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You're a bit higher than what Sinatra was.

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He was hobbies.

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My dear brothers and sisters Alhamdulillah we listen to what's on the Bosu and rock the slave. Another shift in Theosophy about the contribution of our DSM was to follow the near optimal loudhailer in the field after death and also the Koran.

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My relationship with the Sharpie, the very old and recently I've written two articles about chef

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to summarize his biography and

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some other details on what he wrote. My relation with him goes to the era in 1983 when I was studying psycho Hari in the drama, I at that time, my teacher Buhari, ma, ma, Xiao salon, he was contemporary and a colleague of me and Dr. Mr. Wagner was that time involved with what should be done initially about configuration of the Hadith, what's

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he do this type of holiday time, so he sent the whole manuscript and the proof to Natal and mark to my teacher, my teacher asked me to compare the whole thing so that the first time I got involved in the project, to I did this with him in the whole stream of fun. Then after that, in 1986, I came to Riyadh pink Saudi USD. In fact Korea for just four months do I spend most time with loved Allah by actually spent some time with the reference to fall in love with Allah and I work on gaming with his project after conquering the shelter the

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Islamic State yesterday in reality, so 100 that actually that you know, did was for me also good experience how to study the manuscript how to compare the Hadid Watson

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stuff I've met a doctor I by the admission comes from our them God and the diety the eastern up where I come from Joe who

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used to be the capital of disponemos. Now to know more about in the past is to is to be a law that God has produced solely on our shareholders to say that India is among every three the net people one must be among the richest

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person some one person is considered a scholarship but in our time more Allahu ramazani was from the

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doctors to father me and then I'll usually put it also in region so the from the skill interferon that is a regional sport use more like Ferrari

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apart from from from there

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and actually Mola used to see a loss of many people, Indiana only produced to people who could write good quality people one

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on one is before him, Mullah Mahajan he also from the service to people who could write proper good Arabic And most people who write the Arabic in a more artificial you know, more like massage for like an amateur Hurry, he will not agree to peloquin but if you read him mahamudra

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Add To Cart feel

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like you're after our people.

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You know, last important people actually in that region was no doubt manasi normally, Allah Masha Allah who was born in the year at 57 and died in 1914.

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In a way he actually very monastics he is one of the main philosophies in Islamic education in India. In India to literature we sit at five years ago the recruiter Melissa makaan was hired at Tufts and hardly needed to leave and then the fifth one is allow she normally to fly people he the only person who is from the east. All of the money in our daily be the only person machine no money is grown out study. Buhari in all those cases are big people. Then he traveled Muslim what he went to Turkey spend a lot of time you know, in Istanbul, he wrote his famous journey in safarnama rooms Russia, which I did translate into Arabic language publishing. So, mall Assemblyman, he came by

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again, he has a good knowledge of what's happening in the Muslim world. So one of his project was Orientalism. He wanted to deal with this but

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he also completed nearly got on many procedures and good friendship with them. And he understood their motto properly and what they have done good on what are their 13 getting so far that proper establish da loosen the feeling island which only was able to work after his day.

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I know there are three main objective alpha diversity. The first one was to study the questions, which are the real challenges which have been imposed by the orientalist? And to answer that properly, so that's one thing. Second thing we should produce or in general, what's our Syrah and history salon? You know, a guy on the best days are getting a standard, you know, without any question, the best possible was there they also did no door seal to not be entirely false alarm and all those things that initial without really looking any question was just put them to the second or third amount of hours to train there are writers who don't assume writers Can you can see in our

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models or even actually now if you go to Del Mar, Sonora, even in this country, I am going to come to that anytime anywhere shala to compare, you know, what had been now what mystified me.

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If you read the writings of oil from the Obama era for Pakistan, even people that they do want to make effort to write proper footnotes, not proper referencing until now what will happen if they're referred to? They will quote Pacific Mischka. Do Muscat it is not over during his lifetime. You have to go to Buhari to muscle to all your sources not to wish to you know, laziness in the scholarship. not properly No, not at the light we have discussion that when you go to the earliest possible source very often what they do, they go to the latest, you know, possible sources to massively introduce it this letter Luigi in Dallas, and that was one of my dread to write properly a chi

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cocalico standard and then they're producing so much work in we're dealing with our family law. And it's concerned for us so much that already now this has been a few older Ma, who have been working on that data script until there is the organize in 1982. In February 1982, an international conference on Orientalism for 3d over this course came from Arab world from from Europe from America from everywhere, and they produce good work and good papers in in that conference. And then they publish publish them. Try no documents to fire this worker is a extension of this project. To see this project was disabled to study those questions that I used to say that you know, not people now

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study the phenomenon. But to keep discussing the same question moderated by philosophers by Motorola. They don't understand the question of our time. He said new workarounds should be that person that are wasting our time on questions which are within our time our worship related the Sierra the Prophet, to history of Islam, to the Quran, not about this parameter.

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What is what is this questions we are getting to Marcy wanted to you know, play in order to understand the moral question.

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Most dumpster fires were often water when he came to the work you understood this properly, he wanted to understand it, he wanted to make himself relevant to the society to this time to he produces work. And no doubt is really one of the pioneering work in the literature, you know, from the student point of view, totally ignored. And I'll come to that if I have time shall have white heavily loaded, but not into one of the solid, proper scholarly work which has been produced by any Muslim in our time.

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What I'm not too fussed either Maurice, see his background. He has been raised in the small town, no Mo, not mo not under which many people don't know that is his tongue. No, I have been get there.

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From sim towns are small,

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small town not very developed. And then after that is 30, in The Omen,

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they open that we had no concern about Europe and America, they weren't a concern or with a bit Indian, I believe it came after that, you know that that period of time what defensive is around but then he comes out, then he comes to, you know, to this country. Now he wants to see really what's happening in the world, he wants to make himself relevant this time. But what our time is really most people many, many of them, they came from India, this really this country, actually many of these terms dark room, but still people who come from this dark room say they are more limited to a village in India or other to this country. The same mentality same discussion, same argument in the

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same question. They discuss it they have no limits to the society here. We do whatever they write with nobody is concerned. What to discuss when it comes about that disability. Not right. We have education, like Bernie said very nicely,

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cuts a job lezama nekima governor, the mayor of Mesa, monic, Ohio, those people who could be the leaders at that time, these people with their own mentality have become followers of their time. No dealership

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is more Indian town. But he knows he doesn't work with me.

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What happened to this country? When actually we never met? Even if you go to most people in the room? Have you read a one to five? written? They don't? Even they don't know the question which were wasted. So this is no doubt that what I want to emphasize that if you want us to make ourselves relevant to the time relevant to society and people caring, beautiful and Islamic will kind of move forward, the wise to understand a time who cut the foot leave a time and space. You can't separate yourself from the time and space that you live in the water perfect the messenger, they have a limit to their time that will be necessary, Ron, that when it comes to he understand the problem and

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questions the first time, and then he wants to answer what to explain his London write up those new questions that I got was additive.

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The problem is society's tenacity to hear what he wanted to deal with the problem. And then he wrote the word philosopher in a time Yeah.

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What are the pros of society for an informed economy from this from that, and then he wants to deal with you know, we did discuss those questions. They were essentially the people in this town when we really really imma let him out. And in fact, everybody says that you got to Harvey, but see what he has done. You know, honey Faraj realized that a passive Empire a newly established, great empire, if I don't help with him, what will happen they will borrow rose from Roman Roman tradition. He provides he gave them in laws, and then he gave to the students of who you serve Mohammed who can help us inspire. So then a bustling fire does not need to borrow any law from from Roma's. In our

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time what happened actually is we don't have this mentality, we say we are hunting, but we don't have a honey farm. Locally, whatever you have done in Islam funds or mode

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ideas are borrowed, you know, our solutions are nothing, nothing for our thinking in our hanifa thinker. He did not bow from rock Roman rose, he is he he spent time to understand the problems you understand he understood the broader society he knew really how to apply the law which can be more relevant this time. But we actually are his his followers in our niche are setting 100 fee, but we don't do we don't even understand the process of time, our time. So you know, whatever we do really it always valid idea borrowed solutions are very cautious or borrowed, even actually, when writing books on Israeli economics and policy, if you read the definition of Islamic economics, find it all

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even definitions

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and some of them have gotten worse, which are which are not Islamic, because we just copied them blindly. So this really car you have Filipino harder you know chef Indian Mashallah you do that you will one person how much can you do? That person was born and raised in India. Now we're in this country, secondarily, that what do you learn from it? and move forward? Mr. Fogg, who is a well known doctor, I've been ignored by orientalist by Western people why even have too many Muslims. And the reason for that, because you know, this, this kind of the worker, they you know, they are helpful, but they are to follow for a limited use reality really after to move forward, meaning get

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to understand if the flowers have the wisdom, to produce a word which are not let answering or refuting of diversity, it shouldn't be more than five minutes, we need to produce those verses, which make very clear from the detail really how hard this was in the time of the companies with a companion to receive the Hadees from personalism. And when they can either read and when they use it, what what without losing them somebody should work with the underdog, right? And what are we happy to how they receive another Hadith from the Sahaba and how they resolve it, and how they move forward? And what is a procedure to have web to authenticate? If you do this basic oversee delegate

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don't need to recruit anybody, people because they are very clearly it will demonstrate properly, that how protected this has been, from the very beginning to see that there are a lot of guys in our history and our research. And that actually, I will resize it in a minute. If you can start with what Stefan You know, he read down the real foundation. But that's not enough. We need to move forward. And that really to start the story from the from the from dead from the basic, not keeping any question on mind, rather than explaining to give up immediately, the people I know they don't notice it. You want to swear to them, but recently heard this word in the time of doing the thunder

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companies. What do they understood? What happened? Did they really have this actually he just said in a recording of a generation a shot Mexican shot and his father was meddling that will soon when you say soon it means that in local cultures, basically

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it was part

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of the process and identify well understood by bonafide America.

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People have come to class Kufa and Medina and Shang they used to do them just to me It meant that the local culture jack met the culture of the people at that time. The reaction happened to that a new generation came they wanted to make a witty salami. So they produce you know, they they invented many, many Hadith for revival you know, that

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that the full Korean and really now they're working in fact. So what they did they mentor her this to support them to basically both advise the school after her This is a life and the school of the Fokine is organized, that what they're thinking is that one is too far, no doubt refuted and probably nicely, but we need to do from the beginning to reduce those buttons can demonstrate properly, the time of the company. So how what what what, what, when this will not work with him does not refer to any similarity with a jacket. So there could be something but vast, you know, part of the scene

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that we need to make very clear that you don't find out every single day when they do they're similar in what they say and what what the local culture what what the customer people are in Yemen, in Nigeria, in Hejazi in Iraq, or anywhere in the world, how the sooner the profit has been different from dispatcher to what we do distinct Saturdays, we move forward, then, you know, then we can't complain that people don't ignore us divinity, they have to study this defeat. The reason they ignore it because it is more academic and worry, no more debating thing more effectively. This is led to carry load. But if you produce original version on those grounds, certainly people want to

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know and most people actually in the western, they are fair minded. They want to understand, you know,

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history salon, they want to know to say about the same about about the two there are really so much less than need to be done. But the way that we come out from our own mentality either that don't follow us, be ahead of your time think that what you're telling us, what are the issue of your time, what are you doing Sharla it will be helpful for us

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to study