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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone. Welcome back to our q&a with shikaka nadwi. This q&a is hosted by assalam Institute's Hamdulillah. This carries on every Thursday 6pm BST for half an hour, and sha Allah so if you have any questions, please do leave them in the comments below wherever you're watching from we should be live on Facebook and YouTube at the moment in sha Allah but also please do try and be patient with us sometimes we do get a lot of questions sometimes some questions need more time than than others. So please try not to ask too long questions, Inshallah, to kind of give time to everyone and we will try our best. Chef let's start with the first question

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in sha Allah.

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We have a question from F over two we have here can you say salam to dead relatives, like we say to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said Arma has its own meaning that when you meet someone, so you know he should not feel any fear from you, you know, like welcome receiving, to use that no, don't feel in danger from me, please be upon you to when you meet people. Similarly Salam has been you know, advised when people have visited the graves of the people you know, because it is good that when you are somewhere in a sample the people

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that the function does salaam, Salaam and the prophets and messengers are, you know, more general to offer them. You know, there's another thing that endless water raises their status and give the peace for them. For everybody else other than the offers and messengers we make to offer the rathna Mercy Mark Farah forgiveness if you want to say you know make a prayer for your parent or somebody else to say Oh Allah, forgive them, raise their status, or have mercy upon them. DITA things have come by you don't say a salam ala como, or something like that. But if you say many other sentences on one that was you know, Salam that could be, you know, fine.

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And Chef beyond just giving salam to the diseased. Say, for example, if you're visiting the graveyard

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Can you just speak to them as in Can they hear us if we're speaking to them?

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Getting asked that a second. So if we're visiting the graveyard and we're visiting a deceased family member,

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some people think that if you speak to them beyond giving salaam to them, they can actually hear you Is this correct?

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Yeah, but it doesn't, I'm gonna read that through the hair, what you want them to hear, you know, to hear what Allah subhanaw taala wants them to hear. So it's not that everything you said they're going to hear because the thing is, the grave the different world, you know, Allah subhanaw taala. You know, if the people are good, Allah make them to sleep nonconformity ruthlessly is the polar bear, then they get some punishment, they are so busy, they can't be worried about what happened in the world. But something I lost my hotel, I can make them to here too. They can have we don't know these things. So it is better not to discuss things, which really is not easy for us to verify. We

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believe in what the prophets Allah has said. And whatever he read in our save, we don't just make up, you know, by our gesture, speculation because that's not allowed in the religion.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's move on to the next question from SR, very high. And this question is, it's quite common, actually, I think I received this question very similar to this last week. She's asking can a parent make dua for their children to become pious because it's been said being pious, being pious or being a sinner is pre decided by Allah's fates? Because of the various arising fitness in the world I become worried for my kids future? And I guess the wider question would be, how can we make die for something if it's been predetermined?

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Yeah, the people die, it's very important and these are the personnel IS LM, lawyer, doula quadra, Illa, da, nothing can you know change the decree? Or do you know?

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Other than dua, people must ask Allah subhanaw taala for yourself or your parent. What he has returned is we don't know really, you know, even he has returned to your door. So we don't have we believers should do what Allah has commanded you

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You know, you, you don't know really what Allah has written what like in earning money, you make effort to earn money, but Allah already has it actually whether you get a job, we don't get the job with our money, we don't earn the money by still you make effort. Similarly, we make effort to eat the food, drink and walk around. You know, we don't know what Allah has requested we make effort to believers are the one who do their best to attend to the command of Lhasa Hautala what Allah has written, that we're going to happen that we trust in Him, there's something goes wrong, don't lose hope know that I did for Allah wrote and then make effort again and again, the believer should not

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be worried about type deal and destiny that you know, a formula salted videos, or we should be worried about a loss comma to whatever letter marks you into making dua for everybody, for your parents or your children or for related for friends, for all Muslims. It is one of the thing had been advised by the prophets, Allah Listen to me must do it.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's move on to the next question from YouTube. And this question is, is taking health insurance wrong, especially if the health care is very expensive, and can break your financial stability. And also, why is insurance per se wrong in Islam?

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Nothing the insurance, why is wrong, it is more like, basically, a lack of cancer, like a gambling, when you make an insurance, you don't want to pay for what you receive. And obviously, you don't necessarily receive what you pay, it could be anything, if there's some time you get some time, don't get anything, you know, and that way, the insurance companies make so much money, because they calculate how many people can make claim. So the irony like that Islam never encouraged it. And insurance companies don't provide any service to for example, like, you know, if you

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want to appoint a guard to guard your house, to return the service, you know, he comes down the stairs and guards your house, do you pay him for the service? When insurance companies provide, you know, life insurance, they don't do anything, they just do, if something goes wrong, they will pay to it all just you can see, it's just like a gambling, it is not real service, they don't provide any real service to like health. So you know, the insurance compared don't care about your health, don't comically keep checking, and if something goes wrong, then they are there. But they're always calculated their profits will be much, much more, if nothing goes wrong, you know, you're paying

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every month, every month or every year to keep making more profit. The way Allah had made this word is that people should pay for the services. People should say, pay for what they, you know, buy or sell. But something stipulation which actually does not exist, even people don't do anything, that Aladdin and courage what actually he said, people should trust in Allah subhanaw taala, to Father health and all those things. This directly generally we say, But you're right, sometime in the Western world. You know, the healthy, you know, care is so expensive, and many individuals cannot afford it. And we can't change the system. So people like that maybe in some country, not in this

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country, this country, things are different. But some of those countries like maybe America or somewhere else, where they don't have a national health service, then maybe we can give fatwa for the people for the benefit doTERRA haram, but allow for those people. If we allow the car insurance in this country because without insurance, you can't have a car, we allow motivated. So sometimes haram can be allowed, because of the necessity or need of the people to health insurance though basically, not allowed in Islam, but out of the need of some people in some countries, it can be allowed.

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Okay, shall the next move on to a question from Facebook from Sharia? What are the practical steps to increase my love towards the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? And I think by extending by extension chef, I think this is a question that many people experience I think as a Muslim, we know we should love the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but we don't take any we don't go out of our way to try and learn his cry and connect with him and love him. So it feels like we don't really it's not very sincere love.

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You know, there are two types of love, love to desire you know, and the other love actually is based on something real values. A Love is the desire is not real. You know, it kind of no contrast like no people get to fall in love. They're married in the divorce in the Haiti

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Whether you try to adapt to the love really not based on something in a solid,

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what matters is the solid, you know, the Love Actually which you think and understand, what does it mean? Meaning, you know, when you love something, it could be for a reason. Sometimes it could be because you know the person who loves his great intelligent, very clever, good mind, you know hired some beauty so many things people love. So you have to unfair what some people do favor upon you sir, like, you know, people love their parents, because the favor and all those things. So, look at the prophets, Allah, Allah sunlamp, you know, you know, fasting either his own Kamal, you know, he has good characters, good manners, even beauty and enhanced and all those things. And more than

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that, its favor upon the people he sacrificed or his interests, his family's interests for the sake of the people for the guidance, and how much I loved him. If you keep looking in all those things, it increase your love for him. But for that purpose, you need to read about, read his biography,

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read about him in the Quran, you know, and really, that what you're getting from him, you know, think that you know, if he had not been there, you could not know how to play fast is apart Heidi, all good manners even believed Allah, you could go to navigate a paradise, you know, or Paradise because I think so anything good that happened to us, it all throwing. So once you look out upon you, your love of things keep increasing, but it will not come by yourself. These types are loved, they need to make effort, you have to think you have to study you have to learn, then it will come and then it will keep increasing. And that's the real love and that waterless orthologous reverse

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people when they love the professor Lawson like that.

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Okay, just talking to her and I have a question. It's not done here, but inshallah I'm going to try and get it from where it's been asked Jeff, this question is about the jilbab and how it is an obligation in Islam and if it is, because many women and men say that you know, some cultural clothing for example, in India or Pakistan that shallow homies or just really loose trousers and tops are wearing a skirt and a long top are just as modest as wearing as in Verbania.

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And they say okay, so maybe this is just a cultural clothing in the Middle East and we don't have to wear is this true?

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Above does not mean a cloth above simply means like, you know, a covering for on your clothes, because generally women when the weather clothes, the clothes themselves are attractive, the colors and designs and all those things. So when women leave, you know, they go outside they put on a loser you know sheet

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chowder, something like that. They're called g BB now, Jill, Bobby Do you know fashioned and people buy them in a long this is not available really. This also can be some time not allowed, because some of digital giraffes they are more attractive, and they have more fashions that you know and didn't need to be covered basically. So jilbab means in any loser sheet which can cover the colors of your cloth or designs. So, people don't that unnecessarily their attentions are not drawn to you, instead of people looking at the problem they have to deal with their sin and thereby Khurana said that people should lower control their eyesight.

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So in in Indian Pakistan anywhere what generally women do a put on a sheet you know, o'clock when they go outside that were they do by people have got a you know very low loser shirt every longer I did not want the color I know attraction nothing.

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Yeah, could be some time a lot because we are not insisting on on certain types of jilbab what we insisted that your clothes should not be attracting anybody. You should not be too tight, you should not be too colorful. You know too if something does not attract people, yeah, could be allowed it you know, you have to think yourself, but generally it is better to put on a sheet and people can get a sheet covering anywhere in the world. You know, wherever you live, you can find you don't need to buy jilbab you just gotta shoot a Glock and then punch other outside.

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But you have some some, some cultures that they this clear cultural clothing is that of bright colors and bright patterns. And that's normal. That's not seen as okay like I'm bringing attention to myself or beautifying myself that's just a norm in that society. So then, if women were wearing jilbab or a cloth or sheets, that was patterned or it was bright colored, how are you saying this would be impermissible? Or this this is disliked?

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Why some factors

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So this breaker further you have to think really it could be reason is because they want women to be projected desired. Electrical. In some cultures, women have short clothes, not because you know, people don't get it because that was the one, they want to look at the women. So it could be the colourful dress I forgot for a poor father to draw attention. The women should be in a very careful and you know, on pi it is very important if they do what Allah commanded them. And instead if some people have, you know, but I developed the sin, I'm not the women, but if the women have afraid the truth really is when people have in all these clothes, tons of cloth dem Saturdays are that people

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look at them.

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jilbab basically not to start they're meant to look at the women, if fasting actually is to stop the women to have bad desire to fasting is from infer the women themselves. Like a mess recovering once covering helps men first, then women, similarly women's recovering helps the women so that their hearts become pure and clean. They don't think about other people. But when the women have got, you know, short clothes or attractive cloth, then they think that people look at them. And that white people, you know, adorn themselves like that. Benny with the real thing the intention and desire if there's no tension desire, and sometimes people wear normal clothes without syllabub maybe it'll

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look and forgive them because they have a no budget tension.

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Okay, that's more pledges. Okay.

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Let's go on to we have a question from Imran. It's in two parts. So he's asking about an IRA insert to know the IRA is, as any law Yankee who Eliza neat and Omar should get in was any Aquila Yankee who had in less than an hour Mushrik will hold the motherly garland meaning and he's asking. So I just find the view as the translation is a male fornicator would only marry a female fornicator idolatrous and a female fornicator would only be married to an to a fornicator or I don't have to this is all forbidden to the believers. So um, Ron is asking how we see the opposite to that in the world, for example, ferons wife was a millionaire, whereas he was not. Similarly we see many men are

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good and the wives are not and vice versa.

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You know, first thing with understand really is that we're gonna put ourselves you know, Masaryk and America. So many they've developed repent, most of the repent, they become really authentic zani and Zanya once they repent, then they can't be married to anybody. And Islam has its own way, you know what Islam can provide? So, there are, you know, men or women married and they are not believers, and one of them become believers, believer. And then if Muslims can, you know, help the person or provide, you know, arranged marriage, then could be the other person leaves her husband or husband leaves the wife and the money somewhere else. But the hour time, Muslims are not fully strong. They

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can't do much really. So in this case, like finally the wife she had no choice. She had to be quiet she had to remain isolated. Similarly MacArthur and karma daughters are the prophets that are married to one believers, Masha Kira, many, many Muslim women are married to know Moses, and the Prophet never asked them to get separation divorce, but later on in Medina, you know, in nearly time of the year

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when Islam becomes stronger, and Muslims are able to arrange a marriage of the women who live their husbands, then Allah forbid that so in theory, no doubt really Islam and Sharia cannot be together, Islam and Xena together, but in a practice we have to look the possibilities what is possible for the believers, then we get further away kind to the other way you create more problem. Like somebody phoned me from India Hindu literary lady, she became Muslim.

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Some people gave her fatwa that now you can't distinguish your husband and so I said, No, No, you stay with your husband. Because if you

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leave him very going, No, no, I think nobody wants to give protection and your life and be in danger and you have to lose your husband and your children, everybody and that will discourage many people from becoming Muslim. So if your condition like that happen, we ask them to be quiet and follow your religion, you know, quietly, not telling the people until you get you know, some help or something like that. So you have to be very careful. It's, you know, sought to new and all those things, many things. They came very late in Islam in the beginning where Muslims have weak rulings very different.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's move on to the next question.

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This is an interesting one.

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for him is asking as a gynecology surgeon is it okay if I perform permanent sterilization on my patients after completion of their family, as it is mandatory in my country to do so?

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What is competition for families? So the chef, this means if someone's if someone's, if they don't want any more kids,

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you can do it operation on them so that they can't have kids anymore. He's asking Is this allowed competition as a family, but anyway, if there is something obligato, you know, on your car to do something, you know, you're just a doctor, surgeon, you can't do more than that. What if you have choice and you know, then you should not do some things like that is not allowed really changing the police officer Motala. But when people have no choice, and they're like, forced, then there's no way they can, you know, oppose this. So you have to look really the possibility around you.

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Okay, let's move on to the next question.

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Okay, Moinuddin is asking a new trend has started have landed people making videos, criticizing and attacking scholars, including yourself. This now creates doubts as to which party is correct and truthful. What should we do?

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No, don't listen to this test. Because it's very clear, really, that if anybody back bias anybody, you know, hurts anybody. It's a haram in Islam, to even listening to that passing on to other people is not allowed. I don't understand how anybody can be confused. And you know, if somebody attacks someone,

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people look at criticize me, maybe, I don't know many of these things. But sometimes people tell me, so I know this misunderstanding, too. I'm here, you don't come to me ask my question. clarify anything. You just learn something and listen, a clip or something, or somebody reports something wrong, and then start criticizing me backbiting Me, too. I've got an honor today for lots of mattala the people who do distinct the good sin, and those who will listen to these things, they are so good, the sin and those who pass and they are so guilty. And the one who has been backbiting he gets out the reward. And that I agree, sometimes I feel that I don't do much I bother and why Atlas hotel

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has taught me so much. You know, so I do more work. You know, I feel much better in my heart to reason could it be that some people are backbiting me? So they're sending the rewards that I bother to me today do prayers I get the reward they go for ombre and I get the reward to keep doing this today isn't very dangerous read the Quran had been forbidden to one of the major sin you know, the believers have all heard nobody like you can't just steal my wealth to somebody you can't steal my honor, you know, to not allow nobody loud you know, mentioning exhibit somebody Eno is a bad person and he makes very clear he did not carry to maybe sometimes limitedly what could be allowed to

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mention him by name, but generally Muslim, especially to all of my scholars, you know, their their peoples, all of us a definition. Poisonous if you bite by them, you know, it could be that you die. Yeah, done unbeliever, you know, so much can happen. Because they do service for the legitimate many people who get bribed by them. They read Quran, they teach Quran, and they live for this region, and then you come and suddenly, for no reason start by biting them, and stopping people from benefiting them. So this is a very, very dangerous, and I found out when many people say something about me, it has no truth, very often misunderstanding

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when I ask people where to get information, so they suffer from someone. And then if you keep going on really nobody has any knowledge. And when I'm here is to be many people ask me that some polymer they have a question twice. Okay, that's fine. They can come by and ask somebody to go to North, some of my friends organize a meeting, but nobody comes to people who criticize me or backbite me, there are many challenges that people have got my phone numbers, they have emails, they can make anything, but they never make effort. So Allah knows everything. People who do distance the godson and those who enjoy that they are so good sin and those who pass on the information to other people.

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They also get the sin all hamdulillah whenever I receive anything like that anybody sends me by mistake. I don't hear I just delete it whenever to about other people. I never knew exactly about myself I don't read anything when people cut I know it is all wrong thing you know to corrupt your mind to be very very careful don't enjoy these things. Be firm your religion and always mentioned people with good things you know, whatever happened never break by turning which is very, very dangerous.

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Is that gonna occur and may Allah make us all people who stay away from that

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fighting and only speak good of people and shoulder. Okay, let's let's move on to an interesting question I've never seen this asked before. Murphy was asking, Can we take use of use of valet, Sam as a model for pursuing a career in secular and oppressive governments?

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The thing is that you will so before being a minister or minor, the power is something else as well. You know, he's very pious person, it'll be difficult for mattala is a patient is a bad example for all the believers in many, many qualities. People who don't have the quality of use of, they just want to get police use of, they never can succeed, repel us. So before getting the post, he passed so many troubles, you know, he had thrown in the world, best digital data of any hatred to anybody, people report as the tech revenge, the hatred, they have so many problems, but he was have never had any problem never heard. And when he got success, you know, he did not take real from his brothers,

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but in fact is how many people have distinct, they're really always taking revenge, to advise you just don't Don't make yourself in danger. Just because you swore it's not useful. It's an amateur different person, really, very few people can be like him, that is so solid, that you know not a no in the heart that No, no, no hatred, you know, and nothing like that, it is very pure heart, very clean heart. And the last month I had met him example, for the believers, even the professor is through the use of generally the professor used to receive verse a few verses from the Quran, but you also say story was whole as a whole reveal to him why. So, he can see his life, in the light of

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use of story, he can learn so many different from use of story. So before if you want to become minister, then I spend the 2030 years in

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a life which because like he uses a life in piety, fear of Allah subhanaw taala Tacuba and sober if you succeed all those things, then you can follow his for Islam.

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Okay, in Sharla, let's try and take one question more and then we will wrap it up in sha Allah.

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Let's have a look. We have a lot of questions I've been asked a few times.

00:27:21--> 00:27:24

And I want to try and go in order insha Allah

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okay, this question is it's, it didn't seem very clear to me, but maybe if you understand it more. This question is how can we copy the price or value but it is and I'm in the Quran. It is not in the style of asking rather complaining to Allah about his sickness in certain MBFS 83 You know that when you ask Allah Samata there's so many ways to ask Allah subhanaw taala It depends how we'll need some time you just praise Him. And praising is like asking, like, you know, of course in the past, they used to come to the kings Hill, and write poem in their prayer. They never ask money from the King, just the prayers that King and then the king will reward them and because of their prayers, so

00:28:10--> 00:28:39

sometimes you pray the lives of Subhan Allah will humbly Lola hidden glowing love but of sometimes Allah I learned so how can you tell me Oh, you just pray Namaaz Salah Are you pay sadaqa charity? Are you read Quran to Allah's mother gives you whatever you need, sometimes you don't need to send it to him. Sometimes you need you have to ask very clearly, it shows your humility, that you are humble I really needing to alone listen to you. Sometime you

00:28:40--> 00:29:24

say a very noble way like are you are Islam, that Oh my Lord, I am you know harmed and you are the Most Merciful. So connection is very clear. Meaning you know, in this condition nobody can have mercy upon me other than you and you are so merciful to Allah smarter listen to him deeper really how your heart is, in all these type of asking there are so many ways to ask something like you know, you come to your house and you want to eat a biryani and then he said to your mom, or mom how nice you will be having a lovely day Sunday entirety. You say a few sentences. Then there she goes on make with Jennifer you didn't ask her to make you just praise her. And that made her to do so if

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this happens sometimes Yes. You said to her Let's not tell her how mercy for your how rough man you are, how awful you are you in control of all forgiving and then he forgets your sins. So there are so many different debt why the prophets have different words, that people can use them in different time. And at least people can follow you don't need to follow the words by words, but you should have same feeling. If your heart has same feeling, then you get exactly same same reward. But sometimes people keep repeating dwad Nothing happened reason because then think nothing in the heart, nothing the mind do you have to understand think and then when your mind is there, there are

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Accept it

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is ocular home chef I think that's a beautiful reminder handler I think many of us we do struggle with asking,

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finding the right words for making dua, but inshallah maybe all of us can try implementing this. I think we'll wrap it up there in sha Allah is ocular phone chef for your time always having dinner and likewise to everyone else. Thank you for joining us constantly asking your questions.

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We've been doing this community for a long time now handler and we always have a few questions that haven't ever been asked before. So inshallah we have a really good bank of questions and answers that you can always go back on onto our Facebook or our YouTube and look back on and we actually we have some volunteers, some of our q&a viewers who have been a time stamping some of some of the questions so that people can go back and they can see each video and they can see what questions have been asked and chefs answer to them. So chef doesn't have to repeat himself because many a time we get the same similar questions about insurance, working in a bank, etc. So inshallah please do go

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back into our YouTube channel. You can see any of our old q&a As we've been we've been doing this for a long time and inshallah hopefully for much longer.

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Anyone who is new here, I'm hoping sometimes we always have a few new people. SLM Institute's has been co founded by Shaha criminate, when he's a principal of SLM Institute's, I, myself am an ex student of SLM, I started then around 2016 to 2018 handler, we have a part time Islamic scholarship programs. So anyone who maybe they want to study classical Arabic and Islamic sciences, but they're just too busy, you don't have the you don't have

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the time to commit maybe a few years in another country or kind of leaving your work or your family responsibilities to pursue Islamic studies. You don't have to do this. A Serum Institute was founded in 2006. And we were one of the first institutes to offer part time Islamic scholarship programs and we offer these online. So you don't have to leave your home. You don't have to catch a train ride or book a plane ticket anywhere. seeking knowledge handler has become so easy now, we have no excuse. So inshallah anyone who is interested, you can go onto our website, I will put it at the bottom here.

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If you go to this URL, or just go on a cylinder at Wk, you can find out more about our programs. Our applications are closing in 10 days or repeat 10 days. On the 31st of July we will be closing applications. And in sha Allah, the academic academic year will be starting soon. So anyone who is interested or maybe you just have some questions about what we offer, and the types of programs that we offer, maybe you've studied Arabic before, you've studied Hadees before, or I notice here and you don't know maybe you're not foundation level, you've done this before already, you don't want to repeat your studies. We also have a quiz on our website. So maybe you're just not sure what level

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you're at. You can go onto our website, there'll be a big button on the top right saying take the quiz.

00:32:59--> 00:33:16

That's a special quiz. It's been made by SLM teachers. And you can fill out this quiz and then at the end you'll be able to see or gauge what program may be the best for you. And maybe you just want to see more of SLM teachers. You many of you may know Shaha comm is one of our teachers.

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And we have many more and a lot of our teachers our students of Chicago led me to so if you go on to our YouTube, our Facebook our Instagram, you can see a few sometimes we show small clips from classrooms or events that we've held at SLM and inshallah maybe that can kind of give you more of an overview of how we work and what teaching and studying there is like in sha Allah. I will stop boring you Inshallah, maybe I will see you next week. There's a 60 mbsc Please do come with your questions. Apologies, I know we missed some questions.

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We do try our best and Sharla some questions, sometimes a bit too heavy for this q&a, but we'll try our best and said I want everyone