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Rahim al hamdu lillahi wa

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Dr. Medina

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Hello fellow modela woman, Lil fella de la

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ilaha illa la de la sharika will shadow Muhammad Abdul rasuluh

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I'm about to find out local DC kita Billa hiral who the Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said to her, a condom desert invader akula bidet in Bala lot in Baku, la la la la Tintin

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of the praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending humans greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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who came with the teachings of all of the Gambia,

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whereby three elements is where all of the profits that they came with.

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They came with a HELOC. Find character and behavior, which is unanimous amongst the prophets of Allah Subhana Allah.

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The second thing that we find that they came with these

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rules and regulations,

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slightly slight variances in what their rules and regulations may be. But they all came with regulations to be followed upon this earth.

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And more importantly Before that, we find the first teaching at every single Prophet came with his early motto, heed the knowledge of the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah is unmentioned, that sort of natural law Coronavirus, nephew Coolio Mata Rasulullah, near Buddha law, which

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indeed we did send amongst every single nation and messenger

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calling and telling his people to worship only Allah subhanaw taala and stay away from above hood, whatever is worship besides Allah subhanho wa Taala so that should be a life of the believer, the Muslim

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of returning back to calling only upon Allah Subhana Allah. The most important knowledge for the believer upon this earth is a belief regarding Allah Subhana Allah

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as the final Quran mentioned, shahidullah Nola Illa Illa who Waldman aka what will element or immemorial okay still in the in the hula Aziz will Hakeem the beginning of surah Allah Miranda we find a lost parent that makes a testimony. Nun has the right to be worshipped except for him Subhana Allah, and likewise the angels and then people, men and women have knowledge of understanding. We have that understanding that only a lost pound to Allah should be worshipped. Thus we find that as many people begin to talk about various topics and various themes. The essence of the believer is to go back to belief that is the beginning and the end of the believer. And unfortunately for some of

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us, our life has become and it should be highlighted because some of us have only become tarnished with certain tertiary elements. Rafi raffia, dainty sala de hecho es backfit Tisha who attacked me unhelpfully Imam, saying I mean behind the Imam, raising one's hands inside the Salah, moving one's finger inside the prayer of what the Rio de nada sada plays placing one's hands on the chest, etc. All of these are beautiful and good things. Based upon the Hadith in the steel, remember harissa lucam or at moonee. Valley, praise you see me praying.

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Well, I can either wahala for sadhana person goes against the sadhana doesn't practice this

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for help Salatu Sahaba is a person's prayer say according to Sharia? Is it mokopuna in the light Subhana Allah? Yes, it is. None of the folk have concluded person it is in place to handle the chest, or doesn't say mean or doesn't raise their hands is their prayer invalidated. None of the folk God made that statement. That is an extreme element amongst some of our people inside our community, who begin to highlight and say a person who doesn't offer and pray in this manner for Salatu bartylla. That person's prayer is invalidated is no one minute jihad. This is an element of ignorance, existing any amongst us none of the art ever concluded that and some of us that only

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becomes a symbol of that way that we begin to call towards these points. The dark, the dark, sooner is the

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dharwad of towhead that is the symbol that we should be returning people back to. And then the secondary and tertiary issues have become easy for people to develop, and to focus upon their lives. But as for many of us, that becomes a main theme. As you can see amongst our community, people are growing up. Don't make the distinction between tauheed and shed that people element of tawakkol reliance upon a loss panda has been weakening. In our community Still, we find to this day in a modern day world, people come into graves to shrines to sila hain, to relying upon threads and etc, that we find these old dangerous elements which are corroding and taking away the essence of the

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Orthodox views towards Allah Subhana Allah so that's when people talk about so many different elements. We need to return people back to the foundation even people talk about high elements will surely have a loss panda Allah many people is even the passion don't know hardly anything of the Sharia of Allah Subhana Allah asked me to go back to the basics what I can call Nora Danny in the moon and kita Baba quantum tetra Sol become Rabbani become good teachers, teaching people the most beneficial things inside their life. That's why Maria, bass, rhodiola and Houma that which we attribute to even our best What does it mean to be Rabbani in teaching the people the smaller

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knowledge before the greater knowledge, the knowledge that concerns them on a daily basis in their lives? That's what a Muslim should be teaching the people in the community around them, taking them away from the comfort from the disbelief towards him and towards a new word of Allah subhanaw taala that you find throughout the Quran the Quran is always focusing upon every single ayah or every other ayah in some form or some pattern is reminding the believing believer about Allah Subhan Allah Allah, so many different derivatives of Quran locanto Yaki luta Samui Tarun yes cohoon tala mu Nicola could ponder, reflect, understand comprehend it they can have the intellect yet has a Tarun

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reflected regarding this all these are yet inside the Quran. For what purpose to remind the individual of submitting towards Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah lays out a year till konia Allah Subhana Allah lays out certain signs in the heavens in the earth, to make the individual to submit to Allah Subhana Allah, for example, to the end of surah Allah Miranda we find in a few helpers summer work, he will walk he left the lady under her

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bed and Latina those individuals who see the Ayat of Allah Subhana Allah, fealty summer work you will see the creation of Heavens and the Earth, the alternation night and the day as science for men of understanding and levena yet Karuna la kiya Mama Coronavirus Allah genovia Coronavirus, sama, Roberta nema calaca heard about Allah subhana wa Sakina Adana, the believers those individuals see the alternation night and the day. They remember last time they are standing, bowing frustrating and they say Rob Banda mahalo aka bartylla alodia no created without any purpose there must be a purpose of the creation of the heavens and the earth. And that purpose is to submit to last panda Anna.

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Likewise, the Quran mentioned sunnery him, Tina Phil FLP Wolfie unfussy him had to buy a home and Nicole Hawk will show them as signs all around the heavens and the earth and within their own selves, that they begin to recognize and submit to Allah Subhana Allah. The Quran even mentions Wolfie unfussy comm F. Toba zero, even a structure of your own human body they are assigned for you to submit to Allah Subhana Allah. So here we're trying to highlight that everything around us pushes the individual to recognize a loss to Allah and to obey and to submit to Allah spandana So that's this becomes the highest level of knowledge. The person who recognizes that loss bandanna and then

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begins to do what begins to submit begins to obey one more HELOC to general insert allele abodo. I do not create the gene and the human being except for to worship me. In other words, citations have been best attributed to him be Manali you why he do to only serve Allah Subhana Allah that is the the essence and the foundation of the human being. That is what we need to revive inside our lives and to stay away from the opposite. The opposite of tawheed the belief in the last panda Allah is we find the element of shirk is tainting a belief and having a corrupt belief. Thus, the Quran mentions who the end of surah use of women are you moonwalk thrown belay in our home machinery code. Most

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people believe in Allah and Allah but they they creed, the belief is tainted with sheep. They are emotionally cool. Now, here's a side point we should be very vigilant because some of us would like to quote this verse. And obviously other people begin to think that we're calling the machete call a burden. That's the first lesson we should stop upon to call another Muslim a missionary.

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Is something 13 is something very heavy it's like saying to another Muslim enter care for your disbeliever So we call this ayah our intent is not to say so and so Muslim is a Muslim

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akuna ama Lucia kiya, maybe that person's action is action of ship. as Amy Tamia mentions Rahmatullah alley, the person does an action of gopher for cumali and no who cares here? Doesn't does an action of gopher don't say that person is now a careful a disbeliever that's why some of us we get it wrong we see a person doing actually should we say for one

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person is actually COVID ha ha ha cafe la vida never your lives. Never do that in your life not for that it's not for the general masses to take certain ideas and certain principles I didn't say this person is a mistake. This person is a cafe this person is like that look

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cool Muslim or Muslim haram de muumuu wherever every Muslim is sanctified is to be respected their blood, their property, and they honor the dignity is not for us for the the general people to go around and say this person had done this he's a disbeliever he's a Muslim.

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But the person action could be action of

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the person action could be action of gopher that's it as to go a step beyond that and to be flamboyant and open and say these people emotionally cool. These people like this is not for us to do so in the forum record is either up or under most people believe in a lot panda but they believe is tainted, which it is corruption is a strong warning towards these individuals that should happen to be Muslims to begin to reconcile to begin to think about their life, about the type of actions that they are doing. And as we know that shift is the greatest sin there's many sins which have been described inside the Quran inside the Hadith that we find that's what my mother had been his famous

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book al Qaeda book talks about the major sins whereby collect some at 90 different sins and he begins to mentioned dissect What are the signs or symbols or what is classified as mineral Kava from amongst the major sins is that whereby last 100 mentioned other mentioned punishment, chastisement, torture, dying into Johanna being punished like this. Are they supposed to be punishment? How do developers panda establish upon this earth? That is how a person recognizes what is that a major sin? So if I'm in a combat here are amongst the major sins that we find is an issue could be laser bandana, is to commit shift with Alex panda Anna, is amongst the major scenes in ahaadeeth define

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each tangible sub movie called stay away from the seven abominable destructive sins, the sins that destroy the individual. Amongst them, we find a woman is a ship with a sub 100 Anna, this is the thing that destroys everything of the individual had the Quran mentioned, even more than the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim law in Ashoka used to commit ship and this is Mr. Hale, the messenger and none of the messages will ever come and shake with love and Allah. But if used to commit ship like

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that we will cut off your actions, that even your action, your rasulillah will become null and void. It's a severe warning. That's how dangerous it is. It wipes away all of the action of the individual. Likewise, I sort of found that we find what caused them harm. Illumina emmalin for Jana, who habermann fura we bring the action of these individuals, these disbelieving individuals mountains of goodies that they do, but we make it into what herbarium and Flora like scattered dust ashes. The actions have no value at all. Why? Because their actions are covered with shirk, disbelief and comfort towards Allah Subhana Allah. So we find that ship is a dangerous sin. That's

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why lokman la Salam he won't he sunny Abuja LA to shipbuilder in shelter la vamos Alvin Lockman said to his son advising his son, you find a legacy surah Lockman. The 31st chapter Curatola actions he tells his son to stay away from

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him right at the beginning. He gives us more under the strong admonition to his son. He says familia buena oma beloved Santa to Shrek Bella in a shortcut no full moon of him. The greatest oppression you can ever commit is to associate partners with a Lost Planet Allah that's how you find me on your own is what are shaky Heidi McCann he from the meaning of role is to play something in other than its right place does the opposite is an hikmah wisdom is to play something what the rochet fi mechanically, wisdom is to play something in the right place. rule is to play something in an incorrect place. So a bed that belongs to Allah and Allah. You give it to other laws and this

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becomes a becomes oppression. And that's the greatest oppression a person commits upon oneself is to commit shift will last. As I mentioned alladhina Lambiel Eman ob volman hula calomel Amman una de como de doing those individuals who never ever

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commit any volume upon their own selves. Those are the successful individuals, those in a state of tranquility and peace. So some of the companions, they pose the question that who amongst us does a committed volume because, as we all know, carries the meaning of oppression, of singing of mercy or disobedience. So the companion said that all of us,

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we all oppress we all sin, we make mistakes. So what is the meaning of this ayah those who don't commit any form of volume, so the Prophet Muhammad Ali salatu salam he described if a single ayah he explained the ayah the meaning of jihad in the manner is in the shika labu Navin, the greatest rule of passion is to commit ship with Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise, another Hadith way fine. Alicia could be laced with hand and the greatest sin is shipped with a lot of Allah and Allah Lillahi nidan wha hoo holla Kaka to make a need a shriek a partner with a lot panda Allah and he is the one that created you.

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And as always, we're going to mention all different forms of calling upon the last round I was still exist, unfortunately inside our society, inside the Quran, you find two identical verses inside the Quran. in Sarasota Nyssa the ending is slightly different. In the La La sharika B waiuku Medina, Danica de Manisha Allah and Allah forgive every single sin every single sin will be forgiven by law and Allah except for shared that's how dangerous it is. So a person for argument's sake may commit Hara may steal may cheat may like Zener drink alcohol, take drugs, whatever it may be. Yeah, if I know massiah knows this is a sin.

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But a person doesn't associate any part of those panduranga there's more chances of this individual doesn't mean this person is definitely going to be forgiven it goes to paradise for some of us we think I've got the right though he'd so if I commit disbelief. I do something wrong, I won't be punished law a burden. That's another warning to some of us mostly reefing because I've got the right creed, I won't be punished.

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Who said that? There is no proof of that. The right creed only means is more chances of the person being forgiven. There's more chances of the person entering into paradise. But if a person has committed sins and vices on that journey, there is no guarantee that you will be punished. You are the woman you shall we are thoroughly Manisha Allah and Allah punishes whomever he wants, and he forgives whomever he wants to partner with Allah, that he should not allow it to simmer inside the heavens that will be Subhana Allah. So some of us become too reliant. We think because I have the right creed, I have the right belief, then somehow, I don't need to pay attention to how I conduct

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and how I carry out my life or what I need to do inside my life. That's another extreme element among some of us. That person should be worried that yes, I may have discovered the right creeds and right belief. Now am I making that effort? Am I exerting myself and trying my best to become amongst those individuals, because the whole journey is to find the swiftest and the quickest path and the quickest entry into paradise. That's what the journey of the Muslim is. So even we begin to discuss about people who deviate, who go away from the path who've gone astray, or we don't agree with them. Our intent isn't as some of us we think, to have a bow at them. Our intent isn't to belittle them.

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Our intent is not to be derogatory towards them, and 10 is not to question them. Our intent is to help ourselves and then to find what the path to paradise one, the sorority must document for tiberiu This is the one path of Allah and Allah follow that path, do not follow the other paths. The other paths, those are the positive take you astray. There Luca masakan de la la come to taco. This is the advice the legacy has been given to this Muslim Ummah, there may be compiled integrated with the two series I find the Hadith of the Libyan Masood, radi Allahu anhu, that you find that the Prophet Mohammed Salah salami drew a long line in the sand.

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He said, this is the long path to paradise. These are the paths that you find on the side of the right and the left, at the end of each of these paths is nothing but the shape on the devil is waiting there. The path to gender is a long path. It's a long journey. There is no real shortcut to Paradise is a long struggle and devotion and commitment to get to the end path. So we're trying to find that long path. But it can be made quick and made Swift. If we encourage one another, to find that path, to discover that path and to work upon that path. And that's what our attempt becomes the people that we love the people that are close to us, the people in our community, we're trying to

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bring them closer to that path, that together we rejoice in this dunya and more so to get inside of here after that we return back to be inside the path of Allah Subhana Allah and as you find inside sootel Hajj as well. In nobleman below before I find whoever commits shift the last time that Allah is as if that ended

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Amina sama photographer who

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will be re mcaninch here in South Sudan has a 22nd chapter on that we find the person can shake her last panda Anna is as that person and Emma her Romina summer is as the person is fooling from the heavens falling from the sky, or the birds snatches him or the wind takes him way too far away place. What is the meaning of this ayah what is interpretation that is is trying to highlight as early miltefosine I mentioned, I should let you Kirby buka Illa, Allah Subhana Allah schilke will never bring you closer to Allah Subhana Allah schicke gets you away from Allah Subhana Allah, as you're fooling from the heavens, and a bird snatches you or the wind blows you away FEMA can in

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sahale to a faraway place. So she doesn't bring you close to last time that Allah Khurana documents, those people who mentioned boom in Korea buena in the lovely Zulu, we only worship these deities. We only worship these intermediaries to get close to Allah Subhana Allah

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you know, that's exactly the same response to some Muslims give today. We only use these individuals to come close to Allah Subhana Allah. The Quran mentions inside the beginning sort of the era of iturbi rumor own Xie de la comida become wala Tabby, Roman mundo de la colina metadata role assist interviewer Anjali Kumar have become follow that which has been sent down by lots of hamdallah and don't follow other than Allah, the only year

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these people were there righteous people, pious people, good people, whatever maybe don't follow when it be even your own mmm your own membership, whoever it may be. If it goes against the Quran and Sunnah. There is no obedience or Leela method the Quran, literally it is that you ponder and you reflect so Islam is telling us to follow the right path, the straight path directly, even it warns that even to take the message as intermediaries not allowed

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to say that you take him as an intermediary get close to lunchtime data is not allowed in the shadow of Allah subhanaw taala and as you find the greatest Ayah inside the Quran, after a Colorado madonia study bloco were lost undermentioned call upon me and I will respond to your applications. The greatest ions are the Quran is in Saudi Arabia, which talks about the fact of Ramadan. So verse 180 384, sort of Baccarat if you can read that long page and flip over the page, you find the most powerful Ayah inside the Quran.

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In that fifth of Ramadan talks about the fickle young persons fasting persons traveling and shadow Ramadan in the field or on the Quran is the month of Ramadan is the month of the Quran. In an ayah till eventually come to which I was either solitary body underneath in new curry or the Buddha Derrida Darren fell yesterday believer you know your shadow and the seven asks about me fat in the korede

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look at the response of the Quran. The Quran says in the Quran, I am close by. The Quran does not say if you're good Muslim, you're bad Muslim, you're sinful Muslim, you're this type of Muslim. The Quran says if you call it a seven asks about me about Allah Subhana Allah for Indian curry I'm close by. And you study Mahajan, Quran if you study the science and the methodology the Quran, you find whenever someone poses a question inside the Quran, yes. aluna Daniel Humphrey well, may they ask you about gambling and alcohol? Yes, Luna and Alma Hale. They asked you about the menstrual cycle. Yes. aluna Angela Hill, they asked you about the crescent? Yes, Luna and they asked you about the

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soul. So many different questions are asked inside the Quran. If you go and look at these questions, and then you look at the answers. The answers are given. In the Arabic language you fill in the imperative verb cool. Say? So yes. aluna Daniel Humphrey well, Mason Kulfi Hema Eastman st the answer about alcohol and gambling is inside them. These two since there is a SM there's a sin. And there's some benefit. What if my email, but the harm is more dangerous than their benefit? Yes. aluna can invade. They ask you about the woman's menstrual cycle pool who said his home inside that for the woman? they asked you about? Yes. aluna and then they asked you about the Christian

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Crescent, Kalia mockito, a nurse, the moving of the crescent, the shape of the crescent is Morocco, a nurse, the most simple hedge for hedge and the other moms and Salawat and the praise etc. They ask you about the soul, say the knowledge belongs with only a loss Panda and that's totally up to you and care for you.

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I had good luck. That's me man you have that you you're a Sula colome say to them, give this response to them. This is the one place inside the Quran. The one place inside the Quran where the question is posed where either Celica a birdie underneath the seven asks about me the Quran he doesn't say for all in the array. It isn't, say you say or messenger to the people that I'm close by? It doesn't say that. Have you ever thought about that? Why doesn't it say that is plausible to say that because people may come along and say, but look, the messenger is saying, I am close by. So Allah, Allah eliminates that. And as you find the Sharia, anything that leads to shift, anything

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that leads to disobedience is removed.

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There are no wasa and there's no, there's no space that is given to a person to think well, maybe we allow this, the Sherry straight away clamps upon it. So when the Sherry was being sent down, you find that visiting the graves was forbidden.

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When the Sherry was being sent down visit the grace was forbidden when the Sharia was complete was the end of the life of the Prophet Muhammad. He then allowed people to go and visit the graves, he reminds you about death, but in between if you go and study it, indeed, I forbade you from business integrated, so what purpose? God read the purpose, the intent, because some people may begin to do what begin to worship the graves.

00:26:31--> 00:26:47

That's what you find that some are never mentioned, even when you go to the graves, that you should be wary not to raise your hands at times. Because somebody may think what some jovial person may think you are making your art not for the dead you're making to the dead.

00:26:48--> 00:27:31

Look how accurate it is, we may not pay too much attention to it because some ignorant individual may think I saw him standing there raising his hands. So I think now it's allowed for me to pray who to the dead. So the Sharia stops all of this. It prevents all it is anything that leads to confer and shift needs to be prevented. So when people say that, oh, they stopped the graves that prevent people from coming from the graves, the Why shouldn't we stop people from coming to the graves. We're not against the soil in righteous people, their legacy remains behind. The legacy of the actions remain behind we follow the actions, picking up the crumbs and the stones and the rocks and

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putting them inside our pockets and thinking is a form of tabarrok a blessing that we find? What did the Prophet Muhammad Some say to ollie towards the end of his life? He said to Ali any grave you find more than a hand span.

00:27:45--> 00:27:48

Any grade more than hand span? What should you do? You should demolish it.

00:27:50--> 00:27:55

Our grades are how high at the moment, isn't it? How high are they at the moment?

00:27:56--> 00:28:04

He advised our lead any grave you find beyond that level. desecrated, destroyed, dismantle it, take it away.

00:28:05--> 00:28:08

Who's going against the teachings of the son Not today?

00:28:09--> 00:28:45

Who's going against the teachings? The final word he advises that destroy grades that go beyond that limit. That's it simple life. Simple Muslim is so simple, a simple individual that said today that we find shrines and whatever it may be, and people say well, this is not really shaped. This is just a way of remembering them and a way of showing love and respect towards them love and respect is shown via obedience. That's why the airport he wrote the lines of poetry loca and a humbucker saw the conductor boo in my belly, man, you're a booty arrow. If your love was truthful, lovers obey the one that they love.

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You love the messenger, you obey Him, calling contempt a boon aloha for beer Rooney. You claim to love a la spandana make it better soon follow the Prophet Mohammed Salim. So he gave us these teachings. Either he did not give us the teachings we did get the teachings amongst his final words or avoid this. Stay away from this, don't do this action. He warned his people and he prayed to Allah Subhana Allah Oh Allah Don't let my grave become a point of read.

00:29:16--> 00:29:33

Where people because it'd be mean money have read his ad the euro dollar comes again against each other, it comes again and again. So don't let me let my grave become a place of read and a place of worship. So last panda Allah has protected his grave

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as protected his grave. And as you find the Quran mentions certain matters. Well, yeah. So

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our message to convey to the people of the message has been given to you. If you do not convey the message, then you're not fulfill that trust. Then you know, this is a conclusion a very strange way because obviously sometimes we don't reflect too much deep into the Quran. The Ayah concludes by mentioning Allah Who ya similkameen and ness

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Allah will protect you from the people. Allah will predict who the Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam, Allah and as the one that mentioned beginning of Sultan Esra Subhana led the Astra be AB de la Lim must inherit a

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blessing be a last point I took his beloved servant from machine will haraam from the carrabba all the way to machine and then from where all the way to the heavens, Allah and Allah will protect the Prophet Mohammed says he needs no individual to protect him. That's what you find in the Hadith in Bukhari. Whoever lies lying is is a sin, but lying upon me is far more severe.

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And we have internalized regarding me, let that individual Take a seat in the Hellfire man kasturba la Mata Ramadan folia turbomeca domina now, we have intentionally lies about me, let him take his seat in the hellfire.

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You know, some people they say in the zeal in the passion, learn Lucas de la nuca zebula, who we don't lie against him, we lie for him to protect him.

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On the other ajar, we like to protect the Prophet Muhammad sons and many of them even admit what they're writing is a lie. It's not even a hadith which is weak is something which is classified as a clear line of fabrication but they say we know but we're trying to encourage people it's a way of showing honor and dignity towards the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salah.

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You can't use false hood. You can't use gopher. You can't use Schick to bring people closer and closer to loss of Canada Anna. That should be crystal clear. The only thing I've been close to Allah and Allah is the pure pristine is the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem Likewise I saw too many that I find but the most conclusive is inside the Quran. In no menu shipbuilder for God Hara malo and engender one woman in Bali Mina mean and saw in no may you shake biller, whoever commits should credit last panda Allah haram Allahu Allah insha Allah has made it harder for that person to ever go into paradise. This data isn't that big of a deal. So Dara

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Sellafield, da ba da da da da da da of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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This is the data word of the Quran surah Ada in no who may use lick biller Alice panda is saying whoever commits should could have lost bandana faqad haram alone la agenda. Allah is saying whoever dies upon shared Allah founder make it harder for that person to ever go away into paradise. When

00:32:48--> 00:33:28

their press is ending a boat will be the fire and a person will have no helpers. People try to make this if they tried to make them see this ayah or reinterpreted is saying this is I suited my Ada it had this Anil Massara This is talking about the Christians. No, that's not true. There is a principal side also look to see that you find an Abra be a movement of the Navajo sub. The lesson is to be taken from the generality of the words and not from the specifics of Revelation. So in the Quran throughout the Quran is talked about whom Bani Israel isn't it does that mean now we just sit there and ignore it all is if we heard inside sort of Bach Quran surah Alhambra and so Theresa and

00:33:29--> 00:33:46

Elena and then an alum file and an hour after we find do we sit there thinking you know these Ayah don't concern me. Moses Quran yakusoku Allah Bani Israel in Moses Quran is narrating about Bani Israel, you know for what intent because most of us are going to do exactly the same mistakes as Bani Israel.

00:33:48--> 00:34:09

Nasser, most of you know many of us most of you don't seem to understand the Quran is talking to us. So many of us will read the idea of Bani Israel in Yeah, hello kita we begin to think you know what, that's not me. That's got nothing to do with me. When the Quran says the sofa the foolishness of Quran begins to buy the sofa, the foolish individual, we sit there thinking, you know what,

00:34:11--> 00:34:39

it's got nothing to do with us. You fail to understand the language of Quran. The Quran is talking to us foolish individuals. That's why the Quran is addressing us because we are the foolish individuals if you assess these Ayah today assess the context. We are the foolish individuals. So the Quran is addressing us time and time again addressing us that don't make the mistakes of those individuals. That's when the Quran talks about the people of subbed. We begin to think and look at these individually. Look how foolish they were.

00:34:40--> 00:34:50

When the last panda Allah forbade them from fishing on a Saturday, and you find the fish Shura and the fish with jumping up. Okay, you're jumping out to the sea.

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

They said you know, what is this? It's haram for us to fish. We can't tolerate this. Let us go Friday night.

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

Throw a net. So when the fish jump out, they jump out and go into the net. Yeah Allah we're not fishing.

00:35:09--> 00:35:14

Just like today. Oh *. I'm not committing Riba. So my son's name

00:35:16--> 00:35:53

is my next door neighbor's name. I'm not selling alcohol, the people they work there, it's just a business. They're doing it. I'm not doing anything wrong, the next two people are doing it's their properties on their name. Trying to find what deception trying to trick Allah Subhana Allah. That's what we Muslims become we say, oh, we're not like them. If you look at us in great detail, our actions are exactly that those individuals we know something's wrong. We know occur rebuys Hara if a person says I know it's haram but it's a weakness, no problem person, we prayed a lot, and that helps him come out of it. But we try to make excuses. We try to find a leeway and say, you know, but

00:35:53--> 00:36:00

you know, is something good is beneficial. It helps the children it helps the family helps the community, what is this,

00:36:01--> 00:36:38

just conclude this hierarchy and if you do it, maybe a lot of times I will forgive you pardon you bring you out of it. So we fall into a trap of becoming that those individual these are tests and we begin to find excuses. We try to justify the things that we are doing that are mentioned or individuals were called to submit and now we're assignor we here and we disobey Allah Subhana Allah believers those individuals were called to submit now we're Aparna we hear and we obey. That's what a Muslim should be. We hear and we obey Allah Subhana Allah. So going back to the ions or subtle matter that we find that Allah found that has given us severe warning, a stern warning that if you

00:36:38--> 00:37:21

die upon ship, this is something very, very dangerous. We should be worried about this worried about ourselves worried about our children, worried about our family members, that they're doing these actions, that how can we turn it aside? How can we dis turn a blind eye? And likewise, on a mass scale? a mass portion is Muslim, Omar faasil fill out vieste world has developed world has gone Khan forward. Today we look at our community around us. What do you find them doing? You find them clearly practicing and doing actions or shoot and we don't even think we don't even think and it doesn't upset us anymore. Some of us unfortunately, you know, Quran mentioned the heavens and the

00:37:21--> 00:38:00

earth are about to rip open. And there are many one or the other, that these people attributed a son to a last bandana. And likewise, some of these people, what do they attribute to the people around them? If you read what they attribute towards them, these people have been given a destination to go into paradise and they can pick and choose people who will go into paradise with them and save them and rescue them. All of this negates one top one star heed one's belief regarding a loss panda does he find the element of collected three elements of tawheed three elements of belief towards a Lost Planet? Allah torqeedo rubia the belief in the Lordship of Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah

00:38:01--> 00:38:44

amor, indeed the command and the creation belongs to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah is Allah Allah mean the man there's no English word for it is a nourisher the provider, the one who takes care and looks after everything upon this earth. And as you find that is quite strange that the Quraysh they recognize a loss panda as being the rub. If you were to ask them, when Hanukkah summer what he will and he said to create a lacuna law, they say Allah, they say that they recognize that Allah and Allah is the one that created the heavens and earth, who sends under rain, they say Allah, but when it came to their a bird that that's where they began to commit shift, you find that some

00:38:44--> 00:39:17

Muslims today, they begin to believe that the heavens in the earth are controlled by other than Allah Subhana Allah, a study the element of that you find that to be the people there pivots, they are only or who come to a certain station, they travel in a certain journey they become they become promoted, to come in certain positions, and they begin to see the heavens and the earth around them. The so called ohada a new ship, in How's it possible that a human being comes to such a level is able to visualize the heavens and the earth

00:39:18--> 00:39:55

or people begin to think that the people these people can respond to us and to help us run through our hand as the teachers are clearly highlighted there. These people inside the graves or the locations they are more in need of Allah Subhana Allah than us. They are need of us in terms of we come and we visit them make the application last month I'll expand the grave and forgive the sins and to pardon them and and to protect them. But some of us going to the other extreme. We think because they're righteous, there must be some element of Baraka around them inside the lives even of this modern world, if that's why some of us are that what has no impact around the people living is

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

culturalism Look how much impact of that amongst a non Muslim Italian

00:40:00--> 00:40:18

The staple these myths and these stories and you know, I was standing next to a grave and that righteous man's hand came out the grave and he shocked me and he gave me to sit down. So do you think he attracts non Muslims think was this person talking about odd superstitious beliefs? Or I got this thread tied next to my car, it gives me blessings.

00:40:20--> 00:40:26

I could see you know, I didn't keep it in my pocket today. That's why, you know, this happened to me.

00:40:28--> 00:41:01

So, people have become missing it. And that's why even even writing the Quran Yes, they might be Baraka but this form of understanding of the of the Quran it needs to be removed from our society people were in touch with amulet and saying this This protects me from doing harm. takes away evil from me. By takes away No, no no harm away from you doing every single harm on the face of the earth, isn't it? And of the tawi that protects me. Yeah, see, what is this? And Tom and Bill are on and he don't you act act by the Quran.

00:41:02--> 00:41:03

And he we sent down this book and he

00:41:05--> 00:41:10

sent in a blessing book mubaraka Leah baru, it was

00:41:11--> 00:41:21

a blessing book that we sent down he had Wi Fi or Wi Fi in a moment as soon as we mentioned, the wi fi vimana. Then

00:41:23--> 00:42:00

you reflect over the last time that you begin to implement the Quran and Hadith in Bukhari, you find a Arusha rhodiola Khurana asked about the character and behavior of the Prophet Mohammed mentioned can a hula hoop on his character was the Quran What does it mean his character was a Quran that everything halal and haram he implemented everything haram he stayed away from it that's it became the walk into the living embodiment of the Quran is what the prophet Mohammed system was. And that's what we need to become once again the living embodiment so that's you find the first lesson is the Hebrew will be a study the Quran about talking about the Lordship of Allah and Allah being the

00:42:00--> 00:42:35

creator anything that negates that is an element of shift that you find that reading of philosophy in the study of philosophy that you find that some Muslims begin to read and they begin to study that and you know, there is no existence there is no God God doesn't exist if you find some Muslim what is their life become Paloma here in the Hyatt in the dunya Muna What are you gonna let that license come become pump and play and amusement and time will just destroy us? That's why even amongst our own Muslims, what do you find that some people don't have that creed don't have that yaqeen don't have that certain don't have that Eman. So imagine for them is something far away.

00:42:36--> 00:42:52

Quran begins by mentioned the believers and those individual tahune Allah Deena you mean una bella IB, who believe in the unseen the Holy Quran is a journey of the unseen. The more you believe in the unseen, the more stronger your actions become towards the unseen.

00:42:53--> 00:43:04

You have that vision the unseen you believe in Allah spandana you become weary, it creates a bonus it makes you become worried to do actions to get to the era. Now like some of us are, I believe,

00:43:05--> 00:43:17

you know, my father's the Imam of the masjid. You know, my sister wears hijab, my brother went to Darul uloom You know, my young sons reading Quran that said, That's me, you know, I hadn't had the acid finish.

00:43:18--> 00:43:39

Man you feed doesn't benefit you in any way. You have life alerta 00 to zero Kra no individual will carry the sins of another individual who will face a common debt judgment for the olan our own, responsible for our own selves. If you have subjects underneath you, yeah, you lead in who and full circle.

00:43:41--> 00:44:20

It is people who have subjects underneath you save yourself and save your family members from the Hellfire by teaching them that which is right, the most important element being the belief and an asset, teach them to live a life of showing that belief. Showing that devotion you really believe by carrying out the actions that show that you are compliant, in your submission towards Allah Subhana Allah. So when a person has that weak conviction, then their actions become weak. And as you find that the essence is to go back, and to read about the belief regarding loss from down to the most beneficial Hadeeth a person can read. And the various explanations is the hadith of Jupiter. In

00:44:20--> 00:44:41

addition, if a person could go back and read the verse explanations, understand this one Hadith, then that person inshallah will be successful throughout their life. Just one Hadith. Read that one had these in all of his various interpretation, but different elements that you find it will benefit you for the rest of your life. Because at the end of the day, I mentioned in no job right at

00:44:42--> 00:44:59

home, and did algebra in and Islam who came to teach you your deed. So you understand what is Islam what is a man with a son, you will be successful throughout your life. The second element of tawheed that we find is a burden and Olivia, to worship only Allah Subhana Allah, Allah knows

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

31 Uzuki Rama Rama Murthy layerable alameen la sharika lahu a bit a little bit one hour muslimeen say my prayer, my sacrifice my living my dying is all dedicated to him to Allah Subhana Allah associate no partners with Allah Subhana Allah. So that's that becomes the element level of a bird that we find. The whole of life of the believer is based upon a bird. Even when a person sleeps, it becomes a bed to wake yourself up in the morning for Salah to forget to fend for your family to take care of your children, person Steve for that intent, it becomes a bad habit the evil person goes to the toilet, to the laboratory matrimony, relationship all becomes a burden of the individual, if

00:45:40--> 00:46:12

they are focused and thinking and reflecting towards Allah Subhana Allah and thus you find the persons spends their whole life in purifying their actions to be accepted by Allah Subhana Allah by following the sun and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad salah and now once again today we find the Hadith about what we find inside our community. We find people taking vows in others the name of Allah Subhana Allah, people sacrificing other than the name of Allah Subhana Allah, a lot of people who remove the jinn, etc, that you find what do they tell people to do?

00:46:13--> 00:46:50

Don't listen and study carefully. And people say this person removes the agenda person does that. Because many times people go and say go and sacrifice a name of sewing so don't sacrifice and so and so grave. So the gin leaves the jellies because you know why you've committed the ultimate sin you committed the gin laughs and walks away. That's the intent of the sharpener gene. Well is that is the intent of the Devon, the highest level of sin that he wants to commit is for you to commit shift with the loss of Hunter. That's the most important thing he wants to gain. Then it comes below and below And below that. So objective is met. people begin to say, Oh, look, this person removes the

00:46:50--> 00:47:32

jinn. They don't go and see the essence. They don't see the essence. Nobody wants to go the long way of calling upon Allah and Allah, praying to Allah to Allah, praying, fasting, coming to the machine, reading the Quran, implementing these things. For some of these people. It's far easier to pay 500 pound to someone and say, Look, go and sacrifice go and do this. And let me relieve me from this problem. But Allah spandana wants to see who amongst his servants are truly dedicated, who are truly focused and only people who taqwa Eman will recognize that even in the massage, even the difficulties, there is a blessing. People have tawheed directness, even the difficulties there's

00:47:32--> 00:48:10

still a blessing that this is a dough for me to become more vigilant towards the last panda Allah, people of shirk and innovation for them. It becomes a fitna at trial for them, they tried to find ways out by these evil paths. So even today that we find unfortunately, people will come and sacrifice on these graves and these shrines in other name of Allah spandana. And so it should warn our people and warn our parents and people around us to stay away from this, this level of of shift that we find inside our society. The third most important element of IE that we find is to call and to pray to Allah, Allah Allah Allah Laila smell Hausner, for the Ruby her to last point that I

00:48:10--> 00:48:33

belong to the Most Beautiful Names and attributes call upon Allah, Allah with these beautiful names and attributes that I mentioned use the names of last time we had to make the life's apparent data like today people sing them and chant them Allah Allah Allah singing songs with guitar and music and the name of Allah flicking around in the background and saying, Allah Allah, what is this? This is inherent

00:48:34--> 00:48:52

moment is ill hair this is disrespect to the name of last panda Allah chanting the names, singing the names. So from a lie becomes who and in this because blowing through the nose and it comes going into hallucination going into cache comes into this. Did the Prophet Mohammed ever do that in his life?

00:48:53--> 00:49:21

Did he ever do that in his life? Did his companions ever do that? Did he ever encourages people to do that? We're in that manner to sit and say Allah, Allah, Allah. Will you find books are written today that say, Rosa, Rosa, Rosa, and money will be given to you and where did Where did a word say 1000 times and whatever you lost, we come back to you where all these quotations, you don't even have a mode where are they fabricated? These little books that you find say this name of Allah say this 1000 times say this this many times you can say 10,000 times if you want.

00:49:23--> 00:50:00

There's no essence to it. There is no essence to it. The way that you call upon Allah, Allah is in the appropriate manner. That inside your cellar inside your door, you call upon a lot of really beautiful names and attributes asking Allah, Allah, accepting your your deficiency your mistakes inside your life, humbling yourself in front of Allah Subhana. Allah does Allah, Allah wants to see those individuals that you find that they will individually submit to a lot of time to Allah. Every individual has an element of some form of arrogance or pride or ego within themselves. But Islam is what we're

00:50:00--> 00:50:15

Remove that and that's the person when they submit in front of Allah, Allah, bow your head down. Only in front of Allah Subhana Allah, what do you find inside our society? She comes to me ma'am comes, people bang down and putting their hands like this, you Hindus

00:50:16--> 00:50:23

Put your hands down like destiny, you're lucky man who are hajiya Jonas he's a human being

00:50:24--> 00:50:31

he's a human being. Monkey give him respect for certain elements that's about it, but not to turn your back when you walk away from him.

00:50:32--> 00:50:37

in it and these type of elements What is this person should avoid all of this.

00:50:38--> 00:50:54

Avoid these actors behavior they're all budget none of us know. Further to Saku and full circle who will be money taco. Don't claim sanctity and piety for yourself. Allah knows best. Some of us and some of those people, we could be the first ones inside Johanna May Allah forbid.

00:50:55--> 00:51:37

We could be the first ones inside jahannam thinking that we are special people. No one is special. In front of Allah Subhana Allah, only Allah knows who are the real special people. That's it. So we need to remove these elements of the weight and the verb and the names and attributes you give to the people around us. So dangerous. All this leads to elements of shift and taking us away from the power loss panda Allah. Yes. First Allah Allah decree in quantum law Allah moon will be unity was super asked the people knowledge and understanding in a manner explaining the Quran the Hadith that says that this should should not be anything else inside our lives. And this will help us to come

00:51:37--> 00:52:05

back to the pristine way and this will also attract the non Muslims around us when they begin to see that our life is an orthodox creed of calling upon Allah and Allah only worshiping Allah and Allah, it will attract them. years ago when I was inside Pakistan beside one the masjid India you find very rarely non Muslims. They come in inside that environment. So one day we came into Machu Salatin if I'm not mistaken, we'd slightly delayed we came into the masjid one individually inside the masjid.

00:52:06--> 00:52:12

And obviously, we found it very strange, because everyone's rushing to catch the jammer. This person is looking around

00:52:13--> 00:52:34

for you know, what is this? It's not like here you can expect might be a non Muslim foot Who's this person looking around? Why is he looking around in this manner. So maybe try to harm the Muslim to try to harm or do something. So then we started to pray. And everybody was coming say look, yo yo la jolla in the mass times in the hospital. Everyone's calling in. So when we began to pray, so eventually he joined in the prayer.

00:52:35--> 00:52:56

When we got up to complete the prayer, who's missing one or two record, we stood up to pray. He just sat there and he gave the tsunami copied everyone. So from there, we understood, you know, something strange, either this person doesn't know how to pray, which is very strange in a remote place inside a Muslim country. He doesn't know how to pray, or a must be a non Muslim, there must be something strange about this individual.

00:52:58--> 00:53:36

So anyhow, after the prayer, we approached him and asked him, you know, how come to the machine, what's your situation? He goes, I'm not a Muslim. And I'm Italian who come from Italy, you know, and I just happened to come into the masjid. And I looked at the mercy and look at their environment. And he said that you know, you people have a very strong relationship with God, because of you know, in in Catholicism have a lot of statues and idols etc, that they have. It's a very simple belief. And the way that you prayed was very unique. And the way that you would devoting yourself to the last pandadoc towards God was very special. And he was weeping. He was crying. I was thinking in my

00:53:36--> 00:53:56

heart that how many of us who just read Salah read namaz, we're thinking about Allah. He's looking from outside and he's impressed. But how many of us were really focusing inside our prayers. Imagine that that the simple progress of the prayer process the prayer, it attracted him towards Islam.

00:53:57--> 00:54:33

Now imagine if we became individually understood the belief and the Orthodox views of Allah and Allah of tawheed. And we began to teach these people and to rectify them. Don't you think they will be attracted towards Islam? Don't you think there'll be a lot more than a better understanding of Islam and coming towards Islam? The Prophet Mohammed some send me Jebel to a Yemen, send it to them and send them to people said who the single person is that you are coming to a people of Abu keytab a people of the book that the first thing that you call them to is what? What do we call them to eight milada nubby

00:54:34--> 00:54:57

samosa briyani Pokhara sorry, Reza Mirage tangara dancing, festive festivities, isn't it? That's what we call them too, isn't it? So they don't know. It after so many years of working in different Islamic schools. He asked the people ask a non Muslim you don't be surprised. Even a non Muslim said what's the Muslim are the guys who made a big turban

00:54:59--> 00:55:00

or the women who got there?

00:55:00--> 00:55:10

Red Dot and osirian. Don't be surprised. That's what they'll give the response. Even after everything has taken place upon the eye, they don't know. They don't know any better. We haven't helped the situation.

00:55:12--> 00:55:48

So if you go back, he told these people, when you go to the people, the first thing you call these people do is what? the worship of Allah Subhana Allah, if they accept that, then tell them about the prayer. If they accept that, then tell them about the soccer. So our role many of our we know many of our you've looked at our people, it's just a cultural understanding. There is no real understanding of what Islam is, and what needs to be delivered to the people you need around us. So we need to go back, strengthen our own Eman, our own certainty, our own relationship to tawheed the importance of tawheed begin to live that begin to implement that inside our lives, that will

00:55:48--> 00:56:19

inshallah the least that will begin to happen is begin to attract other individuals to begin to ask and begin to question and begin to attract them and then begin to help to disseminate and to teach those individuals. So my last point I'll make us all amongst those people out of the hate to live upon that, to die upon that and to be resurrected upon that and to return back to be with the people. So he will not see him none other than the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Baku Kohli had our stock for lolly welcome. Ali Jamil Muslim infrastop for Noah for Rahim.