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The Difference between Ijazah and Shahadah

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Akram Nadwi

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People have to understand what each other means. You know what happens in Islam you have Shahada. Shahada means you will learn properly. When you're qualified. The teacher gets a certificate now you can teach the subject. A Giada means the teacher gives you permission to use his chain of narration. Once you're qualified, if I give you a Java in which you can use my generation, when you become qualified, you can still keep learning you can hire him, once you become RMO Halima, then you can use it to HR is always good because it gets Baraka and also sometimes get very high Java, a Java does not make volume to try to understand if I give each other for all Hadees it does not

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immediately qualify. No. It only means when you become a Harley, then you can use much information to connect you to a professor Listen, you can say in the radio different so and so from so and so. Going back to the parcel Allison is Jada not Shahada is genuinely a permission to use the chance of the teacher for going by connecting yourself to the authors of those books. And also to the professor Allison that are each other to each other. Very people should take each other because it makes you part of the family. Is it clear to everybody