Mohamad Baajour – Six things that Close the DOORS of Success

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The importance of thanking the NEMA and not rushing to "monster" to obtain knowledge is emphasized. The need to avoid confusion and wasting time in a gathering is emphasized. The importance of accuracy in the face of evil is also emphasized, with a mention of " illababab waifs" and " illababallah waifs". Additionally, the segment uses a photo of a man who wants to marry a woman and eventually falls into the trash.
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MLK Ingraham on life one of the greatest scholars

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in his book, it's called alpha it. He said

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Babbitt tofield

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the door of success, the door of tofield

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has been closed

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upon some people because of six things.

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If somebody does not have to fit

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it's one or more of these six things, or one or more of these six things is the reason for there's no success in his life or in her life. He said first

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in Chevelle, Benaroya and Shukria.

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Being busy

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and occupied with the NEMA with the blessing itself, then being busy with being grateful to the NEMA

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clear, being busy with an ATM itself. Let's take an example. Money namah right? Wealth is a blessing, I am being or I am occupied with the wealth

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more than I am occupied of thanking Allah for that wealth.

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More than I am occupied, how can I spend that 12

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to please Allah subhanho wa taala.

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I'm occupied with my children, the Annamma I'm guaranteeing the future

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by the you know, putting them in the school and putting on that and I am neglecting the way to thank Allah for that they're not by teaching them their Deen by teaching them the Araby by bringing them with me to the masjid

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and so on.

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How can we be grateful to the NEMA

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we be grateful to the Netherlands, with three things

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with the heart, with the tongue and with the actions if you want to be grateful to any blessing, these are the three ways to be grateful with the heart by admitting and confirming and believing that this NEMA is from Allah. This success that I have this PhD this doctorate This is engineering degree this house that I have all this is from Allah, not because I'm shrewd businessman. I'm a smart guy. I went to school my father is rich. No, no, no. I have to admit that this NEMA is from Allah azza wa jal. I was able to attend federal today not because I have a car oh my alarm went off. No, because Allah wants me to come to attend Fisher This is an atma

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I have to admit that this guidance that I believe in Allah that I am in Moorhead, this is from Allah azza wa jal, he chose me from all these minions to guide me, this is from Allah, this is how I thank the namah Buddha the heart with the tongue obviously, by constantly Alhamdulillah you know, thanking Allah azza wa jal by mentioning the NAMA by showing the NEMA and third, which is very important

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not to use the NEMA with What does not please the moon am

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not to use the blessing was something that is not pleasing to the one who blessed you with it.

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This is one of the ways to thank them to use the neshamah in the service of Allah azza wa jal ALLAH blessed me with these eyes many people are deprived from vision I use this Nerima for the service of Allah I do not use it to disobey Allah by watching haram and looking at haram

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So number one, he said being busy with the Nerima then being grateful about to the NEMA second

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he said

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acquiring hola film

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without Tamil

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acquiring a lot of knowledge without acting upon it.

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gurus, hackers, seminars, lectures, cut buzz conferences everywhere. Show me

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put it to action.

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And did you notice now how was the conference brother? Masha Allah the bizarre, amazing Yaffe such a beautiful bizarre, everybody. Lila

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hamdulillah was not as good, but this is what you went for

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this you are preparing and putting all the effort so you can benefit and they're giving us all this information and this knowledge.

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We get a lot of knowledge we memorize the Quran, we don't put it into action. We memorize it. Memorize this hadith we memorize the DUA, we do not put it into action. We are so involved in acquiring the knowledge but there's no iman

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there's no Hamill that's the second 1/3

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and Musa in them

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rushing to commit a sin and delaying the repentance.

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We are in generally are one people who sin

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and we fall into sin.

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And the believer is the one who rushes to repent after they commit a sin. We all commit sins yeah one. Do not let the sin stop you from coming to Allah azza wa jal, we are all sinners.

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But the trick is to rush to repent, Brother, why you only pleasure MA in sha Allah, Ramadan I'm going to start praying on time all praying all five Salawa he is leading the Salah, the five daily salah is a major sin

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and delaying the repentance of Ramadan Yahoo guaranteed you're going to live to Ramadan.

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When I get married when I graduate when I have children always delaying the Tober delaying the repentance. And we have mentioned last week that

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we buried three people three years old, 14 years old and 25 years old in one week. So it's not about you being young, the repentance and Wallahi a Toba, one of the greatest blessings that Allah gave us is the blessing of that there is something called tilba Can you imagine? Can you imagine? There's no Tober you send your done colors. Can you imagine that? The Toba is only in Makkah. If I have to repent, Allah Shabaab, what are you going well, I'm going to Mecca to repent only in Mecca, or the Toba is only at 3am

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What if I died before that Subhan Allah the Toba is all the time the door is open until the soul gets up to here.

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So rushing to commit sins and delaying the Tober fourth

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being proud you are friends with the righteous and not imitating them

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you know, checks on so get his number

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picture with him. I know him very like this. I'm going to call him I can call him now.

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show me look at the show he's mashallah is amazing, great brother. Why don't you imitate him?

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I've been to his house, he's been to my house.

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Hamdulillah, great. Imitate that chair. imitate those righteous brothers that ALLAH blessed you with.

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You saw that the brother is treating his his wife with respect and with honor. Go ahead, imitate him in that

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rushing running after dunya

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and dunya running away from us.

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This This one is very common and prevalent.

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So involved in dunya matters. Knowing for a fact

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that the dunya is running away from us know the story. A man a young man came to his father. He said, Baba, I want to marry this girl so that the father was happy. So let's go. So when the father saw the girl, he said, No, no, no, this is not good for you. It's good for people better than you. I'm gonna marry her.

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So they start fighting this. Let's go to the police. They went to the police what's going on? He said, they told them what's happening. So let's see the girl. The police said no, no, this is for me.

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It's such a beautiful girl. It's amazing. No, the police fight. They went to the mayor. The mayor said this girl is for me long story short, the girl said you know what? Stop fighting. I'm gonna run. And whoever catches me he will get me. So she started running and everybody's running. And then while they're running, they get exhausted and they fell and they all perished.

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They all exhausted done. She stood up and said I am the dunya

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and you're all running after him. You're not gonna catch me. Who do you know? That is who told you that?

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I'm done.

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I am done. I got it all I am satisfied.

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Have you ever met somebody? Rasool Allah Subhan, Allah alayhi wa sallam told us, the son of Adam, if he has a valley of gold, what happened?

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He will wish for another,

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and others the continuation of the Hadith. He said that in salatu salam, and nothing fills the mouth, or the soul of a human being Allah except a to rub

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any dirt on his in the grave. This is the only time he's satisfied because he cannot. But otherwise, he continued running after the dunya and the last one is

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the accuracy is running to us and we are running away from it.

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And sometimes

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when you're in a gathering, and you mentioned death

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Yeah, when we pray Janessa Jaquan remember Allah when look at the cover, one.

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Leave us alone. Yeah.

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Every time we see you every time we sit down, you mentioned death.

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Your Beloved, and our beloved alayhi salatu salam, what did he say?

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mentioned death a lot.

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mentioned that a lot. As a matter of fact, isn't too this is sort of what I want to finish quickly.

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Allah Subhana Allah said

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about a certain group of people.

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We're either looking at Allahu Schmit as global Levine Allah, you may know Neville here. We're either look here or Levine I mean Dooney either home. Step Sharon.

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Allah said there are group of people when you mentioned Allah. Allah Allah, Allah Rasool. Yeah, Gemma I pray Yeah. Shma as set there they are disgusted Schmerzen Arabi disgusted look at this word allah use Schmidt as the hearts of the people who do not believe in the akhira

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the hearts of the people who say that this is our our agenda. This is our dunya This is it.

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They get disgusted.

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Why they're looking at Latina men doing it. Let's discuss cards, Bitcoin stocks. Real estate is our home. Yeah, step Sharon.

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This is the topic we want to discuss your steps, you know, Bushra, they're very happy. They're very excited.

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Allah mentioned that.

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we don't want the door of Tofik to be closed there one. So we want to stay away from all these things we want to be from the people who are constantly thanking Allah for their blessing. We want to be from the people who learn and apply

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when we ask Allah

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to give us an ask him act with your Allah make me from the Alameen Allah, Hamelin lamb before me and then mean before lamb make me from the people who know and apply when we want to be in the company of the righteous. Let's try to imitate them.

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Let's try to imitate them. And yeah, one similarly.

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Take from the dunya what you need

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concentrate on the

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what's happening. Yeah, one. This is a statement that I repeated many times. And I love to repeat it because it's so true.

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We are so busy with what is guaranteed and we are neglecting what's not guaranteed.

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We are so busy with the risk with the sustenance which Allah has guaranteed 100% All you have to do is make that effort and the Jannah which is not guaranteed.

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We are not doing as much May Allah make us from the people of the accuracy. May Allah protect us from any evil. May Allah make our last deeds our best deeds and our last words

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illallah wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali he was five years remain Subhana Allah, masha Allah Allah, Allah and a structural cabinet to Willick

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