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Suleiman Hani
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Allah subhanaw taala created us and commands us for our own well being and success. What is translated as all believers? Pay attention all believers yeah you Alladhina amanu be mindful of Allah as he deserves worship Allah as he deserves, in public and private with Muslims with non Muslims, young and old, all walks of life worship Allah as he deserves, and do not die except in a state of submission to Him. And if we wish to die in a state of shahada and a state of goodness and the state of Fitzroy the natural disposition, then we must sincerely consistently live upon it. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to live upon Islam and to die upon Iman Allama I mean,

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there are certain sort of the Quran that we know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited more often than others are more frequently than others.

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And some of the sort we know about because a number of companions reported hearing the surah recited every time the prophets Allah likes them did x, y or z or every time he prayed a particular prayer or before he went to sleep, or on the day of Juma

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and one of the sower requires some attention today in our hotel and it is suited to cough. This is a Moroccan Surah 45 Yet, it's a very powerful surah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for those who do not know he recited this surah every read Sorry, do not hunt and even filter in the first little account of prayer and he would resign the second raka so little comma, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited Surah Tov so frequently on Friday on Joomla that some of the companions have memorized it from how often they heard it from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And in fact, in one of the reports from Hashem bins, how the third or the Allahu anha she said, I learned

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so that path from the mouth of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because of how often he recited it from the member on the day of Juma. He used to recite it and teach it what does this mean? A number of scholars commented on this hadith and they said, perhaps it means he explained Surah to cough as he gave the hopper and other scholars said parts of sordid past because it is a lengthy narration of the hook while was not usually that too long. Either way, we find that many of the companions emphasized throughout his prophet the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, once the surah was revealed, recited it frequency. The question is why, and what does that benefit us today?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited Surah cough often and some of the scholars say because of its emphasis on foundational matters when it comes to the reality of life and the resurrection. And it's a very strong surah in terms of its admonished me it's reminder, and it's balanced between the reward and the punishment between the glad tidings and the warnings as well which we are all in need of, and Imam Nobita from Allah he says because of all of this, it is recommended to recite Surah cough or part of it every Friday or every hookworm, even Kathy Rahimullah, the scholar of Tafseer. He says the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam recited this surah in

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particular in large gatherings. Notice the day of Juma the two or Eid prayers when more and more Muslims come out. And the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam did this because of its mentioning about the beginning of creation, the resurrection standing on the Day of Judgment, the reality of paradise and hellfire, the reward and the punishments the encouragement as well as the deterrence the things that motivate you and the things that might scare you, so that you are not coming near the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala rather than taking the entirety of the surah which we cannot do with the time that we have will take a few shots, a few verses from Surah Tov and comment on them

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inshallah Tada in practice of this narration about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we will start with is 16 in which Allah subhana wa Tada says, one hour for the whole opponent in Santa one hour. To Watson we soon will be enough soon. Why not know upon Abu Eli Haman Hublin worry in the translation loosely here indeed we have created we meaning it's the royal we this is about Allah subhanaw taala we created mankind and know what his inner self whispers to him or to her and we are closer to him than the jugular vein. Allah subhanho wa Taala his knowledge his reality is closer to us than the physical parts of our body, meaning you cannot hide anything from Allah. You cannot hide

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the lowest and the deepest of secrets and even the subconscious realities within us from Allah subhanaw taala is knowledge. Allah's knowledge is perfect Subhana wa Tada. Furthermore, there is an emphasis here, that higher before Allah subhanaw taala to have higher, sometimes loosely translated as modesty. And oftentimes we make the mistake as Muslims of emphasizing to our communities or some parents emphasize only to their daughters that hire is about your hijab alone. Yes, there's the external hire, but it starts internally

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There's the external hire for men and for women but it starts internally. Hi yah before Allah subhana wa Tada is to have modesty in reality that you know he is watching you so you are shy, embarrassed to do something wrong. You don't want to come near anything that is displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala. But it starts with our thoughts. Because when you really focus on purifying your thoughts, you'll start to realize the link between your thinking your thoughts and the ways that we train ourselves to think and the external actions that you're not to lingering. You're not focusing on something that is displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala. Rather, you're redirecting to something

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pleasing to Him. With this as well we emphasize when you make dua, know that Allah subhanaw taala is aware not just of what you're seeing on your tongue, but he's aware of the pain that comes with your DUA. He's aware of what you're going through. He's aware of your situation, we are required to call upon him, but know that Allah subhanaw taala is aware of every single thing that happens with his creation. At the turn up called Mutallab, Yan Yan, Ilya Amin, Imani Shima, Euclid, as the two recording angels, one on the right and the other on the left are noting everything Kittleman Khatibi and these are the two noble Angels. And according to him in our bus law, the law one a number of

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other scholars have mentioned some proofs for this. Everyone has the same two angels on your right and on your left one recording your good deeds, and one recording your sins. And every 12 hours meaning half of the day is gone every 12 hours, they change shifts. So another two angels come and they continue. So it is a total of four angels in total, that are recording every single thing that we do, what are they recording, we can continue in fact with the very next idea to emphasize and Allah Subhan Allah is giving us this emphasis so we don't forget, Ma Yan field looming coning Illa de he wrote me Bonati read, there is not a word that a person utters without having a vigilant

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observer, these angels ready to write it down. And sometimes people think it's literally just your words. But it includes of course, in our times, everything you do in terms of your texts, terms of the websites that you visit, in terms of the people you talk to in terms of the things that you listen to, the angels are recording, and recording and recording and recording. And guess what, they don't get tired. They don't get bored, they don't get fatigued, they don't disobey Allah. Now, I also want Allahumma mo one way if I do an AMA you maroon they do exactly as they are commanded, every single thing you do,

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is recorded.

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Now there is an exception to this mentioned the Hadith that Some scholars say is authentic. It's reported that when a Muslim when a believer commits a sin, the angel on the left, the one writing your sins is commanded to withhold the pen, they're not yet allowed to right to withhold from writing that sin down for what's called what was mentioned earlier, the six hours it means six parts of the day. It means similar to the other narration to the rest of the shift of that angel or half of the day, if the person regrets it, and they asked Allah sincerely for forgiveness than the angel will cast it aside, meaning they don't write it down. And if they insist, meaning they don't

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regrets, they move forward with life as though they did nothing wrong. Then it will be written written down as a sin for them at hustle bustle como la. He commented on this and he given advice to all of us. And he said, Oh, Children of Adam, the page, the scroll has been spread out for you, every single one of us has a massive scroll. And everything that you do is written in terms of your deeds and that angels have been appointed over you want to write your sins want to write your good deeds, he says, so do what you want less or more for when you die, your scroll of deeds will be rolled up. And in a way we cannot imagine in a way it will be tied to your neck and your grave,

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meaning you'll be close to you. That's your record. That's your deed. That's your database of everything that you've done. He says until you emerge on the day of judgment. And then here he references the saying of Allah subhanaw taala Wakulla insert in Uldum. Now who Paul you don't have your own? Okay, well, no, who do you know who your woman Qiyamah Tiki tourbillion for whom and she Shula on that day people will come out and they will have their decree meaning all their deeds that were tied to them, they will have them attached to their necks and on that day every person's record will be brought out. It will be spread for open ikura ketomac And people will be told look at your

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record read rather your record Kefa be enough Seacon yo Malika Has Eva, you are sufficient as a witness and one who reckons and one who calculates your own deeds meaning what hasn't been three rahamallah He says Allah is fair to you. He's not bringing you up people that don't know you to testify against you. Allah subhana wa Tada is asking you to read your record. You are a reckoner over yourself, meaning you are seeing what you've done and you cannot deny

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Are you what's written down? One time a young man he asked, how do the angels that are writing down our deeds? How do they know if we intend to do something good or bad Do they even know? And although there are a number of different narrations we take from the opinion of some of the tabulating the scholars amongst them who learned from the Sahaba like Sophia and Rahim Allah He said, When a Muslim intends to do something good, these angels start to smell the scent of mosque, a good smell coming from them, there's a good intention coming about. And when someone intends to commit a sin, they start to smell something filthy coming from them. And what's interesting about this, and one of the

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most beautiful merciful narrations reported by Bukhari, the angels say, Oh Lord, Your servants, wants to commit a sin wants to do something bad. This is when someone thinks about doing something bad in those few moments or maybe even hours before they were about to do it. And Allah subhanaw taala is already aware. But Allah subhanaw taala tells those angels who are responsible for writing them down, watch that person watching if he doesn't then write it down as it is as a sin. And if he does not do it, then write it down as a Hasson as a good deed, for the abstain from it because of me. Now, there is a condition here, if you take all of the Hadith and you try to understand what's

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happening here, if you intended to do something bad, and you neglect it, or abandon it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. Now because people are watching, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala you abstained from it, you decided, I'm not going to do that for the sake of Allah, then it's written down as a good deed. Rather, if somebody intends to do a sin, and they're interrupted by another human being, so they don't end up committing it, this was not a good intention. To begin with, this was not something that they have avoided for the sake of Allah. If we look at the state of technology today, we find interestingly, discussions on different types of cameras and privacy

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issues. And previously, some companies started coming out with their own constant lenses that people would wear. And those were put aside for many reasons. If you think about 360 degree cameras, and you imagine a future in which there is a possibility of people having everything in their bodies, maybe with a chip, maybe with a nano camera, everything that they do is recorded, every single thing that's being done, and every word that they say and every text that they send, recorded as it is,

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we can imagine, and we take some studies to prove this, we can imagine that behavior changes a lot when people know they're being watched, behavior generally changes. And this applies not just to religious matters, this doesn't only apply to a Muslim and a Buddha. In fact, a number of studies have found like one study about medical staff, they found that when certain staff were being watched, or rather sorry, knew they were being watched, they tended to follow the rules compliance with hand washing, almost three, four times as much as their peers who did not do the same because they weren't being watched. Another example, is a study that found when people could see themselves

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there was a mirror somewhere in their vicinity, when they could see themselves, they were less likely to do something that they found to be undignified. So there was some impact on positive change. Another study that found when people saw eyes just a picture of eyes, as though they were being watched, they tended to behave a certain way, they tended to behave a little more with with regards to compliance a little better. And, of course, to bring this to a very harsh reality in the United States and around the world, we can look at the example of police brutality, and how much it has changed with body cameras. It hasn't completely erase the problems of injustice and oppression.

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But it's significantly changed the conversations, it's changed a lot of the legal proceedings, it's caused a lot of people or families rather to find some semblance of justice, although they will never have their loved ones back again. And of course, there were studies conducted even with different police departments, finding that generally speaking, when police officers knew they were being watched, the cameras were turned on at all times. They tended not to start the actual physical contact with a person that they were stopping for whatever reason, rather, on most occasions, it was those who are being those who are stopped, they tended to attack the office or initiate some kind of

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contact. But the point here is what's that, generally speaking, behavior improved, generally speaking, people change when they know they're being watched. And likewise, we know this, especially in the last few years, with the advent of, or the advancement of a lot of video conferencing and people utilizing zoom and other platforms for their meetings, that people tend to behave a certain way when they're being watched. And when the cameras are off, they change whether it's a religious matter or not, is not the point here. For us as Muslims we have the concept of Hassan and tabooed, Allah hookah and Nicotra to worship Allah as though you can see him but you cannot see Allah

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subhanaw taala failed I'm not failing. I'm talkin Tara, who if you cannot see him which you cannot, the know that he sees you. And that alone should cause us to change our behavior. The way you talk to your wife, the way you talk to your parents, the way you talk to your children, the way you text the way your online browsing the internet. The way you

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Ray When no one is watching everything you do, you're doing because and you're doing with son because Allah subhanaw taala is watching excellence because you know Allah is watching out of love and also humility before Allah subhanaw taala. So to summarize this idea and some of the points we can take from it, there are different ways we are being watched and witnessed against. The first is the body and the bodies will testify on the Day of Judgment. The second is the environment that you're in. So the one who makes then you're out in nature, you just made a dawn you're somewhere you're making Vicodin Do you read Quran as you're in the park? The environment around you will

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testify for you that you prayed in this place you prayed in that place. The third is the witnessing of believers for or against one another people will testify. The fourth is the testifying of angels and they are recording and they never stop. And the fifth Allah subhanaw taala is watching what kefir Billahi Shahida. And Allah suffices as a witness over us. Allah subhanho wa Taala then tells us in a very heavy iron, for those whose hearts were basically indifferent to the reality of death. They weren't living life as though there is a preparation for accountability wotja at Saqqara tune Remo TV and it'll help for the only camera can tell me who to actually read. The reality of death

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will ultimately come to this person with truth. Why with truth, Bill Huck, it's a reality many people ignore. It's a reality. Many people are heedless of Muslims and non Muslims that they were ignoring. And what's amazing about this, what just is in the past tense, which means it is certain and it is close to you as well. What's very interesting about this is death is a reality all human beings believe in regardless of their religion. Death is a reality that all people believe in. And yet it is one of the most uncomfortable topics for people to embrace as a reality. And we find that Hoffler heedlessness we find it ignorance we find ignoring preparing for the reality of death is

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very common. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us kufr been multiwire Allah death suffices. As a reminder, death is the destroyer of desires, and the reality of death for the believer, makes us realize how insignificant this life is. And it should not paralyze us with fear, the reality of death. What did it do for the companions of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam were they so afraid? And always gloomy and always sad and never smiling and never doing anything in life? Because we're going to die anyway. No, they live the most productive lifestyles, you live to your greatest potential, knowing how limited time is knowing death is around the corner, living for a purpose that

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Allah created you for. And there are a lot of people who experienced death in their families. May Allah have mercy on our loved ones and Grantham the highest levels of Jannah. But unfortunately, in some cases, we would attend a janazah. Like the janazah we attended a few years back when a young man was crying at the grave of his relative wasn't his direct family, but it was a relative crying, and eventually he spoke up and he said we cut off each other over such a silly thing. We stopped talking over something silly years ago, knowing that it's prohibited in Islam to cut off family. And now it seems so insignificant at the time, it seems serious. She did this. He did that. He said

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this, they did that. So seem serious in the moment because your ego kicks in and says, Well, I'm not going to step in first. I'm not going to apologize. First, they should apologize to me. I'm not going to reach out if they're not talking to me. So we come up with excuses and excuses and excuses. Justifying something that cannot be justified in most cases. And the reality is death makes all of these worldly experiences, the petty arguments and even sometimes the matters of a dunya that worry people it seems so insignificant. When you think about the reality of departure. Allah subhanaw taala says wonder if you have your sword, the Ernie K Young will ye the Trumpet will be blown into

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this is the day that you were warned of this is the day that was promised.

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Do you feel at times that some people today with all that they were given of wealth and a dunya and a lot of blessings from Allah subhanaw taala that they're leaving kind of a relaxed lifestyle and relaxed here does not mean they have wealth or a house or a car that functions no relaxed here as though there's nothing really significant coming soon as though there is no death and a meeting with Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had a time to rest, a time for family, a time for Jihad a time for this and that. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam gave everything its do right. But he said sal Allahu alayhi wa salam, how can I relax when the bearers of the trumpets meaning the angel

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is Seraphin or the salam, when he is has placed the trumpet on his lips already and listening attentively for the Command of Allah subhanaw taala to blow into it so that the End of Times begins. So the resurrection will be in how can I relax? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam when he said this noticed the Sahaba

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I felt that this was very heavy. He noticed how heavy this statement was how can I relax? When angels throw feed is ready to balloon to the trumpet the Day of Judgment is around the corner. He noticed this so he said to the Companions, he taught them to say Hulu has been Allahu Allah merriwa keen eyed Allahu Taala can say indeed Allah sufficient for us and our ultimate trustee, and upon Allah we have placed our trust. Why? Because when you feel the reality of the Day of Judgment is heavy, know that you're in good hands. Allah subhanaw taala will take care of your affairs so long as you're doing the right thing. You put your trust in Allah subhana wa Tada what Joe at Kelowna FC

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na HERSA yakun. Washington he made an every soul will come forth on that day, every one of us with an angel to drive it and another to testify with Robin, I found out all the Aloha and the great companion, he said in a number of others. They also said the same thing. He said the two angels will accompany every single person throughout the field of resurrection in the land of gathering audibly imagine one driving that person forward and another a witness over them. And I want you to think about this next if and I want you to imagine the one who is receiving it on the Day of Judgment, the one who ignored the one who was heedless, the one whose heart has hardened locked by the Akun.

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toughie Hoffler team mean hada fucka Schaffner Kathleen Paul Kapha Bill Soto Kennedy a wall mahadi read, and it will be set to the one who denies resurrection, the one who was not prepared for that day. You were totally heedless of this laferla heedlessness. And now we have lifted that veil that you had on your heart. Now we have lifted it and you see the reality before your eyes and your sight in fact is very sharp. On this day, you will see everything on this thing. You will see the accountability you will see the Hellfire May Allah protect us and our loved ones. And so the concept of love law to be heedless does not only apply to someone who does not believe in God or the day of

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judgment does not apply only to an atheist. It does not apply to a secular humanist alone. This applies to the Muslim who's had many years of reminders and signs from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And they refuse to wake up. They refuse to change. And they've seen loss close to them. They've seen loss in their families, and they refuse to change. Like the example of a janazah prayer that took place in this very state of Michigan, in which someone who had passed away and their janazah was attended by maybe over 1000 people.

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You would assume that as family, friends, relatives and community are coming to a funeral prayer, somebody has passed away their friend has died, you would assume that people their hearts should be so soft, and they will be calling upon a loss of power. They were praying, at least at least praying the janazah prayer. And yet you find in this particular janazah incident, perhaps over 100 people 100 Muslims standing outside the masjid at the time of the word of prayer, refusing to pray, they don't pray at all all year. And they didn't pray the janazah prayer. And they found that their friend who had died relatively young, they found that their friend who had died who had died at the

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age had impacted them. But even then, not praying, standing outside socializing, smoking. And these are people who say I'm muslim, but I don't pray. When will your heart wake up? If not in the moment of death? When will the heart wake up? If we experienced another Ramadan, and it passed by in the blink of an eye? And we don't know if we'll make it to the next one? When were our hearts wake up? If we see the earthquakes that took place in Syria and Turkey, and we saw the losses that took place and yet we ignore when what are we waiting for? We have so many signs from Allah subhanho wa Taala our hearts can get rusted, but there's always hope for every disease there is a cure for the

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hardening of the heart. There is the Quran there is no there is Dickey there's a remember a reminder of Allah subhanaw taala there's a reflection on where you're headed when you die. But if we ignore and ignore and ignore the frightening reality of heedlessness, laferla is that if you ignore for so long, it might get to the point where eventually nothing will work for you. The heart has completely been covered. May Allah protect us in our hearts May Allah guide us and forgive us. The reality of the Day of Judgment is one that we need to prepare for for our athletes. It begins when our souls leave our bodies. It should not paralyze us with regards to life rather should make us more

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productive, energetic people who have impact and meaning with everything that they do, whether it's your job or your family, whether it's your interactions or your entertainment or your sleep that it's all for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada live for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and die for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada and you will be amongst the happiest of people. As soon as the soul starts to leave the body you will start to receive glad tidings from the angels May Allah subhanaw taala and guide us and forgive us and elevate our ranks and protect us

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sinless life in the grave and on the Day of Judgment and may Allah subhanaw taala soften our hearts and have mercy on those who passed away before us. Ask Allah for forgiveness. He is the Ever Merciful, the oft forgiving a hoodoo Podio that was still fiddling, he would have confessed of fetal in the hood of a photo to him.

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah, wild Ernie he or Sami woman, the welder one time a young man. In one of the lectures that we were giving, he said, I feel like my heart is so hard and as a Muslim, and it's been hard for a long time, I feel like nothing works for me anymore. I feel like I can't change. I had hoped so many times, and I can't change so I'm frustrated with who I am. And he said, and I feel like I'm the only person like this, everyone else seems like they're doing fun. Everyone's growing, becoming more religious, getting closer to Allah, with every year of life. He's like, I feel like that's not me. And this reality is one that is in fact shared by the majority

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of people that you feel frustrated at times, when you're not making progress, you feel frustrated that you're not changing. And there are many things within our religion that contribute to that change. And in fact, in Islamic psychology, you will find a great overlap between what was already mentioned number of a hadith by many scholars of the past, who have contributed to Tez Kia and the purification of the soul and the heart, as well as commentary on change psychology with the modern discussions on how to change as a human being. But at the core of it is to remember, first and foremost that it is possible to change doesn't matter if you tried 1000 times 10,000 times doesn't

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mean there's no hope for you, when it comes to a religious matter, you can change and you're going to have to put in effort, you're going to have to take the medicine, the spiritual metal out of the prescription here, because at times when people are struggling physically, they'll look for and search for and pay for any type of treatment for their problem. But when it comes to the hardening of the heart, when it comes to the spiritual symptoms, like you're not making dua anymore, you no longer feel bad about committing sins, you no longer feel attached to the Quran or to pray in the masjid or to Riba in general. When you see these symptoms, pay attention and do everything that you

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can to find the treatment for it. There is a treatment for every disease, there is a cure for every spiritual illness. And it starts with knowing that you can change that you have to change there's no alternative option and that you need Allah subhanho wa Taala so turn to Him and ask Him and if you don't know what to say in a DUA, just ask Allah Oh ALLAH purify my heart, and this is a drought the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who used to pray Allah Allah Azza wa hamady, this is a dua we are in need of May Allah subhanaw taala purify our hearts and aid us in changing Allah Allah Allah in other decreto was Shoukry here Rossoneri balletic

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