them

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expresses what they say. Saying if we only use our intelligence if we had listened or used our intelligence, listening is the beginning is a prerequisite for knowledge. How do you gain guide how do you gain guidance if somebody is telling you something giving you useful information but you're not listening you're not gonna benefit.

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So you have to listen with understanding and reflect.

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They will regret on that day they will be regretting and

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that regret is of no benefit. Regret in this life is benefit. The person realizes, Oh, I've taken the wrong course this idea of God just creating the world and leaving it to run, you know, is an error on my part. I regret that let me go and correct myself. I can do it. You can do it whilst we're still living. But once we're out of this world it's finished.

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thrown into hellfire regrets are of no value.

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What we have to deal with is the reality now how do we deal with religion? So you have people who reject what they call organized religion. I believe in God but this organized religion thing I can't deal with it.

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The reality is what

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if you're not following the religion of God and you're following your own religion? When they say yes, yes I am. I'm making up my own religion. I take some from here something there and you know, the best, but the reality

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as a lot

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said in the 25th chapter, verse 43, haven't you seen the one who takes his desires as his God? That's what the person is doing.

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Their desires become their God. They take what pleases them. What doesn't please don't believe this is not religion, religion of God, you know, covers

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all aspects.

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And it is a religion of submission, submitting our wills to God, meaning that we do what God commands, not just when it pleases us, we do it

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consistently and systematically.

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Would that their viewers

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would like to stop at this point. We have looked at the 10th verse.

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And we hope that we would, everyone would reflect on the implications.

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Allah speaks about the Hellfire for our own guidance is something we need to reflect on. It's very easy for this world to become so important to us that we can't think of anything beyond it. A law reminds us of the Hellfire so that we can think beyond to be aware of the consequences of not thinking beyond.

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We hope you'll continue to follow our program, understanding the Quran and we bid you farewell so I want to lie where again