Yasir Qadhi – Allah Tests Those Whom He Loves

Yasir Qadhi
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If a test or a trial acts as a catalyst to come to make you come closer to Allah, this is a blessing for you. The criticism, go read those verses. The criticism is not in discovering Allah A times of stress. It is in after you discover him, and then Allah blesses you, you then neglect and turn away every single time. Allah azza wa jal mentions this type of motif, the ending of the verse, once their problem is gone, once Allah gives them what they want, once the baraka and hair comes down, they turn their back and they ignore. So the criticism is not in becoming religious because of the stress. The criticism is in forgetting, that Allah blessed you, and turning your back after Allah

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answered your DUA. And there's a big difference between that right? Allah never criticized, nor can the Quran criticize, becoming religious because of a difficult situation. On the contrary, that is what happens. When life is tough, and life is difficult. Everybody discovers faith and in and of itself, that is good, it's good. That the faith that you have causes you to turn to Allah because actually, it shows that your faith is real. I mean, when you're in trouble, you turn to the one who's going to help and protect you. So if you're trouble and pain causes you to turn to Allah, what it really means is your iman is real, because you know Allah can help you, you know, Allah can

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protect you. So don't make Shavon make you misunderstand Islamic theology. No, it is good and healthy, to turn to Allah because of stress, because of difficulty because of anxiety and grief. It is wrong to forget that you've turned to Allah after your problem goes away. And even if that happens, by the way, the next time you're tested, make a point, Inshallah, I'm not going to do this again. And if it happens, you make a point on shall, I'm not going to do it again. Because that struggle to be perfect, is what allows us to reach perfection, we will never be perfect. In the struggle to be perfect, we come the closest to perfection. Allah didn't create us to be perfect, but

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it is in that struggle that we constantly become perfect. And we also have to realize 1.1 final point before we go see the anecdotes. All of this is a demand for introductions.

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And that is

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we don't want to be tested.

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We ask Allah to protect us from tests that are difficult.

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We don't ask for IP tila.

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But if it happens, then we need to understand that Allah is putting us there for a reason.

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Once the IP Tila comes we have to be prepared to accept it. But before it comes no problem if you say oh Allah I don't want to be tested in a way that I can't deal with. That's why the uncle of the process I'm an ibis said Dr. Rasulullah. Teach me a special dua. So the Prophet system said the DUA I teach you Allahumma in the Luca and fear. I asked you for our fear. What is our fear? Our fear is the absence of test. That's what I fear is Oh Allah, I asked you for a laugh here, a law minister can Apphia what is the laugh here? The fear is you have a monotonous, boring, steady life. Brothers and sisters never complain if things are boring, because in some way, you're blessed it you don't

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want a stressful life. Never complained that there's a monotony and whatnot to the point no Alhamdulillah if there was a level of stagnancy, what it means is you're not dealing with a type of stressful situation that's causing you sleepless nights and we're not No, I'm not saying we want monotony, but I'm saying don't complain about it. It shows that you're in Apphia there's not a major problem in your life. So we don't ask Allah to be tested. The Prophet system said authentic hadith he said,

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nah teta men. Nollie ha and I do. Don't desire to meet the enemy on the battlefield. Don't want to be on the battlefield. But if you find yourself on the battlefield, then be firm and be patient and basically, you know, fight the way you're supposed to fight. This hadith encapsulates our attitude towards tests. Don't desire to be in a difficult situation. Don't desire that your enemies have the upper hand don't desire that trials or tribulations come upon you don't desire that ask Allah for Alfia. But if you find yourself facing an enemy of a physical enemy, an emotional stress, a financial issue, a marital issue, well then Allah has decided to test you. And so stay firm and pass

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the test. This is the attitude of the believer. And as I say

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said, every one of us is being tested. At every point in time, there are different types of tests, some are easier to deal with, and some are difficult to deal with. But all of us are being tested simultaneously And subhanAllah ironically, so that as Allah's other, we are being tested for the exact opposite things. The one who has wealth is tested because of his wealth. The one who doesn't have wealth is being tested because of the poverty. The one who has children, every parent of teenagers knows that's one of the biggest tests of our times our teenagers May Allah guide and protect them. This white hair I have four actually one of those now beyond teenagers of Adela,

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although this white hair, I have my shoulder four kids, two of them are beyond th teenagers two are now teenagers and make dua for me life is life is what it is at Hamdulillah. So those that have kids their tests is from the kids, those that don't have kids, their test, they don't have kids,

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those that are married, their tests are dot, dot dot,

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those that are not married. I mean, some of you I'm at Hamdulillah, I don't know this, my wife is gonna see this seminar. So I don't know what that test is. So some of you might be tested in this manner to that are married, those that are not married, their test is not being married, isn't it? Subhanallah just the way life is right? Well, Allah He is think about it philosophically, every one of you is being tested with what you have, and what you don't have. And the person next to you might have what you don't have, and they're being tested by the same thing. You want it, they have it, and each one of you is being tested one with it, and one by the absence of it. And this is the reality

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of life. Like I said, This dunya is the dunya of tests. And that's why, by the way, have a look. What's the zikr what's the what's the job, or the thanks that the people of gender will give when they enter Jannah what is the first thing that comes to their lips and their tongues? Allah says in surah faltar that when the people of gender enter Jannah What do they say? We'll call you Al Hamdulillah Hill Hilda De La Habra, Anil Hassan in Rob Bernardo Fudan Shaco. Memorize this first brothers and sisters, because it will help you deal with the stress of life. When the people of Jana enter Jana, when they take their first step into Jana, what's the one thing that they say? And

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hamdulillah finally, no stress?

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This is what they say. When do they say it when they become a millionaire, when they get married, when they have kids, when they die, even know when you step foot in Jannah that is when you can say Alhamdulillah no more stress. So nobody should think that in this world, you will live a stress free life. On the contrary, we are all being tested in different ways. And true. Some tests are more difficult. I never said they're the same. But I did say we are all being tested simultaneously. So it is important therefore with this theological framework now to understand how did our Prophet system deal with stress with trials with anxiety and SubhanAllah? Did he not have so many trials and

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difficulties in his lifetime. From the beginning of his life, he was born an orphan. He inherited no money. His father did not have wealth. His mother did not have wealth. He was literally born an orphan. His mother passed away at the age of six than the final person who loved him unconditionally, his grandfather, I've been passed away at the age of eight thrice orphaned, and he's not even 10 years old. And he's raised into extreme poverty with an uncle that has another 567 kids. He eats out an existence with the job that is the lowest on the socio economic ladder, which is working as a shepherd for the sheep of the people of Medina. As a 15 year old who has to go

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become a shepherd karate. He said I would get paid pennies, pennies, forget minimum wage, there is no minimum wage in Makkah, I would get paid pennies for working long hours.

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Physically he was threatened multiple times. Abuja had almost choked him to death in front of the cab. And because Abuja was Abuja, *, nobody could intervene until Abu Bakr came running and defended and hit Abuja. And because he dared to hit Abuja, the people of Makkah pounced on obika Sudhir until they almost murdered him. He was battered and bruised for a month he could not move. Because of this defending of the Prophet system multiple times. He was spat on people threw things on him. Animals dead animals were thrown on him and said that in the Battle of offroad wounded three different times, multiple assassination attempts fleeing for his life, physically, he was tested

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Allah blessed him with seven children. And he buried six of them with his own hands in his lifetime. at every age and stage, children, babies toddlers, married, married with children the entire spectrum. Allah blessed him with seven children, and he buried six of them with his own hands.

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If being safe from test was a sign that Allah is pleased with you, then the Prophet system will have lived the luxurious life, no pain, no suffering children and grandchildren. But know when Allah loves someone, what does he do? He tests them. The most beloved to Allah are the most tested. So don't ask for tests. But when they come appreciate that you're being given an opportunity, your frame of mind has to be different. Understand that this is a blessing and a gift that Allah is giving you because

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the one thing that causes you to rise in ranks without any proportionality. Is that of patience.

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be Ermis Dahiya doll seni one doesn't show

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me what to feed

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to me.

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Janita Anza down.

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