Akram Nadwi – Pain and happiness in the home

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the confusion between Islamic houses and television schedules. The speakers discuss the importance of belief in Islam and the need for people to be aware of their own culture. They also mention the use of deadly metal and the need for people to avoid being bored by their statement.
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You know what I mean? Is that people in at the moment I'll tell you really what is the difference between a Muslim Muslim house and then a Muslim house

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just go and see really when none of Muslims come to their house happy nice eating drinking TV mobile phones and all those things aren't we're doing something copying them isn't like centered in the Muslim house different from the magazine house except in South Africa for the business you know people always clever people Gujarati people they're people of business what then what Islamic house do I think how can make Islamic how they just want to make money, too They have met places for ablution although notice it's land close to the making. This is Islamic house how our houses are same like unbelievers houses we same celebration like I mentioned that you know, birthday party this

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party that party you know, same TV same internet, same our those two same, you know, same syllable with children then going outside the needle taking them somewhere for the holiday, the same thing

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in a Muslim family cannot do dizer if you come to your house, you should be scared really, that these are much lacking Oh, yesterday, she asked this question that you know, how we raise our children all those things that worship really when you come to your house, your concert should be these children. They're so lovely, but whatever tomorrow are the go to remain on the right path. It is not my responsibility. You should have pain for them. Like Ibrahim nice children, but what happens pain in his heart? He got he got a leave in the piece. Because children you know your wife thuggery and that my wife is my companion, if she were to be my complaint, that I am going to be her

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companion. I'm doing this, you know, this house or like made me response. That is my house actually under foundation taffy. bryman, Mohammed is a religion. His fear to the Quran said that people who go to Paradise are the people who are fearful in their houses, and the people who go to * far one of the reason is, they will Happy, Happy means they are like unbelievers, that they can like many people, young people in in modern time what they think they think good education.

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Then after that, you get a good job. Then you get a house wife, children enjoy the life.

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This in Allah never met the life or enjoyment or responsibility. When you get a job at responsibility when you marry it is responsibility when you have children it all responsibility there are no enjoyment there to where people are happy to miss their dinner thinking the best thing unaware they laugh It was awful. And it just they don't see really use Hellfire in front of you, and you're happy. Your theory porosity, leanness, Hassan, hope you have nothing the modern day of judgment is running towards us. And we're celebrating. We are joyful, we have enjoyment isn't it often? isn't really not not. It is blindness, that we're caranas saying that these people have been

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blind in their houses, to act in the data to truth even outside of you leave the house when you come outside? What is different between as an unbeliever except maybe we sell a salami, and they say good morning, but that what is wrong is that you will in our Santa Monica de la Good morning and then you are Muslim, and there are cafard there what it means no, Islam The reality is much deeper and much bigger than that. It should be apparent from every aspect of life, from your miners from your heart, from your mind for your thing. Your thinking should differ from everybody else thinking your love should be different from everybody else's love, your character and manner should differ from

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everybody else. You know believers house can not be unbelievers house. There are two different houses. They should differ from each other. Believers outside life should be different from individuals, they should be skilled the prophets allows them the Bible said about him. Donna da mo ficarra motivasi Hassan, the prophets Allah one thing he bought it you know people learn about the prophets the lesson how well he's here and this and then Mila Dunleavy just say Salah what the process these were these are the Prophet was that he's ever very long gone behind some man attractive. Our face was better than the moon just seduce Salam on the prophet and in and celebrate

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that what is

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he the main character was Canada Mr. secara mo tawassul Hassan, the professor doesn't always used to think all the way thinking and always in a grief, grief and pain always it is all the time in the pain. All the time grief. Do we do it? If you have this you have time for celebration. The abraca Siddiq used to celebrate Professor Modi all the time, just think Really? No they learn from him this Chikara in the thinking in grief, pain at the heart that what you knew really, you know it can never people cannot cannot live in peace. This word cannot make it to be living in a stupid people. Those who can't see they can't be enjoying the life life nor for enjoyment. The very serious metal. You

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really don't know what your future is in your future.

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unknown to you leave the hereafter It is really every single moment of your life How is going to unfold is unknown to you you should be scared to the professor later if you want to follow soon. His biggest soon is this stick around Canada Mr. Chikara mo tawassul Hassan or were thinking on always in grief and pain, that what is so nice It's so nice to be in pain is so nice to be in grief is so nice to cry is so nice and never to utter peace. You know nice so never enjoyment never ate properly. All the time is scared. That is Snapple Carranza carozza that you are Lord luck abarca Allah Kuru momineen It seems to me that you are in so much grief, you got to kill yourself because

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people don't believe because the people he can have peace.

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He says this thing, but we don't know this sooner we learn always those small things.

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Is it clear

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