Fearing the Jinn

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of following proper procedures in medicine, including following a doctor's practice and following rules. They also mention a male doctor who used to practice medicine and encourage people to follow the rules. The use of big names in English is discussed, along with the use of Phone language in media and the misuse of words like "force" in media. The speakers suggest that people should not be discouraged by their appearance and change their life to elevate their chances of success.
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laid off my Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah, Muhammad wa he was how you know in Ahmedabad.

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So, in tarsier session in when I explained about the highwood Billa dimension what power schatten has got a what he does not have

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to some brothers and sisters also have question about the position of the doctor This is not right place for me to explain that I have done a free one day courses you know more than once about all the questions that you have got people on medication is not very good for me to keep repeating the same thing all the time to when I taught the whole day, every argument was there questions were there I answered the questions properly. You know, in this life one thing understood really Allah made the world in a way he taught you what is the right procedure? If you follow the procedure, things will be done to when you're hungry, the way you find a food, that simple thing if you're

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hungry or you find a genie, nothing will happen. You think Oh, god, I'm hungry to basically waste your time when you fall ill what the right procedure go to a doctor, the professor lots of money to fall ill tell me what you did. Did you go to a gym? No, he took a human doctors. You know auronzo Berra said, I said to my mice, my highlighter, or my highlighter, if you know how to use an Oran, I can imagine because your wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, if you know our genealogy, or you know how to interpret the rim that I can just understand because you our daughter, who Cassidy who was expert of interpreting the dream, but how do you know about medicine so much? She said the

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reason is because when the professor used to fall ill, then Arab doctors used to come from everywhere, and prescribe for him, you know, treatment. And I used to learn that I make it for him. To that I learned see the professor many force he you know, he goes to a doctor, he learns from them that way ugly people have written the books, they would never be in the prophetic medicine, so many advice from him, or where they learn to fall into the Father. For example, if you are walking in the street, you don't know the road. The why not to ask a gene drive I asked people in follow my part of the procedure in every single thing in this world. If you want to study the ways not to go to a gym

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and tell him McNally the ways to go to school to study proper alas waterland med procedure properly follow the procedures and these procedures are followed by everybody. When the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina, did he go to a gym? No, he followed the procedure. He knows how to how to go to Medina, he followed a procedure that always keep happening i didn't i didn't had any particularly you know, in the time you had a lot of very nicely that the gym basically when the gender form, what they become, is kopien is the neck however seen any by any time agent become lion just did or not so important that they become like a lion. They only come back I spoke with a scorpion where they live

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in a time yes that they live in the dirty place. They don't live you know, in the pureplus they are not so empowered. I don't understand why Muslims are so discouraging

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to this property. Secondly, if you want to know more detail, I've taught the course I look at that. Second thing sometimes people use big name so and so I said, you know where Quran, who is bigger than Allah Tell me really to subtly know that he might be with a mere 101 or this girl I really love him. No doubt I love him ask Allah so forgive him. I really, I learned from him more than I learned maybe than anybody else. So he's a loving, but it's still he's not a prophet. He not a messenger. To him with him. Yeah, he's the one who is more known to cure from the jinn and the Puget Sound and this and that. Not people say he is to take out the genie from the people. And we could see it.

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Yeah, he certainly could have taken out something for other people but not a genie. You don't see Genie, you said something. You saw something coming? Do you think it is in the event of time? Yeah, no, he's not either prime messenger he can watch the mistakes. And you know, he has taught us to ask argument we asked him argument where is the argument very relevant? Is it with them? Yeah. Are within the system the people bring them in? to imitate not argument. Actually, in this matter, the Best Writing I found actually very nice about it, or the problem. And it's so clear. So if you want to read you know, many of his books, and I've given out the reference that anyway, I don't want to

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make the session for the gym. But certainly I know really, this thing has created so much problem the world you cannot imagine all the cases that I know it is made up fabricated. Just basically you know it mostly by the women why weak people and people who are loved it, they never come to their people just make milk of you. Why bother putting in England or whatever the I find this case happening in East London. Tell me why Jean will Mr. interislander Why did nagini Oxford in Oxford, they're also Muslims. Why Jews are only in East London. They think properly. It means basically people people who have this idea that they create the dogs in Oxford, also one of my friend, you

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know his son in law, they left the house. This occurred he said that because he noted the gene and this and that he said to me, he said to me you should have come to me really I

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Don't bring the audience here just to see why you left the house. He said no, no, there is religion and descender I say, Okay, come with me. I remember when I went to house, he said, Oh no, you interfaced. Like

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so scared. I cannot imagine really nice. Okay, I'm coming. Follow me. Nothing is there I said nothing is there? Don't you know if I have to sleep in that house? I have no worry anyway, no fear at all. If you make any mosque, any place, which is the place or the gym or gym, I know that they're not going to harm anything. Nothing will happen. You know, they do what I say anywhere. I tell him he really in the time Yeah, kind of bergeon isn't it stupid to remember that to be burned? He will run away. You don't say one thing per week, many, many rocky claim that they abandon, do the thing. They're generally stupid. If you come to borrow someone, if you had any time to escape, even if

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they're purchasing anybody, or you commit to burn is going to stay there. But it is stupid. He will. Why is going to be there. unnecessary. People unnecessarily believe really unnecessary problem. You know, everybody wants to save their life. Why God will remain that to be one Tell me Is it possible? He will never, he never got to be there. But people believe in all those which are impossible never happens. You know, believe in Allah subhanaw taala and this book actually came to make la casa de la commodified like eyeshadow Khadija, this book you use for target you know this this part of the book is you know this book to guide you to change your life to make you elevate you to make a list of the

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mankind you know to make you people like you know who can be in the front. Now this book is making you in the back just used to just Far Far, far, far far distance. This is the current iraq iraq have to change your life now in the Quran when people die. There are people do this restrict the book properly buka you know, why less? Likely, if it did Tavi, there are learning that need to reveal in human language. Tavis could be any language actually many people right there right I have seen Hebrew language many of them they use the words of Hebrew language and I remember once I was in Syria with my father Father Katana you know the brother You got

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to I will check with Father catani reading with images or with me also well one important shakeups of Syria

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a lady came to father Katana asked him to write Tavis

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socialcast edition okay you write he wrote you know what he wrote? He wrote into with the names of the people of the cave

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shakers he says that under the names were in in basically in in Syria language something not not all the language there are two main names that go to protect you how these names are going to protect you if you have some kind of protest and then you have some messenger be more productive then write down the proper names of the people of the cave and some people even write the name of the dog of the pillow cave that the dog is you know his god he must help us you know if Muslim you think really you are Why'd you bring a lot of people who bring a lot they believe in this particularly from the history of people have given you have no idea no knowledge other than their names is totally so

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nice. So amazing detail about the guidance how to be believer in in in no fit at an Armani Vera beam was inom Hooda. He the theory people like maestra Jenga people for a belief for him that his stories don't learn anything other than those names, which nobody knows whether true or not, and they're using

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their life does not matter to you the very best for the summary that you know, this book comes to you and you don't know how to how to use it. It's a wonderful attribute. You know, heavy Quran, Allah subhanaw taala or no Quran Quran Allah says, Allah and if Quran has been revealed to mount this mount is up in pieces. Now Khurana gives on you, right.

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It's very, very, very bad man really to anyway enough, but I certainly this problem is so deep in Western society, we cannot imagine the simple thing. You know, if released, you want to learn more I have taught the course. But read the Quran. Quran is teaching you the problem is not a position. Problem. It is a misspelling of the gene. I agree. I think Gina can also whisper to you this thing as well believe that I have more power to you. I promise you that then you believe in him. This also from Satan. He wants you instead of you know believing that he respects you believe that he just he was more happy. If you met somebody he know said you have so much power he did not have he become

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more happy to shatter become more happy that all Muslims they make give me so much power.