Why are calamities sometimes prolonged, and relief is extremely delayed?

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My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, you know sometimes the calamity prolongs it goes for a very long time. And relief is extremely, extremely delayed. So what is the wisdom for why Allah's origin does this? Two sleeves of his ever Raja Rahim Allah He mentions from among many wisdoms, one beautiful wisdom. And he says that the calamity. it prolongs so that a person, a believer can continue continue to lose hope in people that he was depending on for relief and help work on. So when this calamity extends, it goes on for money. And then you say, You know what? I was relying on this person to help me, I give up. He's not doing anything actually can't do anything. You look at

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another person. I relied on him to help me. I give up he can't do anything. And a third person I give up and a fourth person I give up on him. I give up on him. I give up on her until a person reaches a moment in where he genuinely acknowledges and realizes that no one could do anything for him. Except for Allah subhanho wa Taala when this meaning reaches your heart, when this meaning reaches your heart, that is the time in where relief be in the lead would come from Allah subhanho wa Taala is one of the main wisdoms for why a calamity prolongs and relief is delayed is so that you continue losing hope in people and realizing that it is Allah subhanho wa Taala the only one who was

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going to get you out of your situation and bring you that much needed relief you needed in your life. Allah Allah, so don't lose hope. And understand that this is a lot of socialists love for his servant. He wants them to detach from everything and everyone and feel this heart with thought could Allah subhanahu wa taala with 100% complete reliance upon Allah has Zoysia and no one else Allahu aquat let's live this meaning live this meaning during your calamity. And the quicker you get to this meaning, be it the less relief is on its way. Allah Allah