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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman who lost her job as a Muslim woman in Mak Makala during the early stages of Islam, leading to a legal dispute and a death of her daughter. The woman was captured and punished by the police, and she was later killed by her husband. The woman had a soireeornation and had a soiree's death, but she was killed by her husband.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh as we are journeying through the builders of this nation, and mainly the woman who helped tremendously, building the OMA of Islam, we're gonna go to the most beloved people, Torah. So Ali salatu salam, the people of his house, the four daughters, he Allah His salatu salam had it we're gonna start with a seed as a nub. His oldest daughter, now are soiree salatu salam. And all the scholars agreed that he had all his children except segni Brahim, as we discussed before, from seeing the Khalifa, and he had four daughters from Cedar Khadija, and those were say designer Seder, Acharya or MacArthur and say the Fatima see designer was born 10 years

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before Roswell he sought to surround became a prophet.

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And for for name, and what a name. Zainab bint Mohammed, ignore Abdullah. And she was intensely loved by Ross Wiley salatu salam and her unique personality. She was a leader. And she was a caregiver. Both she actually helped her mother say to her leader, to raise her daughters take care of them, but also to mentor them. So what does it look like to grow up in the house of prophethood? The House of Rasul Allah salatu surah. What an honor it is, but also brings with it as everything else, every honor brings with it, responsibility, test and trials. So her early life was in Makkah 10 years of age and era Swati salatu salam became the Prophet. And we all know what difficulties are

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a Swati salatu salam went to through and his family when he lived in Makkah, and how the disbelievers and the pagans, tortured them, insulted them, and did everything possible to make them change from being a Muslim in the seventh year of prophethood. Stolen Mecca, so they tortured them, and they put them in solitude in a place called Shabbat Obeah column. And they put a strict embargo on them, and we carted them. Everybody was there, including the family of Roswell, they saw Tosa including cedar Khalifa and her daughters. And she specifically said as Aina faced Subhanallah, the novel daughter faced imprisonment, starvation, and every atrocity comes with it. She and her family.

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She married her cousin, the son of her aunt, the sister of Seder Hadiya, Abu Laos at age 18. She had two children, Ali and Mama, and Dali, actually lived till the conqueror of Makkah, and he died at age six. And Omarama actually, was one of the beloved grand daughters to auto show Ali Hassan auto center. So she got married, say, designup. Now the test comes in, and the husband declined to be a Muslim. Now you're the daughter of a sorority, salatu salam. And I will ask, was a very nice man took good care of her, but he declined to be honest them. Now at that time they were still in America. Their ruling of the Muslim woman cannot marry a non Muslim was not yet revealed. Our Swati

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salatu salam migrated with his family a seed as a seed in Makkah, the Battle of better Cayman.

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And imagine who was fighting against the Muslim, her husband. So he was captured. And then the Roswaal a salatu. Salam declared in Medina, that the capture of war can be freed if the family send ransom and this is a very common custom at that time. So say designer want her husband, so she sent the ransom. And what did she sent?

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Then same necklace that her mother Hadiya gave her as a gift for her marriage. And also it has salatu salam saw the necklace, and you can imagine what happened. He started crying. And then he said and he took the

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approval of the companions and he said, I will set him free without money. But he make a promise. He will send back Zainab to Medina. And I will ask that he actually went to Makkah and sends

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lineup. So now see there's a knob in Medina, living as a single mother with two children and her husband, the beloved one is in Makkah, not Muslim yet.

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So basically what's happened? Her husband I will ask her a caravan and he was in a trade a trip and the Muslims attacked that caravan and he ran away. And he ran away to Medina. As he reached Medina, he went to signup. She stood out and announced that I will house is under my care and no one can attack her attack. This is a very common customer that time that whoever reach to a Muslim and look for protection, that person, Muslim or non Muslim is under the protection of this household and he is safe or a smiley site or CERAM came out and he said to his people, I didn't know that. I heard her voice like you heard her voice, courageous woman. At that time, I will ask accepted Islam.

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And Allah Suarez salatu Sinha did this ceremony and remarried his daughter to Abu Laos, before they got married when he was in her house. He told her you can give him protection, like the usual custom, but you are not going to be living with him as a wife and a husband. Then he got the married and they lived. See designup soon after she died. Why did she die? As she was leaving Makkah. In her migration to Medina. She was attacked forcefully that someone pushed her. And actually she had she hit a rock with severe injuries. And as she went to Medina lived a couple of years and then died out of her injuries. And who prayed over her. And he he saw torsa Her father, as we all know Roswaal a

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saw to sinner, when to throw every loss in every trial, that each one of us, maybe have one of them, but he had it all. She passed. May Allah be pleased with her eight years after he dropped as a result of the injuries. She had a soiree salatu salam prayed her janazah and he actually laid her by himself in the grave, and he buried her. He said, I was very worried and disturbed by the weak physique of Xena and I prayed that Allah subhanahu wa taala should relieve her from the squeeze of the grave. May Allah be pleased with her not