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Brothers and sisters, one of the most sensitive subjects when you talk about the rights of a Muslim on another Muslim is this concept of nasiha. This concept of advice, sincere advice. And the most sincere adviser that has ever been sent to us was none other than our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, until now, the sincere advice of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam lives with us, and it guides us and it pushes us forward. And the example of the prophets lie some of them is so clear in every way, who he was what he represented, what he said, what he expected of us, that you cannot reduce the profit slice them to just a silent symbol. You can't turn the profit slice them into an

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image that you merely bring out every once in a while, and you appropriate and turn into all sorts of different things because who he was Allahu Allahu wa Salam is so well documented, and the advice that he gave to us, and the commands that he gave to us are so clear that there is no going astray except for the one who insists on doing so when it comes to the message and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sunnah. So we talked about this concept of nausea, this concept of advice and the rights of a Muslim on another Muslim, this was not something that the prophets lie some just left from Himself to us, but rather the prophets lie. Selim mentioned that goodness will prevail in this

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nation, so long as we continue to sincerely advise one another. And Allah mentions this as well, what's the law, so be happy? What's the law, so the summer, they enjoy one another, in good, they forbid one another from evil, they enjoy one another in patience, they keep each other steadfast, we keep each other in check, and we keep each other motivated, we keep each other inspired. And we keep trying to collectively strive, and that's going to require conversations between us at times to push us back and say, Look, you know, it might be better for you to think about this. And I've noticed this and things of that sort. But it's also a very sensitive area. Why? Because to give them they'll

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see how in the wrong way can actually have the exact opposite effect of nausea, which means sincere advice, either it's not sincere or it's just not well delivered advice, or people don't want to hear advice anymore. You know, when we're when we're striving towards individualism constantly and being told that that is the fullest way to live. Just come you know, be yourself and everything is about yourself. And everything revolves around NFC NFC myself myself. Then when anyone tries to poke a hole in what you are creating as a vision for yourself, then that person is automatically an intruder on your space. And so you're going to treat them with hostility, even if they're coming to

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you with full sincerity. That's why I belong MOBOTIX Rahim Allah, one of the great scholars of this Deen he was told how come you don't give us advice anymore? How come you don't tell us what we need to hear? How come you don't give us advice? He says there anyone that's looking for advice? Is there anyone that's actually searching for it. So it is a precious gem that exists amongst us to be sought and to be given all in accordance with and with the aim of getting closest to the directions of the most sincere advisor sent to us Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So you find the Hadith operator or the Allahu Anhu or the Prophet slicin mentioned the rights that we have on one another

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to return salaam to one another to say salam in return Salam, the greeting of peace to visit one another, when we are sick to follow the funeral processions of one another to pray janazah on one another to follow the funeral processions to answer the invitations of one another to respond to the sneeze when someone says that Hamdulillah you say you have Himachal Allah may Allah have mercy on you, you wish them well. And finally in one narration, the prophets nice and on said he the sponsor hacker Francois who, if your brother or your sister seeks advice from you, give them sincere advice. Now I'm going to get to a very specific advice at the end of this quarter and sha Allah Allah, but

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before that, the methodology, the techniques, the way the prophets I some use to give Naziha period. Right? And first and foremost, he exemplifies the best of what is from the Quran, because he is a walking Quran SallAllahu wasallam. And so when the Quran says to call to the way of your Lord will Hekmati one more rebuttal Hassan with wisdom and with beautiful preaching. The prophets I saw was the greatest manifestation of that. You find that Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that advice is to be given in the best of ways even to the worst of people, even to the worst of people we're not even talking about between brothers and sisters. And that's why I'm the medic given Marwan Rahim Allah

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Tada. A man came to him, and he told to him that he thought

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He said to him that I'm going to give you advice that is more severe said Doom, an assault that is more severe than a whip. I'm about to talk to you in a way that is more severe than the whip. And he responded to him. And he said to him,

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am I worse than Fidel?

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He said, No. He said, Are you better than Musashi Silla? He said, No, so but Allah subhanaw taala told Moses to speak to the pharaoh Musa Islam to speak to the throne, with what for Kula who Polina speak to them with the right words with lenient words that maybe they would be reminded they would change their ways. So Musa and Harun were given that instruction. And so you find that from the profit slice of the overall spirit of generosity, that when he was giving you advice, he put his own ego to the side SallAllahu wasallam, anything of the neffs to the side because it was all about your welfare. And that's why you find these conversations, where he's talking to the most hostile people

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in Mecca people that showed him no generosity whatsoever with their words or with their actions. But the prophet sly son was patient with them. Why? Because the prophets I send them was trying to at the end of the day, get them to see the error of their ways, and get them to do what was best for themselves. He wasn't trying to be victorious over them Salalah rd was set up he was trying to be victorious with them. We're trying to get agenda together. This is the way to salvation. Let me hold your hand follow me to that path. But with gentleness and goodness he manifested that's a lie Salem, with the crown of his time in Abuja. We also find that when it comes to we'll see how Of course, one

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of the ways that people give no see how wrong these days is they humiliate one another in the name of Naziha. In the name of sincere advice, you absolutely humiliate someone, you berate them, you expose them, you put them down all in the name of what I'm doing my job. I'm trying to protect the dean and I'm trying to do what's best for you. Right? And I saw the Allahu Taala and her this is a Hadith authentic hadith where she narrated. She said about the prophets lie Selim either Bella who originally Shay, that when he was told about someone Salah Lahore and he was seldom saying so so forth and so forth. Someone was saying something wrong. The prophets I said, I would say my bad Oh

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Fudan in your cool. The prophets lie some would not say what is it with this person saying such and such but he would instead say, my bamboo acquirement your coluna Kava Kava? Oh, yes, I don't want to kill that. Look at that. What is it with a group of people saying such and such are doing such and such, he wouldn't name the person to not humiliate the person because the profit slice on was hoping the advice would reach that person and at the same time, people would be protected from the possible harm of the action, or what is being set. So the profit slice and would not name people in a humiliating way. And that's why we see some of these Hadith where you see a man who made a mistake

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from the companions of the Prophet, slice alum. Almost always the man will be left unnamed, unless he's the narrator of the story and telling you about a mistake he made where she made and the prophets lie, some correcting them, otherwise, the person remains unnamed. Why? What's the point? What's the point of humiliating that person? As Imam Shafi Rahim, Allah to Allah said specifically about this idea of public nasiha.

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You know, people don't pick up a phone anymore. I've got your phone number, I can message you, but I'm gonna make but it's, it's so severe. I need to put this in the WhatsApp group. I need to tweet about you. I need to do this about you like before, even like the courtesy of let me try to correct you privately. So you correct yourself publicly. And the name of what I need to, you know, send a message. And Imam Shafi Rahim, Allah to Allah said, man, what are the AHA who said one for God? No. So who was on who? Woman? What are the who Allah Nitin for called Follow who wahana who? He said, Rahim Allah to Allah, that whoever gives his brother or sister advice in private, has given them

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sincere advice and beautified them, they come out better, they come out stronger.

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And whoever gives them advice in public has humiliated them and betrayed them.

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Now, that nowadays, subhanAllah, that's we don't know how to communicate with one another in private.

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And someone says, Well, you know, this person said this there, I've got to correct them there. Let me ask you a serious question. And because we live in the world of these groups, you respond to that brother, that sister within this group privately and you say hey, listen, I noticed you made a mistake here. I'm just telling you because I love you and I want you to recognize this and that person goes back and corrects themselves. They come out with with a better face with a better image and they know that you're sincere to them,

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because otherwise it could have been on blast.

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We don't put people on blast in the name of sincerity. That's not who we are, especially not with our brothers and sisters. And it comes back to a fundamental understanding of your brother and sister. You wouldn't do that to your sibling. You wouldn't do that to a parent. You wouldn't do that to your family. We're family and maybe that's the problem is that we're forgetting that. And so we humiliate each other like enemies, even when Allah taught us not even to humiliate our enemies.

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It's not to see how and the Prophet slice alum was not one to do that. And then you find all of these books written about the way the prophets lie, some approached people, but the prophets lie. Some gave people advice and proportion in time, where they were at how much they could handle at the moment. And Behati Rahim Allah to Allah has Bab Makana interview, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he had a whole world home with no riba wherein the Prophet sly Salem, would not overdo it with the companions with knowledge and I mean, who, who doesn't want to hear the prophets I send them but the prophets I seldom would not give them more than they could handle why kalian Pharaoh so that they

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don't flee from the religion. He gave them what they could handle. So Allah Azza wa sallam time proportion concepts, where they were at growing them steadily over time. And so yes, something that I need to learn from the Prophets lie Selim. First and foremost is what I believed was true, though the Allahu Anhu says in this chapter that the prophets lie Selim would not lengthen his sermons too long. Why, so that the Sahaba would not become bored of what he was saying. That's the prophets, why some of them? That's what I've been missing out on the law and who's saying that also lost my son and paid attention to that type of a detail. And then when he spoke to you personally,

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and this is where I want you to start paying attention. How do I be more like this? He would never mention a bad quality that he was trying to rectify in you, before mentioning something good about you. He started off with a good Nima Raja Abdullah, what a good blessing young man Abdullah is.

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But pray a little bit of Fiamma live

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nearby Roger starts off with the good before you have to say something to someone to correct them or to bring out something that's not pleasant because they'll see how there's usually a hard conversation. And even sometimes with the best approach, Brahim on Islam spoke to His Father with the best approach. Look how that ended up. Sometimes it doesn't work, but you got to do your part. Start with what the good qualities, the prophet sighs someone always mentioned the good quality, first of a person before he tried to correct what he saw, as soon as I saw them also when it came to his body language. I mean, this was the busiest man on the planet. It his Salatu was Salam. His body

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language was one of care and affection. How many Hadith do we find our fellow Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam OB men keybie. He took my shoulder sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He put his hand on my shoulder. What was it like in that society? To have a soulless Lysa and walk up to you and put his hand on your shoulder? Like, let's talk. What kind of love and affection and care is that from the head of state, from the most important man, the whole the whole community revolves around the morning slot with Simon. He'll put his hand on your shoulder. He'll look you in the eyes. He'll say to you what you need to hear he'll smile at you. So the law how it was set him He'll put you at

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ease. And then he'll give you advice. So we find so many of these narrations where he put it was his habit when he used to talk to his companions. He put his hands on your shoulder SallAllahu wasallam the prophets I said I'm mentioning his affection to his companions. My other bingeable for the Allahu Taala and her saying that before he sent me to Yemen after the bat he he took the hand of moron and he said yeah morons will law he in the little handbook Wallah he in the little book said to him twice oh my god, I swear by Allah I love you. I swear by Allah I love you. How beautiful is that? Right I mean that was the best thing that were added to the law and who could have heard from

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the Prophet slice on Yeah, moron. Allah in the little ebook, I want you to know I love you. I want you to know that I love you for the sake of Allah. All CKR more if I'm giving you advice, and I'll see you Omar F A will a moron letter the NFA nobody could be Salatin Taku Allah Allah and Neolithic Erica, Ashok rica workers near evatik Do not let any prayer pass except that at the end of your prayer, you say Allah Allah any victory will show Creek worsening robotic. Oh Allah helped me to remember you helped me to thank you helped me to worship you. The scholars also say that the prophets I send them if you look at when he mentioned the quality, whether he mentioned a good

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quality or a bad quality the prophets I seldom even when he was doing that. He was not assigning it to you as an inherent weakness or something

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thing that would prohibit you from success. He was either telling you to tone it down, or he was telling you to be aware, but don't be offended. So when he says to a model of the law, I know I'm gonna give you this example of himself. He says that in hajj, the prophets lie Selim said to me, Your Honor, in Nicaragua, and Colleen, Alma, you're a strong man, so I'm not alone and was happy, it's praise.

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But then he told them what he said, Don't you know be easy around the Blackstone, around that hesitant passwords. They have weak people there, they have people that are not as strong as you. And you might be sending them flying right and left just by nature of your strength. So after he told them in Nicaraguan coffee, that you're a strong man. He gave him some advice and Amato, the law and he took the advice to heart of without all the Allahu Taala and the most frequently advised man of the prophets lie some whom we have the narrations of. We read the books of NASA and abyssal iclm. The advices of the prophets lie Selim, the Messiah, the way that the prophets lie, some would give

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those personal advices without all the alarm on her list. So many of these conversations between him and the prophets lies because he was persistent. He said to the profit slice, I'm Jada sulla elsley give me this advice on Messenger of Allah. What do I do if this happens, goes through all the hypotheticals. And the prophets liason was patient with him, giving him advice. But one time the prophets lie some says to a Buddha Yeah, about in Nicobar if he said, listen, oh, Buddha, in the Iraq War, if I see you to have some weakness, we're in knee or hip Boudicca. Now Hubbard enough. See, I'm not saying this to put you down.

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I'm not saying this to put you down. I love for you what I love for myself. This is out of love for you that I'm saying this, you know that I didn't just decided to come here and say to you, oh, Buddha, you're a weak man. No, no, there is a weakness here. What was the weakness? Without it was asking the prophets lie, some to be put in a position of leadership.

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The prophets lie Selim had to tell him, Look, there's something that stops you from leadership, it's not the physical strength, but there is a there is a weakness in terms of how you would approach the position. So he says to without look, I love for you what I love for myself, but he tells him at the end of the day, do not accept a position of an immediate even over to people and do not agree to be the guardian of an orphans property could be his asceticism and all the a lot of time on the way, you know, his his demeanor, his approach, but the Prophet slicin was telling him look, it's not for you. And I'm telling you this because I love for you and I love for myself. I want Jenna for you.

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Like I want Jenna for myself. And so all of the narrations were available, the allow I know it says Allah Sani Shalini sallallahu alayhi wa sallam beekley sign in middle height. My beloved one, the prophets I seldom gave me advices he told me how to reach these positions of good that also met sometimes having that hard conversation. But it wasn't the only time he spoke to us without which is, which is also an important thing. If someone has not heard something encouraging from you forever, and the only time that you come to speak to them is when you want to admonish them, of course, they're going to be offended by it. Of course, they're going to be insulted. Who are you now

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you're showing up? Now you decided to give me I'll see. Right? So the prophets lie some established a relationship with him to where when he said that it was taken in its proper spirits. And there are so many things the scholars mentioned also that when the prophets lie, some would give those types of advices he would he would mention your name to you. And you know, like like, not just in a general sense, but when he's talking to you directly as a means of affection. Yeah, at that seminar, you can find different narrations where he calls you by your full name, as he's talking to you like, look, this is serious, and this is out of my love for you. So we learned this from the messenger

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And we have these narrated advices from one after the other, a companion comes to him and asked him for advice. Poorly colon worklet tell me something that will benefit me but keep it short, not top up, do not become angry, do not become angry, do not become angry. All of these advices now here's what I want to come to

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every one of the specific advices to the prophets lie Selim, or from the Prophets lie some to a companion fits us as well. There isn't a single one of those advices that you can't read and take for yourself as something beneficial.

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But I want you to rehearse in your mind what you would do. If you met the prophets lie some in this world.

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And he was going to give you an advice.

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You know, I want to start from a place of light that it's not some sort of magical equation that we don't really know what would be such

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right on the Day of Judgment. Kita Buck read your own book keftab Enough see Kelly Omar, Erica Hussey but this was not hidden from you. You knew what was coming. You knew what you were supposed to

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to be doing.

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So read your book. Go ahead and read it.

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If you were to meet the Prophet slice alum in this life, and he's going to give you an Aussie ha. What do you think the prophets lie some would say to you?

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What advice would he give to you? What would you rush to change about yourself? Before you meet him? How would you how would your demeanor suddenly change? If he was to walk into your house? What are you going to do to your house at the moment? What are you going to hide away or put away? If the profits lights on was suddenly going to enter into your group?

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What are you going to delete? Or what are you going to stop saying? If the Prophet sighs I'm speaking to you directly? You know, we say we love him it his Salatu was Salam May Allah make that true of all of us that we love him. So Allah Hardy was salam that our greatest hope is that we get to approach him on the day of judgment and not be pushed away, not be turned away from him, it is thoughtless, may Allah allow us all to be brought near to him to be shaded under the Throne of Allah and to drink from the hand of our beloved SallAllahu wasallam and not be turned away? Allah, I mean, we all want that. Sometimes that powerful talk,

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that you could imagine in your own head, what you would change, if he was to talk to you, if he was walking into the method right now, and he took you to the side. And then if he knew you a little bit better, what would he say to you? SallAllahu wasallam. Obviously, it would start with the injunctions from the divine revelation that he was sent with, and then the personal stuff, we know ourselves, and when we can synchronize what he would say to us with what we hope to say to Allah when we stand before him on the day of judgment, because at the end of the day, the prophets I send them was sent not just with a mission and mercy but with consequences for us. The truth has

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then we can start to make those changes in our lives. And so you have an assignment today, that at some point, I want you to sit and think with yourself if Rasulullah saw I said I'm came to my house and sat with me. What do I think he would say to me, and what would I change to make myself more presentable to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for surely the one who sent the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the one who will hold us accountable sees us now May Allah subhana wa autonomy as pleasing in His sight. May Allah forgive us for our shortcomings. May Allah make us true and sincere followers of our beloved messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and join us with

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the prophets and the righteous ones in the highest level of the dose of Allah Allah I mean, a cool look all the other stuff it will accompany starting with some infested fill in a hole for Rahim.

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah while he was happy he woman Allah Allah Allah for me you know what I'm I'm you know, it's one misdemeanor, one Muslim out here even when I'm writing the Casimir I'm Caribbean Woody Wood. There are a lot a lot more fitted in our Hamner wire for Noah to add diviner robbing a villain and furstenau lm tefilin our total Homina then a coup Nana middle class in Alabama in a careful and clean way to Hibbard, alfalfa, llama Julio Idina, Abraham Omar Kamara, bonus era, Robin a habit as well as you know the reality now Kurata you know, journalists Sakina Imam olam on sort of one and Muslim afina FEMA shadow because of the Masada was an advocate

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Vitamina with vitamin waters now it's one and then veniam Saudi meaning about a lot and a lot more with it with Exxon with the Cordova ionic fracture you wouldn't want carry what belly your toe Camilla come to the Quran. fefco La Jolla guru calm wash guru and in their mouth. Is it Lakota Decra Akbar Allahu era matassa