Dua of Prophet Yunus whilst in the whale

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a story about Islam. The speaker describes a boss who is in the middle of the belly of a whale and uses words like "nails" and "brings" to describe his actions. The boss talks about wanting to take away from Islam and eventually ends up killing the whole creature.
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Satana unis ally Salah Salam has been swallowed by a whale. He's in the middle of a belly of the belly of a whale. Okay? Now we know the story I'm not gonna go into the story but imagine this Allah says in the Quran surah number 21 and number 87 He says you'll rule on

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us Salah Salem colts Allah from within darkness is now what are the darkness is darkness number one the belly of the whale darkness number two this dark sea at night okay the way the whale is swimming darkness number three the rain clouds that are above that are still pouring the rains over and of course you got the darkness of night. And you know Salam Salam is calling Allah repeatedly again and again. What does he say? He doesn't say look, the amazing thing is is look, he could have said Oh ALLAH I'm a sinless prophet. I've never seen okay, I've been given Dawa all my life all my life have done good things. I don't deserve this. I don't deserve to be in rebellion. Well, he could have said

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that. No, no, no, that's the that's the lesson we have Subhanallah you you're in a crisis don't go to Allah and say, Oh Allah, I don't deserve this or why am I in this crisis? Or why have I been in here so long? No. total opposite. Just concentrate on the positives. Make Allah your belief that he has done nothing wrong and Allah hasn't done anything wrong. That's a real state. Okay. You know, Sam does exactly that. He is a sinless prophet in the middle of the belly of the whale. Okay? Never sin. Okay. He might have made a small mistake in leaving his people before Allah told him to leave. And that's what Allah says in the Quran. He should have waited for Allah's call to leave his people.

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But no, he left. He left, you know,

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hastily he left the nation and he thought okay, the punishment is coming. Let me leave them soon. But he should have waited for Allah scold. Anyway, he's in the middle of the belly of the whale. What did he say? He says

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the super high, not in need. To me now all you need. Now let's look at those words. He says La ilaha illa Anta all he says, You are Allah, you're the only only real God. There is no other real God besides you. What does that mean? That means if there's no real God besides you, there's no real rescue. Besides you. There's no real helper besides you. The only one that can rescue me right now. The only one that has no real power right now and has always had will always have is you that's La ilaha illa Anta Subhan Allah La ilaha illa Anta then he says this Subhana wa Subhanak means of Allah no blame lies on your side. Subhanak means you are perfect. You are notified your subline there's

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never been anything wrong with you. You've never done anything wrong. In the continental Valley mean I am of the wrongdoers now look over Unison I said I'm says I am of the wrongdoers you've done nothing wrong, though. I'm in the middle of the belly of the well, I might die soon. I don't know what my fate is. But I'm just letting you know there's nothing that you've done wrong. Everything that has been done wrong is has been on my side Subhan Allah you reduce yourself to zero in front of Allah, you make Allah 100 And Allah azza wa jal readily wants to accept you just remember please you making a dua to Allah. Allah Allah has told us in a hadith for Allah how Phaedra Be persistent with

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Allah. Okay, ask Allah again and again and again. Ask Allah look, you know this Dr. Yunus, Khaled Salam. In a hadith of Sidney Lee says, any believer who uses the same words in a moment of distress, Allah will Allah will also answer your call. Allah said in the next verse in verse number 88, of Sudan number 21. He says, fester. Janella, who wanna Jaina Amina la musica Daddy can move meaning I answered the call of Yunus. I rescued him from the distress he was in. And likewise I will help I will rescue the believers. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam has told us you use the same da as a believer again repeatedly again and again. Allah will save you from your stress as well. So please

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use this now.