How deep is Surah al-Fatiha? A discussion on its many layers

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The Quran provides a book of science and philosophy that provides evidence of what is true, and is designed to help people understand living in the world and learn from it. The importance of thinking properly and avoiding harm is emphasized, and individuals should be clear about their beliefs and actions to achieve their goals. The speaker uses examples like "has" and "has" to describe the concept of these words, and gives an example of how a woman named Connie initially identified herself as a woman couldn't be a woman until she got her first child. The discussion also touches on the concept of a roadmap and how it can be measured in the universe, and how it can lead to changes based on experiences.

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Male or Female friendly lawyer Bill ilmu salatu salam ala rasulillah. Muhammad was early he was herbing annoying ahmad, all the builder he Michelle why rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem?

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Me, the radical kita would ra Buffy who then didn't want to be part of the

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region our insane Dalia Abdul, my dear brothers inshallah I'm going to teach in this session in the three things one is that the theory of the Quran and the second in the 40 have enough mama loudhailer. And the third thing is sera after Professor Lana Salam and they're connected to each other inshallah, we'll see the first day to see the fear.

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inshallah, it will be the sera su to father and the laughter, tense, which most people will memorize and they know by heart and they used to they read in the prayer, that as soon as the laughter sutra from sort of field to certain NASA certified and the last 10 sutras.

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So before I start with a few things, we have to remember about the Quran. You know, how importantly, the Quran is, you know, no doubt this is the word of Allah subhanaw taala. Do you know if anybody writes a book, and you read his book, how happy he becomes. So when you read that, the Quran, the Book of Allah subhanaw taala, you know, that is such a, you know, no doubt is such a beloved to Allah subhanaw taala to then nothing, no book in the world is more important than the Quran. There's no doubt about that. There is no book in a more sound in the Torah, the Quran, actually, there's no mistake and nothing to doubt about that, every single book that has been written about any human

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being, sometimes they are realistic, sometimes their inconsistency, there is so many problem, but the book of Allah subhanaw taala, has no inconsistency. The Quran said that you know, hide it from anyone else other than a lot of other people have seen so much inconsistency but then nothing, do talk about so many things, with inadequate with something limited, he talks about a this universe to have the creator the universe, talk about the world about the human being, about the hereafter about the depth, about the reward about action and judgment, so many things he's talking, but he never clarify from the beginning to the end, any inconsistency in either inconsistency in the message in

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the meaning or the style, the style from the beginning to the end of the same thing, data will reveal to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in 23 years, but still, it is in the same same style. So this is no doubt the most important book that why there are these is hyper quality and other books of the hurry. The professor does my set higher up than

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the rest of them you are those who learn the Quran and those who teach the Quran. If you see in the world, there are so many students people learning this thing, there are all these tools in the world. The best one are those who studied opera, there are so many teachers people teach many, many subjects among all the people who teach it you know, many many things. Among them, the best are those teachers who teach

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the best students or students or the Quran and the best teachers are teachers that the Quran today no doubt because the book is a book of Allah tala. So, what the book does,

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book actually has come to help people and the way the Quran introduced the book, for them in the book is the book of instruction, to understand it definitely has come to instruct to you, certain things are telling each other what what is going to instruct but a book buka instruction, you know, the creator, the one who created us and the creator the whole in USA, he is instructing us how to live in this world and how to use to surround that book his book off in structure. Some people do mistake when they take the book, I the book offer demonstration that the Quran is going to demonstrate something of proof something the book has not caught off other purpose the book has come

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to instruct you that follow up regarding learning how to try to you know you you read the instruction, how to drive the car, for anything when you use any anything you know, any machine you have an instruction to similarly the raw instruction for the mankind, how to live on the face of the earth and how to use it things around that to never be confused. problem has been when people who are coming from the sciences and from the philosophy and they want to read the Quran with the if philosopher or scientist and since they're in their own field, the first thing they do prove something to death in the record I must be doing but when the intro to the parent there's no proof

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or actually start first in Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen there no proof. Firstly, actually, you expect

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Get the courage to sit and lie exist, and what the proof of God is, in all those things, but nothing is there. So and then what happens is the unnecessarily the take of the verses of the Quran from their out of their context, and they want to, you know, prove to you know, the Quran actually is a book of science, or philosophy, or rarely had innovation argument rodri wants to prove something to the keep doing the dose again, again. So understand, Quran never claims that it is a book of demonstration, or on the book of a book of instruction, that's very clear for krauser houden. It is a surprise competition, Book of the other tissue, to what is what I'm going to teach.

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You know, since then, God has created this universe, and the people there, he has put in this earth, for the human being everything that they need, whatever we need, in this earth, God has given us

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among the things that we need food for our body, because if there's no food, how can we survive, we need to eat and drink. So whatever can be good for other people's eating and drinking or for their health they can get in this universe. And this is something where believers and believers both get, I can't even anymore to get to in this world, Allah, Allah has put everything that people can need to one of the need is material need need, that you know, things that you need for your eating and drinking, for food, for your survival, you know, I human being either living anywhere, whatever you need to God has given you.

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But the thing is that you know, human beings, they have more than that, we have a heavenly need for our body, we also have got a mind. So there should be also in this universe in this earth, things which can help our thinking, our understanding, in the there should be food for our mind, either food for our body, there should be food for our mind. And people also have got this theory of soul, to there should be also Food for the Soul, for the heart, or the people for inside, that the people that should be food, food for that, this or that, Allah subhanaw taala must have put the food in every single thing for your body, for your mind, and for your soul in the same universe. But what

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happens most people they won't define in this world, in this universe, the full for their body, that most people do, because that's how they look to you can see, you know, everybody just you know, looking for in a full father body, eating, drinking work and making more food and more drink, and importing, exporting everything just kind of you know, about that, to where somebody was asked to develop their spirituality and their soul to death in this universe actually is opposite of that it isn't only material to death in the only way they can, you know, provide food for their soul is to run away from this universe, to go and take refuge in mountains and the chaos and things like that,

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you leave the world, then you can satisfy your soul. Because they see that people who are in the world, what they do, they satisfy only their body, that what is is there if you want to satisfy your soul leave this world to this really no doubt a big mistake, it is really the problem is of not thinking Allah subhanaw taala wherever he has put a food for your body in the same place, he has also made food for your mind and for your soul. The way it's not away from the world, though is to dig deeper, basically how the way to do good to go deeper to simplify everything. So that why in this matter, people really defer to most people for their look on this universe. Only at the

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surface, though, beyond the surface, there's another layer and then beyond that layer, that other layer the layers deep, deep deeper and deeper, and a lot of ways whatever more precious, you need to dig more and more more deeper that how

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to invest you can see further pull if you go and see time.

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So, in the first day, when you see a very buddy will get the impression that it is really impressive building it is so, so beautiful, but then after that, you know just remain there reflect more literally deeper you can see actually that and how much work has been done there you know how what the mind behind that is? Then you think more and more you can see if you can find more and more beauty that find out when you come to the mosque other parts The last thing here now, you know this new architecture can see the first thing everybody can see it you know, it is a beautiful building. But if you go deeper and deeper you can sign a claim more more, you know, you know I suppose that

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the beauty in the building so that our lateral had done his work to in this world no doubt. The first layer is the food for the body cut that every everybody needs to if that is not there, people will die. But the second layer is also the food for the mind. And the third layer is the food or third layer deeper than that. Actually the food for your soul and for your spirit for you inside for which you want to survive. You need to go deeper and deeper this every word of that why

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problem remains for many people, you can say most people, like farmers, the only thing they know how to produce food, and people are the business, the only thing they know how to make more money to most people are on the first layer, then you can see the philosophers and the scientists, they come to the second layer as well, you know, the thick, you know, we have got a mind, let's think, really, and does it make sense or not. And really, they, you know, whatever they do amazing, you know, if you look at what real world philosophers and scientists produce, and how much effort they have done, that really amazing can ever each one of them have been doing in the effort. You know, for Apple, if

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you start, you know, what we know, among philosophers, the first time actually we know, is a Greek philosophers, you know, they'll have be flattered before that, and I've seen other reasons, we don't know so much about them, but very curious to know about them, in all of them, you know, from the beginning until the last one of them are just totally, you know, these people really whatever they have written or whatever they have thought how their reasoning, so impressive and so amazing, I no doubt those knowledge people always needed. Similarly, later on the philosophers came in every nation and then in a modern scientist, you know, how much work could have done it, you can see on

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how much innovation there is so impressive, but this is

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not that, you know, all that we need. It is a no doubt, one, one layer more exactly one step further, there. But there are 30 step really 30 steps, there are more serious questions, to no doubt philosophers have got certain reasoning there, whenever they see in this world, they want to see how things are how they want to, they want to understand the cause and effect. They want to understand how things are and where they lead. And you know how things have come either muttered into their need. So this is very important for our mission. But that is something more deeper than that. Deep, deeper that what they don't look at that, what deeper than that, actually is that, that you know,

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you have seen, you know, things that cause what happens? At the end of the day, when the philosophers or scientists, they think deeper, they still actually materialist, because they use their right their mind, basically, to help the body.

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Instead of helping the mind of the mind in a saliva the body to use you become impressed by by what they have done, but what they do to what they produce it. What does help me think really, that what scientists at the moment, whatever the

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latest invention has been, what

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is not able to help mine, it's going to help the body. Because if you want to help them for mind, don't eliminate these things. Can you read this? Do you make mind idle? You know it when they invent all the mobile phones to live there? Do you think this makes people more clever? Anything that people in a mentor, at the end of the day definitely food only for your desire, basically, you know, you're eating and drinking this desert does not make you a better human being. They're not making any better thinker does not make you but they still believed what happens is, the mind remains the slave of the body.

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When people go to the third layer of the thinking, then what happens is the body and the mind both become the slave of the soul. The real thing you discover and that's why you can see the professor's messengers you know, their thinking all of it have been a much deeper

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because they know this such as desire is to any profit and the center you can see we went there thinking this was the thing much deeper. And they spent time that the thing we're why we are here at the end of the day, you know, no doubt people need to think but you know, why we are here? Why we have got a mind? What does it really what what this simply means it? Do we have mind to think how to improve our food to some people can do they have basic food, and some people actually, you know, make nice curry and decentered that why mine has a mind to something, it's something better to many people use their mind to just improve the condition they're living on the face of delta. But the

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real people that think you know in a mind is precious is must really tell us more than that, that that what they're thinking to keep making find the answer to and chronically has mentioned in this matter the stories of Abraham myself so clearly a thinking Prophet, he comes to he can you know, I always give examples as you can see, it's very obvious that you know Newton in Cambridge, to how he thinking you know, where I don't know how to read stories, but anyway, that is sitting underneath half an apple, an apple force upon him and then he discussed into the law of gravity and no doubt in what Santa actually of what it is. This luckily in no doubt has been very beneficial for the for the

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humidity, but the end of the day, what benefit actually is more material. But they did not ask question beyond that. The question beyond that actually removes all the time is that know who made this law? Who made us who made the people who made the food why he made it? You know, you just have found our suffer very simple question. But the questions which are bigger than that, why we are here. He never thought he never met

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To find our answer, the prophets and messengers they go deeper than that, that question the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he thing is so much, he did not find ours and he was not to help him. Same Ibrahim is to firstly understand properly The first thing is a miracle here, that in this universe,

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some people think they're the food only further body.

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And then when what they want the food for their soul, they leave the universe, and they go and take refuge into mountains and the case that if you leave the world, then you know your soul will come much better. This mistake, Allah subhanaw taala has produced in this world's food for your body, for your mind, and for your soul, actually a very same iPad, which can provide food for your body, same Apple, also helpful for your mind, just think, read how to read. And same I will also provide food for your soul thinker who made it

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do what you need to thank him and why he why he respects you so much that if creatives it's such a nice thing, to just go deeper, to the first aspect it I feel it for, for your body. second aspect is deeper for your mind thinking it provides the thinking. And the third one is even deeper than that. It makes you to connect connects you with your Creator, and thank you to this food for every single thing. So we don't need to be like you know, many of the doors that religious like Hinduism, because they used to think it if you want to develop your soul and work on your soul, leave the world, you know, the mountains and caves and go deeper and daughter wear cloth and don't have bath, don't

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killing yourself. And sometimes just you know, stand on one leg and you know, holy Allah, there'll be a million Jews have been doing and then the second leg, actually the thing if you have your body, you become here to God, that how they used to think and it's still not the thing to they want to have their body. Some people think if you live in this earth, It's so dirty, to deliver the tree will never come down to nothing if they live in a tree that's better, the dismissal or the thing they cover, they see the people, that they they misuse the world to Islamic ways know this world, Allah made complete world complete to work for the purpose for which he made this not complete work

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of a new world for every single thing, but is complete an interesting world for the sake for the purpose for which Allah made the universe and for which he made the human being there are other things which we get in the hereafter this work is completed and sent and also he made it interesting like you know green sutra man how he produced the fruits and how he made the ocean and how from the oceans that comes on Lulu Robert john the partner precious stone he made interesting world is not in one way it could have been just thrown the fruit from the heaven on the ground go and pick know he makes nice trees and other trees die first come nicely packed to take nicely respect for you to

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understand how to hide the given everything nicely we know with beauty and respect he made the word interesting for you when you really met him in a Sufi today will make the whole uninteresting nothing more is not interesting is not like that unless Mater made the world interesting quickly and properly and with full respect. So that keep in mind and second thing that most people want to read look the first layer they only get the first layer of information their information deeper and deeper second layer three when you look your parent so you know first it varies okay yeah you know very material looking there why medical don't expect that parent they said they're basically that

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you know that biologically with that what happened anyway, every human being comes from you know, from from male or female. But if you go deeper and deeper Do you have more more respect for them and that how might have done for you? So people need to think properly? What Quran does for our very, that our current foreign corrects your thinking or honor makes you to think properly. If you read a book or philosophy, it helps us to certain kinds of thinking which at the end of the day make you actually just go into in cycle it you know just just say material thinking Purana wants to correct your thinking. Ron wants to guide you to Quran in the book of instruction. If you think the way the

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Quran has taught the people to think then they're in a delight because the most delicious then they go deeper and deeper that we can see in the Quran. The most of our sexually are about that thinking la la, la la quinta de Lune of Atlanta. They think don't you look around, looking around go deeper and think properly. So the Quran his book of thinking. Parana basically is a book which makes people to think properly go deeper understand think properly, read the right questions and make effort to find the right answers. Most people they will only have a small small question for Anwar want to you know present to you the real question the big question in the big why you are here. The big

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questions are the first thing to keep in mind that this world

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Has food for your body, for your mind and for your soul. And the second thing is, people need to, you know, thinker properly, not just in like a superficial people not like just about like the people who are in philosophers are like poor ports ports that we are also thinking, but the thinking just you know, one sided, you know, they can look at the rules and they can make some meaning. But that meaning also is very, very limited to real thinking is thinking of the prophets and messengers, the Deity, dude, we're thinking that the name of the thinkers in the hora has been so deeply, so deep that way of Parana city, particularly Muslim and new Karna. in Newcastle.

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the one city the truth, the one who the true meaning it hit the mind in thinking in action, everything, they agree with each other, they think properly, he acts properly, he must properly speak properly, everything has truth, to thinking properly. Most philosophers say that they are true in one aspect. And they lie in other actors, you can see so clearly, in one aspect, the so good, but in other respects, they just make up mixtures they don't know really, they don't ever think they make a story they are not philosophers and scientists, they are NASA detail, they are not true. But people become impressed by them. Because you think you know this person, you know such a nice and

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such an amazing person in mathematics, to him must be good in every single thing.

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You can see clearly some people that are very good at something, but not going every single thing other things to philosophers or scientists, they are good, in one is more a minor aspect, but rest of their life they are not good to that were the NASA the

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prophets and messengers, they are so deeply in because they in every single thing, they do things properly, to the thing properly, they act properly, the settings which are true to their is their tongue, their action, and the mind all those three that agree in the truth properly. Is it clear? So let me summarize again and then shall I move to first thing you know, when people think this word is the only food for your body, they are one the word food for your body, for your mind and for your soul, all three for the soul You don't need to leave the world and go to mountain a mountain that you know within the same world you can actually you know help it to develop your body and soul, soul

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and mind all three. Secondly, I mentioned is that people need to think and the people who we know i think that's left philosophers or scientists they're still thinking a very superficial and a very limited with tiny, they don't they don't make an effort to find the answer after many many more important questions to think you basically not consistent their thinking is inconsistent. The prophets and messengers people who whose things are consistent that think about every single aspect properly and the questions which are more important, they give them more time you know more time and more effort to understand them. So that you know other way consider Ibrahim Ali Salaam and you know

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prophet muscle Allah Allah Salaam Rizal Islam, this prophet messenger, they are consistent in their thinking or consistent the thinking in the action and the speaking and that way they'll convert surgically to Sudhir commune, somebody who's consistent in thinking in the action in the speaking so Ibrahim is not attached and the Quran is no corner in the opinion of the year he was true, consistent thinker you know, in that in every single thing and then also he received the knowledge from from him

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if you look in the Quran in that way, their prime will help you with Iran has dumped to correct you're thinking that when you study the universe, is study keeping the mind the major questions, the big question to prosper to help you and that's why the Quranic brings stories from the professor dolostone which can help you either in your mind or for your soul, or for your body for your action for energy to practice of bringing now next together mission since the Quran is not a book of demonstration, Quran is rather a book of instruction. So once it becomes very clear, that you can see how what Quran instructing when you learn this thing, then you follow what aerocity Quranic

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instruction, then you don't impose on the Quran your own thinking, when people don't realize their Quran is a book of instruction, they want to impose on the Quran, you know, their own method of thinking they think you know, if proper book actually will discuss distances and since Quran did not discuss this thing to the poor and the Quran, dose portion and doe the meanings is so much as to his spitting cannot imagine liquid people to read especially imamura Z, you know, when he says the Quran, you know, most places he goes so wrong

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Isn't he? Because he has got his own mind properly this actually how people should think. And basically what right questions are right answers. When it comes to the Quran, Quran does not in Quran does not like that, to then impose his own thing on the Quran. The Quran, Quran is in very nicely for us, Allah and Robert Actually, this is very amazing, amazing verse of the Quran, to a certain meaning. But these people, they don't want to take the meaning from the Quran. They want to give the meaning from their own thinking, to they take meaning from society, or from their own knowledge. And they give that a minute to the Quran to say, no Allah, light upon the light.

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It is very clear in the Quran what it means. But for Raj, it's not clear because Allah only that he knows his light of philosophy, because philosophy The only thing we need to he said, you know, Quran also can enlighten all revelation to the to light, a light a philosophy and light of Revelation, no nada, no Mr. Light or the philosophy combined with the light of Revelation, think properly, we had to do philosophy in this first

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contest that not nothing could prove that.

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That one of the great Indian scholar mala, mala Abdullah, he read the field 100 completed, but very long introduction. He says many of these people, they could not raise themselves up to the level of the Quran, to what they do. They made the Quran to come down to their own level.

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To reach to the level of the Quran, you need to have effort. They don't want to make that effort to what they do the milling of the Quran to their own level, to people like normal human mouths if the mama wrote him or book, Mr. Anwar and on the meaning of this verse of the Quran, Allah Moosa mavado if you read the whole rissalah

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nothing to do with it. Basically, if you're intelligent person, you can create any money from anywhere, nothing to work or anything. This actually this is this is wrong to respect a book

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that you've come to the Quran. Take meaning from the Quran. That's why it was very important. The Coronavirus revealed to me and we are only a newbie who could not give meaning to the Quran, who only can come to the Quran to take from it not to give to it, had the professor's have been a philosopher, you know, then he would have made effort to give the meaning to the Quran. He was only he had no background. After his knowledge, too far him actually is already the source of all knowledge he takes from the Quran. He does not give to like Allah tala. When we come to Allah, do what to give him anything of what to take from him. Think properly. When you pray, do we give up to

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Allah, something we definitely we come to Allah to take from him, to come to book of Allah for what purpose? To give it to something we want to take from it. take from it come to the Quran to take from the Quran, not to give to the Quran. So that actually the mistakes are that way when you read the Quran. Think properly fundable. Quran is service certified Alhamdulillah bizarrely meaning

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the donor think oh, we should start a book ending with distinct Why can I still like that Quran a must be meaning something else no. Think properly. Quran says Alhamdulillah then there must be reason take meaning from the Quran. To my second point actually here is that whenever you read the book of Allah subhanaw taala don't take meaning for the society. Don't make take meaning for the philosophy don't take meaning for the sciences. Don't take meaning for the fuqaha for the morphine. Don't take money from anybody take meaning from the Quran. And darkly what probably happened, you know, I always keep teaching that when people read verses in the Quran about the women today take

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the verses and then they take money from their from society. And the corruption happened because the women the society has another meeting and a woman in the Quran have another meaning that a lot of people are attracted to whenever you read something in the Quran, take meaning from the Quran. Is it clear? To now think really that when Quran is starting the first surah in the Quran is starting to fall.

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Once you think really what Koran make this we should understand from the Quran, why Quran wants to make the first Surah Surah Fatiha and why that first surah is started with the word Allah humble.

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People should be expecting that you know when you started his book first first he will say who is the author

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and you know who he is. He shouldn't have to listen suffer in this around did not mention who the author Quran does not mention who he is, instead of the Quran telling you what you need to do praising thanking the thing or rather not tell you who whose book is this person does not tell you that know what is proved that He exists or does not tell you what it is from him. First thing tells you thank you Prezi

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that's a lot actually what

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ramazzotti take money for the Quran. If you understand this thing you really understand really how it how this What is that? Why many, many creatures, many, many draw the Muslim world and especially in western world, they keep doing this mistake. They think really, that they need to prove that God exists. If they prove, then the people who become believer, there were the least they'll be debating and discussing useless matter. Because it did not matter. The proof has been the matter the Quran was to solve the with proof. And, you know, I think if the proof of God's existence, that what makes people believer, then don't you think it should be the first believer?

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You know, shaitaan has more proof of God than anybody else. Is there any doubt shatta knows God, he believes he will, he will the scenario for lasala is much more than ours.

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Unless it speaks in directly. And that's what of course he speaks with him directly. And it talks with ella motala. Lisa, no doubt about his existence. But still, he believes is the worst coffee on the face of the earth. There's no coffee or worse than he believes. And he will this is the one who did not in any proof. He knows God more than any philosopher any he knows more than anybody else. But he's the first person to tell you very clearly, the people does not daughter need in this world, for the sake for being delivered. The proof of God, they need something else to do what they need. They need nobility of the heart. They need really this nobility that no somebody has given me to

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come to somebody's house, and he offers you something, this is something you become grateful, thankful. What's the thankfulness is it, it will make you to go and thank him work hard. If you've grown up in your house, you know, you will think it is my mother and my father, how might they have been doing for me, the nobility of your heart will make you to serve them, to look after them, to obey them to listen to them, not to hurt them not to harm them. In this universe, when you open your eyes. You know really what what happened is you see all the time you are dependent. The first thing that everybody knows in this world is about the DC dependent when a child is born, is it

00:32:13--> 00:32:14


00:32:15--> 00:32:45

Can chart survive on his own? Do we think he's independent, nobody on the face of the earth to believe that the child independent everybody believes he is a dependent? It depends on the his mother, he depends on the Sun and the Moon and the Earth and the water and everything that is here. And then whatever he depends on, they also depend something else. He depends on his mother, because his mother is not there. Who is going to give him milk. But think properly.

00:32:46--> 00:32:47

Is mother independent.

00:32:48--> 00:32:54

If the mother Indira and she herself had no food and no water, can she provided milk to her child,

00:32:55--> 00:33:39

the mother herself dependent. Everybody born in this world, they can see they are dependent, and all those around them that depend on them. But also those things are dependent, they depend on something else. The world basically like that, if anybody who opens the eyes, they can see properly that one of the lie they keep teaching in the school is that you are independent. It like is not to because this is truth of matter is nobody independent. You know, I give this example that if you ask a child in just four or five, six year old seven year old, make a cup of tea. Is it so easy? I can go get a cup of tea. It's so easy for me. It's not so easy to make a cup of tea before that you need it. The

00:33:39--> 00:33:43

whole industry exists. Could you make a cup of tea if there had been no sun?

00:33:44--> 00:33:47

Could you make a cup of tea has there been no Earth?

00:33:48--> 00:34:28

It naturally and that's what made all distinctive just take it easy. In a disc of tea in nice the whole university to it existed before that. The theory how much Allah has given. You know the belief in Allah comes from the heart of gratefulness. Once you really know that you are overwhelmed by the all the favors upon you. I really need to thank the one who has given then it makes reliever but if you don't feel like that even somebody pushcart exists what we have no relevant to you don't want to know him anyway, why you want to know him. The Parana is coming from the writing, writing in to understand that you are dependent on in this world when you are born, you are dependent on you

00:34:28--> 00:34:59

remain dependent on your life. And you will demand depend until you die, all are dependent on all the things that you depend on. They are also dependent to then you are looking for a one who actually helps everybody on which everyone depends. And then you thank him. Then you find the one who created you. You find the one who clearly you are your mother and your father, you find the one who created the earth and the sky and the heaven. You find the one who caused everything to exist and cause everything to die. You look for someone who actually gets the water

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Bring the food from the, from the from the trees, who make everything you find for him, because you want to thank Him that He has given us so much that why the first verse of the Quran what are the fun? Because that's what everybody wants. When people are bored, they want to think they want to thank the one who is given to Khurana teaching you thank you that I tell told you there Quran the book of instruction, not the book of demonstration, it has come to instruct you How, how to how to behave in this world, to the first thing that people need in this world. Because so much they have God, they want to find one who gave everything they want to thank him. So the word when I said 100

00:35:38--> 00:35:54

in Arabic language for this purpose, we have got many, many words. Sometimes thank someone, sometimes praise someone. What difference between the both of them will difference in that in if I ask you you bring a glass of water, and you bring the glass of water to me.

00:35:56--> 00:36:06

I'm going to praise your Thank you. Thank you because not a big praiseworthy thing anyway, if you just bring a glass of water in not a big thing you have done that but write a poetry for you and appoint a thank you

00:36:08--> 00:36:43

to Santa people, thank you, but do not praise. But sometimes you praise for Napoli. No, you listen to big poetry. And you know what part of love passion language Ferdowsi he wrote, Shannon was so nice and all the math in a more room, such a great port. So you praise Him, but you're not as thank him. Because not only you have got something dirty from him, but if praise him know how much you have to achieve, to some time people do things for which deserves praise. And sometimes people do things for me they need to be thanked to in the language you have got to worth thanking and praise in Arabic language for the praise we have got a mother, when you pray somebody say Mother and Father

00:36:43--> 00:36:45

thanking you but what sugar Thank you,

00:36:46--> 00:37:28

but alive, different. Allah whatever he does, you have to thank him and also you praise Him to when you give me water, I only Thank you, when Allah gives me water, I thank him and also pray the way because he has given what I thank him, I got fear for him. And I praise Him because the creation of the water is amazing. Not easy creation of the water and the creation of the need of the water creation the first if you did not make me thirsty, you'd appreciate the water, he create the thirst in my heart to now become thirsty and then by drinking water, my thirst is quenched etc how much he had done to every sinner that he does. He deserves to be praised and he deserves to be you know to

00:37:28--> 00:38:13

be thanked to you need in language award for him where a grill what is combined in between that thanking and praise both if you have church dues sugar off him in the desert in a reward if you praise Him that He deserves to have to say to us um the hola wash guru for this particular person you know dealing with they've got a one word is combined both to mean that 100 100 basically means that the gentleman by the mother have 100 means prayed and thank both God when you open your eyes not only thanking your Lord, you need to also praise him how much he needs to come to see when you come to ocean you really see the power Adam just tfls hautala it's not only want to thank him he

00:38:13--> 00:38:54

want to praise him how much you have done. You know when he made my eye I want to thank him I can see but I also want to praise him How nice he had done he knows where to put my eye and how to make it and how to see for every single thing he had done to me I want to praise him and I just want to thank you to the first thing that any noble person anybody who's got noble heart first thing they're doomed in this university what to create and protect the one who had made this thing that why seat was so great that's why when you do data don't prove God existed. You need to raise in the heart the people you need to thank Look what you have got don't look in on a legs or not look about Youssef

00:38:54--> 00:39:40

what do you do you exist or not? Who made it to exist? Look what you are set don't look for God. Look who you are. Why you are here. The first question but yourself there was some bar said that piece you asked me the proof about God I asked you proof about yourself who you are need to believe God once you know you're a surfer. What will happen is, you know God, that's why they say in Urdu language, you know who the genasi hodesh and RC kapa haka, knowing yourself is the first step to know your Lord. First thing know yourself. Once you know yourself, you will be you'll just love to thank and praise until you know him. So that was completely 100 the first thing that you nearly need

00:39:40--> 00:39:59

to teach your children to think first thing you any normal human being what they need to learn at least thinking this too deep in their heart. They want to bow their head. They want to just, you know, doing some fun insider data because every messenger in their life they're looking for, for one

00:40:00--> 00:40:12

Who they can decide that they want to worship the Lord. That why the thirst for every that I've seen there's there is people have a need for food. People have material need people have the forefather mind,

00:40:13--> 00:40:56

food for the body of the soul is a bother. People need to thank the Lord. If that is not there, the soul remains thirsty and hungry all your life. You need food and drink you need some to think for your mind. But really you need to worship you'll if you don't worship Him, you remain thirsty, you really think your life has no meaning no sense you like to commit suicide. That was a professor Allison idol in 2014 year old he just looking for the property crime is our the Prophet messenger or the noble people that do what they do. They are they feel thirsty, they feel hungry enough to worship the Lord humbly, is actually that food. 100 is actually the fast food that soul needs

00:40:56--> 00:41:37

hundreds the food for your family, for your body, food for your soul, and food for your mind. Hungry not only So, actually some time if you're hungry, if you praise your Lord, that will be enough for your body food. 100 can be when you say law in the law degree, it is not only for your soul, it really for your mind. It also for you know for your for every single thing, another name, it really is helpful for anything. So the first thing that Puranas teaching what honey is not only Firstly, porosities awana anila hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen you know, the Hyundai The first thing in the Quran and 100 also the last thing, and when the believers intent to paradise, what they will say 100

00:41:37--> 00:41:49

actually harm the the survival for the human being. Either you need a food for you For you, you need 100 all the time, without the hunger you cannot survive your sword really basically in pain unless it does.

00:41:51--> 00:42:30

Allah subhanaw taala when he taught you $100 grant, I mean, he basically your your your soul from this pain, without 100 the soul in Philippine that what you knew, really. And once you get 100 You don't need a proof, because that's what I'm looking for once you get what you're looking for, you know, properly. So anyway, I don't want to make much longer because we have time for question answer inshallah. So let me summarize again, the first thing I mentioned to you and write it down to Allah helpful to fasting I mentioned it most people, they think, in this universe, they have got only food for the body, to eyes. And that's what I created the universe, where there are food for the body,

00:42:30--> 00:43:07

for the mind, and for the soul for all three, for the food at the soul, you don't need to leave the word and go to mount into the case you within the word what you can find the food for everything, but what you need what you need to do it thinking, think properly. And thinking actually many, many layers, thinking of the common people let people they don't think my deeper think nice are the philosophers and I in a scientist thinking other points, but their real thing you think of who the professor messenger got their consistent thinking there is or the question the big one and the smaller one, and they make effort to find answer for them to they're consistent that were there in

00:43:07--> 00:43:52

the Quran. They're suggesting to Cynthia Tina, the people who are consistent that thinking you know, their action, and in this in the in the Amman, in our in our thinking in every single when they look they are consistent when they act they are consistent when they say they are consistent. So that is why you need to have thinking once you And then third thing I told you that poron is a book of instruction, for ask them to instruct you not prove something is instruction. And the first instruction is giving you that you need the food for your body and for your soul for your mind. To find a one to whom you can thank because you have you are born a dependent to once you realize this

00:43:52--> 00:44:13

really becomes satisfied once you actually can see when people for the soldier, they're so happy you cannot imagine. You know and when people say I'll hand Alhamdulillah the hyperreal without 100 love when you drink water and address 100 something mystery using the river. But you don't know the Creator. That why many people said the difference between believers and unbelievers do very little.

00:44:14--> 00:44:51

And believers and unbelievers both know the creation. But believers connect the creation of the Creator and only believers don't connect. believers and unbelievers have bought us the neon if you are a fan of satara but the believers can either now ama with the moon with the one who made the favor and unbelievers they don't make this effort. This is a different difference. Hunter has done to connect you with the creator hunter has come to connect you with the moon. You have now ama but you want to know who the moon you had the creation but you want to know who's harder. There are differences to unbelievers. They don't want to make an initiative doesn't what happy with a nama but

00:44:51--> 00:44:59

believers know they're thinkers. They want to know who has given them to they want to find the moon. They want to know the harlot. The difference there are two ways the first one no doubt should be

00:45:00--> 00:45:15

And the first true what the people need to say from their heart is 100 for Allah tala. Anyway, I explained that inshallah and tomorrow inshallah, maybe thereafter, we'll make effort to to face the spirit of our tiny shadow if you will negotiate with us

00:45:17--> 00:45:25

just very quickly if we can kindly use the mics for the brothers the red Mike and sisters, if you have any questions you can use this mic control.

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00:45:37--> 00:46:22

there's you mentioned two things that one was about the hand that it's prioritization in terms of it's the opening surah. And it's mentioned, but is that the type of revelation anyway, we know that the Maquis surah saw, you know, you know, throttle, alloc, and so on, and then varying differences on the sewer that came after that. So, the question really is, is that when we mentioned 100, that one of the things I read is that the way the Quran was dealing with the kinds of questions that people were asking, is, that's quite dismissive of just saying that it came from nowhere, because most people even in the Quraysh, if they were asked, Where did things come from? The rain come from

00:46:22--> 00:46:51

all of these provisions, they would say it comes from Allah, but they would not attribute other things as well, and saying that they would make partners besides him on that. So that's the kind of first question about the fact that is that really negating the discussion of proving this the existence of God, but rather, a combination of proving Allah subhanaw taala exists in a way that agrees with the way man perceives the world. And then also answering the more as important question of who do I thank for these things that Disney and I

00:46:53--> 00:46:59

that I am obviously benefiting from? And I think this second quick question, sorry, was to do with

00:47:01--> 00:47:35

the, the, you know, the issue about proving God? Is it that more to do with that we prove them a fluke that we prove that things actually created? And these are things that refer to the proof of God, because I don't think people discuss this because they think that this is a way to prove Islam is true, but more to do with the fact that this is an argument that is put against Islam, and it's kind of refuting or dealing with this challenge that we face today. And we seen in the past, many challenges came in the western, you know, the Paloma, they responded, within the confines of that type of questioning.

00:47:36--> 00:47:47

You know, thing really quickly, there are filters, I don't think I could have got every single thing. The first thing actually is it. People Many people think that that people are born in this world, unbeliever,

00:47:48--> 00:48:27

they are just empty, nothing is there, do you want to write down on their heart every single thing to disagree one of the big mistakes that people have got, it's not like that people actually are born in this world, with the need for any that that they need to when a child is born, you know, that he learned any proof that he needs to have the miracle the mother, what makes him to learn for the miracle the mother, somebody asked one of the theory that a sense of when you start thinking, he says since the day I was born, two people said how he said that in when they put the breast of my mother in my mouth, I became happy and I I have been quiet and when they took it away, I start

00:48:27--> 00:48:49

crying from the set from the first day in what makes people to there any proof and the problem actually people think that people are born like that people are actually born with a two liter people are born believers. Basically what happens is it somehow it this thing has been in some families sometimes cuts occur in our culture tradition. It is actually sometimes it is

00:48:51--> 00:49:27

either in a change or corrupted to what if Parana wants to Karama to raise really raise it and make it economically healthy, the heart healthy, there are Quran reminding the one of the names of a reminder, keep in mind that unlike Invalides, your Lord He created you don't people don't believe in reason they don't believe in that because it is deep in the heart, it is not deep detected on the surface deep something else is around what to raise a raise raise again, to a simple thing, this material easy. The people are born with the belief in their Lord, or our has come to help that Phaedra or rather not come to write something new or fresh on the heart. Khurana has come only to

00:49:27--> 00:49:59

remind people what already during their 200 when people look in the university, when randomize them, it actually I guess support the fifth rights that we put up there are grammatical in the Quran in the fitrah without the filter, nothing matters. people's faith right to thank the Lord, to people's faith right to thank the one who who might favor so that actually very, very important to understand it poron actually after you if you don't need anything, even if somebody believes somebody proves you're not not interested to for example, like you know in, in in this country is very

00:50:00--> 00:50:38

to heart, you need a cooler and you know, these machine data machine you can provide you can make a house, you know, you know, cool and fresh. But you know, and you can sell this, you know coolers in India for you know for for a lot of money. But if somebody believes that cooler into England, in London in the winter, and he makes a big exhibition, and it proves that note is so useful, so beneficial for the people nobody's going to buy, because people have no need for that there's no need there for Ottawa to think Macedonia is another to prove to some people, you need to argue the need, you have to raise that people really once you know, but if you're thirsty, you will look for

00:50:38--> 00:51:16

water. But if somehow I don't know what that means, and somehow you know, really only know that thirsty means that you just keep getting signed to you know, what is it that you need to be if somebody brings water to you and show you and then after that what happened, you will start drinking water. Quranic way that people say nature is true nature, they are born unbelievers. Somehow the family that tradition, the culture and things around, they have corrupted and changing now parama to read that, again, again, the Quran has come only to support the fitrah that actually what the people need to fitara people need rather the will, the will to do that. And then knowledge pick a fourth is

00:51:16--> 00:51:53

that people need it people get the four things, then people's lives God first in fitrah, to figure out that you are thirsty. Second thing is the will to find out what can quench your thirst will, too. And then when you have will it then right first, right now you are someone who can tell whether Waterloo work can quench your thirst for knowledge. And the fourth thing, then we'll get the water drink it to people need for it. The first thing is fitrah that fitrah that what worship You, Lord, you've listened to thanks for what was given to you. The second thing will to find what she has given all those things to you. So you got to write nearly identical revelation for after messenger

00:51:53--> 00:52:36

to her third thing you get. And once you get it, then the fourth thing then do it too far nullify you know the honey so good for my health. And I make effort and go and bite and bring it to put on my desk and on my shelf in order to benefit me unless I use it. For things are important. People need to fit right Fedora. People need the errata the will people need the knowledge and people need the amen to that our aura has come to to basically support all this for properly. If people have a no fitrah then nothing no argument can work because people don't want to do share thoughts. The problem is his fitrah is so corrupted, he knows God has given everything that Nope, no need. But he

00:52:36--> 00:52:53

has he doesn't want to thank you never do not need another proof. Even if you prove nothing, you know personally we many people who became Muslim, ask them why they become Muslim in medical history, nothing to do with proof or anything. Something else actually made him to become Muslim many many people agree in

00:52:55--> 00:53:30

Bali in India, great part of India. You know, do you deal with British rule? He asked one of the disciple interview all those people, British and I and others who became Muslim in India, why did you say Muslim? So he interviewed 100 people and and compiled the book and named Islam zindabad, in whose story or the story you look at three people became Muslim for some reason, but nobody became Muslim because somebody proved to him that God exists, then nothing like that people become quite nature is there, you just need a reminder. To that keep in mind, second thing you asked about the order of the other one, that actually is a very important question. And I don't think we have enough

00:53:30--> 00:53:59

time for that. But inshallah, maybe next time I explained to you that what was the order of revelation? And what are the word of the book itself? And why both artists are different from each other? And why we need to know the both orders to both just put out two orders the order I apply the book as we have got, and then other order is order how it was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and why differ from the order of the book, and why we need to know both of them. It is important Shall we? Shall I explain that?

00:54:03--> 00:54:26

Someone said many of these people couldn't reach to the level of the Quran Who was it that said Maulana Azad Maulana Abul Kalam as he was you think of India biggest carlino people like Mara Modi everybody basically learned from him but later he took a politician to he did work much otherwise he were really great amount of India. So he wrote at the seal and he wrote the feeling that prison even in the prison

00:54:27--> 00:54:32

but the series are important, but most importantly he's in production a very, very long production.

00:54:37--> 00:54:45

Could you let him know hey, Chef, if think if there's any, did you have one? So question inshallah. Basically, before we start,

00:54:51--> 00:54:59

I just wanted to ask, you mentioned that we should you give the example of the philosopher we should avoid putting our own thinking

00:55:00--> 00:55:41

Our own sort of interpretation is that we're to the Quran within us imagine then that we should take meaning from the Quran. So could you please elaborate more on that? How can we surely our own experiences etc when we look at it would that not naturally sort of encouraged us to apply our own thinking to the gospel, we read a verse, I read it and maybe we reflect on my teachings or my life experiences and we don't not then apply that so could you could you please reconsider? effectively taking the meaning of different and applying different metal, take meaning from the Quran, and then applied of not to your condition to nanometer. People take the meaning from the Quran, how to take

00:55:41--> 00:55:57

money from the Quran, into such a condition, you know the Arabic language of that time properly, you know, how the Prophet understood properly and Campania's once you understand that, then after that make effort to apply basically simple thing, we need to know three things. We need to know the Quran

00:55:59--> 00:56:40

and we need to learn for our applications of Quran. The first person who applies the Quran, Who is he, the professor, listen to first thing that Quran and they learn how the first time it had been applied in this world by the prophets allowed Islam, then you need to know what Third thing The third thing what reapplication the Quran, application and the reapplication. To find the application what you need to know is to find the Quran you need to know the meaning from the Quran. And you know how you also need to know how the Prophet applied, then the third step is then you make effort how to apply it to your condition. But people do people actually did they miss first two steps, they

00:56:41--> 00:56:54

don't take money from the Quran. They don't look at the application process on Islam, they ignore all that they give them in front the society and they want to apply directly to themselves to basically they're, they're applying their own attitude to themselves. They're not applying to

00:56:56--> 00:57:36

the world already to what they know. They think there's something good that wanted they want to prove from quran quran the ways first understand what Quran is, first and second, understand how the prophets Allah supplied the CNA to his life. And then the third step is to apply that to your condition to the Oran, application of the Quran, and then re application that what people need to understand are actually most people in our time, they just leave our first two steps. They just want to be just the word maker on their own a book or on has been revealed to the process allows you basically to understand take the meaning from the Quran, and take application at the professor level

00:57:36--> 00:57:42

and it's very important how he applied learn from that and then apply the Quran to your own condition.

00:57:43--> 00:57:51

It actually helped needs more detail and more explanation. I don't think I've done but inshallah when if next time we shall have more inshallah.