Does the Quran prove the existence of God?

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The speaker discusses the importance of proving that a certain argument is not a rational argument and that people have developed a love for their job. They stress that people cannot prove their existence the argument is not a problem, but rather a fact. The speaker suggests that people should not be convinced that they have a certain amount of knowledge and should instead focus on proving that they are not the argument is not a problem, but rather a fact.

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If colgante sell pizza and Cologne, then the profit should be the focal length.

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And he's the one who should make everything very clear. If if it comes from the Quran, who understand the Quran more, the prophet or somebody else? Why profit inactive? Definitely when people ask this question about them, he did not like people discuss this too, it's so clear, to try to understand in a properly in order in order to get in or their second thing is, you know, many of these groups, though they say arguments are in the Quran, and here and there. But when they make this argument, they don't take from the Quran, that taken from their own leaders, and these arguments, evidence that they really don't help anyone I tell you one thing really, or the rational

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argument, you know, other people, what happens is, they want to do work, when you are lesser

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intellectual than them

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to fall apart if I know how to make argument and you don't know that I can convince you, but somebody comes with more clever than me than easily can in social. So the fourth in my argument, or the rational argument, which comes really about those are matters which are metaphysical, beyond our and so easily, so Oran never teaches people proof of work. kuranda says exactly people have to understand this verse.

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boronic, Quranic our Quranic argumentative.

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I am different from Russia. These arguments are not rational. Don't Don't miss this argument. Rational commitment is made up rational. People have developed the neurotic love to use your mind that I'm saying other Quranic ways. ayat, Quranic way this university is a place that will allow us to automate everything where it leads you to Allah, that how you would have done, if suddenly you simply wanted to create as a sun, moon leads him to create a creator of the moon, I Artemis elites means find a connection, this thing will come from it will lead you to almost every single thing leads you to a hotel there Karasin in alternation of the night and day and this and then mount all

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the till really everything connected, connected will confirm that for me to when you keep following it, it goes to their survival, the Quranic argument or an IR all the time Parana key admission, IR and ir boronic. We're not this is stupid, you know, superficial ru*a, which anybody can ever who can think the portfolio so easily, anybody who can, I can prove God exists really, they don't know what proof means. Nobody on the face of the earth can prove rationally, Mr. rational, that God exists, the only proof in the world is it

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leads which leads to us motala by rational argument, according to the Greek philosophy or any philosophy, that our argument never, never can prove that God exists in nobody on the face of that ever has been able, and no other advocacy, if there's any racial or women, that a philosopher should be the best believers. But they are the one who the most divided. Among the philosopher there are those who don't believe in God, if rational argument can prove they are the first to understand, if you can bring a rational argument which can convince people God existed, then why philosophers not believing that not convincing, actually there are philosophers who even don't believe that they

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exist themselves. Why? Because Russia argument is not meant for that person to prove that anything existed. It cannot prove God exists even actually cannot prove your existence, that you know some

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poetry. You asked me prove that God existed. He said, leave with that prove to me that you exist. He is right. He loves what he knows this thing. He knows very clearly that people cannot prove any existence, it will leave God do you can you prove that you exist? Can you prove this table exist? Anything? Nothing really, actually, I like it. You know, Russell is a great British philosopher. He started his book, you know, proud of philosophy very nicely said even the desk on his writing. He cannot prove that book. A rational argument cannot prove anything. rational argument are not made for that purpose. What Bruce's ayat leads, you follow the lead and then wherever you get some

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knowledge, then you're not getting through to any way you never can get even through kind of with a simple formula. No, you're never gonna happen. You will lead no 110 percent 5% 20% they're very worship him obey him love him, then you're a man of him will keep decree Another thing we keep increasing. Not everybody in the novel. I seem like the professor and said to all these companies, and Allah ma Camilla, Camilla among all of you. I am the one who have the most beautiful meaning it motorable Casa de Do you have a casa de de nada full knowledge of Allah, the prophet more nada de la casa de. So you've got to see people don't have knowledge application increasing keeps increasing

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and how increases by reading the Quran and by worshipping Allah by obeying Him by avoiding the sin, then you then you will you will start your life after you

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Demand is more knowledge than kisser but if people if people think first let me have convincing proof that God existed, then I believe in you will die. And you will never get a convincing proof never correct impossible. Nobody can give