The Qur’an and Sunnah being silent

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You know, this is a good question to note out early, everything sooner Purana sooner, but you know what happened is some people do something which did not continue sooner or sooner in Italy forbidden? No, we don't say till forbidden it really depends. You know what category it comes in for that Parana Suna both encourage you to ask Allah to seek His help is to make dua

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and there are many two eyes which have been taught in the Quran, so not really much more than enough if you follow them. But if people have their own dog nicely, we did not have an issue any anything wrong, didn't know how many that you can make your own. Everybody allowed to move to our companies used to make their own door not everybody to follow process in this matter, you can make your own draw to not sell you you take it further but what happens argument in the process poron and sooner they have got weird argument you must make draw, but karasuma Don't insist that what's up do ob must be from karasuno it freedom we're a free for that. Similarly, you know you people must eat when

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they're hungry. But crasner Don't insist that you cook the food in a certain way. If you take a stand explicit the people that find when people fall in there must take treatment they must make but if Khurana dot insisted it must be Arabic did we know it could be from anywhere, any system which are developed certain treatment you can take from that, you know people Quran asuna they encourage people to do business to earn money, hard money they've been

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encouraged by not necessarily the business or for people, you could have business directly any any part of old people can do something like that. So many many other customs and cultures are the people is an idea. Don't involve it in any harm or any disliking. We will free Parana sooner Don't insist you are a certain way of editing, it should open more and more they can do problem happens when people do things you know which actually pick up pyroelectric rasuna. Then it is problem is something big a para lateral. So

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I bought that I bought that certainly are not from human experience. business can be human experience. medicine can be from human experience. If you do we listen for an inexpensive fine by a by that our only revelation to I do top of the house of Allah because it is revelation for ourselves to NASA. But somebody said that, you know, if you do the wrath of the grave of my chef, you get amazing Baraka and Bella Singh and you get so many child and you know all those things. And then you do this, this now, right? Because this needs that proof romp around sooner, because nobody is allowed to make a parallel sooner in this regard I buy that never can be made by the people. Is it

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critical that you don't start to refer to Alibaba? You need evidence for the other business other than Alibaba, you need evidence of it not being hard. If not harder, you can do it. But nothing can be Alibaba unless it has proof in the Quran. asuna anything okay, lackey for example, if people some people say to you if you make $1 you know, after for prayer, it has this reward. Isn't this proof do I find but this new thing that you said you need to prove? If people said that after a prayer if you sit down after our Friday after a prayer and you make this darood Sharif you know salah and the process at times and so much rewarding slot and the professor's is fine but this particular Salah

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with a particular you know benefit it needs proof and then no proof or in all these things are weak that what we have plotted anything Alibaba you need to prove anything on Alibaba, you need proof that do not harass or whatnot Hara. You can do it. Is it clear?